Designing Very good Website online Navigation (5 Concepts)

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One thing a well-designed navigation serve as will do is give visitors a high-level evaluation of what they are able to expect to find. At the an identical time, it’ll be in agreement visitors orient themselves so they are able to maneuver regarding the internet web page in short and easily, not get out of place, and take rapid movement when obliged to do so.

Simply functioning navigation is also superb for SEO.

Briefly, when designing internet web page navigation elements, visitors’ wellbeing should be the absolute best priority.

In this article, we can uncover in some part 5 best practices to remember when designing internet web page navigation elements. BeTheme examples had been built-in so that you’ll be capable to get a clear symbol of what the ones best practices involved.

Find out how to design great internet web page navigation — with examples

It’s easy to take internet web page navigation capacity for granted. Space, About, Products, and so on., appear on the most efficient of the internet web page, each with an appropriate link that may take you to where you expect to be going.

It couldn’t be simpler, and that’s the easiest way we want it, then again it will have to be designed with care. The last thing you wish to have a buyer to see is “Internet web page Not Found out“, or something an identical.

Proper right here then, are 5 guidelines that you simply should know and heed.

Tip #1: Make the emblem outstanding

The brand serves as a company’s digital face. It can be spotted as a welcome, and it plays a key place in development logo recognition and establishing trust and loyalty.

The brand can represent the company on slightly a large number of different platforms — social media and electronic mail signatures to name a couple.

Consequently, it will have to be appropriately located inside the internet web page’s header.

  1. Link: The brand will have to be attached to the home internet web page.It’s going to must in most cases be located inside the most efficient left corner since that is where people generally tend to seek for it, in step with a study conducted by NNG.
  2. Placement: Placing the emblem inside the center can be an acceptable selection, during which the Space link is located to the a ways left. The BeBaker 3 pre-built site illustrates an example of this.
  3. BeBaker 3 pre-built siteBeBaker 3 pre-built site
  4. Size: The brand should be large enough for the details to be merely spotted or be told. 250 x 100 pixels and 160 x 160 pixels are splendid sizes for rectangular and sq. logos, respectively. Check out to verify the navigation links inside the header don’t appear to be crowded.
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As an example, the BeDentist 4 logo is 166 x 60 pixels, it’s to the a ways left, and there’s a number of room for the navigation links.

BeDentist 4BeDentist 4

Placing and sizing the emblem can be an exercise in balance. If the emblem is large, the font measurement of the navigation links would perhaps want to be upper in order that they don’t turn into “out of place in space,” while at the an identical time they are going to must not appear to be crowded.

Tip #2: Use a sticky header

It’s going to practice to any internet web page that incorporates slightly a large number of content material subject material. To steer clear of visitors having to be informed the content material subject material like they’d been learning it from a ebook, the content material subject material should be broken up into manageable sections separated by way of a judicious use of white space.

A sticky header may make it easy for a reader to scroll once more to the absolute best of the internet web page.

The usage of a sticky header can be a lot more important when content material subject material is being thought to be on a smartphone.

BePizza5 provides an excellent example of the best way to effectively employ a sticky header.


For the reason that buyer scrolls down the internet web page the original navigation bar shrinks up; however it remains legible and usable.

Some other way, as illustrated inside the Cottage 2 pre-built site, uses a sticky left-aligned navigation.

Cottage 2 pre-built siteCottage 2 pre-built site

The brand remains to be correctly located and doesn’t interfere with the content material subject material, as are the navigation links, which keep visible.

Tip #3: Highlight the internet web page being visited

If you end up navigating a internet web page, or most the remaining, it’s helpful to grasp where you’re. The content material subject material of the internet web page being visited would in most cases give a clear indication, then again that won’t all the time be the case.

A visible navigation marker would possibly provide a reference point that may be in agreement visitors to determine where they’re and be in agreement them get to where they want to cross next, like a map in a shopping mall that tells you that “You Are Proper right here.

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There are a variety of tips on how to highlight “You Are Proper right here” in a internet web page. BeTheme offers you slightly a large number of approaches to artwork with. One such way is to switch the text color for the internet web page just lately being visited as inside the Be Ebook 3 navigation example.

Be Ebook 3Be Ebook 3

Or it’s just right to elect to position a colored line beneath the existing internet web page.

For some audiences, a bolder method of highlighting the existing internet web page might be appropriate; like the method confirmed inside the Nursing Home pre-built site.

Nursing Home pre-built siteNursing Home pre-built site

For a internet web page targeting older shoppers this fashion would possibly make sense.

Tip #4: Use recognizable icons, and most effective recognizable icons

Icons can be helpful web design elements. They may be able to be paired with text to keep up a correspondence
the which means that of certain problems or used as standalone elements.

Standalone icons should be used with caution alternatively since their which means that should be glaring and there are most effective two dozen or so icons which may well be in an instant recognizable to most people, and just a few of them have the remaining to do with navigation.

4 icons that do make sense can be came upon inside the BeDietShop pre-built site:

BeDietShop pre-built siteBeDietShop pre-built site

They’re, learning from left to right kind:

  • Client profile for account settings.
  • Middle for likes or favorites.
  • Purchasing groceries bag for the cart/bag internet web page.
  • Magnifying glass for search.

There are other icons you’ll on occasion come all through, a familiar example being an eCommerce purchasing groceries cart.

While standalone icons can be useful as navigational shortcuts, you want to ensure that the vast majority of your internet web page’s visitors will know what they suggest, and that their use will make navigation easier instead of more difficult.

Tip #5: Get ready mega menus in order that they’re easy to peruse and easy to use

Higher internet websites in most cases take overtime to organize, and once that has been finished internet web page navigation has to echo that software or team.

Higher internet websites, those defined as multipage internet sites having a dozen links or additional, can get advantages by way of the usage of mega menus as the foundation for their navigation design. When successfully organized, a mega menu can be extremely helpful and environment friendly.

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Organizing a mega menu incessantly follows a categorization process that involves using:

  • Bolded headers .
  • Columns for similar pages.
  • Photos to highlight important pages.

The Betheme Store mega menu illustrates this organizational way.

Betheme StoreBetheme Store

Understand how easy it’s to scan all through the slightly a large number of categories to find a internet web page or matter of explicit hobby.

Some internet websites, because of they’re too large or don’t appear to be all that successfully organized, will not be superb candidates for the usage of mega menus. When that’s the case, filtering and search tactics will incessantly do the trick as is the case with BeClothingstore.


This type of internet web page “navigation” tends to stick the number of possible choices available to a buyer to a manageable minimum.

Make navigation artwork to your visitors with BeTheme

Without an organized navigation software, visitors would possibly will have to spend an excessive amount of time taking a look to position your internet web page to superb use. One worst-case situation could be having to appear to find a purchasing groceries cart!

A row of links on the most efficient of the internet web page is in most cases helpful then again would possibly not all the time be enough.

For this reason it’s so important to take time to design your internet web page’s navigation and do so at the side of your visitors in ideas.

An easy option to get a practical and intensely usable navigation up and running and save yourself slightly a large number of time inside the process is to start with one in every of BeTheme’s pre-built sites. They’re designed and built the usage of the aforementioned best practices. At the an identical time, they’re customizable, so that you’ll be capable to mix-and-match sorts to create the navigation software that works best for you!

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