50 Distinctive Items Concepts for Geeks and Nerds, Vol. 2

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If you are in search of a well-thought and interesting provide for a geek among your family and friends otherwise you’re a nerd yourself and in search of something cool for yourself, then this post is just for you.

In continuation of our post on Gifts for geeks volume 1, that is however each different entire checklist of cool gadgets, souvenirs, merchandise, and video video games that any geek soul would in reality love to personal. Let’s take a look.

30+ Awesome Gifts Ideas for Geeks, Vol. 1

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30+ Awesome Pieces Ideas for Geeks, Vol. 1

In one’s family or buddies circle, there could also be at all times any individual who’s excellent and loves everything related to tech, video… Be told further

Inception: Spinning TotemInception: Spinning Totem

Inception: Spinning Totem

This iconic spinning totem sums up what we like (or hate) regarding the movie Inception. Get one in all your own and gives it a spin.

Sherlock: 221B KeychainSherlock: 221B Keychain

Sherlock: 221B Keychain

Lovers of Sherlock would in reality love to have this 2-inch customizable lightweight aluminum keychain with 221B engraved on it. There’s perhaps area for “Baker Aspect highway” in there.

Star Wars BB-8 DroidStar Wars BB-8 Droid

Star Wars BB-8 Droid

A brand spanking new droid (from Superstar Wars Awakening) that can be knowledgeable and react on your voice. You’ll be capable to moreover regulate it at the side of your smartphone. Without question, the perfect provide for hardcore Superstar Wars enthusiasts.

Death NoteDeath Note

Death Note

Thankfully (or unfortunately) this isn’t a real Lack of lifestyles Phrase. Instead of taking part in the location of Lack of lifestyles himself, you’ll write groceries, wishlists, learn about notes and other chance loose (aka boring) stuff in this.

Time TurnerTime Turner

Time Turner

An officially approved time-turner necklace from the Harry Potter collection, the thing that Hermione used to attend additional classes with, made with 24 karat gold plating and inside rotating rings. The perfect collectible for enthusiasts of the guide and collection.

Captain America BackpackCaptain America Backpack

Captain America Backpack

Carry your property in this Captain The us shield (as spotted in Avengers: Age of Ultron). The backpack comes with quite a few pockets within along side two for apparatus and for a pc.

Death Star Ice Sphere MoldDeath Star Ice Sphere Mold

Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

An ice mildew that shapes ice cubes inside the kind of the Lack of lifestyles Superstar from the original Superstar Wars collection. I can imagine that there are some enthusiasts who would create the ones ice cubes best to blast them while reenacting that iconic scene.

Game of Throne MonopolyGame of Throne Monopoly

Game of Throne Monopoly

A G.O.T themed Monopoly board, minus the entire blood and killing of “number one avid avid gamers”. Nope, the identical old-fashioned extraordinary Monopoly game board rules observe on the other hand the totems look awesome.

Minecraft LightUp Redstone OreMinecraft LightUp Redstone Ore

Minecraft LightUp Redstone Ore

This 3&High; reproduction of Redstone can be a favorite amongst Minecraft enthusiasts. It has 3 levels of light brightness, which you’ll adjust with gentle taps (at the side of your hand, not pickaxes or swords like throughout the game).

Moustache Guard MugMoustache Guard Mug

Moustache Guard Mug

A in reality very best mug for gentlemen with long, lustrous mustaches. It assists in keeping your beverage away from your facial hair. And the mug decor may well be very interesting too.

Exploding KittensExploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Coming from Matthew Inman (of the Oatmeal reputation) and two buddies (Elan Lee and Shane Small), we get a card game highest for avid avid gamers aged 7 and above with a unique love, or hatred for kittens (I can’t tell). The game raised 1 million on Kickstarter in merely 7 hours.



Once more then, paper planes can fly for a trifling few seconds. In recent years’s paper planes can get a boost with specialized paper, apparatus and a smartphone app. Great cases to be a kid.

Foldio 2Foldio 2

Foldio 2

A foldable, portable studio you’ll take with you on your photo-taking adventures. For many who or a friend advertise stuff online, this could be a great gift.

Pokemon CapPokemon Cap

Pokemon Cap

The iconic cap belonging to Reddo of Pokemon. It sort of feels great for cosplaying as successfully for playing Pokemon Move.

Pipe MugPipe Mug

Pipe Mug

A mug that is shaped identical to the pipes throughout the Mario Bros adventures. It’s made from ceramic, and protected for microwave use. Then again you’ll use it as a plant pot. In a similar way themed coasters are available for $8 in step with piece.

Dragon Ball SetDragon Ball Set

Dragon Ball Set

Now you don’t wish to combat to assemble all 7 balls to summon Shenron who will grant you one need. Good enough, about 50% of that is true.



This monster gained’t coming out from the Loch Ness lake, on the other hand it is going to come out of your soup pot.

Stormtrooper Knit Hat for KidsStormtrooper Knit Hat for Kids

Stormtrooper Knit Hat for Kids

Knitted hat embroidered to seem to be the Stormtrooper helmet. This hat will keep your infant’s head warmth throughout wintry climate.

Legend of Zelda JournalLegend of Zelda Journal

Legend of Zelda Journal

This gorgeous bear in mind guide is the best provide Zelda enthusiasts might simply ever download. Use all 120 pages to fill to your adventures or your Zelda-inspired fanfic.

Google CardboardGoogle Cardboard

Google Cardboard

With Google Cardboard you’ll turn your smartphone proper right into a Virtual Reality tool. You’ll be capable to watch motion pictures, play video video games, and even make bigger on absolute best of it with the SDKs.

Pokemon BadgesPokemon Badges

Pokemon Badges

From the Elite 4 collcetion, the ones badges would look great putting from your wall. All the collection accommodates 50 badges, and are assembled and glued by way of hand to a 24&instances;12⊤ metal board. Made to order.

Lumos HelmetLumos Helmet

Lumos Helmet

A helmet designed to fortify coverage when cycling at night time time. This helmet is supplied with front gentle, left and right kind gentle as turning signal, and a red save you gentle. Controls are connected on the bike, and communicated by means of a wireless some distance off. ($134 on Pre-order)



Lomo’Quick implies that you’ll be able to take photos and print them out straight away. This pack comes with a virtual digicam, 3 varieties of lenses, and 3 packs of film to print out your photos. ($193.83)



This is magical lamp. It levitates and hovers over a pad which lighting it up wirelessly. The lamp uses an LED that lasts for 50,000 hours. And also you’ll moreover wirelessly rate your smartphone on the pad. ($299 on Pre-order)

Mic-Lock Microphone BlockerMic-Lock Microphone Blocker

Mic-Lock Microphone Blocker

Do you know a privacy freak? A microphone blocker can have the same opinion him avoid some power while making a private conversation as it blocks the tool’s mic, thus preventing any malicious app from recording any noise or voices.

Thug Life Pixel-styled SunglassesThug Life Pixel-styled Sunglasses

Thug Life Pixel-styled Sunglasses

The ones glasses with pixel patterns strike a cord in me of old-fashioned retro video video games. It causes minimal vision obstruction and provides ultraviolet protection as successfully.

SanDisk 32GB Wireless Flash DriveSanDisk 32GB Wireless Flash Drive

SanDisk 32GB Wireless Flash Drive

A flash pressure reengineered to your phones and pills that allows get right to use on your wisdom wirelessly, because of Wi-Fi. It moreover choices password protection.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza CutterStar Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter throughout the type of the united statesS. Enterprise NCC-1701 from “Superstar Trek: The Distinctive Assortment”. It is a dream come true for any fan of Superstar Wars.

Harry Potter Marauder's MapHarry Potter Marauder's Map

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map

A full-size Marauder’s Map reproduction printed on prime quality paper. It seems that such as you’re keeping up the identical map held by way of Harry Potter throughout the movie.

Black Panther Kimoyo Blue Bead BraceletBlack Panther Kimoyo Blue Bead Bracelet

Black Panther Kimoyo Blue Bead Bracelet

This bracelet is the reproduction of the Kimoyo’s bracelet as spotted throughout the movie “Black Panther”. It choices one blue bead and a set of Wakandan symbols.

Star Wars Stormtrooper BankStar Wars Stormtrooper Bank

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bank

Stormtrooper’s helmet-shaped piggy monetary establishment is a perfect provide for any kid who’s a fan of Superstar Wars and likes to save money for purchasing his dream toys.

Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter KitArduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

This is the ultimate starter apparatus to get you started with any type of Arduino mission. It packs in Arduino Uno Rev3 Board along side breadboard, jumper wires, LEDs, and a lot of further virtual parts and parts.

Star Wars Chewie Interactive Plush ToyStar Wars Chewie Interactive Plush Toy

Star Wars Chewie Interactive Plush Toy

You get to enjoy The Superstar Wars Ultimate co-pilot Chewie, because of this plush and interactive toy. It is a highest sidekick for youngsters loving Superstar Wars.

Hermione's Time-Turner DeviceHermione's Time-Turner Device

Hermione’s Time-Turner Device

For many who’re a fan of Harry Potter you may learn about Hermione’s Time Turner. It’s its reproduction plated in 24-karat gold with a chain measuring 18 inches.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Card GameHarry Potter Hogwarts Card Game

Harry Potter Hogwarts Card Game

You get to be your favorite character and protect the wizarding global from evil forces: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Neville Longbottom. You’ll have to snatch spells, recruit allies, and to search out items in this card game.

Original BB-8 Droid by SpheroOriginal BB-8 Droid by Sphero

Original BB-8 Droid by Sphero

It is a BB-8 shaped, small-sized droid that works via apps on Android and iOS. This robot is inspired from BB-8 Droid confirmed in Superstar Wars.

Star Wars R2-D2 Charging HubStar Wars R2-D2 Charging Hub

Star Wars R2-D2 Charging Hub

An R2-D2 Droid inspired charging hub with 4 USB 3.0 ports throughout the front. What’s interesting? It lighting up and beeps and whistles when you plug it.

Premium Captain America HoodiePremium Captain America Hoodie

Premium Captain America Hoodie

You’ll be capable to seem to be our favorite captain (Steve Rogers) from “Captain The us: The Wintry climate Soldier”, because of this distinctive zip-up hoodie from ThinkGeek.

Glass Handmade Crystal SphereGlass Handmade Crystal Sphere

Glass Handmade Crystal Sphere

This is a shocking crystal sphere that captures the category of our galaxy “Milky Way”. It may be able to moreover pair with a gradual base for additonal effects.

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing StarfighterLEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

With this LEGO apparatus, one can assemble Revolt X-Wing Starfighter along side two pilots and their partner drones as successfully – like it is confirmed in Superstar Wars.

Infinity Orb Magnetic Floating SpeakerInfinity Orb Magnetic Floating Speaker

Infinity Orb Magnetic Floating Speaker

A floating speaker for each party-person. It comes with a base that illuminates in a lot of colors. Moreover, its orb can art work as a standalone speaker too.

GoT King's Landing Messenger BagGoT King's Landing Messenger Bag

GoT King’s Landing Messenger Bag

Do you watch Sport of Thrones? If your solution is certain, proper right here is a beautiful bag for showing off your love for the Space Lannister in King’s Landing.

Ledger Crypto-Hardware WalletLedger Crypto-Hardware Wallet

Ledger Crypto-Hardware Wallet

Ledger Nano S is a secure {{hardware}} wallet for storing cryptocurrencies. It is helping multiple cryptocurrencies wallets and FIDO U2F as successfully.

Star Wars Darth Vader Black HelmetStar Wars Darth Vader Black Helmet

Star Wars Darth Vader Black Helmet

This is a game of the Darth Vader from the Superstar Wars saga and the new Superstar Wars: Rogue One movie, allowing you to role-play a very powerful evil!

Marvel Iron Man Electronic HelmetMarvel Iron Man Electronic Helmet

Marvel Iron Man Electronic Helmet

An virtual, detachable helmet – inspired from Iron Man – that can take you immediately to the Avengers Universe. It has lighting and sounds too.

Nespresso Coffee and Espresso MakerNespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker

Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker

Nespresso VertuoPlus offers all-new design and latest innovation in making coffee, which brews the perfect single-serve Coffee or Espresso.

Elgato Cam Link 4K ConverterElgato Cam Link 4K Converter

Elgato Cam Link 4K Converter

An adapter or converter that allows you to connect nearly any virtual digicam (say camcorder or DSLR) on your PC or Mac and use it as a prime quality webcam.

Oculus Go Virtual Reality HeadsetOculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Move is without doubt one of the very best virtual-reality headsets – with a big visual display unit, clear optics, and prime quality graphics – that looks like a private theater.

AirSelfie AS2 - Selfie Flying CameraAirSelfie AS2 - Selfie Flying Camera

AirSelfie AS2 – Selfie Flying Camera

AirSelfie AS2 is without doubt one of the lightest flying cameras. It redefines portability while that features a high-definition virtual digicam for taking photos prime quality photos.

Vector Robot with Amazon AlexaVector Robot with Amazon Alexa

Vector Robot with Amazon Alexa

Vector is an important different robot built to hang out and imply you’ll be able to out. What I most well-liked one of the most is, it is helping Amazon Alexa, so that you’ll voice command it too.

Airtame Wireless HDMI Display AdapterAirtame Wireless HDMI Display Adapter

Airtame Wireless HDMI Display Adapter

A small display adapter to wirelessly replicate your display screen from any platform along side House home windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux along with mobile platforms like Android and iOS, making it at hand for professionals.

Super Mario Bros Wall DecalsSuper Mario Bros Wall Decals

Super Mario Bros Wall Decals

This is an original Nintendo approved product. The graphics are so existence like, it’s like in reality having a look at Super Mario Bros. game on pause.

Yoda Plush BackpackYoda Plush Backpack

Yoda Plush Backpack

Superstar Wars enthusiasts will definitely love this backpack. This legitimately approved Yoda backpack rests comfortably at your once more while storing your college art work or the rest you need to take on the go.

Victorinox Secure Pro USB driveVictorinox Secure Pro USB drive

Victorinox Secure Pro USB drive

The un-hackable Victorinox Secure choices AES256 generation, together with Victorinox patented unique MKI’s Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Generation. Victorinox in reality offered a £100,000 prize to a number of an expert hackers to crack the pressure throughout the company’s unencumber fit they normally were now not in a position to do so. The Secure Skilled is just lately available with storage capacities between 8GB and 32GB.

iPhone App MagnetsiPhone App Magnets

iPhone App Magnets

Can’t get enough of those small apps icons on your iPhone? Attach those cute icons on your fridge or your bulletin board with this cool set of magnetic iPhone app icons.

Lego Star Wars Alarm ClockLego Star Wars Alarm Clock

Lego Star Wars Alarm Clock

This super geeky clock is made from 21 Lego pieces and features Japanese Quartz movement and a crescendo alarm that may get louder and louder until you turn it off.

Sudoku Toilet PaperSudoku Toilet Paper

Sudoku Toilet Paper

In truth, I don’t know how to play Sudoku on the other hand I imagine Sudoku enthusiasts will like this. Pull down the roll and get began filling throughout the sudoku puzzles.

Yoda and Darth Vader Lightsaber Chopsticks SetYoda and Darth Vader Lightsaber Chopsticks Set

Yoda and Darth Vader Lightsaber Chopsticks Set

Check out Chopsabers, a Lightsabers merge with Japanese custom. Would in all probability the Power be with you at each meal!

Halo HelmetHalo Helmet

Halo Helmet

For you Halo enthusiasts available in the market, this helmet is modeled after “authentic” Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI head apparatus. This Halo Helmet is made from “over the top affect” polystyrene, similar to the assembly of a bike helmet.

Star Wars Death Star PlanetariumStar Wars Death Star Planetarium

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium

This Lack of lifestyles Superstar Planetarium will convert your room into a private planetarium. It’s going to mission the pretty wonderful thing about milky method galaxy on the ceiling of your room.

R2 D2 TrashcanR2 D2 Trashcan

R2 D2 Trashcan

Proper right here’s an intensive style of R2-D2 that acts as your garbage can. The can is avaliable in full-size which stands at 24 inches tall or Desktop style which is smaller.

Social Media PillowsSocial Media Pillows

Social Media Pillows

In keeping with Craftsquatch’s retailer on Etsy, the pillows are 100% hand-crafted and you need to allow 7-10 days to your products to be shipped on account of they’re made to order.

The Darth Vader ToasterThe Darth Vader Toaster

The Darth Vader Toaster

Positive, the Sith Lord makes evil toast with an image of Darth Vader. That’s the one toaster that takes toast launching to a complete new…the dark side.

Lego Minifig Foosball TableLego Minifig Foosball Table

Lego Minifig Foosball Table

Some of the a very powerful coolest foosball I ever spotted. This LEGO Foosball Table choices custom designed mini-figs and an original “faux” oak woodgrain finish.

iCade: iPad Arcade CabinetiCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet

iCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet

iCad is larger than just a docking station to your iPad. You’ll be capable to play your favorite arcade video video games in this retro styled, handcrafted picket tabletop arcade cabinet.

IP Address Door MatIP Address Door Mat

IP Address Door Mat

Most efficient nerds would recognize that this figures isn’t anything else on the other hand IP deal with, and for geeks ideal home is one’s private tool and one’s private IP deal with.

Iceblox Ice Cube Puzzle TrayIceblox Ice Cube Puzzle Tray

Iceblox Ice Cube Puzzle Tray

Serving drinks with Tetris shaped ice-cubes is de facto going to get your visitors to notice the drinks they usually’re going to definitely for additonal of them.

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