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In a variety of online stores, there’s one elegance of products that sells better than the rest. If this is true for your e-commerce shop, the Featured Elegance WooCommerce block will let you introduce those peak items to a excellent broader audience.

In this article, we’ll show you tips about use the Featured Elegance block in WooCommerce. We’ll move over tips about configure this block and talk about the most efficient techniques to use it. Finally, we’ll answer the most typical questions about tips about include a Featured Elegance section on your storefront.

Let’s get to it!

Learn the way to Add the Featured Elegance WooCommerce Block to Your Publish or Internet web page

The Featured Elegance block presentations a Call-to-Action (CTA) that encourages visitors to browse a selected product elegance. You’ll be capable to place this block anyplace in your internet web site. Alternatively, it’s particularly well-suited to the main retailer internet web page or your home internet web page.

To be able to upload this part, open the Block Editor for the internet web page or submit where you need to place it. Select the selection in an effort to upload a brand spanking new block, and use the search field to seek for the Featured Elegance risk:

Adding the Featured Category block in WooCommerce

Whilst you add the block, WooCommerce will ask you to make a choice what product elegance it is going to must serve as. You’ll see each and every a search bar and a listing at the side of all of your store’s provide product categories. Alternatively, take into account that this block most efficient allows you to choose a single elegance:

Selecting a featured product category in WooCommerce

In the event you’ll be capable to’t to find the specific product you need, it’s imaginable you’ll wish to add it manually.

Once you select or add a product elegance, the tick list will disappear. As an alternative, you’ll see an element with a solid color background, a heading, and a CTA:

The Featured Category WooCommerce block in action

The Featured Elegance block appears to be slightly easy by the use of design. Alternatively, you’ll be capable to trade and improve the block’s style by the use of configuring its settings.

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Featured Elegance WooCommerce Block Settings and Alternatives

The Featured Elegance block accommodates two collections of settings. In case you mouse over the block all through the editor, a formatting menu will appear over it. That menu permits you to trade the block’s width (1), its alignment (2), and the category it choices using the Alternate risk (3):

The formatting menu for the Featured Category block

In case you’re proud of the block’s formatting, you’ll be in a position to make a choice it and click on on on the gear icon on the top-right corner of the Block Editor’s computer screen. That can open the settings menu for each and every the total internet web page and the block you made a decision on.

Select the Block tab, and likewise you’ll be able to toggle an approach to show the featured elegance’s description and change the block’s background color. Proper right here’s what the block seems like when we toggle the Show description surroundings on (1) and change its background color (2):

Configuring the settings for the Featured Category WooCommerce block

It’s worth noting that you just’ll be capable to’t trade the color of the text. Alternatively, you can alter the CTA’s style by the use of clicking on it. Doing so will display a brand spanking new settings tab for merely the button:

Modifying a CTA button's settings using the Block Editor

This settings menu will display you trade the CTA’s font size (1), its border style (2), and the colors for its text and background (3). Ideally, the CTA’s general design must are compatible the rest of the block (and your site as a whole).

Tips and Very best Practices for Using the Featured Elegance WooCommerce Block

The Featured Elegance WooCommerce block contains an easy design. That implies it shouldn’t look out of place anyplace in your internet web site. Alternatively, putting the block each on your home internet web page or on the main shop page makes necessarily essentially the most sense. That’s because of those are the pages where shoppers expect to see product and sophistication concepts.

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On that exact same practice, the Featured Elegance block doesn’t come with a header that indicates what visitors are taking a look at. If you want to have potential customers to pay attention, we propose adding a heading (very similar to “Featured Categories”) suitable above the block:

A Featured Categories section in WooCommerce

The Featured Elegance block must have a background that each fits or contrasts with the rest of the internet web page. Which method you use is made up our minds by way of your design sensibilities, but it surely unquestionably’s important that the CTA stands out from the rest of the block. Otherwise, shoppers would possibly not know they’re taking a look at a button they are able to make a selection.

One downside of using the Featured Elegance block is that it’s laborious to adapt it to a rows-and-columns design. Given that block doesn’t display you alter the way of its text, it’s common for the part to run out of house horizontally if it shares a row with something else:

A row with multiple Featured Category blocks

In case you’re at ease using CSS, you’ll be capable to tinker with the way of the block’s text. Otherwise, we propose sticking with a single-column design when using the Featured Elegance block.

Often Asked Questions Regarding the Featured Elegance WooCommerce Block

In case you nevertheless have any questions in regards to the Featured Elegance block in WooCommerce, this section will answer them. Let’s get began by the use of talking about WooCommerce categories in most cases.

How Do I Add New WooCommerce Product Categories?

In case you don’t see a WooCommerce product category that you need to serve as, you’ll be capable to always create a brand spanking new one. To do so, move to Products > Categories tab on your web page’s dashboard, and use the menu to the left in an effort to upload as many categories as you need.

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Can I Exchange the Style of the Text All the way through the Featured Elegance Block?

The Featured Elegance block doesn’t display you trade the size or style of its inner text. Alternatively, you can alter the design and the text style for the CTA the block accommodates.

Can I Show Additional Than One Featured Elegance in WooCommerce?

The Featured Elegance block most efficient permits you to display a single WooCommerce product elegance. If you want to energy attention to further categories, you’ll be capable to add multiple circumstances of the block on any submit or internet web page.


If in case you have a selected product elegance that sells upper than the rest on your store, and you need to energy a lot more attention to it, WooCommerce blocks enable you to do so. In particular, the Featured Elegance WooCommerce block permits you to show off a selected product elegance using headings, descriptions, and a compelling CTA.

You’ll be capable to customize the background color for the Featured Elegance block, along with the way of its CTA button. The result is an element that catches visitors’ eyes and encourages them to browse that elegance, hopefully resulting in additional product sales.

Do you’ve gotten any questions about tips about use the Featured Elegance WooCommerce block? Let’s speak about them throughout the comments section beneath!

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