30+ Outstanding Twitter Statistics to Be Acutely aware of in 2023

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Twitter is no doubt one in every of the freshest (and robust) social media networks. The way in which you leverage the platform is based primarily on how its members use, apply, post, and interact with what they care about. Thankfully, there are new statistics to make your social media promoting and advertising alternatives further manageable.

So, how are other people using Twitter these days? How are corporations using Twitter? And the best way connected do other people in reality really feel to an emblem on account of your Twitter presence? Take a look at necessarily probably the most remarkable Twitter stats we’ve came upon for 2023. And if you’re in a pinch, leap to the information you need beneath:


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Twitter Statistics

Commonplace Twitter Statistics

1. Most global leaders and global ministries have an skilled Twitter account. (Statista)

2. As of 2023, Twitter.com is the 4th most visited website in the world. (Similarweb)

3. The United States is the country with necessarily probably the most number of Twitter consumers, with 79.6 million consumers. (Demandsage)

Twitter Statistics for Business

4. Twitter generated $4.4 billion in source of revenue in 2022, an 11% decline year-over-year. (Social App Document 2022)

twitter statistics for business: quarterly revenue bar graph

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5. 7% of social media marketers imagine that Twitter is likely one of the best for development an lively staff on social media, higher than LinkedIn alternatively a lot much less environment friendly than Instagram at 26%. (Social Media Tendencies Document)

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6. 6% of social media marketers assume Twitter provides the best possible ROI when selling products directly inside the app. (Social Media Tendencies Document)

7. Even if absolute best about 17% of Twitter’s consumers come from the United States, it accounts for more than 50% of the company’s source of revenue. (Social App Document)

8. The absolute best 3 sorts of content material subject matter that supply a very powerful ROI on social media are relatable content material subject matter, trendy content material subject matter (cultural moments and data), and educational/informational content material subject matter (Social Media Tendencies Document)

9. Just about 30M unique social media authors mentioned “evaluations,” “advice on,” “execs and cons,” “alternatives,” and “best option,” on Twitter, looking for further unique sources of data that they may be able to agree with. (Social Media Tendencies Document)

10. 5% of social media marketers plan to artwork with influencers/creators on Twitter more than other social platforms. (Social Media Tendencies Document)

11. The everyday Twitter Ads ROI is 40% higher than the average media ROI for various channels. (Twitter Advertising and marketing)

12. 66% of producers aren’t transferring their presence off Twitter in 2023. (HubSpot Analysis)

13. The absolute best 3 formats that social media marketers plan to take a position necessarily probably the most in for 2023 are short-form content material subject matter (TikTok, Reels, and so on.), long-form films, and audio chat rooms (like Twitter spaces) (Social Media Tendencies Document)

14. The best time to place up on Twitter is between 9 AM to a few PM. (Social Media Tendencies Document)

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Twitter Shopper Statistics

15. The primary international locations in line with the number of Twitter consumers in 2022 have been the United States, Japan, and India. (Statista)

16. Twitter in recent times has 237.8 million monetizable day-to-day lively consumers. (Demandsage)

17. Twitter has spherical 450 million per 30 days lively consumers as of 2023. (Demandsage)

18. It’s estimated that Twitter’s per 30 days lively consumers will achieve 652.23 million by the use of 2028. (Demandsage)

19. Spherical seven-in-ten adult Twitter consumers inside the U.S. (69%) get data on the internet web page. (Pew Analysis)

20. 62.9% of Twitter consumers identify as male, probably the most very best gender disparities out of all social networks. (Statista, We Are Social)

twitter user statistics: high gender disparities

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21. Roughly a part of U.S. adults who use Twitter (49%) post fewer than 5 tweets per 30 days. (Pew Analysis)

22. 59% of uncommon tweeters (otherwise referred to as “lurkers”) are between the ages of 30-49. (Pew Analysis)

23. Most Twitter data consumers inside the U.S. say using the platform has higher their understanding of provide events inside of the remainder three hundred and sixty five days, alternatively spherical a third say it has higher their force levels. (Pew Analysis)

24. 31% of U.S. consumers say Twitter restricting the visibility of positive posts is a major problem, and 25% say the equivalent about banning consumers from the platform. (Pew Analysis)

Twitter Usage Statistics

25. 80% of Twitter usage happens on mobile devices. (Google)

26. 55% of shoppers log into Twitter each day. (Statista)

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27. Twitter’s global cheap time in keeping with consult with is kind of 10 minutes and 32 seconds. (Similarweb)

28. In 2022, 😂 Tears of Excitement and 😭 Loudly Crying Face are tied for the most popular emojis used on Twitter. (Emojipedia)

twitter follower statistics: barack obama has the highest follower count on twitter

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Twitter Lovers Statistics

29. Former president Barack Obama is the sphere’s most-followed Twitter account, at 133.1 million lovers, {{followed}} by the use of Elon Musk and then Justin Beiber. (Brandwatch)

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30. The NBA and Google are necessarily probably the most {{followed}} non-media trade accounts on Twitter. Their lovers are 39.9 million and 28.9 million, respectively. (Statista)

31. Necessarily probably the most {{followed}} data account on Twitter is CNN Breaking Knowledge (@cnnbrk), with 58.9 million lovers. CNN controls the two most {{followed}} data accounts on Twitter. (Press Gazette)

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Twitter Stats

Twitter is adapting and changing amidst the rise of new social platforms and tech, alternatively it’s nevertheless a big competitor. Social media marketers must keep it on their radar and continue to leverage it to reach their target audience — merely you must for sure’re using it correctly.

Editor’s realize: This article used to be as soon as at first published in March 2019 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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