6 TikTok Myths, Debunked in 2022

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Many marketers have flirted with the speculation of making an attempt TikTok, then again sure misconceptions have stood in the way in which wherein.

As an example, isn’t it just a platform for youths? Specifically, youngsters who lip-sync?

To have the same opinion curb the confusion, we have now rounded up a listing of not unusual TikTok myths to have the same opinion you make a decision whether or not or now not it deserves a spot on your marking roster. Let’s dive in.

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Myth 1: TikTok’s target audience is simply too more youthful.

Producers mistakenly think that TikTok is just for youngsters and more youthful adults. Even if it initially exploded in recognition with the Gen Z crowd, TikTok is instantly “emerging up.” In fact, 36% of TikTok customers in 2021 had been between 35 and 54 years earlier, a 10% build up from the 12 months previous than.

On top of that, 50% of Millennials file visiting TikTok inside the remainder 3 months, at the side of 38% of Gen X-ers, in step with HubSpot’s 2022 Customers Developments Record. We predict the ones numbers will continue to rise as TikTok cements itself as a mainstream social platform.

Myth 2: TikTok is just for lip-synching and dancing.

While a few of these motion pictures needless to say exist on TikTok, it’s only the top of the iceberg. As its target audience has grown additional a large number of, so too has its content material subject material.

Nowadays, you’ll be capable of to search out motion pictures that hit just about any space of hobby. For instance, one of the vital most well liked TikTok classes include cooking recipes, just right seems tutorials, well being routines, lifestyles hacks, and even pet motion pictures. This moreover approach TikTok can art work for a large number of producers during different industries.

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For instance, Ryanair, a European airline, is a fan favorite on TikTok with just about two million TikTok lovers. DuoLingo, a language finding out app, is any other favorite with over 4 million lovers. Then there’s Pink Bull, a popular energy drink, with just about 7 million lovers. The ones are wildly different producers, from different industries, that have built a healthy target audience on TikTok.

Curious which producers are a success on TikTok? Check out this useful information to get inspired.

Myth 3: If your brand is “essential,” TikTok isn’t for you.

TikTok has a reputation for being quirky — but if your brand is on the essential facet, don’t let this scare you away. As an alternative, check out coming close to your brand from a different standpoint.

For instance, take a look at Planet Cash, an NPR-backed podcast that covers complex topics regarding the monetary gadget. Now not one of the most entertaining subject in the world, correct? However, it’s raked up just about 750,000 lovers.

From gentrification to mortgages, regardless of is simply too essential for Planet Money to tackle with a humorous spin. Need convincing? Take a look at the following video that asks, “Is free shipping really free?”

If you happen to’re feeling your brand is simply too “essential” for TikTok, take a follow from Planet Money and manner your brand — and the content material subject material you create — from a different lens. At the end of the day, it’s about sharing price and delivering it in a beautiful manner — and that’s the reason a goal just about any brand can succeed in.

Myth 4: You need a lot of lovers to transport viral.

On TikTok, anyone can cross viral. Even accounts with a handful of lovers can spark loads of hundreds of views on a great video.

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Its viral nature is a right away result of its set of rules. How does it art work? The algorithm pinpoints shoppers that may revel in your content material subject material in accordance with their previous watch history, hashtag searches, and provide location. Then, it’ll push your video to their feed. If enough other people interact with it, the algorithm will share it to a lot more other people. Next issue , you might have a viral hit.

This is an example: suppose you place up a video of yourself mountaineering a mountain. The algorithm shows your video to shoppers who live inside succeed in, along with those who simply in recent years regarded for mountaineering trails on the platform. It notices a lot of other people “liking” and commenting on the video, so it shares it to additional shoppers.

Long story temporary, if you’re worried you are going to now not get any traction on TikTok, it turns out to be useful to remember the fact that the algorithm is on your facet, enabling you to succeed in additional other people outside of your speedy lovers.

Myth 5: Because of TikTok motion pictures are shorter, shoppers are a lot much less engaged.

TikTok is known for its temporary, bite-sized content material subject material. Then again, this creates an illusion that buyers don’t spend so much time on the platform.

Fortunately, this might now not be farther from the truth. In fact, TikTok has an reasonable consumer consultation of 10.85 mins, far exceeding each and every different social media platform. On top of that, shoppers inside the U.S. open the TikTok app 8 instances an afternoon on affordable.

Myth 6: TikTok is a fad.

Will TikTok meet the equivalent future as Myspace and Tumblr? While it’s too early to call, I might argue that it does now not really subject.

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For one, short-form video is dominating the social media landscape. If TikTok meets its lack of lifestyles, shoppers will nevertheless crave this content material subject material. The objective marketplace would possibly bounce to a brand spanking new platform, or migrate to an provide one. Each manner, you still want to know the way to create attractive, snackable content material subject material — and TikTok is the principle platform to hone this talent.

second, in the event you assemble your brand accurately, no rise or fall of a single platform will topple it. For individuals who assemble a powerful workforce spherical your brand, it’ll become unshakeable. On the other hand as a way to do this, you need to transport where your target audience is — and, for in this day and age, that may be TikTok.

Once more To You

Let’s end with one final delusion: it’s too late to join TikTok.

This is untrue, in particular if your target audience is vigorous there. Further, its most sensible engagement fees, stellar growth possible, and robust algorithm can take your digital promoting and advertising and marketing to the next level. That discussed, time is of the essence. Producers that determine a presence on TikTok now can stay ahead of the curve.

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