Find out how to Upload a Video Background in WordPress (3 Strategies)

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When an individual visits your internet web page, you easiest have a few moments to clutch their attention. If your internet web page isn’t horny, they might become bored and pass away without interacting in conjunction with your web site. 

Fortunately, a video background can help you catch your visitors’ eye and make a really perfect first have an effect on. Using WordPress, there are quite a lot of methods of accomplishing this without touching a line of code. For instance, you’ll use a easy Gutenberg block or a plugin.

In this put up, we’ll speak about how fullscreen video backgrounds can give a boost to the person enjoy (UX) of a internet web page. Then, we’ll record some methods you’ll use to insert motion pictures as WordPress backgrounds. Let’s get to artwork!

How Video Backgrounds Can Reinforce the Individual Enjoy (UX)

A video generally is a powerful software to grab your target market’s attention. Using visual content material subject matter can lend a hand have interaction your guests and keep them in your internet web page:

A GIF of the Keepgrading website.

No longer easiest can motion pictures increase the appeal of your web site, they are able to moreover heighten other folks’s interest in your brand, business, or blog. If truth be told, research shows that 54 p.c of shoppers want to see additional video content material subject matter from the producers they observe.  

Listed below are some additional possible benefits of together with a fullscreen video background on your web site:

Along side a video since the background of your WordPress internet web page is a great way to catch an individual’s eye without distracting from other aspects of your internet web page.

Easiest Practices for Together with a Video Background in WordPress

As we’ve discussed, using a video background to your WordPress web site can also be a great way to make an have an effect on. On the other hand, there are a few things to watch out for when together with this kind of content material subject matter on your internet web page.

To begin with, video information tend to be on the heavier side, which could cause gradual loading instances. Additionally, the flawed type of video might simply most likely overwhelm your visitors. As such, you’ll want to select your video as it should be.

To make certain that your internet web page is showing optimally and that you simply’re now not damaging the individual revel in, chances are high that you’ll consider following a few very best practices:

  • Optimize report size. Compressing the dimensions of your video will be certain that it’s now not causing slow loading cases. Fortunately, there are many equipment you’ll use to check out this without compromising video top quality.
  • Limit usage to a single video. A few motion pictures would possibly make your internet web page appear cluttered. So, it’s very best to stick with just one.
  • Steer clear of audio. Loud audio when shoppers land in your web site can also be overwhelming within the tournament that they’re now not expecting it. Therefore, you should consider omitting video audio if it’s now not essential.
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA). If your video is a part of an business advertising marketing campaign or each and every different free up, consider together with a CTA button. This encourages shoppers to take action and can be in agreement increase conversion fees.
  • Host motion pictures externally. Website online website hosting your video by means of an external platform like Vimeo or YouTube will be in agreement to reduce weight in your internet web page. This may occasionally moreover toughen load speed.
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Implementing a video background in your web site can also be a great way to grab individual attention. Nevertheless, in relation to resources, it’s a hard design phase. By means of taking a few precautionary measures, you’ll be capable to ensure that your web site continues to perform optimally.

Learn how to Add a Video Background in WordPress (3 Methods)

Now that you know one of the most benefits of using a video background in your internet web page, it’s time to take a look at 3 alternative ways you’ll add one on your internet web page. All the methods we’ll pass over this present day can also be completed without touching any code, in order that they’re beginner-friendly. Let’s get to artwork!

1. Using a WordPress Plugin

There are numerous plugins available that you just’ll use in an effort to upload a video background on your WordPress web site. One commonplace, top of the range risk is the Complex WordPress Backgrounds plugin. It’s a free software that’s easy to place in:

The Advanced WordPress Backgrounds plugin homepage.

This plugin allows you to create any type of background using sophisticated block settings. After you’ve installed and activated the plugin in your web site, open the internet web page where you need in an effort to upload your video background.

Throughout the Block Editor, click on on on the plus (+) symbol that permits you to make a choice which block in an effort to upload. Then, sort “awb” into the hunt bar to seek out the Complicated WordPress Background block:

The Advanced WordPress Backgrounds block in WordPress.

After together with the block on your internet web page, pass to the correct sidebar and make a choice Block:

The Block tab in the WordPress block editor.

From proper right here, you’ll see 3 possible choices in an effort to upload as a background: Color, Image, or Video. Cross ahead and make a choice Video. You’ll have the ability to each use a video from YouTube or Vimeo. However, you’re able so as to add no doubt one in all your own self-hosted motion pictures.

So that you could upload a video by means of YouTube or Vimeo, all you wish to have to do is insert the video link inside the home marked VIDEO URL:

Adding a video URL to the Advanced WordPress Backgrounds block.

Then, to edit and customize your video background, you’ll use the editor box that appears whilst you click on at the video block. As an example, you’ll make the visual display unit wider by means of clicking the two arrows pointing against each and every other:

Adjusting video width.

To test the video, click on on on Preview at the best of the show. It’s a good idea to check out this forward of you publish the internet web page.

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This may increasingly more and more take you to the doorway end of your web site, where you’ll get a sneak peek of your video background:

A page with a video background made using the Advanced WordPress Backgrounds plugin.

Should you’re satisfied in conjunction with your results, you’ll hit Put up. Now let’s see the way you’ll add a video background without using a plugin!

2. Using the Cover Block

The WordPress Block Editor has a Quilt block that allows you to perform the identical process. This block implies that you’ll insert background pictures behind other content material subject matter, in conjunction with video.

To use the program, simply pass to the put up or internet web page that you need in an effort to upload your video background to. Click on on on the plus symbol in an effort to upload a brand spanking new block. Next, sort in “Cover”:

The Cover block in WordPress.

Then, insert the Cover block onto your internet web page and make a choice a video so as to add from your media library or computer information. Whilst you’ve decided on your video, it’ll show up at the bottom of the internet web page:

The block editor displaying the Cover block with a video.

From proper right here, you’ll add foreground blocks to the Cover block, very similar to text or buttons:

Adding a Text block to the Cover block.

Additionally, there are a few things you’ll customize whilst you click on on on the Block tab:

The Block tab to edit the Cover block.

The color overlay section implies that you’ll alternate the color of your text. You’ll have the ability to use this surroundings to make your text additional readable.

You’ll have the ability to moreover alter how opaque your text is. Additionally, if you want to alter the height of your video, scroll the entire manner right down to Dimensions:

The Dimensions section in the Block tab.

This section implies that you’ll make the video background occupy more room on the internet web page. Whilst you’ve made your edits, you’ll preview your video on the front end:

The front end of a WordPress page built using the Cover block for a video background.

Should you’re satisfied with the consequences, pass ahead and publish your internet web page!

3. Using a Internet web page Builder

After all, let’s see the way you’ll add a video background using a web page builder. The good thing about this selection is you’ll use a tool you’re already aware of. On the other hand, understand that now not all internet web page builders may have this capacity

One commonplace software that does is Beaver Builder:

The Beaver Builder Page Builder plugin

This plugin implies that you’ll create a video background using modules and a drag-and-drop builder.

For the program, you’ll need to have Beaver Builder downloaded for your website. Get began by means of launching Beaver Builder in WordPress:

Launching Beaver Builder.

Next, get right to use your modules menu and click on on on the Rows tab. Then, drag the 1 Column block onto the internet web page:

Using the 1 Column block on your page with Beaver Builder.

From proper right here, navigate to Row Settings by means of clicking on the wrench icon:

Beaver Builder Row Settings.

This may increasingly more and more mechanically take you to the Style tab. Scroll the entire manner right down to the section marked Background:

The Background section in Beaver Builder.

Under Type, make a choice the Video risk:

Selecting the Video option in the Type tab.

When you choose this, you’ll mechanically see numerous editing possible choices. As an example, you’re able to select where to provide your video:

Choosing a video source in Beaver Builder.

We inserted a YouTube URL:

Pasting a YouTube URL into the Background Video tab.

Whilst you’ve determined to your video, it’s time to make some edits. To start, the default best is fairly narrow:

A display of the default video setting.

To switch this to fullscreen, scroll up to the Width settings and make a choice Whole Height:

Changing the default video height settings.

Additionally, Beaver Builder gives you many possible choices to edit your video background. As an example, it implies that you’ll Allow Audio and Allow Video in Cellular:

Video settings in Beaver Builder.

You’ll have the ability to moreover choose a fallback {photograph} that may display if your video fails to load. So that you could upload content material subject matter overlay on your video, pass to the Modules tab and choose an element:

The Modules tab in Beaver Builder.

Proper right here, we added a Heading block:

Adding a Heading block to Beaver Builder.

You’ll have the ability to then alter many aspects of your text, in conjunction with color, size, and font.

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Whilst you’re satisfied in conjunction with your edits, make a choice Save Draft to appear how your video turns out:

A preview of a website video background made using Beaver Builder.

Should you’re happy with the consequences, simply publish your internet web page!


Should you’re searching for a strategy to make your internet web page stand proud of the competition, a video background is an effective way to do it. What’s additional, an eye-catching video at the best of your homepage can be in agreement strengthen your brand message and toughen engagement in conjunction with your web site visitors. 

To recap, listed below are 3 methods you’ll use in an effort to upload a video background on your WordPress internet web page:

  1. Using a WordPress plugin: The Complex WordPress Backgrounds software allows you to add a video background on your web site using a YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted video.
  2. With the Quilt block: This WordPress block implies that you’ll upload your own video and add it as your web site background.
  3. Using a internet web page builder: With a internet web page builder like Beaver Builder, you’ll enforce a video background with a URL or video from your media library.

What questions do you could have about together with a video background in WordPress? Let us know throughout the comments section underneath!

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