Instagram Reels for Designers – How I Grew 4x in One Month

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Instagram Reels — numerous feed with transient vertical films — were initially offered in the course of 2020 then again got viral and spread global best by way of the top of 2021.

This good-quality copy of TikTok from Mark Zuckerberg is becoming a real game-changer at the moment. Listed here are one of the vital a very powerful the explanation why you’ll have to get began taking pictures your Reels:

  1. The previous remarkable Instagram serve as — Stories — changed into well-liked quickly because it displays your persona inside the natural environment. Stories can help you be closer in your target audience and assemble a long-term relationship at the side of your enthusiasts.
  2. Instagram Posts and Carousels are great apparatus to showcase your professional content material subject matter and convert target audience and enthusiasts into shoppers.
  3. On the other hand the intense drawback with all previous formats (which existed forward of Reels) was once as soon as gaining new visitors. You’ll each add many hashtags in your posts (and get 1-2 new enthusiasts) or organize a Facebook Ad advertising and marketing marketing campaign to show your profile in your target audience.
  4. Instagram Reels is this missing piece of the puzzle, helping you reach a brand spanking new target audience totally free and convert it into enthusiasts and shoppers.

In 2021 I spent about $3000 and 365 days to get 2500 live enthusiasts using Facebook Advertisements. In 2022 I’ve spent $0 and 1 month to get 9000 additional folks. That’s the essential factor thought of using Instagram Reels to put it on the market your professional blog and get new shoppers in 2022.

Instagram reelsInstagram reels

Let me help you know additional in regards to the steps I completed to build the working waft of lead technology for design.

1. Define Your House of hobby

The first thing you want to do is to hunt out your space of hobby. The problem right here’s the stableness — between commonplace and specific. If you’re a manner clothier, you shouldn’t focal point on all kinds of design at once.

Consider an account posting about graphic design, interiors, UX, product design, and paintings. Would you subscribe to a profile like this? Nope!

Don’t concern about limiting your potential enthusiasts base. Even if you post about UX Analysis, you’re going to to seek out your target audience and shoppers.

The opposite downside is being too specific.

For instance, should you’re publishing Reels best about UX Research in FoodTech companies, you significantly decrease the total number of target audience.

Try to to seek out a super balance.

2. Analyze What Consumers Love

This part of the plan seems one of the most relaxing to me. You want to watch loads of Reels and TikTok films that specialize in their virality and analytics. Try to to seek out niche-related films and analyze them.

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You’ll even assemble a Google Sheet to calculate the opposite topics’ engagement fees (amount of likes and comments/basic amount of views).

For those who occur to’re working with UX and Web Designers, use the built-in search to hunt out the most well liked or most appreciated films with specific hashtags: #uxdesign or #uxdesigntips

I coded a simple Python script parsing other designers’ Reels and getting their views, likes, comments, and enthusiasts statistics. And listed here are some insights I got to this point:

  1. The most viral topics in UX Design Reels are Figma tutorials, New equipment overviews, and Collections of Icons, Fonts, and Illustrations. Junior Designers love this unfastened and eye-catching stuff.
  2. The day of the week and time of publication have 0 impact on the Reels’ views and interactions.
  3. The freshest films are normally the ones which will also be shared and/or saved actively. The additional shoppers save your Reels, the additional views you get.
  4. Generate your content material subject matter ideas.

Content material subject matter research is not only about analytics and information. While looking by way of other shoppers’ films, you’ll save one of the most attention-grabbing and tasty ones from replicating them in the future.

Yep, you heard it right kind — mirror!

Copying others’ films by way of bringing your persona are same old for Reels and TikTok.

Copying, in this case, doesn’t indicate plagiarism. You’ll have to no less than reshoot the video yourself. At most — add your voice-over, add additional details and proportion your professional opinion.

3. Organize Your Insights

I need to use the app referred to as Issues. It’s made to arrange your daily tasks and reminders. You’ll merely reduce up your ideas into categories, add tags and schedule them on specific dates.

things appthings app

My non-public love is Area Show Widget and integration with the Apple Shortcuts app. I can add it to the essential folder each and every time I’ve a brand spanking new thought — rapid and easy. A few days later, once I stand up, I can merely understand which one to shoot or edit these days.

Thru the best way through which, about taking pictures…

4. Report and Edit Your Video

If you probably have an inventory of Reels ideas, it’s time to shoot. Instagram Reels or TikToks don’t appear to be all the time about you staying in front of the virtual digicam. Most of my films are merely visual display unit recordings with voice-over added on enhancing. On the other hand there are however some photos that may enhance your engagement:

Get began With a Hook

Find a catching title in your Reel and show it inside the first 2 to a few seconds. Most of my films get began with something like:

  • Let me show you design an interactive button in one minute“,
  • Check out this new insane instrument for web designers“,
  • Listed here are Best possible 3 illustrations packs for UX Design“.
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Have you got the main thought? You’ll have to find a title that can catch target audience’ attention and keep it till the top of your Reel.

Percentage The Worth

What’s one of the vital most simple techniques to get additional saves, likes, and comments underneath your Reel? Make it valuable. Make it so useful that the patron will wish to put it aside to return later.

share valueshare value

4-5% saves is a wonderful result. I normally love seeing it 2x greater than likes.

Some of the a very powerful well-liked Reels in my account was once as soon as about filling Figma mock-ups with exact wisdom using the Google Sheets Sync plugin. The purchasers’ reaction was once as soon as crazy: “Magic!“, “How is it imaginable?“, “Why haven’t I heard about it however!?“.

Title to Movement

Don’t omit in regards to the Name to Motion at the end of your video. Bear in mind? Views and likes aren’t anything else in the event that they don’t appear to be becoming enthusiasts (and shoppers then). Add a simple “Apply me for added design tips” at the end. That will be enough to see some results.

5. Check out, Iterate, Check out Yet again

Posting Reels is on the subject of development complicated internet pages or platforms. That’s where your model clothier’s skills come to the stage. After about 5-10 published Reels, you’ll get began inspecting and modifying your content material subject matter. Check it out:

  1. You get began with an MVP — your first set of flicks with random ideas.
  2. When MVP is ready, you get began getting the principle shoppers — your target audience.
  3. You’ll follow quantitative metrics — engagement fees and views-to-followers conversion while you get views.
  4. You moreover get began receiving qualitative feedback — direct messages and comments.
  5. In step with the ideas you generate hypothesis: which other Reels ideas should you utilize to increase the engagement and keep growing?
  6. You create new content material subject matter, analyze it and get new insights.

As soon as you realize your target audience’s needs and interests, you’re going to get began emerging faster. Most importantly, your results will get additional predictable with each and every new video.

6. Convert Visitors into Enthusiasts and Consumers

Let’s believe that your Reels are getting viral. What’s next? For those who occur to make use of Title to Movement appropriately, random Instagram target audience will a lot more most likely talk over with your internet web page. A couple of of them wish to practice you after only one video. Others may wish to see other examples of your content material subject matter.

Whilst you reach new target audience, your Instagram profile becomes your landing internet web page.

In this case, the easier your profile is able, the higher conversion into enthusiasts you’re going to get. There are 3 number one pieces of a pleasing Instagram internet web page:

  • Profile symbol.
  • Profile bio.
  • Other posts in your profile.
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The rest piece I didn’t indicate however is the profile link. This link is the only method to convert visitors and enthusiasts into paying shoppers. You’ll add your internet web page or use services Linktree to show a couple of links at once.


To warmth up your potential shoppers, use other post formats on Instagram. Carousels (in the event that they’re designed well) will also be an effective way to showcase your revel in and gives your enthusiasts knowledge. Stories will help you assemble a greater relationship at the side of your target audience and tell additional about your way of living.

7. Don’t Give Up on This Long-term Game

Working with Instagram Reels is numerous highs and lows. Specifically should you post new Reels every day. A couple of of them may cross viral in an hour. Others can freeze first and broaden up later. There will also be posts that don’t get views the least bit. The principle issue you’ll have to take into accout — is it’s same old.

Instagram is time and again changing its algorithms. You’ll now not affect it. You’ll now not exchange it. The only working methodology is to simply settle for it.

Don’t let the algorithms make you dissatisfied or injury your plans. I promise — should you do the research and get able the content material subject matter for the next 3-4 weeks, you’re going to see tremendous results. That’s how it works.

There was once as soon as a day once I woke up, appeared once more on all my Reels for the remainder 5 days, and came upon they didn’t artwork that well. First, I determined to give up and get once more to the paid Facebook Advertisements. On the other hand then I gave it each and every different take a look at, and the whole thing worked yet again. Stay stubborn and do what you are promoting.

As I mentioned forward of, Instagram Reels is a game-changer. The sooner you clutch it, the larger piece of the target target audience you get. Instagram is a very competitive platform. This time, you don’t appear to be allowed to cross over this emerging development. Excellent good fortune!

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