8 Best possible WordPress Symbol Optimization Plugins in 2023

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Most internet websites don’t skimp with regards to footage. A single blog post can have dozens of pictures and screenshots since media makes content material subject material additional engaging and scannable. Alternatively, the additional footage you add to each and every internet web page, the longer it will take to load. That’s where a prime quality WordPress image optimization plugin can come to the rescue.

This type of device takes your footage and “optimizes” them in order that they absorb a lot much less space. In this article, we’ll highlight the best WordPress image optimization plugins available. We’ve decided on them according to their feature devices, ratings and reviews, exchange histories, and pricing.

Let’s get to it!

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer plugin

EWWW Symbol Optimizer is among the most powerful WordPress image optimization plugins you’ll use. While you allow this device, it robotically compresses any new footage you upload to your website.

You’ll moreover use its Bulk Optimizer to compress provide footage in your Media Library:

Using the Bulk Optimizer feature in EWWW

Using EWWW Image Optimizer, you’ll robotically resize pictures as you upload them, and remove metadata from your media data to save some space. The plugin moreover comprises lazy-loading capacity and lets you convert image data to the WebP layout for better compression ratios.

The free type of EWWW Image Optimizer compresses footage in your server and doesn’t have a report size limit. You’ll moreover opt for the plugin’s most sensible magnificence type, which uses a cloud service for image optimization and boasts higher compression ratios.

Key Choices for EWWW Image Optimizer:

  • Compress image data as you upload them to your website
  • Optimize provide data in your Media Library
  • Automatically resize new footage
  • Allow lazy loading
  • Convert footage to WebP

EWWW Image Optimize is for you if…

…your server can handle the additional load from image compression tasks. That shouldn’t be a subject matter excluding you’re using an excessively basic shared web web hosting plan another way you automatically upload lots of images to your website.

Price: Free, with a most sensible magnificence type available starting at $7 per 30 days | Be informed Extra About EWWW Symbol Optimize

2. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

The ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin

ShortPixel Symbol Optimizer means that you can robotically optimize pictures and PDF data, along with resize footage. While this can be a standard offering, one new feature this plugin offers is the choice between lossy, lossless, and glossy compression.

Few WordPress image optimization plugins offer glossy compression. From a technical standpoint, it provides a middle floor between lossless and lossy compression types:

Enable glossy compression in ShortPixel

ShortPixel Image Optimizer moreover means that you can once more up your distinctive image data after they’re optimized. It can help you remove metadata from footage, and robotically resize them after the upload process. In addition to, this plugin can robotically convert PNG data to JPEGs, along with optimize Retina pictures and thumbnails.

Despite all of its difficult capacity, there are a few downsides to using ShortPixel. First, the plugin calls so that you can share your piece of email handle to get an API key for activation. second, the plugin’s free type limits you to 100 image optimizations per 30 days, which may not be enough for some shoppers.

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Key Choices for ShortPixel Image Optimizer:

  • Automatically compress new footage in your website (up to 100 per 30 days)
  • Use bulk optimization to compress provide footage
  • Choose between lossless, lossy, and glossy compression
  • Create backups of your footage faster than compression
  • Remove metadata from image data
  • Automatically resize footage
  • Convert PNG data to JPEGs
  • Optimize Retina footage and thumbnails

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is for you if…

…you’ll art work with the 100 image optimization limit per 30 days, or pay for the plugin’s most sensible magnificence type. On the subject of choices, ShortPixel Image Optimizer offers additional capacity than most WordPress image optimization plugins.

Price: Free, with a most sensible magnificence type available starting at $9.99 per 30 days | Be informed Extra About ShortPixel Symbol Optimizer

3. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize plugin

WP-Optimize is larger than just a WordPress image optimization plugin. This plugin moreover comprises tools that permit you to clean your database, alter your caching settings, and minify scripts. Briefly, it’s an all-in-one solution for WordPress optimization.

When it comes to image optimization in particular, the plugin depends upon the reSmush.it engine to compress your footage. You’ll robotically optimize new footage after uploading them, or compress data from your Media Library:

Compressing an image using WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize provides you with whole regulate over your image optimization settings. Alternatively, it doesn’t include an solution to compress provide data in bulk, so it’s best fitted to new internet websites.

Key Choices for WP-Optimize:

  • Automatically optimize footage after uploading them to WordPress
  • Compress footage from your Media Library
  • Optimize your WordPress database
  • Configure your website’s caching settings
  • Minify your website’s scripts

WP-Optimize is for you if…

…you want a one-in-all potency optimization solution in your website. WP-Optimize helps you’re taking on a couple of key tasks using a single plugin. Alternatively, if your website’s pace is already sturdy, you’ll be using a faithful image compression plugin.

Price: Free, with a most sensible magnificence type available starting at $49 consistent with year | Be informed Extra About WP-Optimize

4. Optimole

Optimole WordPress plugin

Optimole is a free image optimization plugin that serves as an all-in-one solution for image optimization. Photos are processed in exact time using a cloud-based server so that your server remains fast all the way through the process. Optimole goes further than other optimization plugins thru selecting the proper image size from a buyer’s viewport and using lazy loading to turn your footage.

Key Choices for Optimole:

  • Cloud-based image optimization
  • Photos served thru CDN
  • Automated image sizing for buyer viewport
  • 5000 footage per 30 days for a free plan

For those in quest of difficult optimization, upgrading to a most sensible magnificence plan will provide endless image conversions. Together with this, you’ll have the benefit of choices an identical to top quality image compression which maintains the original image prime quality while reducing its size, and automatic advent of Retina and WebP diversifications of your footage, resulting in faster loading events and enhanced image prime quality on stylish units and browsers.

Optimole is for you if…
…you need WebP and Retina image strengthen and the ability to optimize endless footage in your internet websites. Optimole can be installed on a couple of internet websites, making it suitable for freelancers and companies who’ve a few website.

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Pricing: Free to $22.99/month for Best magnificence | Be informed Extra About Optimole.

5. WP Smush

The WP Smush plugin

WP Smush is part of WPMU DEV’s family of plugins. This particular device means that you can robotically optimize footage after uploading them to your website. Just like our previous make a selection, WP Smush includes a bulk optimization selection (up to 50 footage at a time) for compressing provide footage.

What stands proud about WP Smush is its Particular person Interface (UI). As with most of WPMU DEV’s plugins, the display is sleek and easy to grab:

The WP Smush dashboard

WP Smush moreover comprises resizing and lazy-loading capacity. Plus, you’ll configure the plugin to strip image metadata after you upload new data.

This particular plugin is helping footage up to 5 MB. If you want to move over that limit, you’ll need to use the highest magnificence type, which moreover means that you can mix a Content material subject material Provide Neighborhood (CDN) for even faster loading events.

Key Choices for WP Smush:

  • Automatically optimize image data (up to 5 MB) after uploading them
  • Compress provide footage in your Media Library (up to 50 data directly)
  • Strip metadata from your image data
  • Automatically resize footage as you upload them
  • Allow lazy-loading

WP Smush is for you if…

…you don’t endlessly use image data over 5 MB. This plugin offers necessarily essentially the most user-friendly interface you’ll find among WordPress image optimization plugins. We’ve moreover tested WP Smush with Divi, and the two make for a great mixture.

Price: Free, with a most sensible magnificence type available starting at $7.50 per 30 days | Be informed Extra About WP Smush

6. Compress JPEG & PNG Photos

The Compress JPEG and PNG Images plugin

Compress JPEG & PNG Pictures is a straightforward device for image optimization in WordPress. Thru default, this plugin compresses footage aggressively using a lossy way. It means that you can resize footage robotically, and compress every size that WordPress generates when you upload new data:

Selecting which type of image optimization to use

One problem of using Compress JPEG & PNG is that you need to join a unfastened Tinify account to get an API key. Plus, the service limits you to 500 free image optimizations per 30 days. Each additional image size that you want to compress takes up some other slot.

Key Choices for Compress JPEG & PNG Photos:

  • Optimize footage as you upload them to WordPress, or inside the background after they’re in your server
  • Resize footage robotically

Compress JPEG & PNG Photos is for you if…

…you want a hassle-free plugin that optimizes footage aggressively. In our experience, the tips that Compress JPEG & PNG Photos generates nevertheless look great for plenty of purposes.

Price: Free, with most sensible magnificence plans available for $39 consistent with year | Be informed Extra About Compress JPEG & PNG Pictures

7. Robin Image Optimizer

The Robin Image Optimizer plugin

Robin Symbol Optimizer means that you can optimize WordPress footage using a couple of third-party server alternatives. The plugin can help you compress footage in bulk, or optimize new data as you upload them to WordPress. In each case, you get to choose whether or not or to not employ a free server that limits image size to 5 MB, or a second selection that works on a credit score rating system (with 300 free optimizations per 30 days):

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Robin image optimizer dashboard

This plugin moreover allows you to choose from a couple of compression modes, along side lossless, lossy, “most sensible”, and custom designed alternatives.  Robin Image Optimizer includes a feature that lets you create image backups faster than optimizing them, and also you’ll moreover use the plugin to remove metadata from your media data. In any case, it provides a handy feature that lets you time table image optimizations inside the background.

Key Choices:

  • Choose between a couple of image compression types
  • Automatically optimize footage after uploading them
  • Choose between a couple of servers to keep an eye on image optimization
  • Create backups of your image data faster than optimizing them
  • Agenda image optimizations to run inside the background

Robin Image Optimizer is for you if…

…you want whole regulate over how whole your WordPress image optimization plugin is. Robin Image Optimizer moreover offers a fascinating mix of free choices, an identical to enabling you to make a choice from servers.

Price: Free, with a most sensible magnificence type available starting at $39 consistent with year | Extra Knowledge

8. reSmush.it

The reSmush.it plugin

If you’re looking for a plug-and-play WordPress image optimization plugin, reSmush.it must be one amongst your very best alternatives. This plugin allows automated image optimization right kind after you activate it, and it most effective includes a handful of settings. Among those, you’ll provide the likelihood to modify image prime quality, allow logs, stay metadata, and now not save image backups:

Configuring the reSmush.it plugin

reSmush.it moreover means that you can time table image optimization to run inside the background. Alternatively, it’s crucial to note that the plugin can most effective optimize data up to 5 MB. Apart from that, you’ll use it without restrictions.

Key Choices:

  • Automatically optimize footage after uploading them to WordPress
  • Agenda image optimization in advance
  • Stay or delete image metadata
  • Create backups of your footage faster than optimization

reSmush.it’s for you if…

…you want to use a hassle-free image optimization plugin. The only problem to reSmush.it’s its 5 MB image report size limit.

Price: Free | Extra Knowledge


There are numerous imaginable alternatives with regards to WordPress image optimization plugins. Most tools offer automated image optimization and compression, alternatively in numerous cases, that incorporates a few caveats. With free plugins, there’s ceaselessly a limit to what collection of footage you’ll optimize or what maximum report size you’ll compress.

With that all the way through ideas, our very best guidelines for WordPress image compression plugins are EWWW Symbol Optimizer and ShortPixel. Every tools offer a large range of optimization alternatives and provide excellent value for the associated fee. Each plugin can get you up and dealing with a sustainable long-term optimization solution in short.

Featured Image Illustration by the use of Andrew Krasovitckii / shutterstock.com

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