60+ Keyboard Shortcuts for Arc Browser

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Arc – complex via the Browser Corporate – is one of the latest browers in town need via many, specifically designers. It’s designed to provide a brand spanking new browsing revel in and it comes with an intensive file of keyboard shortcuts to navigate its unique interface.

arc browser interfacearc browser interface

In this publish, we’ll uncover one of the most an important unique choices in Arc and its respective keyboard shortcuts that can permit you to to use the browser additional effectively.


arc browser tabsarc browser tabs

Tab is an an important part of browsing, allowing you to stick a couple of web pages open without delay. Now not like standard browsers, however, Arc arranges tabs vertically, which arguably makes opening a lot of tabs additional manageable than when having them in a horizontal structure.

Right here’s the file of some of the useful shortcuts for managing tabs in Arc, to take entire good thing about Arc’s unique tab keep an eye on choices along with archiving, pinning, and clearing tabs.

Command + T New Tab
Command + W Archive Tab
Command + Shift + T Reopen final closed Tab
Command + { Previous Tab
Command + Selection + Previous Tab (Trade)
Command + Selection + Next Tab
Command + } Next Tab (Trade)
Command + Shift + k Clear unpinned tabs
Command + D Pin/Unpin Tab


arc browser spacesarc browser spaces

Space is one of the unique choices inside the Arc browser that allows you to personnel tabs together into separate workspaces. This turns out to be useful if you want to personnel tabs via topic or problem so that it’s serving to stay targeted and productive via protective your workspaces additional organized and clutter-free. Every space can be given a name, theme, and even its private icon.

You’ll be capable to switch between spaces via clicking on the space icon inside the Space Switcher menu on the sidebar or using the following keyboard shortcuts.

Minimize up-views

arc browser split viewarc browser split view

One of the vital unique choices in Arc is the Minimize up view. It signifies that you’ll view two web pages side-by-side within the identical window. It’s best possible for multitasking, research, and comparison tasks.

To help you profit from this feature, Arc has a few keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to arrange your split-view house home windows.

Keep watch over + Shift + ] Switch to next Minimize up View
Keep watch over + Shift + [ Switch to previous Split View
Control + Shift + = Add Split View (Max. 4)
Control + Shift + Remove existing Split View
Control + Shift + # Switch to Split View #


Arc browser notesArc browser notes

Another unique built-in feature in Arc; with Notes you can create and save notes directly in the browser, without the need for an external app. You can create notes for anything you want, from jotting down quick ideas to keeping track of to-do lists, research notes, etc.

Similar to a tab and webpage, you can also organize your notes into folders and spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the shortcuts available to manage Notes.

Control + N New Note
Control + Option + N New Note in Split Mode (Max. 4)

Page Navigation

Using keyboard shortcuts to navigate a web page can save time, and can be quicker and more efficient than using the mouse or trackpad. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts available in Arc for efficient page navigation.

Command + + Zoom in
Command + Zoom out
Command + 0 Zoom to Actual Size
Command + F Find text on the page
Command + G Find the next matching result
Command + Shift + G Find the previous matching result
Command + Option + F Find and Replace
Command + J Jump to selection
Command + Go back one page
Command + Go forward (Alternate)
Command + [ Go back (Alternate)
Command + ] Cross to the next internet web page
Command + Keep watch over + F Toggle entire show on/off
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Internet web page keep watch over

The ones keep watch over choices are an important for power consumers and web developers who need to manipulate and check out web pages harking back to show clutch, reproduction the existing internet web page URL, open developer apparatus to check out and edit the internet web page’s HTML and CSS, and additional.

In a similar fashion, using keyboard shortcuts to do the entire ones can save time and cut back the need to navigate by the use of menus and settings. So let’s see a couple of of those keyboard shortcuts.

Command + Selection + I Inspect Portions
Command + Selection + C Inspect Portions
Command + Selection + J Javascript Console
Keep watch over + C Cursor picker
Command + Shift + S Sage Internet web page as…
Command + P Print
Command + Selection + Shift +V Paste and Are compatible Style
Command + Shift + 2 Show Clutch
Command + R Refresh internet web page
Command + Shift + R Power refresh the internet web page
Command + . Save you loading
Command + Shift + C Reproduction the existing internet web page URL
Command + Shift + Selection + C Reproduction the existing internet web page URL as Markdown

Browser House home windows

The ones shortcuts permit you to perform common actions, harking back to opening a brand spanking new window, minimizing, or quitting the browser. For lots of, they’re a lot the identical for the reason that shortcuts inside the other browsers. So for those who’ve been using the ones shortcuts faster than, you’ll have to straight away in reality really feel at space.

Command + N New browser window
Command + Shift + N New browser in incognito mode
Command + W Close browser window
Command + H Hide Arc browser
Command + Shift + H Hide the whole lot apart from Arc browser
Command + M Lower browser
Command + Q Surrender Arc

Little Arc

little arclittle arc

“Little Arc” is a singular function inside the Arc browser that opens a frameless window that contains only one internet web page at a time, making it best possible for quick lookups; gaining access to information briefly and easily without interrupting your number one workflow or window.

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And with the ones keyboard shortcuts beneath, you’ll profit from this feature and enhance your productivity even further.

Command + Selection + N New Little Arc Window
Command + O Open Little Arc Tab
Command + Shift + O Show Little Arc “Open In” menu


Arc ships with other useful shortcuts. A couple of of those shortcuts is probably not as incessantly used, alternatively I’m certain you’re going to nevertheless to search out it handy to enhance your particular tasks and workflows as you find them additional.

Command + Cross to Preferences
commnd + Shift + J View Downloads
Command + Y View History
Command + Shift + L

Open Library

Command + E Open Extension
Command + Selection + U View internet web page provide
Command + Shift + R Enter Reader Mode
Command + L Unlock Command bar
Command + S Expose/Hide Sidebar
Command + # Cross to Sidebar products # (1,2, and so on)
Keep watch over + Shift + E New Easel

My affect of Arc

Arc has been my default browser for a couple of months now. It takes takes some getting used to. But it surely’s stuffed with large new ideas about how we can have to have interaction with the web – and it’s correct about most of them.

I consider this is a step forward inside the evolution of web browsing. It brings refreshments and enjoyment inside the browser, and I’m taking a look forward to how it evolves in the future

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