An Thrilling New Use Case for Gutenberg: Newsletters

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For many who haven’t however dipped your nib inside the Gutenberg inkwell, you’ll have to give it a take a look at. Gutenberg has been a part of WordPress since type 5.0., and is now used by 100s of millions of WordPress websites

As our WordPress workflow more and more shifts towards Gutenberg, let’s take a look at a brand spanking new use case for Gutenberg blocks that we’d no longer have thought to be previous than: Newsletters.

Newsletters are once more, and they’re on the rise

Since the first selling email sent in 1978, email promoting has now been spherical for a few years. Lately, email promoting is stronger than ever, and experiencing a revival. 90% of content material subject matter marketers say email engagement is the top metric they observe to measure content material subject matter potency.

Besides the more than a few email supplier providers (ESPs) that exist these days, new platforms very similar to Substack at the present time are coming into the e-newsletter game. Offered in 2017, Substack no longer too way back raised $65 million, with a market valuation at $650 million.

Twitter has moreover recognized the price of newsletters when they were given Substack competitor Revue in January of 2021.

Every other testament to the increasing popularity of newsletters is the fact that older, further typical publishers like The Washington Post and The New York Cases are also trying out e-newsletter services and products to attract and retain readers.

The good news is that you already have a e-newsletter building platform inside of of easy succeed in: the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress.

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Why it’s good to use Gutenberg for your newsletters

There are many the explanation why it makes very best conceivable sense to use Gutenberg for your newsletters. 

Gutenberg block editor as a powerful email builder

First, believe the ease of layout. On account of a e-newsletter is very similar to a landing internet web page, building it the use of the Gutenberg block editor makes for a further attention-grabbing layout. Utilizing block patterns moreover makes it easy to recycle different layouts for your e-newsletter every time.

While most email supplier providers provide equipment for layout, some can be downright clunky and out of date. Additionally, while you switch ESPs, you’ll want to learn a brand spanking new means of layout, which takes precious time transparent of creating your exact content material subject matter.

Construction your e-newsletter correct inside WordPress is familiar and much more productive. Besides, newsletters and blog posts are two aspects of the an identical content material subject matter coin. You’ll streamline your art work via protective the whole thing under the an identical publishing hub.

Newsletter archive is discoverable online

Every other benefit of publishing your e-newsletter the use of the Gutenberg block editor is that once the e-newsletter goes out, it however lives on your website. That’s great for SEO and permit you to achieve new subscribers.

Recommendations on use Gutenberg for newsletters

Now that you know the way truly helpful it can be to build your e-newsletter in WordPress, proper right here’s discover ways to do it.

First, arrange a truly very best to hand plugin referred to as Newsletter Glue. The Newsletter Glue plugin uses native Gutenberg and WordPress choices to place up newsletters.

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Newsletter Glue takes advantage of the custom designed publish sort, together with a brand spanking new area inside the editor correct underneath the publish. Merely write and structure your publish as you generally would. Previous than you place up, you’ll select your audience and segment, control your subject line and preview text, and even send yourself a check out email.

When you post your publish and include the way to send as an email the use of Newsletter Glue, it converts simple div markup into email-ready HTML code. There’s no reformatting you need to do to make your e-newsletter look great for your subscriber’s inboxes.

There’s moreover a variety of custom designed e-newsletter blocks you’ll use. Say you want to include a social follow section or a subscribe form for your content material subject matter. Simply add a brand spanking new block and type “/NG.” You’ll see a variety of possible choices inside the popup that you simply’ll in short and easily add on your publish.

For many who in point of fact want to see some magic in creating your newsletters the use of Gutenberg and Newsletter Glue, take a look at the use of block patterns to repurpose layouts from previous newsletters.

You’ll moreover create your own block patterns, customizing them to fit your brand and your audience’s needs.

For instance, in case you have a typical weekly gives email except for your usual e-newsletter content material subject matter, you’ll organize block patterns for every. This is serving to the process change into much more atmosphere pleasant, and also you’ll point of interest on writing your fabulous content material subject matter somewhat than recreating layouts.

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Newsletter Glue connects to 9 ESPs, so you will have a large number of possible choices in providers. To glue your ESP, enter your ESP account’s API key throughout onboarding and likewise you’re performed. The plugin will autofill your most well liked audience and segment lists, so that you’ll skip that step or manually alternate  them previous than you hit Publish.

The one downside to the use of Newsletter Glue is that it doesn’t play neatly with website builders like Elementor or Divi. The code inside the website builders is just too difficult. Within the ones cases where the website is created the use of a builder, you merely want to switch once more to Gutenberg when writing and publishing your posts.

Newsletters inside the new technology of WordPress

Gutenberg is true right here to stay.

Since you already spend time writing in WordPress, it’s good to stay where you’re familiar to place up your e-newsletter. Taking advantage of Gutenberg blocks and Newsletter Glue will imply you’ll be able to assemble stunning e-newsletter layouts on one platform.

It’ll be exciting to see what other use cases show up for Gutenberg.

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