Find out how to Create Gantt Charts in Excel

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Microsoft Excel remains the go-to selection for quite a lot of corporations to perform data calculations and create charts in step with the effects.

The Gantt chart is a useful data that isn’t naturally available in Excel. Great for project keep an eye on and milestone tracking, Gantt charts can help companies upper visualize operations and streamline provide processes.

In this piece, we’ll dive into the basics of Gantt charts and uncover their benefits, then provide a step-by-step data to creating them in Excel, along with some useful examples. Faster than long, you’ll be able to use Excel like a professional.

What are Gantt charts?

The Advantages of Gantt Charts

Find out how to Create Gantt Charts in Excel

Gantt Chart Examples

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What are Gantt charts?

Gantt charts exampleOn the left-hand aspect, the Y-axis of the chart lists specific movements. At the top, the X-axis of the chart displays time.

There’s no fixed unit for time — it could be measured in weeks, days, hours, or minutes, depending on the tasks you’re tracking. In Excel, every task gets its private row.

As you’ll have the ability to see inside the example above from Microsoft, task 1 starts at time unit 0 and runs until merely forward of task 2, which proceeds until task 3 begins.

It’s price noting that tasks can overlap — the purpose of the Gantt chart isn’t to unravel the order of tasks alternatively to supply a very simple way to see what’s taking place, when, and what percentage of processes are taking place immediately.

The Benefits of Gantt Charts

Gantt charts offer an a variety of benefits, at the side of the following.

At-a-Glance Undertaking Building

Gantt charts will permit you to see when duties began, how a long way along they’re, within the tournament that they’re reached specific milestones, and within the tournament that they overlap with diversified duties.

This makes it possible to better know the way long processes will take and if concurrent processes would perhaps goal friction.

Actionable Belief

The ones charts moreover provide actionable belief for project keep an eye on workforce. Because of teams can see project get began dates and timelines at-a-glance, they are able to pinpoint potential bottlenecks and make changes.

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In observe, teams might discover that 3 processes are on account of get began on the similar day. By way of staggering get began dates quite, they are able to avoid possible potency issues.

Stepped ahead Time Keep an eye on

Consider a Gantt chart showing multiple tasks with the identical get began date and workforce accountable for them. If left on my own, this project framework might simply waste time, as one workforce is overworked, and others won’t have enough on their plate.

A better understanding of what’s taking place, when, and why can help companies strengthen their time keep an eye on.

Lowered Risk of Helpful useful resource Overload

Projects proportion a pool of finite resources. The additional duties taking place at the same time as, the bigger the helpful useful resource drain and the simpler the risk of helpful useful resource overload.

Gantt charts offer a way to read about process helpful useful resource needs and make adjustments that help keep duties on the right track.

While every Gantt chart differs, now not odd choices include task, taskbars, and milestones due dates. Charts may also include sub-task bars or use bar shading to indicate how a long way a job has stepped ahead.

Learn the way to Create Gantt Charts in Excel

Despite their usefulness and ubiquity, Gantt charts don’t have a built-in template in Excel. Because of this, consumers want to each download a pre-built Gantt chart or assemble their own.

Proper right here’s a step-by-step data to creating a Gantt chart in Excel.

1. Enter your project data.

The first step in creating a Gantt chart is getting into project data into an ordinary Excel spreadsheet. In our example, we can enter 3 data columns: Procedure Determine, Get began on Day, and Period. The result should look something like this.

Gantt chart excel example

2. Make a stacked bar chart.

Next, we’re going to create a stacked bar chart. To take a look at this, choose the information inside the Get began on Day column (with the header). Then, underneath “Insert,” choose “Bar Chart”, then “2-D Bar”, then “Stacked Bar” to get this.

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Gantt chart excel example

3. Enter your length data.

To enter length data:

  • Get began by the use of right-clicking on the chart.
  • Make a choice “Choose Data.” This may increasingly more and more open a “Choose data provide” window containing the “Get began on Day” assortment.
  • Click on at the “Add” Button underneath “Legend entries (assortment),” then establish your new assortment Period.

Now, click on at the icon next to where it says “Series values,” which is able to open a brand spanking new “Edit assortment” window.

Choose the information from your Period column (without the header) and your Get began On Day column, then click on on OK to close the window, and click on on OK yet again with the intention to upload the gathering to your chart.

Gantt chart excel example


4. Add your task descriptions.

Now we’re going with the intention to upload task descriptions. This starts the identical means since the final step: Correct-click in your chart to open the “Choose data provide” window, then choose “Get began On Day” inside the left-hand “Series” tick list.

Next, choose “Edit” at the proper “Magnificence” tick list. This may increasingly more and more open an “Axis labels” window. Choose the cells to your Procedure column, then click on on OK on the “Axis labels” window, then OK on the “Choose data provide” window.

Gantt chart excel example

4. Restore the Order

In the end, we’re going to fix the order of our tasks. To take a look at this, right-click on the tick list of Tasks on the left aspect of the chart to open a menu, then click on on “Structure Axis.” From this menu, underneath “Axis Position,” take a look at the “categories in reverse order” box.

Gantt chart excel exampleAnd there you’ve were given it — a custom-built Gantt chart in Excel.

Gantt Chart Examples

If you wish to download an present template, there are multiple Gantt alternatives inside the Microsoft chart templates database. Some great Gantt examples include:

Date Monitoring Gantt Chart

Gantt chart excel exampleThis Data Tracking Gantt chart template is completely customizable with your individual pictures, titles, and text. It supplies a very simple way to track key tasks and not using a want to assemble your Gantt chart from the ground up.

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What we adore: This Gantt chart is modest and streamlined. It has quite a lot of room for tasks, get began dates, and periods that can assist you upper prepare tasks.

Easy Gantt ChartGantt chart excel exampleThis Simple Gantt chart is precisely that: Simple and easy to understand. It’s going to even be tailored to diversified shopper groups, comparable to employees, managers, and stakeholders. You’ll include photos, graphics, or new fonts.

What we adore: Together with basic task wisdom, this chart moreover supplies the ability to break duties down by the use of ranges (denoted by the use of the different-colored sections) and who’s accountable for every task.

Agile Gantt Chart

How to make a gantt chart in excelThis Agile Gantt chart example provides color-code task categories and visual reminders to help Agile teams meet deadlines.

Given the ongoing feedback loop that underpins Agile methodology, Gantt charts comparable to this are instrumental in task tracking.

What we adore: The color-coded bars provide speedy visual feedback, while the ability to in brief publish and proportion this chart in Excel helps strengthen workforce collaboration.

Going the Distance with Gantt

Gantt charts are a great way to track project schedules and see at-a-glance where overlaps occur and where it may be vital to make schedule changes.

While Microsoft Excel doesn’t come with a built-in Gantt generator, you’ll have the ability to transfer the distance with Gantt charts by the use of development your individual from scratch with our step-by-step data or downloading an Excel template that lets you customize data and headings on name for.

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