HubSpot’s Social Media Group Provides 5 Guidelines for Bringing Your Logo on TikTok

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Taking the chance with any new platform is daunting. Finally, no one needs to commit their time, energy, or budget into something with little return.

That discussed, it’s laborious to put out of your mind concerning the hype spherical TikTok, its unbelievable engagement price, and its huge shopper base. If you are ready to get creative, TikTok might be the very best space to your short-form films.

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Proper right here, I spoke with HubSpot’s social media workforce to assemble their best guidelines for bringing your brand on TikTok.

1. Know where your audience hangs out.

You must know where your audience hangs out online. For some producers, this accommodates TikTok — for others, not this type of lot. For instance, must you advertise retirement houses, you’re going to no longer get so much traction with the platform’s predominantly younger audience.

“TikTok is obviously the entire rage right now, and it’s good that producers need to soar in. On the other hand previous to you accomplish that, be sure to take time to ask the right questions: Does it make sense for our brand to show up on TikTok? Is our audience there?,” advises Annabelle Nyst, senior promoting and advertising manager at HubSpot.

If you are debating whether or not or no longer or not to put across your brand on TikTok, consider to hinge your resolution on crucial factor: your audience.

2. Find your “why.”

Getting started on TikTok can in reality really feel overwhelming, in particular when you shouldn’t have a goal to art work towards. 

Call to mind your goal as your compass. It influences the films you’re making, the topics you cover, and your normal method. You do not need to have a decided on goal correct off the bat — and it’ll possibly exchange over the years — on the other hand you’ll have an idea of the entire trail you want to move.

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Listed below are a few no longer odd targets:

  • Assemble an engaged community
  • Build up brand awareness
  • Toughen brand image
  • Market it products
  • Generate website website guests
  • Enlarge your audience
  • Provide buyer toughen
  • Teach your audience

It’s merely as important to track your enlargement. Take a look at plenty of key potency indicators (KPIs) like profile views, video views, video likes, and follower expansion to see if you’re inching closer to your targets.

3. Unravel how you’ll be able to provide value.

The next move is determining how you want to offer your brand on TikTok. For Nyst, this starts with answering a simple question: how are you able to provide value to consumers?

“Asking this question prematurely will allow you to decide what your purpose is for being on TikTok, and what your brand’s presence might seem to be on the platform,” she knowledgeable me.

For instance, Gymshark, a popular well being apparel brand, provides value via entertaining its fanatics with fitness-related challenging scenarios, skits, and garments hauls. It’s no marvel the logo has over 4 million fans on the platform.

Because of TikTok is quirky via nature, it creates a misconception that “essential” producers shouldn’t have a place on the platform. This isn’t true. Then again, you should need to approach your brand from a unique standpoint. 

For example, the Washington Post has raked up over 1 million fans on TikTok. If in case you have no longer noticed their films, you should expect essential content material subject matter. Instead, you’ll be able to find comedic skits about the latest breaking data.

@washingtonpost Elon Musk issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees Wednesday morning: make a decision to a brand spanking new “hardcore” Twitter or pass away the company with severance pay.
♬ authentic sound – hbomax

The ultimate goal is to provide value in an attractive method. This is achievable for quite a few producers — essential or not.

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4. Save time via creating a content material subject matter calendar.

TikTok surpassed 1 billion monthly lively consumers in 2021. On top of that, loads of hundreds of conversations happen on the platform day by day, and inclinations come and transfer at fast pace. 

In short, TikTok can get overwhelming. On account of this, Nyst recommends planning a content material subject matter calendar. 

“Problems switch quickly on TikTok, and gaining new fanatics frequently depends on having a monetary establishment of provide content material subject matter in your profile. So, think ahead to what selection of films each and every week you’ll love to place up, and how much topics you’ll be able to focal point on,” she advises.

That discussed, TikTok is a trends-driven platform, so be sure to pass away space in your content material calendar to jump on inclinations and create time-sensitive content material subject matter.

Additionally, you moreover wish to decide how frequently you’ll have to submit on TikTok. Nyst favors top of the range over quantity, advising producers to aim for 1-2 films each and every week. In numerous words, consistency is very important.

Another upside to posting constantly? The additional you set up, the additional insights you reach from your target audience. This may occasionally allow you to understand what topics and video varieties they answer to actually probably the most.

Wish to know the most productive day and time to publish your films on TikTok? Check out this useful information.

5. Insert your voice strategically.

When you first join TikTok, it’s tempting to join every conversation, hop on every development, and participate in every drawback. Then again, producers wish to set guardrails and be strategic with their content material subject matter, says Nyst.

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“There are so many conversations going down immediately on TikTok, and they’re changing at all times. You must understand that your brand does no longer wish to be a part of every single conversation – so take a look at to make a choice the ones where it’s good to insert your voice,” Nyst knowledgeable me.

She supplies, “Positive, the latest dance development might be exciting, on the other hand can your brand in truth put across something new, unique, or precious to the table?”

Not every development or drawback will align along side your brand or its messaging. On top of that, if you happen to’ll’t add a brand spanking new or unique spin, it’s upper to skip it absolutely. On the other hand don’t worry about missing out — inclinations on TikTok are a dime a dozen, and a few different one is right kind around the corner.

Once more To You

TikTok is the new kid on the block — and has quickly change into a viable (and exciting) promoting and advertising platform. Previous than jumping in, be sure that TikTok is smart to your brand. Once you’re on the platform, focal point on targeted to your audience with precious content material subject matter on a continuing basis.

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