11 Kinds of Builders (Which Will You Be?)

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Say the word “developer” and we at Kinsta think “tool.” Not, say, “exact assets.” However even the focal point on laptop programs and code leaves a lot of latitude for describing varieties of developers.

We could categorize developers by means of the programming language they use — like “JavaScript developer” or “Python developer” — then again that wouldn’t reveal what they’re rising or their serve as throughout the process. Plus, it’s conventional for developers to grab a couple of languages.

So, we’ll use some extensively licensed (and more-descriptive) labels for developer sorts and take a look on the tasks and gear at the back of them.

What Is a Developer?

We’ve established that tool is important to our developers’ story. That can take many forms.

A member of the programming personnel at the back of Microsoft’s SQL Server database tool is a developer. Anyone who uses Structured Query Language to artwork with knowledge stored in this type of database can also be a developer.

One developer creates a computer operating system embedded in a circuit board. Each and every different writes Bash scripts to automate interactions between a couple of other tool strategies.

All a lot of these developers have built something with code.

Computer screens with code used by various types of developers
Code on presentations. (Image by means of Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash)

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How Many Varieties of Developers Are There?

There is no “skilled” tick list of developer process descriptions. We’re going to check out what developers do the use of some conventional terminology, and we’re even breaking aside the wide-ranging “data superhighway developer” elegance into 3 distinct roles. (We admit it: We’ve were given a comfortable spot in our hearts for many who assemble internet websites.)

In all, we will be able to analysis 11 varieties of developers proper right here.

1. Frontend Web Developer

A frontend developer focuses on the shopper interface of a internet website online. They use their HTML and CSS skills to keep an eye on the feel and appear of a site, forever accommodating reasonably numerous show sizes all the way through cellular and desktop browsers.

Frontend developers most often rely on JavaScript to create a responsive revel in for purchasers. The ones developers are forever acutely aware of JavaScript libraries and frameworks that can speed the creation of dynamic, client-facing systems.

The frontend developer works to strengthen internet website online potency, optimizing pictures, JavaScript, and markup for faster load time in browsers. Most frontend developers moreover focus on SEO and internet website online accessibility.

All this calls for lots of skills, and a frontend developer’s wage can mirror that.

Are Frontend Developers Web Designers?

Many frontend developers are also designers, then again that’s now not a requirement of the “frontend” establish. Likewise, many information superhighway designers are well versed in HTML and CSS — and would most likely use them in mock-ups — then again don’t consider themselves developers.

For a lot of organizations, design is part of branding that encompasses media previous the tips superhighway.

Irrespective of who creates a design, it’s the frontend developer’s process to hold it to life on a data superhighway internet web page and turn a vision for a shopper revel in proper right into a functioning instrument.

2. Backend Web Developer

A backend developer builds server-side systems that typically require enjoy in data superhighway server tool, databases, and the operating systems on which they run. An all-open-source example would be the Linux running formulation, an Nginx or Apache data superhighway server, and a MariaDB or PostgreSQL database.

The street between backend and frontend constructing is blurred by means of generation like PHP, just one server-side scripting language that sends HTML to browsers on the front end.

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PHP — which powers WordPress and other common CMSs, along with constructing frameworks like Laravel — is the tips superhighway’s most-common server-side scripting language. However, backend developers would most likely use technologies harking back to C# and Microsoft’s .NET framework, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails, or Node.js.

Backend developers may also be anticipating to artwork collaboratively with personnel members taking a look after the client-facing side of a internet website online. Server-side constructing can also include the creation of instrument programming interfaces (APIs) that make stronger frontend services and products and merchandise with a lot much less need for close coupling of the two sides.

If all that looks like your roughly process, you might be keen about standard backend developer salaries.

3. Entire-Stack Web Developer

You’re going to have guessed {{that a}} full-stack developer does the artwork of frontend and backend developers. (Unfortunately, that doesn’t suggest an odd full-stack developer’s wage is double that of the others.)

However, mastering all levels of knowledge superhighway constructing seems to have its rewards. A 2022 survey of developers by means of StackOverflow came upon that “full-stack developer” was the perfect response (near to 47%) when respondents were asked to describe their roles.

Chart showing common types of developers in 2022
Absolute best varieties of developers sorts in 2022. (Image provide: StackOverflow)

Are WordPress Developers Entire-Stack Developers?

The options of controlled WordPress web hosting proper right here at Kinsta allow anyone competent in PHP to do critical constructing without digging deeply into the server side of things.

WordPress installed anywhere is developer-friendly and gives a large library of its private PHP functions/methods which is usually a layer of abstraction over some conventional server-side tasks. For example, WordPress builders can store and retrieve knowledge in relational databases without writing SQL. They can save media uploads to a server’s file system without understanding the core capacity in PHP that makes it all happen.

“WordPress Developer” can have been a category of its private proper right here, then again then we’d want to do the an identical for developers the use of CMS products like Drupal, Joomla, and DNN and frameworks like Laravel, .NET, and Django.

Many WordPress developers — specifically some who assemble WordPress issues and plugins — have inspiring full-stack chops. So, the strategy to the question “Are WordPress developers full-stack developers?” is: It’s dependent.

4. Cellular App Developer

The time frame “instrument” covers a lot of floor in tool constructing. From the desktop to the tips superhighway, systems are the apparatus that get problems completed for end shoppers.

When shortened to just “app” — as in, “There’s an app for that!” — we tend to think first of the systems working on smartphones, pills, and other mobile devices. And rising mobile apps requires a consultant type of developer.

Cellular app developers are acutely aware of tool constructing kits (SDKs) and connected apparatus used to build systems for a device operating system, like Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

Swift is the native programming language for iOS, while Java and Kotlin are most-used for Android. In addition to, a large ecosystem of app-building apparatus, harking back to Apache Cordova and NativeScript, can turn code in step with web-friendly JavaScript, HTML, and CSS into native mobile tool.

After we looked at average app developer salaries, we came upon that those developing for mobile platforms made relatively more than those specializing in the desktop or the tips superhighway.

5. Desktop Software Developer

Desktop developers create tool systems that run on private laptop programs and workstations.

Developers most often assemble desktop systems for specific operating systems, so activity in this field presentations the relative market shares of platforms harking back to Microsoft’s House home windows, Apple’s macOS, Google’s Chrome OS, and the open-source operating system Linux.

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Using wisdom amassed from internet website online visits global, Statcounter estimated in August 2022 that House home windows held a 74% market share among desktop operating systems.

Chart showing operating systems used by various types of developers
Desktop operating system market share, August 2022. (Image provide: Statcounter)

Developers are at risk of program the use of integrated constructing surroundings (IDE) apparatus for quick bettering, debugging, and compiling of provide code.

Stylish languages for desktop instrument programming include C#, C++, Swift, and Java.

Desktop tool runs in the neighborhood, then again fashionable systems would most likely use Internet connectivity for tasks ranging from product updates to sharing wisdom by way of cloud garage.

6. Wisdom Scientist (Large Wisdom Developer)

Other folks help to generate a lot of wisdom by means of going about their frequently lives: checking out at the grocery store, surfing the tips superhighway, the use of earlier guests cameras, the use of cell phones — even voting. We’ve built systems to file wisdom from natural phenomena like the weather, earthquakes, and electromagnetic signs from area.

A knowledge scientist is a math wizard with a computer who can uncover patterns in all that knowledge.

There’s a very good probability the ones developers are the use of the Python programming language or something further specialized, harking back to R, Scala, or Julia.

“Large wisdom” typically winds up in a relational database, so a data scientist will most certainly have SQL in their programming toolbox.

7. Artificial Intelligence/Tool Finding out Developer

Artificial intelligence (AI) tool developers seek to imitate human behaviors like decision-making. Add system learning (ML), and an instrument can get smarter through the years.

AI/ML systems most often process a lot of wisdom the use of sophisticated algorithms, so developers throughout the field are forever wisdom scientists.

Market research corporate IDC came upon global profits for AI-related systems, {{hardware}}, and services and products and merchandise exceeded $383 billion in 2021, an building up of near to 21% over 2020.

Purchaser courting keep an eye on tool and undertaking helpful useful resource keep an eye on tool accounted for more or less 65% of the profits from AI-enhanced systems.

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Chart showing value of AI software worldwide
Worth of AI tool global, 2020 vs. 2021. (Image provide: IDC)

8. Game Developer

Pc game developers represent an enormous range of skills.

Their tool would most likely run on desktops, mobile devices, consoles, or in data superhighway browsers. Storylines accommodate different gaming genres, like military or dressed in simulation, first-person shooters, method, or role-playing. Then there are probably 3D graphics, tune, and sound effects.

In an international of Internet-connected gaming, developers of massively multiplayer video video games face backend server and database must haves as now not simple since the busiest e-commerce internet sites.

Game developers most often have enjoy in 3D-rendering apparatus and other animation-related tool.

And, specializing in cutting-edge generation, contemporary developer surveys by means of SlashData’s Developer Nation showed that merely over 37% of the augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) systems were AR/VR video video games. An extra 27.9% of the duties involved developing virtual worlds — some for video video games.

Chart showing types of developers using augmented reality/virtual reality
Varieties of constructing the use of AR/VR. (Image provide: SlashData’s Developer Country)

9. Running Tactics Developer

While masses of developers artwork on the preferred operating systems — contributing to Linux or employed by means of Microsoft, Apple, or Google — it’s however an distinctive team of workers. In any case, SlashData says its surveys suggest all the global developer population is larger than 24 million.

There’s a very good probability that your refrigerator has an operating system, then again common computer operating systems are efforts that require massive teams of developers, most of whom are working on smaller portions of all the project.

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The core of extreme operating systems is the kernel, which manages get admission to to the CPU, memory, file systems, and I/O devices. C is the primary coding language for the kernels at the back of Microsoft House home windows, Apple’s macOS, and Linux. Also used is a couple of low-level code written in assembly.

And the Android kernel evolved from the Linux kernel.

On best of the kernel, an operating system has drivers to keep an eye on reasonably numerous {{hardware}} devices and systems for system area obligations. And then there’s the system’s graphical shopper interface. Developers would most likely use C, C++, Function C (macOS), and even Python (Linux) for the ones portions.

10. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer manages apparatus and workflows that get tool from the advance point to a public liberate in short and reliably.

“DevOps” is an amalgamation of the words “constructing” and “operations,” and practitioners automate repetitive tool constructing tasks — from managing code to checking out, deployment, monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting it.

The ones engineers employ a collection of DevOps equipment to help boost up tool liberate cycles, prepare the reasonably numerous permutations of the project’s code base, and make sure that the total product works as expected.

When used for info superhighway constructing, the DevOps process can also make certain that the resources required by means of the application are available and as it should be configured on the web server.

DevOps calls for classy skills, and a DevOps engineer’s wage typically presentations that.

11. Protection Developer (SecDevOps)

A security developer builds apparatus and manages processes that check out tool and computer-system protection.

In tool constructing, protection is forever a component of the DevOps process. Anyone specializing in protection in that surroundings might be referred to as a SecDevOps engineer.

Protection developers artwork to protect tool and computer systems from cyber safety assaults and threats. They use reasonably numerous apparatus, along side scripting languages like Python, Bash, and Ruby, to automate repetitive tasks.

A security developer must have in-depth knowledge of the tool and systems they’re attempting to protect.

What Type of Developer Do You Want to Be?

Should you’re taking into account of becoming a developer yourself, we’ve got some knowledge to help you take the next steps. You need to be told in regards to the easiest programming languages to be informed or dig correct into finding out PHP and discovering JavaScript tutorials.

Perhaps you’d be keen about studying what it takes to be a Laravel developer or focus on finding out WordPress, the sector’s freshest CMS.

Then, most likely one day, you’ll join us with a profession at Kinsta.

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That’s a take a look at 11 varieties of developers with roles distinct enough to concentrate on the reasonably numerous tasks available in their fields.

However, many developers fill a few serve as, and most are acutely aware of a couple of programming or scripting languages. Most likely that’s why we’ll under no circumstances all agree on an “skilled” tick list of developer sorts.

Within the period in-between, in case you have an internet project you’d like to free up, likelihood is that you’ll want to uncover Kinsta’s Utility Internet hosting and Database Internet hosting solutions.

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