3 Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies in 2023 (Tested)

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When opting for the quickest WordPress webhosting supplier on your website online, pace is a a very powerful issue to believe. A gradual website online can negatively have an effect on your website online’s efficiency in different techniques. Initially, a slow-loading website online may just result in shedding doable shoppers, a chance no industry proprietor desires to take. Top bounce rates, as measured by way of website online metrics, steadily point out a slow-loading website online.

Moreover, a gradual website online can harm your seek engine ratings. Google makes use of core web vitals comparable to pace index, time to first byte (TTFL), and extra to judge the standard of web pages and resolve their placement on search engine results pages (SERPs).

On account of those elements, making sure your website online quite a bit temporarily is a very powerful to steer clear of those not unusual issues. On this publish, we’ll give you our peak 3 quickest WordPress webhosting suppliers so you’ll come to a decision which corporate to select. Let’s dive in.

The Key Elements That Outline the Quickest WordPress Website hosting

With regards to WordPress webhosting pace, a number of elements come into play. Initially, the {hardware} operating the webhosting carrier will have to be top-notch. This generally contains considerable quantities of RAM, high-end central processing gadgets (CPUs), solid-state drives (SSD), or complex applied sciences comparable to LiteSpeed, all of which paintings in combination to create a blazing-fast webhosting revel in.

Moreover, it’s a very powerful to believe whether or not the host employs a content delivery network (CDN), which will accelerate content material supply for your website’s guests by way of storing a couple of copies of your recordsdata within the cloud. Finally, the quickest internet hosts generally be offering speed-enhancing options comparable to object caching, CSS, HTML, and javascript minification, and cargo balancing.

The WordPress Website hosting Suppliers We Examined

Except the 3 quickest WordPress hosts featured on this publish, we examined a dozen different suppliers. Whilst all of them carried out moderately neatly in our checks, their effects weren’t as spectacular as our peak 3.

One of the crucial different hosts we examined had been:

For this publish, we centered at the peak 3 slightly than all, basically as a result of we would have liked to exhibit rankings for the highest-rated, hottest internet hosts. Plus, having too many alternatives will also be overwhelming.

The Equipment We Used to Measure the Quickest WordPress Hosts

WordPress Hosting Benchmark tool plugin

To guage the rate of each and every host, we hired the WordPress Hosting Benchmark plugin. This software, carried out from inside of PHP, allowed us to resolve the processing time of each and every host’s server by way of measuring CPU and reminiscence pace, knowledge retrieval time from the filesystem and database, and checking out the article cache and community pace. On the other hand, we opted to not allow the article caching metric, because the writer of the plugin has skilled blended effects. That stated, we spoke without delay with the plugin’s developer, who confident us that he’s acutely aware of the problems with object caching and plans to deal with those problems in upcoming updates.

WordPress hosting performance benchmarks

Moreover, we relied at the WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks website online, which conducts a complete review of each and every host’s setup. This review contains load testing, uptime tracking, K6 static checking out to judge server caching by way of many times checking out the house web page, a internet web page take a look at to measure how lengthy it takes to load the house web page from 12 other world places, and the WPPerformanceTester, which measures what number of WordPress queries and PHP database operations a website can care for in keeping with moment.

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3 Quickest WordPress Website hosting Corporations

Except the 2 benchmarking equipment we used, we additionally thought to be a few different elements, together with the choice of certain evaluations and the choice of options you get with their WordPress webhosting plans. So, at once, let’s dive into our peak choices for the quickest WordPress webhosting your hard earned cash can purchase.

1. SiteGround

SiteGround WordPress hosting

Entering the highest spot on our listing of quickest WordPress hosts is SiteGround. Total, the rankings had been rather spectacular. That is basically because of how SiteGround’s servers are configured.

One of the crucial extra notable efficiency options of SiteGround are:

  • In line with Google Cloud
  • Newest model of PHP, Brotli compression
  • Customized PHP that reduces TTFL (to be had on Develop Large and GoGeek plans most effective)
  • Makes use of the SG Optimizer plugin
  • Customized MySQL setup
  • Nginx server
  • Loose CDN

SiteGround provides a top class Google Cloud webhosting setup custom designed to optimize website online pace. This distinctive setup makes use of customized implementations of PHP and MySQL, leading to an excellent moderate time to first byte (TTFL) this is 30% sooner than its competition. To additional support website pace, each and every website online hosted on SiteGround comes provided with SG Optimizer, a strong website caching plugin that gives dynamic caching to retailer your content material at the Nginx server’s reminiscence, enabling sooner get right of entry to. SiteGround additionally provides file-based caching, which generates static HTML variations of your website which can be exhibited to customers. Moreover, the Memcached object caching characteristic shops incessantly carried out database queries and reuse them to hurry up your website.

To peak all of it off, SiteGround provides minification of CSS, javascript, and HTML, customizable settings to suit your personal tastes, Brotli compression – a sooner choice to Gzip, and a free Cloudflare CDN.

Those options are glaring in our checking out, offering some spectacular rankings. Let’s dive into SiteGround’s take a look at effects so you’ll see for your self.

WordPress Website hosting Efficiency Benchmark Effects

SiteGround loadstorm results

SiteGround has spectacular efficiency numbers, with a P95 reaction time of simply 126ms and no HTTP disasters, even if subjected to a excessive height RPS of 303.75 requests in keeping with moment in keeping with 351,276 requests, excellent sufficient for the highest spot on our listing.

SiteGround K6

The K6 static take a look at driven SiteGround additional with 442,044 requests. But, it nonetheless delivered an implausible P95 reaction time of most effective 67ms and no HTTP disasters.

SiteGround’s uptime is with reference to best possible, soaring round 99.99%. On the other hand, its WebPageTest effects had been blended. In case you get right of entry to a website hosted on SiteGround from the US, London, or Germany, you’ll see a complete web page load in beneath one moment. However SiteGround struggled in different places, comparable to Cape The town, Singapore, and Tokyo, with a median load time of one.5 seconds. Whilst now not horrible, that is slower than Pressable.

In regards to the WPPerformanceTester, SiteGround scored a quite higher PHP Bench end result than Pressable, with a rating of 10.006. On the other hand, it didn’t carry out in addition to Pressable within the WordPress Bench take a look at, with a rating of 1295.3.

WordPress Website hosting Benchmark Plugin Effects

SiteGround benchmark plugin results

For our checking out with the plugin, we used a easy setup with the Twenty Twenty-3 theme and no energetic plugins. We created 20 weblog posts and 5 pages the use of the FakerPress plugin to simulate a easy informational website online.

After accomplishing 5 checks with the benchmarking plugin, it’s glaring that SiteGround is constructed on a fast infrastructure. In truth, it outperformed all different webhosting suppliers on our listing when uploading massive amounts of information into the database and coupled them lightly in all different classes. Consequently, once we blended the rankings from the benchmarking website online and plugin, SiteGround emerged because the undisputed champion on our listing of quickest WordPress hosts.

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2. Pressable

Pressable fastest WordPress hosting

The second one host on our listing, Pressable, had the second-best total rating of our peak 3 at the WordPress Website hosting Efficiency Benchmarks website online. This isn’t surprising bearing in mind the efficiency options to be had thru them:

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Whilst maximum internet hosts be offering a 99.9% uptime ensure, Pressable takes it up a notch by way of offering an excellent 100% uptime ensure. It additionally makes use of an automated failover procedure that switches to a backup server or community in case of any problems. Moreover, Pressable provides managed hosting that’s adapted particularly for WordPress. Since WordPress is constructed upon PHP, webhosting calls for a unique setup than usual HTML webhosting. Pressable’s cloud-based server, tough efficiency tracking, and optimized WordPress webhosting make it a very good selection for webhosting your WordPress website.

Let’s spoil down the effects from either one of our checking out platforms so you’ll acquire perception into how briskly Pressable in point of fact is.

WordPress Website hosting Efficiency Benchmark Effects

Pressable LoadStorm testing

Pressable carried out exceptionally neatly all through a LoadStorm take a look at, which simulated uncached customers hitting the website online, logging in, and perusing. The take a look at generated 425,398 requests over simply over thirty mins, with height requests in keeping with moment of just about 360, but there have been 0 HTTP disasters. Pressable additionally accomplished an excellent P95 reaction time of simply 321ms, demonstrating its skill to concurrently care for a excessive quantity of tourists.

Pressable K6 testing

Pressable aced the K6 static take a look at, which concerned many times soliciting for the website online’s house web page for quarter-hour. It treated 447,740 requests with none HTTP disasters, with a height RPS of 986 and an implausible reaction time of most effective 19ms. Total, Pressable carried out impressively, showcasing its robustness and talent to care for any problem.

We performed a efficiency take a look at on Pressable to judge its skill to care for WordPress purposes. The take a look at incorporated stress-testing PHP, MySQL, and WordPress databases to resolve the queries in keeping with moment. Pressable demonstrated an excellent PHP bench rating of 10.0006 and a strong WordPress bench rating of over 1349. This take a look at showcased Pressable’s skill to care for lots of queries successfully, making it a viable possibility.

We additionally evaluated Pressable’s uptime and performed a internet web page take a look at, which absolutely quite a bit the house web page and measures the loading time from other world places. Pressable gained a super uptime rating of 100 and loaded the house web page in lower than a moment, irrespective of the positioning.

WordPress Website hosting Benchmark Plugin Effects

To additional read about Pressable’s efficiency, we performed a number of checks. Initially, we put in the benchmark plugin to evaluate its CPU and reminiscence efficiency, filesystem reaction, and database. Moreover, we performed a community obtain pace take a look at.

Pressable benchmark plugin results

Total, Pressable carried out exceptionally neatly. Its community pace take a look at confirmed an excellent 1.7-second reaction time. Easy queries at the database had been fast as neatly. On the other hand, uploading intensive knowledge took 4.2 seconds, which might be stepped forward. Regardless of this, Pressable scored 8.2 out of 10, showcasing its robust efficiency.

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3. Cloudways

Cloudways fastest WordPress hosting

Cloudways rounds out our peak 3 quickest webhosting suppliers. Whilst it rankings extremely in maximum classes, we did practice some struggles when over 300 digital customers accessed the website concurrently. On the other hand, it’s value noting that WPHostingBenchmarks performed their checks on Cloudways’ lowest-tiered plan, which would possibly give an explanation for this factor. Moreover, their take a look at server had most effective 1GB of RAM, which is most often inadequate to enhance a WordPress website online. To handle this, we additional examined the following highest-tiered plan to degree the taking part in box.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Cloudways and the efficiency attributes it provides:

  • Varnish cache onboard
  • Redis object caching
  • Construct on cloud infrastructure
  • Dynamic caching thru Memcached
  • PHP caching with PHP-FPM

Cloudways stands proud from different webhosting suppliers by way of providing customizable options you’ll upload as wanted. With choices like Varnish, Redis, and Memcached, your web pages can carry out at lightning-fast speeds. You’ll choose between 5 cloud-based internet hosts – Google, AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr – to seek out the most efficient have compatibility for your corporation. And you’ll personalize your WordPress setting by way of atmosphere the RAM, bandwidth, and garage for your distinctive specs.

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Our checks used a Cloudways plan that incorporated 1GB RAM, 25GB arduous force house, and 1TB bandwidth. That is an identical to 75% of the opposite suppliers we examined. So, let’s delve into the effects so you’ll see how Cloudways fared towards different webhosting suppliers on our listing.

WordPress Website hosting Efficiency Benchmark Effects

Cloudways LoadStorm test

As prior to now discussed, those effects are skewed because of the lowest-priced plan getting used. On the other hand, it’s nonetheless a excellent indication of what you’ll be expecting with Cloudways, particularly if you select their discount basement setup. Throughout the LoadStorm take a look at, Cloudways struggled a little bit. Sadly, it recorded 229 HTTP disasters during the take a look at, with disasters doping up as soon as the server received greater than 300 digital customers. With the 160,790 requests made, the common P95 reaction time used to be 21,119 ms, which might be higher.

Cloudways K6

On the other hand, Cloudways did a lot better at the K6 cached checking out, with 0 disasters out of 368,873 requests, with a P95 reaction time of 467ms, which is far better than the uncached LoadStorm take a look at performed. This is going to turn how recommended excellent caching will also be. For the uptime take a look at, Cloudways fared rather neatly, with an total rating of 100% thru Uptime Robot and 99.8342% on Hetrix, which is beautiful darned excellent.

In spite of everything, the PHP bench effects had been quite higher than Pressable and SiteGround, with a rating of seven.523, excellent sufficient for the highest spot on our listing. On the other hand, the WordPress bench rankings had been the worst, coming in at 1007.

WordPress Website hosting Benchmark Plugin Effects

Cloudways benchmark plugin test

When checking out with the benchmarking plugin, we opted for a quite other setup than the lowest-priced plan. For this take a look at, we selected the following absolute best (beneficial) minimal plan for WordPress, which is composed of two GB RAM, 50GB arduous force garage, and 5TB of bandwidth on a DigitalOcean cloud server. With those specifications, Cloudways sailed thru checking out with an angle. The one rating beneath applicable ranges used to be the database import metric. Nonetheless, a few of our different hosts additionally struggled with that. Of the highest 3 webhosting suppliers, Cloudways scored the most efficient at the plugin benchmarking take a look at.

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Which is the Quickest WordPress Website hosting Supplier Total?

Because of our checking out, we will with a bit of luck say that SiteGround merits the highest spot on our quickest WordPress webhosting listing.

🥇SiteGround 🥈Pressable 🥉Cloudways
Beginning Value $14.99/month $25/month $12/month
Collection of Requests 442044 447740 368873
HTTP Screw ups 0 0 229
LoadStorm 126ms 321ms 21 119ms
K6 Static 67ms 18ms 467ms
Uptime 99.9% 100% 99.8%
PHP Bench 9.757 10.006 7.523
WordPress Bench 1295.3 1349.5 1007
Trustpilot Score ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Visit Visit Visit

Our findings point out that SiteGround outperformed the contest in a couple of crucial spaces, together with scoring the absolute best at the LoadStorm take a look at, keeping up an excellent uptime report, and recording 0 HTTP mistakes all through our checking out. Whilst we recognize the spectacular features of Pressable and Cloudways, SiteGround’s remarkable efficiency establishes it because the transparent winner within the quickest WordPress webhosting class.

Are you in search of extra webhosting evaluations? Take a look at our choices for the 10 best WordPress hosting options for 2023.

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