Easy methods to Taste a Grid Merchandise in Divi’s Filterable Portfolio Module

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Having an area to your website to blow their own horns your artwork is vital. Must you’re a stylist, you wish to have to create a couple of tasks inside your WordPress website to show your concepts. Must you’re a symbol designer, you’ll have the ability to use a portfolio to blow their own horns your earlier artwork. Additionally, we will even move a step further and add in somewhat a large number of categories for our tasks. That’s the position Divi’s Filterable Portfolio Module comes into play.

With this module, we’re in a position to turn our laborious artwork by some means that is easy and organized. In nowadays’s educational, we’ll be styling the Filterable Portfolio Module’s explicit particular person grid items. We’ll be using layouts from the Divi Convention and Divi On-line Yoga Teacher free construction packs that come with each and every achieve of Divi. As with all problems Divi, we be able to style this module to make it have compatibility our needs and wants. However, previous to we get into styling, let’s learn fairly further regarding the module.

What’s Divi’s Filterable Portfolio Module?

Duties are part of a custom designed publish type that works similarly to posts. You’ll have the ability to to find the ones inside of your WordPress dashboard.

The Projects custom post type that comes with every Divi install

That’s the position you’ll create your own tasks that may populate your Filterable Portfolio Module. The module supplies us two ways of showing our tasks: in a grid construction, or in a fullwidth construction. For us, we’ll be using and styling the grid construction. With the Filterable Portfolio Module, we will blow their own horns our most recent tasks. Consumers of our internet website can also be confirmed a clear out bar on top of our portfolio grid. From there, they can cycle all the way through the somewhat a large number of portfolio categories that we allow to be displayed within the module.

Proper right here’s an example of a vanilla setup of the module with some trend tasks:

The Divi Filterable Portfolio Module with sample projects

Areas to Consider When Styling Divi’s Filterable Portfolio

Like each and every Divi modules, the Filterable Portfolio Module comes with various choices that we will style to our needs and wants. As such, most of the choices that accompany the module we’re in a position to edit within the Design tab of the modules settings modal box. We will be able to edit the apply areas and additional:

  • Mission Identify
  • Mission Elegance
  • Thumbnail
  • Filter Text
  • Thumbnail Hover
  • Pagination

This isn’t a whole tick list, and we haven’t even begun to speak about how CSS has add deeper customizations to this module!

How We’ll Be Styling Divi’s Filterable Portfolio Module

As mentioned earlier, for this educational we’ll be using two layouts from the Divi Convention and Divi On-line Yoga Teacher. Below, you’ll have the ability to catch a glimpse of the artwork that we’ll be doing all the way through this educational.

Divi Conference Event Construction

The Divi Conference Event Layout with the Filterable Portfolio Module

Divi Online Yoga Instructor Landing Internet web page Construction

The Divi Online Yoga Instructor Layout with the Filterable Portfolio Module

You’ll have the ability to merely download each and every layouts from within the Divi Builder. Now, let’s get started!

Styling Divi’s Filterable Portfolio Module: Divi Conference Model

First problems first, we’ll need to arrange the improvement internet web page template from the Divi Conference Construction Pack. Upon getting created your new internet web page in WordPress and activated the Divi Builder, we’re going to enter into the Divi Library.

Enter the Divi Construction Library

Click on on on the Load from Library icon to enter into the Divi Construction Library

Load the Divi Layout Library

In finding Construction All over the Divi Construction Library

The use of the hunt serve as inside Divi’s Construction Library, search for the Divi Conference Event Internet web page construction.

Search for the Divi Conference event page layout within the Divi Layout Library

Arrange the Construction

Upon getting determined at the construction, click on at the Use This Construction button to position within the construction into your internet web page.

Install selected layout

Remove and Change Image Module

We’re going to remove the Image Module pictured underneath to make room for the Filterable Portfolio Module that we’ll be styling. Click on on on the Delete icon after hovering over the image to remove the image.

Remove Image Module

Insert the Divi Filterable Portfolio Module

With the Image Module removed, we will now make house for our Filterable Portfolio Module. We will click on on on the Add Module Icon (the grey plus sign) and then make a selection the module from the module modal box that pops up.

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Insert the Filterable Portfolio Module

Setting the Post Depend and Portfolio Construction

By the use of default, this module will blow their own horns your artwork in a one column. However, we’ll be using the Grid construction which comes by the use of default with 4 columns. As such, we propose choosing a host which may be a a couple of of 4 (4, 8, 12, 16 and so on.) for the reason that Post Depend on your portfolio. For this educational, we’ll be using 12 tasks in our grid.

Setting the Post Count and Portfolio Layout

Get started Styling Divi’s Filterable Portfolio: Identify and Meta Text

Now that we’ve were given our tasks showing up as a grid, let’s tie in some of the design portions from our determined on template. In this case, we’ll be using the styling that comes with the Divi Conference Construction Pack inside our new module.

Text Styling

  • Text Alignment: Middle
  • Text Color: Dark

Identify Text Styling

  • Identify Heading Stage:H2
  • Identify Font: Krona One
  • Identify Text Color: #000000

Meta Text Styling

  • Meta Font: Default (Open Sans)
  • Meta Text Color: #ff6651

Text styling edits for your newly added module

Styled titles within the Filterable Portfolio Module

Now that we’ve were given our styling in place for the titles within the portfolio grid, let’s make some edits to the actual type of the project thumbnails themselves.

Control Border and Rounded Corners of Mission Thumbnail

Within our Divi Conference Construction Pack, we’re using a singular mix of rounded corners to supply a singular shape to some of the key photos within the pack. Let’s practice this styling to the thumbnails of our module.


  • Image Rounded Corners: 50px 50px 50px 0px
  • Image Border Types: All
  • Image Border Width: 3px
  • Image Border Color: #000000
  • Image Border Style: Cast

Adding the corners and borders to the featured image

Rounded corners and border styling added to portfolio list items

This may increasingly cause our thumbnails to have a sort that matches the rest of the other photos far and wide the construction pack.

Customizing the Hover Overlay

Let’s move a step further with our styling and make a slight edit to the overlay that comes by the use of default with this module. We’re going to modify the color along with the icon that’s used right kind out of the sector.


  • Zoom Icon Color: #bcf5fd
  • Hover Overlay Color: #ff6651
  • Hover Icon Picker: Zoom

Setting for the hover overlay effect

As you’ll have the ability to now see, we’ve added the logo colors of this construction into the overlay, along with changed the icon that Divi provides by the use of default for this module’s hover overlay serve as.

Hover styling from in effect within the Divi Conference Event Page Layout

Styling the Pagination

We’re now going to start using small snippets of CSS so that you could upload some further customization to our Filterable Portfolio Module. Initially, we’re going to style the pagination of this module. Next, we’re going to remove the border that appears above with a single line of CSS

Pagination Text

  • Pagination Font: Krona One
  • Pagination Text Alignment: Middle
  • Pagination Text Color: #ff6651
  • Pagination Text Color (Hover): #000000

Styling the pagination of the Divi Filterable Module

For our CSS, we will be moving to the Complicated tab of our module. Secondly, we will click on on on the Custom designed CSS tab. Next, we will enter inside the following code snippet to remove he border on top of our pagination, giving it a cleaner look.

Portfolio Pagination

border-top: 0px;

Portfolio Pagination CSS

The use of Custom designed CSS & Divi Settings to Style the Filter Text

For the Filter Text, we’ll be taking problems up a notch. We’re going to make use of CSS to modify the background along with the hover effects. We need to have an in depth seamlessness between the newly added module and the styling of the construction pack. First, let’s enter in our Divi settings for the font.

Filter Requirements Text

  • Filter Requirements Font: Krona One
  • Filter Requirements Text Color: #ffffff
  • Filter Requirements Text Color (Hover): #000000

Filter criteria text styling

As it in recent years stands, our clear out turns out to have disappeared. It’s as a result of in its default state, it’s white text on a white background. However, we’re going to modify that with some custom designed CSS in two places. Initially, we’re going so that you could upload a snippet of CSS within the Internet web page Settings that’ll add a background to the clear out text. Secondly, we’ll style the Energetic Portfolio Filter using the Complicated tab of the module.

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Access page settings

To get right to use the Internet web page Settings, click on on on the 3 dots on the middle of the visual display unit. Then, make a selection the gear icon which is able to open up the Internet web page Settings. Next, you’ll navigate to the Custom designed CSS tab, and enter inside the following so that you could upload a background to the Filter Text.

Access and enter into the page settings for adding additional CSS

Custom designed CSS

In this CSS snippet, we’re targeted at the background color of the clear out. We are also concerned with and styling its hover state. Next on the agenda, let’s add fairly further CSS to the module and blow their own horns our Energetic Filter tab further prominently.

/* Industry background color of filters */
.et_pb_filterable_portfolio .et_pb_portfolio_filters li a {
background: #000000;
.et_pb_filterable_portfolio .et_pb_portfolio_filters li a:hover {
background: #ffffff;

Using Page Settings to set the color of the background of the module's filters

Styling the Energetic Portfolio Filter Tab

The Energetic Portfolio Filter Tab draws our shopper’s attention to the current portfolio magnificence that they’re visiting. Presently, this clear out has white text and a mild background. We’re going to go into the Complicated tab of the Filterable Portfolio Module and add some text to the default and hover states of this selection. The ones are the CSS homes we’ll add in a default state:

background: #ff6651;
color: #ffffff !vital;

Active Portfolio Filter styling

Hover State

On hover, we’ll change the background to black.

color: #000000!vital;

Background styling of hover for Active Portfolio Filter

Final Look Styling Divi’s Filterable Portfolio with Divi Conference

Proper right here’s the overall look!

Finished Styling Divi's Filterable Portfolio Module for Divi Conference

And now, correct right here’s what it kind of feels like once we hover!

Finished Styling Divi's Filterable Portfolio Module for Divi Conference

Styling Divi’s Filterable Portfolio Module: Divi Online Yoga Instructor Model

Similarly to the Divi Conference model, to find your construction within the Online Yoga Instructor Construction Pack all over the Divi Builder. We’ll be using the Landing Internet web page Construction for this educational. Scroll the entire method right down to the section Classes section with the title All Upcoming Classes Section.

Updating the Online Yoga Instructor layout

Putting Filterable Portfolio Module

From correct right here, we’re going to delete the rows with the types. Click on at the purple icon with 3 dots on it. Next, make a selection the Wireframe view. In any case, you’re going to delete the two rows that have 3 columns inside them.

Rearranging the layout in preparation for our new module

Next, we’ll change them with a single column within the row inside which. Then, we’ll add our Filterable Portfolio Module.

Inserting Filterable Portfolio Module into newly created row

Like the previous example, we will be using the Grid Construction for this module with a a couple of of 4 for the Post Depend. Now, let’s do something fairly different with the guidelines that we blow their own horns on the card. Inside the Content material subject material tab, let’s navigate to Elements and unselect the Show Categories. This may increasingly indicate that the Portfolio Module will best show the identify of the project without the identify of the category that it’s in.

Disable show categories for the module

Style Filter Requirements Text, Mission Identify and Pagination Text

Let’s set the style foundation for the text portions of our module. The body text for this construction is Open Sans and the font used for the main headings is Cinzel. Because of this reality we’ll be using a mixture of the ones two fonts far and wide out styling process.


  • Text Alignment: Middle
  • Text Color: Mild

Identify Text

  • Identify Font: Cinzel
  • Identify Text Color: #ffffff

Title and Text Styling - Part One

Filter Requirements Text

  • Filter Requirements Font Weight: Bold
  • Filter Requirements Text Color: #ffffff

Pagination Text

  • Pagination Text Color: #ffffff

Title and Text Styling - Part One

That’s what our Filterable Portfolio Module is taking a look like at the moment. It’s not so much, on the other hand we’re slowly getting there!

New text styling implemented into the portfolio module

Creating a Translucent Hover Overlay

Let’s pull some inspiration from the somewhat a large number of modules and lovely gradients inside this construction. For this, we’re going to create a translucent hover overlay and elegance the icon that shows up on hover as smartly.

  • Zoom Icon Color: #323741
  • Hover Overlay Color: rgba(255,201,165,0.85)
  • Hover Icon Picker: Search leaf and see icon above

Styling the hover overlay

Together with a Border to the Portfolio Grid Items with Custom designed CSS

Similar to our first educational, we’re now going to make use of a few CSS so that you could upload further passion to our Filterable Portfolio Module. Now, we’re going to add a border spherical each and every explicit particular person portfolio grid products. Use the CSS snippet underneath within the Custom designed CSS portion of the Internet web page Settings so that you could upload our border. We’ll also be assigning the CSS Elegance border to this module.

  • CSS Elegance: border
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Custom designed CSS

/* Border */
.border .et_pb_grid_item {
border: 2px solid #ffffff;
padding: 5px;

Adding a CSS class to our module in addition to custom CSS

Proper right here we’ve got now our Filterable Portfolio Module with a pleasing border – and soe padding – spherical each and every grid products.

Some padding and a border for the portfolio module

Together with CSS to Style Pagination Border

Now not like our previous example, let’s add some color to the border for our pagination with some CSS. This may also move within the Internet web page Settings > Custom designed CSS area.

/* Pagination Styling */
.et_pb_filterable_portfolio .et_pb_portofolio_pagination {
border-top: 2px solid #adc6d9;

Styling the Filter Requirements Text

Similar to our Divi Conference Portfolio Module styling, we need to add some jazz to our magnificence filters. Another time, we need to pull from the styling that is already supply within the template supplied to us. Proper right here’s the CSS that we’ll be together with into our Custom designed CSS section to concentrate on the background and hover of our Filter bar.

/* Industry background color of filters */
.et_pb_filterable_portfolio .et_pb_portfolio_filters li a {
background: none;

.et_pb_filterable_portfolio .et_pb_portfolio_filters li a:hover {
background: #ffffff;
color: #323741 !vital;

With the ones two new additions to our Custom designed CSS, that’s what our Filterable Portfolio Module is shaping up to be.

Filter text and border styling added to Divi's Filterable Portfolio Module

However, know how the Energetic Portfolio Filter is out of place. It however has a steady background with white text on top of it. Let’s move into the module’s settings and add some CSS to modify this.

Custom designed CSS

Energetic Portfolio Filter:

background: #ffffff;
color: #323741 !vital;

Styling the Active Filter setting with Custom CSS

Disposing of Animation From Module

To provide a cleaner experience, we’ll be getting rid of the default animation that comes with the Filterable Portfolio Module. For this, we’ll first need to go back into our Internet web page Settings and add some CSS that may function the portfolio grid items and remove the slide-in transition that occurs out of the sector with Divi.

Custom designed CSS

/* Remove transition */
.et_pb_filterable_portfolio .et_pb_portfolio_item.energetic {
transition: none;

.et_pb_portfolio_item {
animation: none!vital;
transition: none !vital;

Industry Portfolio Grid from 4 Columns to three

Our final CSS addition can also be to change into our Portfolio module from 4 columns to a couple of. This may increasingly allow us more space to appear our tasks. Moreover, we’ll be together with an additional row to our module. Proper right here’s the overall CSS snippet that you simply’ll be able to use to develop into your columns.

Custom designed CSS

For this ultimate snippet, we’ll be together with the CSS ID #three-column-grid to our module. We will however be protective our CSS magnificence from previous to intact.

/* 4 to a couple of Columns */
@media best visual display unit and ( min-width: 768px ) {
#three-column-grid .et_pb_grid_item {
width: 28.333%;
margin: 0 7.5% 7.5% 0;

#three-column-grid .et_pb_grid_item:nth-child(3n) {
margin-right: 0;

#three-column-grid .et_pb_grid_item:nth-child(3n+1) {
clear: left;

#three-column-grid .et_pb_grid_item:nth-child(4n+1) {
clear: unset;

Adding CSS ID

Styling Divi’s Filterable Portfolio: In Conclusion

As with most of Divi’s modules, the settings that come with Divi will also be further expanded upon with CSS. Showcasing your artwork is an important part of running a trade, blog or brand online. As such, having an organized approach all the way through which to turn your artwork is necessary. Glean from the guidelines that have been shared nowadays to partake in your non-public journey of styling Divi’s Filterable Portfolio module and show us your artwork inside the comments or on social media!

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