9 Not unusual Home windows 11 Issues (and Methods to Repair Them)

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House home windows 11 is the newest working system from Microsoft. With its latest serve as fortify dubbed “Home windows 1122H2“, it has received additional pc virus fixes and features than ever forward of. Then again, House home windows 11 continues to be far from the easiest desktop working system on account of the choice of issues affecting its shoppers.

Fortunately, Microsoft has been readily fixing bugs and introducing choices to bridge the gap between House home windows OS and its shoppers’ prerequisites. Additionally, there are quite a lot of third-party developers creating solutions to fix some issues.

In this post, I’m going to collate them that can assist you revel in a better experience.

1. Now not ready to switch from House home windows 10 to 11

The most obvious way for upgrading Home windows 10 to Home windows 11 is the use of Home windows Replace. And House home windows 11 most efficient installs on pc programs meeting its {{hardware}} prerequisites.

Then again, House home windows Change can falsely report the minimum prerequisites, blocking the fortify. For many who come throughout this drawback, appropriate right here’s a very simple restore:

  1. Pass to https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows11.
  2. Beneath House home windows 11 Arrange Assistant, click on on Download Now.
  3. Open the downloaded device (you’ll have to be an administrator appropriate right here).
  4. House home windows 11 Arrange Assistant will check out your system for {{hardware}} prerequisites, then you want to click on at the Accept and Arrange button.
  5. Windows 11 Installation AssistantWindows 11 Installation Assistant
  6. As quickly because it’s ready, click on on Restart Now to continue upgrading to House home windows 11.

2. House home windows 11 is buggy and slower than 10

House home windows 11 is normally a shiny new working system, alternatively it does no longer include out the issues found in House home windows OSs. That’s why House home windows 11 is starting to get widespread for some improper the explanation why – bugs and defects.

Moreover, unfortunately, there could also be additional possibility of issues you probably have natively upgraded to House home windows 11 from House home windows 10.

Most likely House home windows 11 is working slow after the fortify, or in all probability apps are getting stuck, i.e., House home windows 11 keeps freezing or showing Blue Display of Loss of life (BSoD).

Finally, there’s a technique to it.

  1. Open Settings, transfer to House home windows Change > Sophisticated possible choices > Not obligatory updates. Arrange all now not mandatory updates to switch tricky drives.
  2. Windows 11's Optional updatesWindows 11's Optional updates
  3. If it does no longer art work, you’ll be capable of reset the system to eliminate earlier utility slowing your PC. In Settings, transfer to House home windows Change > Sophisticated possible choices > Recovery. Click on on Reset PC and apply on-screen instructions.
  4. Reset PC in Windows 11Reset PC in Windows 11

Understand: Make a choice Keep my knowledge else your personal knowledge will get deleted.

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3. Get began Menu in House home windows 11 isn’t responsive

If the Get began menu isn’t running or unresponsive in your actions, in all probability one of the crucial system knowledge got corrupted right through the fortify to House home windows 11. You’ll check out restarting the system to check if this fixes the problem.

But if it doesn’t restore the problem, check out the following solution.

Because you’ll be capable of no longer open the Get began menu, use the ones steps to restart House home windows:

  1. Press Win + D to immediately show the desktop.
  2. Press Alt + F4 to open the Shut Down House home windows dialog.
  3. Make a selection Restart from the selections and press Enter to restart it.

If the restart does no longer restore the Get began menu, apply the beneath steps to fix it:

  1. Press Win + R to open the Run device. Kind cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open the Command Prompt with administrator privileges.
  2. Kind DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press Enter. This command will clean up corrupt knowledge in House home windows 11.
  3. Kind sfc /scannow and press Enter. This may occasionally check out all system knowledge. If the Get began menu does no longer art work, restart the system and try another time.
  4. System File Checker in Windows 11System File Checker in Windows 11

4. Now not ready to type / search in House home windows 11’s Get began Menu

Many people — along with me — reported this abnormal pc virus in House home windows 11. It sort of feels to be something like this – the Get began menu does no longer take a look at in keys when you type something to search for throughout the Get began menu. You’ll no longer type throughout the Get began menu, and if you happen to’ll be capable of, then the Get began menu does no longer show you search results, hampering your workflow.

Thankfully, Microsoft prompt a simple workaround. You’ll use the Run app to fix the Get began menu no longer registering keys.

Then again, you could be now not ready to search for throughout the Get began menu too, so you want to press Win + R to open the Run dialog. You’ll open and close the Run dialog to make the Get began menu art work as expected.

PowerToys Run as a replacement for the Start menuPowerToys Run as a replacement for the Start menu

If you happen to don’t adore it, appropriate right here’s another solution – specifically if you happen to’re most efficient in search of in search of apps and knowledge right through the Get began menu.

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You’ll get Home windows PowerToys and arrange and use PowerToys Run slightly than the start menu. You’ll search in PowerToys Run as throughout the Get began menu (see the screenshot beneath).

5. Now not ready to hunt out knowledge by way of Search or Document Explorer

The improved Get began menu and Taskbar offered a unified search experience in House home windows 11. You’ll click on on on the Search icon on the Taskbar or press Win + S to hold up the hunt interface and search for knowledge and folders, configuration possible choices in House home windows Settings, apps in House home windows Store, and the web too.

Search in Windows 11Search in Windows 11

Then again, the Search serve as in House home windows 11 gained’t art work after the fortify for abnormal reasons.

In this case, you’ll be capable of re-build the hunt index, and appropriate right here’s how:

  1. Open the Get began menu, search for index, and click on on Indexing Possible choices.
  2. Click on on Sophisticated and click on on Rebuild to re-create the hunt index.
  3. Indexing Options in Windows 11Indexing Options in Windows 11

6. Now not ready to uninstall system apps (aka bloatware)

This is one of the most common complaints for all House home windows OSs that I’ve noticed – it ships a number of pre-installed bloatware apps that no one uses, and no one wants, and House home windows 11 isn’t any different from its predecessors.

Thankfully, some, if no longer all, bloatware apps in House home windows 11 may also be removed the use of free apparatus.

Enter Home windows 10 Debloater. This app helps remove bloatware apps, stop telemetry functions, disable Cortana, and much more. Proper right here’s the way you’ll be capable of put it to make use of:

  1. Open the Get began menu and search for powershell.
  2. Correct-click House home windows PowerShell and choose Run as administrator.
  3. Kind iwr -useb https://git.io/debloat|iex and press Enter.
  4. Windows10Debloater helps remove bloatwareWindows10Debloater helps remove bloatware
  5. Click on on Remove all bloatware to remove all preinstalled techniques.

7. Now not ready to hunt out and use Snipping Device in House home windows 11

House home windows 10 has a handy screenshot software to snatch screenshots and perform elementary improving on the captured screenshots. It got inherited from House home windows 11, alternatively I’ve came upon it broken after upgrading from House home windows 10.

Microsoft suggest the use of the Print Show button, and paste the image into Paint for taking screenshots.

Then again, I to seek out it an archaic way throughout the 21st century. There are fashionable solutions that art work upper throughout the place of the Snipping Device.

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Allow me to proportion a quite superb variety device referred to as the ShareX, which supplies a lot of customization and adorning choices:

ShareX is a screenshot toolShareX is a screenshot tool
  1. Get and set up ShareX from Microsoft Store.
  2. Press Ctrl + Print Show to snatch area.
  3. Press Print Show to snatch all the show.
  4. Press Alt + Print Show to snatch the vigorous window.

Understand: Likelihood is that you’ll want to restart your system for the ones shortcuts to art work.

8. House home windows 11 has a memory leak issue

There are reviews that House home windows 11 is having memory leak issues, which causes Document Explorer to use additional memory than it’s going to need to.

It’ll extend to most sensible memory usage, which is in a position to slow down the working system in time. Fortunately, there’s a quick alternatively transient workaround:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on on Procedure Manager.
  2. Scroll down to seem House home windows Explorer, right-click it and click on on Restart.
  3. Task Manager in Windows 11Task Manager in Windows 11

I discussed it is a transient workaround because of Microsoft has no longer mentioned this issue however. So, it’s going to take some time forward of we see a long-lasting restore from them.

9. House home windows 11 runs slow on account of low-performance SDD

There are reviews that House home windows 11 has slowed down Solid State Drives (SDDs), which in spite of everything slows the entire shopper experience as well.

BetaNews reported that SDD capability has dropped by the use of up to 50%. Thankfully, Microsoft has introduced a patch to fix the issue, alternatively it’s going to should be installed manually.

  1. Open Microsoft Replace Catalog for the KB5007262 patch in a web browser.
  2. Click on at the Download button consistent with your platform (ARM64 or x64).
  3. Windows 11's fix for slow SDDWindows 11's fix for slow SDD
  4. On this internet web page, click on at the download link to acquire the patch. Finally, open the downloaded file and apply the on-screen instructions.

That’s all regarding the common problems reported in House home windows 11 and their solutions. I’m hoping this post helped you need to have a better experience with House home windows 11 and/or upgrading from House home windows 10.

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