8 Cutting edge & Inspiring Examples of Augmented Fact in Advertising and marketing

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The Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality market size global is expected to jump by way of greater than 220 billion USD between 2021 and 2028. Tim Get ready dinner, Apple’s CEO, has mentioned that AR will someday be as vital in our regularly lives as “eating 3 meals a day.” 

AR has moreover made its approach into different industries, along with promoting and advertising. In reality, many people use AR evaluations from producers every day without even working out it, like symbol and video filters on social media. 

While you’re wondering how AR plays into promoting and advertising, this publish will take a look at 8 companies that have used AR in innovative and inspiring tactics by which you’ll be capable of use to brainstorm and execute your individual methodology. Unlock tips, systems & recommended resources to stay ahead of the tech curve.

Augmented Reality Examples

Augmented Reality for Product Promoting and advertising

1. Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO took the sector by way of storm in 2016, and it is without doubt one of the most notable AR evaluations. 

pokemon go

Symbol Supply

Throughout the app, shoppers get notified of eligible Pokémon in their house and acquire directions to hunt out and catch them. When they come during a Pokémon, the character is superimposed over the real-life location of the app shopper — an AR experience. 

The game is built spherical catching the available Pokémon forward of somebody else can, which is why, when the app first were given right here out, people would gather in groups to try to be the main to take hold of the character.

2. Space Depot

Decorating a space isn’t easy — how are you aware if you happen to’ll actually identical to the yellow paint that looks stunning online alternatively could be too brilliant in your bathroom? What if that coffee table doesn’t are compatible in your living room as you’d used to be hoping?

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In 2015, Space Depot introduced its Venture Colour app, which uses patent technology to show shoppers what a paint color will seem to be in their space. The AR technology considers lighting, pieces, and shadows inside the room, so that you’ll be capable of see how that yellow color will look in authentic lifestyles. While you don’t believe your judgment, you’ll be capable of moreover share photos from the app on social media to get a friend’s opinion.

Space Depot isn’t the only space furniture store to use AR to create value for their shoppers — IKEA has an equivalent AR technology built into its app.


IKEA uses AR to be in agreement shoppers take a look at and visualize products in their own house forward of creating a purchase order order. 

It provides a couple of tools for purchaser needs, identical to the IKEA Place app that superimposes to-scale models of furniture in real-life rooms or the IKEA space planner this is serving to people assemble furniture gadgets, like kitchen cabinets, to verify they’re satisfied forward of placing an order. 


Symbol Supply

4. Sephora

There’s a reason many people don’t acquire makeup products online — it’s unimaginable to snatch if you happen to’ll identical to the lip color or foundation coverage if you happen to don’t strive it on in-store. Sephora understands this combat and is known for allowing in-store visitors to test products on themselves forward of buying them, alternatively now not everyone may be relaxed doing so. 

For those now not as relaxed, it provides an in-store virtual try-on kiosk where visitors can see how products look on themselves to verify they’re satisfied.

5. StubHub

Augmented reality permits you to visualize and interact with a space — two essential functions when choosing how so much you’re ready to pay for a stadium seat.

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For Tremendous Bowl LII, StubHub offered an AR characteristic on their cellular app that allowed ticket buyers to see a virtual 3-d form of the U.S. Monetary establishment Stadium and shut by way of parking garages and concession stands. This enabled possible buyers to visualize their whole experience forward of shopping for and minimized the risk of paying for a subpar seat.

StubHub’s reliance on AR solved a not unusual purchaser drawback — as StubHub CTO Matt Swann issues out, “We’re solving for authentic pain problems, now not merely tech for the sake of tech. For many people, it isn’t an match you merely show up for; it’s more or less a bucket tick list products.”

For out-of-towners, the ability to with regards to overview different seat puts supplies comfort for hesitant buyers.

6. Social Media Filters

Filters are AR choices that social media shoppers use daily on different apps, from TikTok to Instagram to Snapchat. Over 250 million people use an AR function on Snapchat every day, and creators on the platform have constructed over 2.5 million AR lenses. 

With filters, shoppers simply take a picture of themselves or something of passion, and a filter is superimposed over the image, whether or not or no longer it’s a funny pair of sunglasses or changing the color scheme of a atmosphere.

AR and Experiential Promoting and advertising

7. Netflix

To market season 4 of Stranger Problems, Netflix offered an in-person experiential promoting and advertising and AR experience referred to as the Stranger Problems Enjoy. Fans consult with an in-person location and participate in an immersive experience related to the show, where they play video video games with AR choices that be in agreement them actually really feel like they’re inside the Stranger Problems international.

Prior to now, Netflix has advertised other Stranger Problems seasons with AR evaluations like Instagram filters that place shoppers during the universe, all from the comfort of their homes. 

8. Pepsi

In 2014, Pepsi put in AR era in a London bus refuge, making it appear to be a lion, UFOs, unidentified flying object, and other pieces were headed at once for Londoners.

The producing showcased Pepsi’s playful character and supplied the objective target market with a lovely experience. Shortly, a video of the bus safe haven’s AR technology attracted over six million views on YouTube — making it one in all YouTube’s maximum considered promoting campaigns.

Pepsi’s advertising marketing campaign highlights the effectiveness of AR when a company actually is conscious about its target market. Pepsi didn’t wish to use AR to promote it its products — instead, it trusted its customers to grasp the surreal experience and naturally share the story with pals, creating buzz around the logo.

The State of AR in Promoting and advertising

While incorporating AR into promoting and advertising is still new, marketers can nevertheless practice how the ones producers creatively built-in technology into their promoting and advertising strategies. 

Ultimately, since the media landscape changes and technology gets additional advanced, marketers at corporations of more than a few sizes would in all probability have additional choices to put in force technology. And, when they do, they’re going to wish to assume creatively and innovatively about how they spend money on it.

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