How AI Will Exchange Podcast and Video, In keeping with Riverside’s Head of Advertising

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Podcasting and video are two undeniably tough choices for reaching new audiences and extending emblem awareness.

If truth be told, there are not too long ago over 140 million podcast listeners throughout the U.S. on my own, and greater than 40% of U.S. customers record watching online motion pictures on a daily basis.

On the other hand rising tough video or audio content material subject matter takes time, effort, and belongings. Fortunately, AI is ready to shift how every trade creates audio and video content material subject matter — leaving your team with overtime to be aware of big-picture methodology, and no more time on pre-production, enhancing, and further.

Proper right here, learn why Riverside’s Head of Promoting, Abel Grunfeld, is further excited than ever about the future of audio and video relating to AI.

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How AI Will Change Podcast and Video, In line with Riverside’s Head of Promoting

1. AI will permit podcast and video hosts to facilitate deeper conversations.

As any person who regularly interviews concept leaders for the HubSpot Blog, I’m all-too-familiar with the difficult eventualities of taking into consideration of superb questions to ask your guests.

And one of the worst mistakes an interviewer may just make is asking a customer the equivalent question they‘ve been asked a large number of circumstances previous to. It would come all through like you haven’t completed your research, and your audience would most likely actually really feel that the interview is redundant and does no longer offer the remainder new.

Fortunately, AI is a powerful tool for researching your customer and formulating questions ahead of the interview.

As Grunfeld knowledgeable me, “When dealing with guest-style interviews, AI helps tremendously with research. For example, it will let you understand any person’s point of view on a given topic and also you’ll be capable to then create new questions to see whether or not or no longer this is however the case, or downside it and cross deeper.”

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Believe prompting an AI chat tool to supply unique questions for a given interviewee, or simply to conduct research in terms of their company to have the same opinion fill throughout the background context you need to facilitate an interesting interview.

2. AI will will let you take a look at your concept all through pre-production.

Pre-production tasks — at the side of on-location shootings, set design, and finding the correct ability — can be time-consuming and expensive.

And, as Grunfeld problems out, you might have a vision to your head that is difficult to position throughout to your team. So regardless of your absolute best conceivable efforts, your team might be mis-aligned relating to where you’re all headed.

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Grunfeld knowledgeable me, “Within all of the pre-production process presently, when you artwork with a personnel, the whole thing is according to what you’re announcing. On the other hand most likely the visualization for you is rather then for me.”

He continues, “I think what AI means that you can do with apparatus like Midjourney is take the guesswork out of it and visually show and take a look at your concept so that you’ll be capable to make a decision whether or not or no longer it’s as compelling as what you take note.”

After all, AI means that you can save time and belongings by way of ensuring you get it correct the main time. As Grunfeld puts it, “AI means that you can create alignment and to be much more environment friendly in terms of working out what you need in terms of set, ability, digital camera angles, and plenty of others. It means that you can de-risk while being further able and productive.”

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3. AI will develop into the post-production process by way of vastly lowering the time it takes to edit.

One of the tricky sides of podcast and video production is the post-production process, which is why Grunfeld believes that’s the position AI could have an important impact.

As he problems out, “Compared to a 30 or 60-minute conversation you might have throughout the production point, post-production can take up to 10 hours. So there’s a disproportional effort required to deal with the post-production.”

Put up-production calls so that you can define success and set clear requirements; and, as Grunfeld knowledgeable me, AI works absolute best conceivable beneath those parameters.

For example, AI can in short transcribe your calls with accuracy. Riverside supplies its private extraordinarily proper AI transcription device totally free. Perfect of all, it’s available in 100+ languages. 

You’ll then use AI to automate the content material subject matter creation process. As Grunfeld knowledgeable me, “You don’t need to cross into the content material subject matter anymore and manually make sequences or make a decision when you want to show which person, and with which construction. It’s all going to be automated. And this means any person — regardless of knowledge-level — may just make attractive, talking-style motion pictures with the press of a button.”

4. AI will will allow you to promote it your podcast or video episodes further effectively.

Oftentimes, I decide which podcast episode I’ll pay attention to next based off of what I see on Instagram.

When I see an interesting clip of a podcast conversation, it steadily hooks me into wanting to hear the entire episode.

And I‘m now not on my own. As Grunfeld problems out, “We can’t expect any person to invest an hour or further watching a video or paying attention to a podcast without understanding if it‘s price their time — so social clips are an effective choice to get awareness on a video or podcast, alternatively they’re a large number of artwork and they’re tedious.”

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He continues, “This is some other house where AI will step in. Slightly than manually combing by means of an hour video conversation, you’ll be capable to let AI make a selection the magic moments automatically and create a clip that is in a position to be published.”

For example, Riverside merely offered its private tool, Magic Clips, which leverages AI to identify key moments to your recording and edit them as standalone clips. This permits you to optimize your motion pictures or podcast episodes for various social media platforms.

You’ll moreover leverage AI to create further compelling social promotion spherical your video or podcast episode. For example, it’s conceivable you’ll ask it to create you establish, video or podcast summaries, show notes, and further.

Perfect of all, you’ll be capable to use AI to repurpose your video or audio for social posts or your blog, which helps you to get further value from each piece of content material subject matter you produce.

5. AI permits your team to be aware of an important facet of podcast or video: Storytelling.

Grunfeld knowledgeable me, “Nowadays, persons are under-evaluating the time spent on the normal content material subject matter methodology and the best way video and or audio or podcasts have compatibility in, and they’re under-evaluating the importance of the foundation of an individual episode or conversation.”

He encourages podcast and video producers to take the time to consider the process, and try to attach the dots between what you‘re making and what you’re selling — and after all, how it all connects once more to what you are promoting.

Fortunately, AI will have the same opinion producers’ earn time once more to be aware of the ones higher-picture parts.

Grunfeld says, “AI apparatus will allow you to allocate the time you save to really point of interest on the premise of the content material subject matter you’re rising. And AI moreover promises production prime quality that fits your emblem. When you’re a trade, the content material subject matter you put out into the sphere shapes trust, in order that is necessary.”

6. AI can get to the bottom of the information hollow and allow for additonal more than a few perspectives.

One of the exciting sides of AI is how it can remove obstacles in terms of ingenious expression, technology, belongings, and information. In several words, it’ll most likely make podcast or video creation further available in the market.

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Historically, podcasting or video production requires audio or video engineering talents, enhancing talents, and storytelling talents. But if AI is able to offload quite a lot of the engineering and enhancing talents required, that merely leaves one thing: Storytelling.

And Grunfeld knowledgeable me this ultimate shift is the one he’s most thinking about.

He says, “Films and podcasts are about telling stories. And a large number of other folks would most likely now not perceive they have a novel story to tell. It can be difficult to tell your story somehow that makes you proud.”

He continues, “AI turns you from an engineer editor or heavy-duty writer towards further of a curator. You’re the storyteller, and you’re merely curating the enhancing and building you’ll be capable to use to hold your story to existence. Because of this further other folks will be capable to particular themselves.”

He supplies, “I think the future of video and audio can also be further more than a few in terms of concept and point of view – which after all creates further conversations and further enlargement.”

After all … Will avatars change precise hosts?

Some of the an important problems I’ve relating to AI and podcast or video production is the belief that AI would most likely take the place of human podcast or video hosts.

Fortunately, Grunfeld doesn‘t imagine this will likely now and again turn into the norm. He knowledgeable me while he might see room for AI avatars relating to easy tutorial-based video or audio content material subject matter, he doesn’t see AI taking the place of human-to-human conversations.

As he puts it, “I think it’s the human-to-human phase that gives energy and that allows you to assemble on absolute best of each other, and I’m now not positive if an avatar can create that exact same emotional response.”

“And so, while I consider there can also be use cases for avatar-led creations, I will be able to no longer consider having a conversation between two other folks — apart from one is a concept leader with an ideal story, and the other is an avatar. Because of if there is not any energy, there is not any need to have a conversation throughout the first place.”

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