21 of the Best possible Loose Google Sheets Templates for 2023

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Google Sheets templates mean you can create upper spreadsheets while saving you precious time.

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A template is conscious about what you need and gives it without any information input, providing you with the ability to be aware of additional crucial problems — like translating the tips itself.

In this put up, we’ll quilt every template you’ll ever need to merely and effectively use Google Sheets for business. That comprises templates for process management, reporting, people management, and purchaser tracking.

You’ll have the ability to uncover:

Let’s get started.

Why will have to you employ Google Sheets templates for business?

Google Sheets templates are precious business apparatus that can be used by means of teams of any size. Whether or not or now not you’re a business merely starting out or an established enterprise corporate, the use of Google Sheets templates gives you get right of entry to to a lot of benefits.

Even supposing not used as a primary business tool, they can serve to enrich other apparatus. As an example, it is advisable to use a unfastened CRM to track purchaser wisdom, then use a Google Sheets invoice template to quickly create invoices for every purchaser.

Let’s cross over the top benefits of the use of Google Sheets templates for business.

Google Sheets templates are loose to use.

Google Sheets templates are totally loose to use, and they quilt a wide variety of needs. You gained’t want to spend plenty of loads of greenbacks getting an Excel subscription (or a subscription for some other tool).

Everyone who signs up for a Google Workspace account will have fast operating get right of entry to to these templates.

You have the ability to collaborate.

Google Sheets templates allow your staff to collaborate with little gatekeeping. The only issue it’s a will have to to do is click on at the “Proportion” button on the most efficient right-hand corner of a document, and your staff folks will have get right of entry to to the document.

You’ll moreover prohibit the collaboration facet to commenting or viewing most straightforward. This is a great risk for refined forms that only some people will have to edit.

Google Sheets templates are intuitive to use.

The use of a Google Sheets template doesn’t require so much enjoy with spreadsheets. You don’t need to know difficult system and functions to make them be simply best for you.

All it’s a will have to to do is plug throughout the numbers and populate the fields. The document will generate a record or calculate a whole in line with the built-in fields.

Google Sheets templates are customizable.

The use of a Google Sheets template doesn’t suggest that you just’re stuck with its appear and feel. You’ll merely exchange the fields, the colors, and the fonts the use of Google Sheets’ built-in apparatus. This gives you the ability to make your sheets have a brand-specific appear and feel.

There’s no wisdom loss.

Every other great benefit of the use of Google Sheets templates? Excluding a freak twist of fate happens with Google’s servers, it’s with reference to unimaginable to lose wisdom.

All changes are stored throughout the cloud, and Google Sheets includes a fashion history of the document. You’ll at all times revert to a previous fashion if something happens.

If your laptop crashes another way you lose an internet connection, Google Sheets simply freezes the copy until you’re online all over again. You’ll however want to take a few precautions, very similar to enabling offline bettering and downloading a reproduction of the document for your local drive.

Discover ways to Find Templates In Google Sheets

Ready to hunt out a few templates that you simply’ll get began the use of at the moment for what you are promoting? There are two common ways you’ll to search out and use loose Google Sheets templates.

1. Google’s In-Built Template Gallery

On your browser, cross to Google Sheets. Click on on “Template Gallery” on the most efficient proper. Uncover the templates to hunt out the proper one for you.

google sheets templates: built-in gallery

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You’ll to search out different templates for your personal, artwork, and process management needs. Here’s an example of what the Non-public template library turns out like.

google sheets templates: built-in personal templates gallery

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2. Add-Ons

Differently to hunt out loose templates in Google Sheets is to acquire and arrange the Vertex42 add-on. Proper right here’s how.

  • Open an present Google sheet, or type “sheets.new” to create a brand spanking new one.
  • At the most efficient left menu, cross to “Extensions,” then “Add-ons,” then “Get add-ons.”

vertex42 add-on; google sheets project management templates

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  • Type “Vertex42” into the hunt bar, and click on on enter.
  • Arrange the add-on.

google sheets project management template, google workspace marketplaceSymbol Supply

  • To get right of entry to the templates, click on on on “Extensions,” then “Template Gallery for Sheets.”
  • From there, click on on “Browse Templates.”
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google sheets project management template

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Proper right here you’ll be able to to search out templates that can help with just about the whole thing you need — whether or not or now not you need to create an invoice, income/expense tracker, or a dashboard to control your tasks.

Vertex42 template gallery

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Let’s now check out probably the most loose Google Sheets templates it’s possible you’ll to search out useful as you run what you are promoting.

Google Sheets Templates

Whether or not or now not your home calls so that you can send invoices to clients, track website analytics, or create expense research, you’ve needless to say came upon yourself operating with spreadsheets in some form.

And in case you occur to’re the remainder like me, those spreadsheets can in point of fact really feel frustratingly tedious whilst you’re beneath a time crunch.

Fortunately, Google Sheets supplies a wide variety of pre-built templates, allowing you to create research and analyze wisdom faster and further effectively.

The following Google Sheets templates cater to specific categories and will let you cut back hours, if not days, of work in one fell swoop. Let’s cross over the best Google Sheets templates you’ll get began the use of now.


Unencumber our selection of 10 customizable Google Sheets Templates.

Google Sheets Templates for Worth vary

Spreadsheets are a popular tool for bookkeeping and invoicing. Underneath, you’ll find a curated collection of ready-to-go templates that will let you:

  • Invoice clients
  • Handle an annual business funds
  • Generate financial statements
  • Create expense research
  • Generate gain research.

The end result’s a ton of saved time; there’s no need to create or select any system that will help you calculate this data.

1. Invoices

Must you’re a freelancer or artwork for a small business, you probably use invoices to bill clients for products and services and merchandise. This bill template simplifies the process.

It provides area for all the crucial wisdom and looks additional professional than a easy spreadsheet. Plus, the template is customizable, so that you’ll create a theme that aligns well along with your fashion image.

Click on right here to use this template.

invoice template for Google sheets

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2. Annual Industry Funds

This template is additional in-depth than it initially turns out. There are tabs at the bottom — setup, income, expenses, summary — and every one incorporates a lot of subcategories.

“Expenses,” for instance, covers the whole thing from taxes and insurance plans to move backward and forward and purchaser acquisition.

The whole tab, “summary,” takes your income, subtracts your expenses, and robotically updates to turn your completing stability every month. This template is a wonderful risk if your funds requires numerous customization and various shifting parts.

Click on right here to use this template.

annual business budget for Google sheets

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3. Financial Statements

The monetary statements template is an all-in-one helpful useful resource to stick track of commercial transactions, profits, and losses. The “receive advantages & loss” tab robotically summarizes profits, costs, and expenses for the year and can display your expansion fee percentage.

Must you artwork for a small business and need to organize your value vary, this template makes the process more uncomplicated and not more susceptible to human error.

Click on right here to use this template.

financial statement template for Google sheets

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4. Expense Record

Working out how so much you spend is an crucial part of running a a good fortune business. However it undoubtedly’s perpetually easy to forget to document the ones expenses with the volume of work it’s a will have to to do every day. This easy expense record template makes it easy to document your whole expenses and those of your body of workers.

Click on right here to use this template.

expense report budget for Google sheets

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5. Gain Order

This template is a lifesaver for professionals answerable for tracking orders. With this sheet, you’ll save time and avoid the headaches that come with monitoring supplies or shipments.

Click on right here to use this template.

purchase order template for Google sheets

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Google Sheet Templates for Reporting and Analytics

Reporting dashboards are typically built into a wide variety of instrument products, very similar to Advertising Hub. Then again, in case you occur to don’t have the funds, you’ll merely create one the use of a Google Sheets template.

The underneath templates robotically gain wisdom from Google Analytics, putting the ideas in a very digestible, visual structure that you simply’ll percentage.

6. Internet website online Guests Dashboard

If your place calls so that you can analysis website guests the use of Google Analytics, this template is an out of this world supplemental tool to pull that wisdom into an organized record.

Upper however, you’ll use the dashboard template with the Supermetrics Google Sheets add-on to watch and analyze wisdom from PPC, SEO, social media, and website analytics.

Click on right here to use this template.

website traffic dashboard for Google sheets

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7. Internet website online Paid Guests Record

This template makes the process of analyzing and reporting on paid guests quite seamless. The spreadsheet is split into Assessment, 12-month Characteristics, and Medium Breakdown categories.

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It robotically collects wisdom for your paid sources from Google Analytics and provides a clean chart with crucial wisdom. That comprises PPC’s percentage of serve as conversions, normal guests, and jump fee.

You’ll moreover regulate the template to check different periods, different channels, or segments. Must you’re in search of a way to showcase paid’s impact on what you are promoting, this tool can help.

Click on right here to use this template.

paid traffic report template for Google sheets

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Google Sheet Templates for Customers

Must you don’t have get right of entry to to a CRM however or what you are promoting continues to be emerging, you’ll use spreadsheets to track purchaser wisdom and notice the growth of what you are promoting.

The underneath Google Sheets templates will let you have a CRM and a product sales dashboard without paying the fee typically sought after for such instrument.

Believe, as what you are promoting starts to broaden and likewise you earn additional customers, you’ll want to switch over to a devoted CRM.

8. CRM

To prepare your contacts and automate an effective product sales and promoting and advertising and marketing process, you’ll have a CRM. Then again, in case you occur to’re a small company merely starting out, it is advisable to not in point of fact really feel ready to implement a fully established CRM.

This CRM template is a great place to get your toes wet. It saves wisdom robotically, in order that you in no way lose wisdom. The percentage serve as implies that you’ll be able to artwork with coworkers, which helps encourage collaboration between your product sales and promoting and advertising and marketing departments.

Click on right here to use this template.

RM template for Google sheet

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9. Product sales Dashboard

This template helps salespeople organize their leads, product sales, and profits multi function place. At the bottom of the template are different tabs where you’ll merely input your wisdom that eventually displays up on the main dashboard.

There’s moreover an “instructions” tab to get you up to the mark to use the sheet. Click on here to use this template.

sales dashboard template for Google sheets

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10. Product sales Operations Dashboard

This template contains all the pre-built dashboards a product sales manager, analyst, or operations specialist needs to watch potency and maximize profits.

Gain whole visibility into your product sales pipeline, set and track product sales targets, and read about product sales KPIs all over per thirty days, quarterly, and every year periods.

You’ll supercharge this template by means of connecting for your live HubSpot product sales wisdom the use of the Coefficient add-on for Google Sheets. You’ll at all times have real-time charts and product sales metrics to make upper choices.

Click on right here to use this template.

 sales operation dashboard template for Google sheets

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Google Sheet Project Keep an eye on Templates

Google Sheets process management templates are cost-effective conceivable possible choices to buying task leadership device.

The underneath templates are highest for keeping track of a job’s timeline, rising Gantt charts, rising product roadmaps, and generating movement lists. They will let you color-code and categorize movement items and specific individual tasks.

Skilled tip: Must you’re managing a few tasks, simply reproduction the initial tab and keep all tasks in a single spreadsheet.

11. Project Timeline

Whether or not or now not this is your first necessary process another way you’ve been managing tasks for years, this timeline template is a precious tool for organizing every process step. The template helps you visually break up a daunting process into smaller pieces.

Click on right here to use this template.

project timeline template for Google sheets

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12. Project Tracking

Must you’re juggling many tasks similtaneously, this project-tracking template would possibly develop into your new highest friend.

This template takes process management to the next stage by means of enabling you to organize your tasks into categories by means of date, deliverables, status, fee, and hours.

Very best conceivable of all you’ll prioritize your tasks. Visualizing what will have to get completed first alleviates time-management drive.

Click on right here to use this template.

roject tracking template for Google sheets

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13. Event Promoting Timeline

This match promoting and advertising and marketing template supplies staff and development when promoting your next match.

It provides categories it is advisable to’ve forgotten to imagine, along with local and national promoting and advertising and marketing, PR, and web promoting and advertising and marketing, with subcategories ranging from an email newsletter to impact analysis.

The template is already organized with all crucial categories for planning an match, reducing the time you spend on tedious information input.

Click on right here to use this template.

event marketing timeline template for Google sheets

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14. Gantt Chart Template

Whilst you’ve got a posh process with overlapping portions, timing is one in every of your primary problems. This Gantt chart template can help.

The use of the Gantt chart template helps you visualize all steps and delegate crucial tasks additional effectively. Labeling the obligation with an owner on one chart is needless to say more uncomplicated than in my opinion following up by the use of email.

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While there are a variety of more than a few Gantt chart templates, Google Sheets is a wonderful place to begin out. Via sharing the template with coworkers, everybody appears to be on the identical internet web page.

Click on here to use this template.

Gantt chart template for Google sheets

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15. Product Roadmap

And now not the use of a roadmap, it’s easy for your staff to misunderstand the path you need a job to take. With this template, you’ll unravel that problem.

This product roadmap template provides a calendar summary of a job and the milestones you will have to reach as you cross all over the product construction process.

Click on right here to use this template.

product roadmap template for Google sheets

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16. Product Unencumber Plan

This template has the whole thing you need to organize the best product liberate you’ve ever had. It has fields that can assist you outline your market and competitive analysis, process methodology, key messaging, and who your audience is.

Click on here to use this template.

product launch plan template for Google sheets

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17. Movement Tick list With Score

Managing a job requires that you just track day-to-day actions to be sure you don’t lose focus. Then again every so often, you’ll have some tasks for your tick list which may also be additional crucial than others.

You’ll merely get ready the ones tasks in line with their importance with this movement tick list template. You’ll moreover percentage this sheet with others in case you occur to’re operating as a staff.

Click on right here to use this template.

action list with ranking template for Google sheets

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18. Project Funds

Transparent of the entire business funds, most managers create budgets for every of their tasks.

This process funds template supplies a simple however top quality risk. You’ll quickly estimate how so much profits a job would generate and how much it might fee. While other Google Sheets finances templates would perhaps have additional component to them, this spreadsheet is excellent if you want to focus at the prerequisites.

Click on right here to use this template.

project budget template for Google sheets

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Google Sheet Templates for Major a Staff

Managing a staff is discreet and simple with Google Sheets templates. No need to send emails back and forth, or check out in in my opinion with every staff member over Slack.

With this template, you’ll set employee shifts and track what collection of hours body of workers have spent on a undeniable process.

Plus, the ones templates are collaborative — which means that that your body of workers identify fill out forms on their own time. The changes will right away be reflected throughout the shared copy.

19. Employee Shift Time table

Maintaining a tally of who works what hours and how much every employee will receives a commission, can in point of fact really feel difficult.

This template incorporates slots for staff’ names, hours worked, and per thirty days wages, keeping your paycheck process simple and organized.

Click on right here to use this template.

 employee shift schedule template for Google sheets

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20. Weekly Timesheet

Like the employee shift schedule, the weekly timesheet helps you track time and know how so much to pay body of workers or subcontractors.

This weekly timesheet template works upper if you want to quickly learn the way so much time every employee spends on a job.

Click on right here to use this template.

google sheets templates: weekly timesheet

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21. Contact Tick list

This template comes in handy if you want to create a slightly tick list database.

You’ll merely use the template to store your contact wisdom (say, phone amount and email care for), your body of workers’ contact, and those of emergency products and services and merchandise identical to the ambulance or fireside department.

Click on right here to use this template.

contact list template for Google sheets

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Get began The use of Unfastened Google Sheets Templates

It doesn’t topic what your process is, the use of an acceptable spreadsheet simplifies the process, and makes it a additional stress-free enjoy.

So what are you taking a look forward to? Get started with the use of the ones loose Google Sheets templates to avoid wasting plenty of time and effort, and acquire ten additional ones to exponentially give a boost to your productivity.

Editor’s understand: This put up was once as soon as initially printed in January 2018 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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