13 Very best WordPress 404 Error Web page Design Examples

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Are you on the lookout for the best 404 error internet web page design examples?

The correct 404 internet web page will keep visitors to your web site for longer and encourage them to turn out to be. Via growing an attractive, helpful, and entertaining 404 internet web page, you’ll give visitors a perfect enjoy, despite the fact that they see an error.

In this article, we’re sharing some of the the most important best possible 404 error internet web page designs.

Best WordPress 404 error page design examples

Why You Want to Optimize Your 404 Design

A 404 error happens when the server can’t reach the internet web page any person is making an attempt to talk over with. As an alternative of showing them a blank show, the server presentations a 404 internet web page instead.

Most WordPress issues come with a fundamental 404 template, on the other hand the ones designs are most often fundamental and simple.

The default WordPress 404 page

Moreover they received’t show any content material subject matter from your internet website online, harking back to not unusual posts that the client would most likely need to be informed, or your web site’s navigation menu.

Should you show visitors a boring, unhelpful 404 internet web page then they’re a lot more more likely to go away your WordPress web site, which is able to build up your bounce value and hurt your WordPress search engine optimization.

With that all through ideas, it’s smart to create a custom designed 404 internet web page that has your own branding and content material subject matter. You’ll moreover help visitors find what they’re on the lookout for by way of together with search bars, menus, links, and other helpful content material subject matter.

Probably the most highest techniques to create a custom designed 404 design is by way of the usage of the SeedProd plugin. It’s the most well liked drag and drop touchdown web page builder, so that you’ll create a custom designed 404 internet web page without writing any code.

SeedProd moreover has relatively numerous professionally-designed 404 templates to help you create a beautiful error internet web page, fast.

Whilst you’ve installed SeedProd, it’s a good idea to turn for your pageant for inspiration. With that all through ideas, we’ve accrued the best 404 error internet web page designs to be able to take a look at.

1. DFY

Many internet pages use countdown timers to create some way of urgency and get additional conversions the usage of FOMO. However, DFY had made the extraordinary selection to be able to upload a countdown timer to their 404 internet web page.

An example of a 404 page design

This timer counts down the seconds until the client is automatically redirected to the homepage. Via creating a time limit, DFY instantly makes their 404 internet web page additional sexy and pushes visitors to decide quicker than time runs out. It’s moreover an extraordinary design variety, so it’s confident to grab the client’s attention.

The 404 internet web page’s messaging supplies to this sense of urgency, making this an excessively dramatic and compelling internet web page design.

For more information about the usage of closing dates to your web site, please see our news on the best way to upload a timer widget in WordPress.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is likely one of the perfect e-mail seize plugins for WordPress used by over 1.2 million internet pages. It has the whole thing you want to turn visitors into subscribers and consumers.

Unsurprisingly, OptinMonster makes use in their 404 internet web page as a lead technology device with an eye-catching animation and clear title to movement.

The OptinMonster 404 page design

Even upper, their pitch relates to the client’s situation.

When any person lands on a 404 internet web page, there’s a big chance they’ll give up and abandon your internet website online, since they can’t find what they’re on the lookout for.

OptinMonster’s pitch plays into this, by way of asking: ‘Are you aware that over 70% of tourists who abandon your internet website online received’t ever return?’

Since the buyer is already fascinated with internet website online abandonment, they’re a lot more more likely to behave on this statistic. The verdict to movement then offers visitors a loose e e-book that promises to turn out to be leaving behind internet website online visitors into subscribers.

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Clicking on the ‘Download Now’ button opens a popup where the person can kind of their e-mail cope with and get their loose download.

An example of a lead generation 404 page

As we will see, OptinMonster uses the 404 error to their get advantages by way of creating a pitch that feels very similar and neatly timed.

If you want to use your own 404 internet web page for lead generation, you then’ll accumulate e mail addresses the usage of SeedProd’s Giveaway, Contact Form, and Optin Form blocks.

Collecting leads using SeedProd's optin form block

3. Kualo

Many internet pages use gamification to construct buyer loyalty and keep people coming once more to their web site.

Kualo have taken this one step further and gamified their 404 internet web page.

A gamified 404 page design

As an alternative of helping visitors find their way back to the primary Kualo internet website online, the 404 internet web page hard scenarios them to a space invaders sport.

This turns a frustrating error message proper right into a a laugh surprise.

Even upper, while you run out of lives Kualo offers you an incentive to carry on playing.

An example of a gamified 404 page

The popup offers players a bargain on site internet hosting within the match that they organize to score over 1000 problems. This is a highest example of a 404 internet web page that assists in keeping visitors to your internet website online for longer, and gives value to the patron enjoy.

4. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor’s 404 internet web page is a laugh and functional, and opens with a shaggy canine tale that’s explicit to the go back and forth trade.

When any person lands to your 404 internet web page, they is also pissed off with their enjoy. Humor can also be a great way to re-engage the ones people.

The TripAdvisor 404 error page

Even upper, the jokes at all times tie into the TripAdvisor brand.

Branding is likely one of the number one benefits of fixing the standard WordPress 404 internet web page with a custom designed design, and TripAdvisor’s internet web page displays that branding isn’t merely customized emblems and images. The words to your 404 internet web page are merely as crucial since the graphics.

The 404 internet web page moreover highlights all of the number one areas of the TripAdvisor internet website online, which helps visitors find what they’re on the lookout for.

Since navigation is so crucial, we propose taking a look at SeedProd’s Nav Menu block as it allows you to assemble all kinds of menus without delay all the way through the internet web page editor.

Adding a navigation menu using the SeedProd page builder

5. Brett Terpstra

To start with glance, Brett Terpstra’s 404 internet web page would most likely look fundamental on the other hand the actual power lies in its document of beneficial posts.

Brett Terpstra’s 404 internet web page displays a listing of posts containing keywords related to the link the client was having a look to get right to use when they got the 404 error.

A 404 page with dynamic text

It’s a simple trick that gives such a lot to the client enjoy.

Custom designed content material subject matter may make your web site additional useful, sexy, and fascinating so it’s smart to extend this for your 404 internet web page.

An example of a custom 404 error page

To be informed additional about targeted content material subject matter, please see our news on the best way to display customized content material to other customers in WordPress.

6. Constant Contact

Consistent Touch is every other 404 internet web page that uses humor to win over pissed off visitors. The email provider provider uses informal language to appeal to their audience, while moreover giving visitors an easy route once more to the homepage.

The Constant Contact email provider

Should you scroll down the internet web page, then you’ll find links to a couple of other crucial areas of the Consistent Touch internet website online.

However, what we in reality like is the fast hover animation that plays each time you move the mouse over probably the most blue blocks.

An example of the best 404 page designs

Animation may make a internet web page additional sexy, and the a few hover animations creates a storytelling element since the buyer moves around the 404 internet web page.

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There are a few different ways to animate your 404 internet web page, along side highlighting and rotating your text the usage of the SeedProd Animated Headline block. For more information, please see our news on the best way to upload CSS animations in WordPress.


Most people will come throughout your 404 internet web page when on the lookout for something else only. Since the 404 error is sudden, it’s crucial to reassure visitors that they’re however to your web site by way of maintaining brand familiarity.

IMDB do this in an excessively subtle and light-hearted manner, by way of showing a well known quote from a movie or TV show.

An example of the best 404 page designs

Moreover they arrive with a link to be informed additional regarding the TV show or movie that they’re quoting.

In this manner, IMDB’s 404 internet web page reinforces their brand while moreover giving visitors a a laugh option to uncover their content material subject matter.

Showing a random quote on your website

Appearing random quotes to your 404 internet web page can also be a laugh and attractive. However, it’s however a good idea to provide links for your web site’s most crucial content material subject matter, merely in case the client isn’t inside the link that you just’ve decided on at random.

IMDB displays this doesn’t want to be refined, by way of along side a link to their homepage.

8. Steve Madden

Steve Madden tries to turn an error message into product sales by way of showing their best possible selling products on the 404 internet web page.

A best selling products section

Even upper, they’ve added filters so consumers can browse the opposite products without delay from the 404 internet web page.

Should you run an on-line retailer, you then’ll merely show your most well liked merchandise, products which could be on sale, your newest products, and further. Simply add the ‘Absolute best Selling Products’ block for your 404 internet web page and SeedProd will find the ones products and then add them for your 404 internet web page automatically.

Adding WooCommerce products to a page using SeedProd

When designing your own 404 internet web page, it’s a good idea to use the an identical header and footer as the rest of your internet website online. This may increasingly increasingly more enhance your branding and save you visitors from wondering whether they’re in the suitable place.

This is exactly what we see with Steve Madden’s 404 internet web page, on the other hand we particularly like how so much content material subject matter they organize to fit into the ones two small areas.

A custom website footer

The header and footer helps visitors bounce without delay to any part of the Steve Madden store, or even third-party web pages harking back to the company’s Twitter and Facebook internet web page.

They even provide get right to use to interactive areas, along side a sensible product seek bar.

A custom website header

9. Rental Treatment

This 404 design from Rental Treatment instantly catches the client’s attention with a big hero image.

A 404 page with a large hero section

Rental Treatment moreover uses this space to enhance their brand identity, by way of showing a stylish {photograph} of a kitchen along side a shaggy canine tale about washi tape.

If you want to add a hero image for your design, then SeedProd has relatively numerous ready-made hero sections. The ones are collections of images, title to actions, and even simple lead collection bureaucracy that you simply’ll add for your 404 design with a click on on of a button.

There’s even a work that may look correct at space on the Rental Treatment internet website online.

Adding a hero section to a custom page in WordPress

10. Screaming Frog

Similar to some of the the most important other 404 pages on this document, Screaming Frog uses humor to try and interact with visitors.

However, now not like the other corporations on this document, Screaming Frog creates a tool this is serving to internet website online householders in finding and attach damaged hyperlinks. Their 404 internet web page wastes no time bringing up the irony of the Screaming Frog internet website online having a broken URL.

Via poking a laugh at themselves, Screaming Frog delivers a memorable 404 internet web page that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Screaming Frog 404 design

The animated background moreover helps this 404 design stick out from the group.

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Motion pictures and animations are a great way to make your 404 internet web page additional sexy. However, they can add to the 404 internet web page’s loading events so we propose following our tricks to accelerate WordPress efficiency, particularly in the event you’re the usage of relatively numerous massive or high-resolution films to your 404 design.

11. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. It allows you to merely set up Google analytics in WordPress and displays helpful research inside the WordPress dashboard.

The MonsterInsights is an excellent example of a branded internet web page. As soon as visitors arrive on this internet web page, they’ll see a singular graphic in keeping with the MonsterInsights emblem.

The MonsterInsights custom 404 error design

This is a a laugh option to let visitors know that they’re however on the MonsterInsights internet website online, even if they’ve followed a broken link.

This internet web page moreover explains what a 404 error is and suggests some problems the client can do to fix the error. Helping people transparent up the 404 error themselves can improve the client enjoy, so it’s a good idea to include this data on your own 404 internet web page.

Even if you encourage visitors to fix the problem themselves, it’s however crucial to include links for your web site’s most crucial content material subject matter. The MonsterInsights 404 internet web page supplies people a few alternatives by way of along side links to the improve internet web page, the MonsterInsights documentation, and the pricing internet web page.

12. MAD

MAD has created a simple on the other hand extraordinarily interactive internet web page by way of the usage of toggles to create a 404 error message. You’ll remove this message by way of turning all of the toggles off, or even create your own message by way of activating the toggles.

A gamified error page

It’s an excessively simple on the other hand enjoyable enjoy that’s designed to get relatively numerous interaction from visitors. It’s moreover an excessively unique 404 internet web page that visitors will remember, and even perhaps share with people.

This putting design proves that you simply’ll assemble a memorable and entertaining 404 internet web page from a simple idea.

13. Southwest

Southwest’s 404 internet web page tries to help visitors get once more on the right track by way of explaining what a 404 is and why they is also seeing the error. They even counsel some imaginable fixes, which could be helpful if your audience isn’t very familiar with 404 errors.

The Southwest error page

Where this design in reality stands out is the sheer number of links it manages to turn and the best way neatly the ones URLs are organized.

Should you scroll to the bottom of the show, then you’ll notice social media links, contact information, a link to join their e-mail record, and dozens of various links all arranged in clear and user-friendly categories.

The Southwest footer

The Southwest 404 internet web page is a smart example of the best way so much information you’ll pack proper right into a internet web page without overwhelming the client.

Proper right here, the suitable construction is essential and Southwest does a perfect task of the usage of categories, lists, and different sections to create a 404 internet web page that’s information-packed on the other hand however easy to be told.

We hope this text has helped you to find the best 404 error internet web page design examples. You may additionally want to check out our news on the perfect WordPress web page builder plugins and our comparison of perfect e-mail advertising products and services to turn imaginable leads into paying consumers.

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