How you can Setup WordPress E mail Logs (and WooCommerce E mail Logs)

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Do you need to prepare email correspondence logs in your WordPress or WooCommerce internet web page?

Email logs mean you can practice the emails sent by way of your WordPress web page to shoppers. That is serving to you troubleshoot issues and check out the status of email correspondence notifications.

In this article, we will show you the easiest way to prepare WordPress email correspondence logs and WooCommerce email correspondence logs merely.

How to set up email logs in WordPress and WooCommerce

After following this tutorial, it’s conceivable so that you can to view the email logs right away from your WordPress admin space in an easy-to-understand construction.

Why Set Up Email Logs in WordPress or WooCommerce?

Whether or not or now not you’re working a small industry web page using WordPress or a WooCommerce store, WordPress routinely sends some email correspondence notifications in your shoppers.

On a typical WordPress internet web page, the ones messages include password reset emails, new individual notifications, password business notifications, comments, and WordPress change notifications.

If you are moreover working an on-line retailer, then email correspondence becomes a lot more essential. WooCommerce will send out purchaser receipts, order details, new order notifications, and individual account emails incessantly.

As you’ll be capable of see, email correspondence notifications are crucial to your internet web page to function as it should be and send the best individual enjoy.

You need to make sure that those emails reach shoppers’ inboxes and don’t merely disappear or in spite of everything finally end up in unsolicited mail. One of the simplest ways to take a look at that is to use a proper SMTP provider supplier to ensure email correspondence deliverability.

For added details, see our data on the easiest way to repair the WordPress no longer sending electronic mail factor.

You’re going to moreover need to see which emails are sent and to which shoppers. This allows you to keep a document of email correspondence activity, which comes in handy in a lot of eventualities.

Following are best one of the crucial ones eventualities when an email correspondence log comes in handy:

  • Ensure that email correspondence notifications are delivered promptly.
  • Apply your WordPress touch shape plugin emails.
  • See if emails sent by way of a plugin are working.
  • Keep observe of individual activity using the email logs.
  • Apply individual activity for those who occur to run a club web page or promote on-line lessons.
  • Keep an email correspondence log of your WooCommerce orders, receipts, and purchaser notifications.

That being mentioned, let’s see the easiest way to easily prepare email correspondence logs in your WordPress or WooCommerce internet web page.

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Video Tutorial

For individuals who need written instructions, merely keep finding out.

Atmosphere Up Email Logs in WordPress & WooCommerce

For this tutorial, we will be using the WP Mail SMTP plugin. It permits you to send WordPress emails using any SMTP supplier provider, at the side of Gmail, Outlook, SendGrid, Amazon SES, and further.

How WP Mail SMTP works

Step 1: Arrange and Set Up WP Mail SMTP

The first thing you need to do is about up and switch at the WP Mail SMTP plugin. For added details, see our step-by-step data on the best way to set up a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you need to talk over with the WP Mail SMTP » Settings internet web page to configure the plugin’s settings.

First, you will need to enter your license key. You’ll find this information in your account on the WP Mail SMTP internet web page.

WP Mail SMTP license key

Simply reproduction and paste your license key and then click on on on the ‘Check’ button.

After that, you need to scroll proper right down to the Mailer segment and make a selection the best way you need to send your WordPress emails.

WP Mail SMTP works with any SMTP supplier. It has blank configuration alternatives for stylish SMTP supplier providers like SendLayer,, Gmail, Outlook, Brevo (Prior to now Sendinblue), Mailgun, SendGrid, Amazon SES, and other SMTP services.

Select mailer

Clicking on the mailer will show you instructions on the easiest way to set it up.

The default selection is able to PHP mailer. We don’t suggest using that on account of it’s now not unswerving.

Since most WordPress webhosting servers don’t appear to be as it should be configured for emails, choosing this feature signifies that your WordPress emails would most likely on no account reach shoppers’ inboxes or even unsolicited mail folders.

We recommend using a provider like SendLayer,, or Brevo (Prior to now Sendinblue) since they’re optimized for the best email correspondence deliverability.

If you choose Other SMTP as your mailer selection, then you will need to provide SMTP settings. You’ll get them from your SMTP supplier provider’s internet web page:

  • SMTP Host: Your SMTP host care for, which normally seems like this:
  • Encryption: Usually, it’s each SSL or TLS
  • SMTP Port: Usually, it’s 465
  • Authentication: Turn on the authentication
  • Username: The username provided by way of your SMTP supplier. Usually, it’s your email correspondence care for
  • Password: The password to your SMTP supplier
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Other SMTP service provider

After entering your mailer credentials, don’t overlook to click on on on the ‘Save Settings’ button to store your settings.

Bonus: It’s essential to use a skilled industry electronic mail deal with to make sure that your emails look devoted.

Step 2: Allow the Email Log Serve as

Now that you just’ve were given prepare mailer settings inside the WP Mail SMTP plugin, it’s time to turn on the email correspondence logging function.

From the plugin’s settings internet web page, you need to switch to the ‘Email Log’ tab and check out the sector next to the ‘Allow log’ selection.

Turn on email logs

The email log selection will save commonplace and troubleshooting information about each email correspondence message, at the side of the date and time, subject, email correspondence status, email correspondence addresses of the sender and recipient, BCC and CC, and attachments.

The plugin moreover permits you to permit whole WordPress email correspondence logs. We don’t suggest enabling this surroundings on account of it’s going to save all email correspondence contents, at the side of non-public or refined knowledge in your WordPress database, as easy text.

Don’t overlook to click on on on the ‘Save settings’ button to save some your changes.

Step 3: Checking out WP Mail SMTP Setup

Now that you just’ve were given prepare the WP Mail SMTP plugin, let’s test it to make sure that the whole thing is working as expected.

WP Mail SMTP makes this step blank. Merely transfer to the WP Mail SMTP » Settings internet web page and switch to the ‘Email Test’ tab.

Test WordPress SMTP email settings

From proper right here, simply enter your email correspondence care for and click on on on the ‘Send Email’ button.

The plugin will now send a test email correspondence to the care for you provided. It’ll then show you the status of the email provide on the visual display unit.

Email sent successfully

Step 4: Viewing Your Email Logs in WordPress

You’ll view your WordPress email correspondence logs anytime without leaving the WordPress admin space.

Simply transfer to the WP Mail SMTP » Email Log internet web page. You’re going to look the log with a list of entries from since you enabled the email log.

Email log entries

To view get admission to details, take your mouse over it and then click on on on the ‘View’ link below it.

This will an increasing number of open the email log get admission to with an extensive view.

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Email log entry

You’ll use the hunt function to seek for entries by way of email correspondence care for, subject, header, or content material subject material (for those who occur to enabled content material subject material logging).

You’ll moreover delete older entries from your email correspondence log. Simply use the ‘Delete’ link below any get admission to.

To delete a few entries, you need to select each email correspondence and then click on on on the ‘Bulk actions’ dropdown menu to select ‘Delete’.

After that, you must click on on on the ‘Practice’ button.

Delete email log entries in WordPress

If you want to have to research your email correspondence logs further reasonably or create your own deliverability tales, then you definitely’ll be capable of export your logs in your favorite spreadsheet tool or electronic mail advertising and marketing provider.

You’ll moreover merely resend an email correspondence that has failed.

Export WP Mail SMTP Logs

WP Mail SMTP Skilled subscribers can also visualize their email correspondence deliverability in a chart that shows what selection of emails had been sent, opened, and clicked every day.

This is super useful for WooCommerce shoppers.

WP Mail SMTP Displays a Graph of Deliverability Over Time

It’s blank to check the engagement of each advertising and marketing marketing campaign or e-newsletter. The logs include open and click on on counts for each email correspondence subject.

Clicking the graph button shows a chart of the best way the correct email correspondence is showing.

WP Mail SMTP Subject Line Report

And each week, WP Mail SMTP will email correspondence you an invaluable summary of your email correspondence potency statistics.

It kind of feels to be something like this.

WP Mail SMTP Weekly Summary Statistic Email

We hope this article helped you learn how to prepare WordPress email correspondence logs and WooCommerce email correspondence logs. You might also need to see our data on the easiest way to observe person job in WordPress with safety audit logs, or check out our list of the must-have plugins to develop your website online.

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