Branded Project: Leverage TikTok’s New Advert Strategy to Spice up Logo Consciousness

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TikTok has showed to be an incredibly tricky tool for corporations. In fact, the platform generated an estimated 1.9 billion in income in 2020 alone.

And the popularity of the app is on account of its creators. Which makes TikTok’s new selling solution — which is solely bearing in mind crowdsourcing the most productive content material subject matter from its creators — an improbable choice for producers.

Proper right here, let’s dive into what Branded Challenge is, and the best way you’ll be capable to use it to boost your type awareness and product sales.

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What’s Branded Challenge?

Branded Project is TikTok’s new selling solution, and the idea is beautiful simple: Branded Challenge allows producers to choose their selling must haves, and then creators can publish unique films that meet those must haves. The brand then accepts their favorite video, and amplifies it by means of boosted ad web page guests.

This can be a win-win: Creators be capable to achieve new audiences with boosted content material subject matter, and kinds can leverage top of the range content material subject matter that aligns with their targets straight away from the TikTok community.

As TikTok’s Newsroom states: “This new form of two-way engagement between producers and creators allows the TikTok community to have an artistic hand throughout the advertisements which can also be a part of a type advertising marketing campaign and helps producers discover emerging creators widely right through TikTok.”

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Essentially, Branded Challenge creates easier possible choices for producers to art work with TikTok influencers. Moderately than sourcing and wearing out the influencer outreach themselves, marketers can simply post their requests and stay up for creators to pitch their guidelines.

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Among other problems, number one benefits of Branded Challenge include:

  • The risk for producers to search out new and influential creators on TikTok — and the ones most aligned with their type messaging.
  • An opportunity for producers to acquire unique, comparable content material subject matter related to their campaigns from creators who’ve a showed observe report of fine fortune on TikTok.
  • Upper type exposure to new communities by way of crowdsourcing from the TikTok ecosystem.

As ASOS’ crew places it, “We have been blown away by way of the the creators’ improbable transformations for the #ASOSAlterEgo drawback. The Branded Challenge allowed us to recognize this proficiency and reward creators with eyes on their content material subject matter one way or the other that hasn’t been possible in this area previous than. A win-win which clearly impacted the promoting marketing campaign’s results.”

Use TikTok’s Branded Challenge Tool

It’s a will have to to phrase: Branded Challenge is in beta testing and available to choose producers and marketers right through more than a dozen markets around the globe, then again will turn into available in additional markets starting in past due 2022.

1. Advertisers select must haves for a Branded Challenge.

For starters, advertisers will need to try off the must haves for their Branded Challenge. This accommodates pairing the Branded Challenge with a Branded Hashtag Drawback or Branded Affect, along with other further explicit requests like “lip sync with monitor” or “industry your outfit”.

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2. Creators can accept by way of submitting films.

A writer must be over 18-years-old and have a minimum of 1,000 fanatics to be eligible. Each eligible writer can publish up to 3 films.

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3. The top-performing films will be included in a shortlist for advertisers to choose their favorite.

TikTok’s algorithm will highlight the flicks with the most productive engagement conceivable — which can also be moreover deemed brand-safe — and those films will be added to a shortlist for advertisers to choose from.

4. The a hit video turns right into a media advertising marketing campaign.

As quickly because the advertisers have decided on their favorite video, the video turns right into a media advertising marketing campaign and is featured as an in-feed industrial. The writer(s) whose video is selected receives a cash payout and boosted web page guests. The rest of the creators will see their submissions as herbal TikTok films throughout the For You internet web page.

Ultimately, Branded Challenge is an exciting choice for producers to search out top-talent on TikTok and leverage creators’ enjoy to reach new audiences. Then again time will tell how producers leverage the tool.

For those who aren’t certain whether or not or no longer TikTok selling is for you, take a look at TikTok Advertisements Information: How They Paintings + Value and Overview Procedure [+ Examples].

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