Instagram Takeover: Tips on how to Host One in 7 Simple Steps

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Influencer promoting and advertising is a stylish matter in this day and age, but it does now not require a lot of art work or a ton of money to harness the ability of influencers to your emblem’s social media channels — and web page web hosting something known as an Instagram takeover is likely one of the lowest-effort, most herbal ways to just do that.

No longer certain what we’re talking about? Instagram takeovers include a person or emblem posting to your Instagram channel to provide enthusiasts a peek at new and unique content material subject material from each different viewpoint. That is an example of our friends at WeWork taking over our Instagram account:


In this publish, we can dive into the easiest way to host your individual Instagram takeover to power engagement, emblem awareness, and likely leads to your emblem.

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On the other hand there are a variety of alternative approaches to Instagram takeovers that can be really helpful to your emblem.

Other forms of Instagram takeovers can include:

  • Employee takeovers
  • Purchaser or group member takeovers
  • Fit takeovers
  • Product or offer promotions

Instagram takeovers are mutually really helpful for the customer Instagrammer and the host account. The host can ship valuable new content material subject material to their enthusiasts without a want to create it themselves, and the customer is able to succeed in an entirely new target audience by way of posting on each different account.

Plus, Instagram takeovers have the same opinion cultivate good-faith relationships between influencers that can create inroads for long term collaboration and cross-promotion.

Now, let’s dive into the easiest way to get started together with your Instagram takeover.

Tips about Host an Instagram Takeover

1. Make a choice what you want to accomplish.

Faster than choosing a customer to host your emblem’s Instagram, you wish to have to make a decision what you want to reach with the takeover. Ideally, your Instagram takeover will succeed in multiple positive results — alternatively choosing a primary objective of the selling marketing campaign will have the same opinion make a decision which type of customer to invite.

Instagram takeover targets might simply include:

  • Increasing emblem awareness. This can also be measured by way of the choice of new enthusiasts the Instagram account certain facets because of the takeover.
  • Promoting a product, event, or offer. This can also be measured by way of the choice of event registrations, offer redemptions, or lead form submissions because of the takeover.
  • Driving engagement during the Instagram group. This can also be measured by way of the choice of likes, comments, video and story views, and link clicks because of the takeover.

2. Make a selection your customer Instagrammer.

Now that your objective, you’ll be capable to have an easier time finding a customer who may make it happen.

For instance, the group of workers behind the award-winning musical Hamilton wanted to familiarize enthusiasts with the plays revolving cast people.

To try this, Hamilton started #SwingSaturday on Instagram by which a cast member who is able to play multiple roles (known as a swing) takes over the respected Hamilton Instagram.

HamiltonI Symbol supply

There are a few forms of customer Instagrammers you’ll invite to create content material subject material to your takeover:

  • Influencers within your business
  • Employees at your company
  • Crew people or customers

While it’s unquestionably imaginable for Instagram takeover guests to accomplish multiple targets, we recommend opting to your customer with among the best methodology in ideas.

  • Influencers will draw their enthusiasts to your Instagram with their endorsement of your emblem, so they’re the best fit if your primary objective is to increase emblem awareness by way of emerging enthusiasts.
  • Employees will attract pastime from their friends and colleagues who need a behind-the-scenes check out what they do at art work each day. They’re the best fit if your primary objective is to power engagement on Instagram.
  • Crew people and customers will publish enthusiastically about your emblem and show the cost of your product. They’re the best fit if your primary objective is to promote it a product, event, offer, sign-up, or download.
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Yet again, the ones targets don’t appear to be mutually distinctive. Ideally, the content material subject material your customer creates can also be extraordinarily engaging, shareable, and compelling to the viewer.

3. Make a decision on the content material subject material structure and takeover logistics.

Once you’ve got came upon what you want to accomplish and who will host your takeover, it’s time to nail down the specifics of the best way the takeover will run. Beneath are our concepts of questions to respond to when you meet together with your takeover host:

  • When are you web page web hosting the Instagram takeover, and the best way long will it ultimate?
  • Who will arrange the account? Will the customer get get right of entry to to your Instagram credentials, or will they send you content and captions to place up on their behalf?
  • How over and over again in keeping with day will the host publish takeover content material subject material? When you have an optimal publishing agenda in ideas, what events in keeping with day will the host need to publish?
  • What hashtags can be utilized? Will you create a custom designed hashtag to promote it the takeover? Is there a maximum amount of hashtags you want the customer to use in any given caption?
  • Which forms of content material subject material can also be shared right through the takeover? Will the customer publish footage, motion pictures, Instagram Stories, or keep motion pictures? Will they publish a mix of the ones formats?
  • How will every the customer and the host promote the takeover on Instagram? Will you conform to promotion on Instagram or other channels major up to the advance?
  • Are there any guardrails? Is there anything the customer mustn’t file or indicate over the method the takeover?

Once the details of the takeover are finalized, make a decision the way you’ll be capable to measure nice fortune over the method the advance.

4. Unravel metrics to track right through the takeover.

Depending on the targets of your Instagram takeover, a couple of of those metrics can also be additional necessary than others. Beneath are the metrics we recommend tracking over the method your takeover:

  • # of latest enthusiasts
  • # of likes
  • # of comments
  • # of mentions
  • # of direct messages
  • # of Instagram Story views
  • # of keep video target audience
  • # of Instagram Story clicks
  • # of offer redemptions/app downloads (will have to you promote a landing internet web page)
  • # of attendees or sign-ups (will have to you promote an event)
  • Normal social referral website online guests to your internet web page

Qualitative metrics to stick track of might simply moreover include positive comments on Instagram.

5. Promote it the takeover during multiple platforms.

Once you’ve got came upon the details of your Instagram takeover, it’s time to get began getting other folks it.

A day or two previous than the advance, get began promoting your upcoming Instagram takeover. If there are any contests, giveaways, or other incentives for other folks to look at along, make those clear to your promotions.

In spite of everything, you want to promote it the approaching takeover on Instagram — in particular if the takeover is going on within Instagram Stories or Instagram Live and you want to power visitors to view those spots during the app.

On the other hand, you moreover need to promote the takeover on other social media channels to attract as many people to your advertising marketing campaign as imaginable. This is in particular necessary if your emblem’s Instagram account isn’t as developed or engaged as other channels.

The host and the customer will have to promote the takeover on a few of their channels major up to the advance to get every audiences as engaged and excited as imaginable.

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6. Unlock the takeover.

On the day of the takeover, it’s all techniques transfer.

Be mindful to have one group of workers member monitoring comments and one group of workers member uploading content material subject material to Instagram (if appropriate). Take into accout, consumers can now upload content material from desktop pc programs together with the cell app, which can make the process easier from the workplace.

Everywhere the day, cross-promote content material subject material that the customer is posting on their channels to have the same opinion draw new other folks to your private Instagram takeover event.

You will have to without a doubt keep up a correspondence when the takeover is starting and completing. Follow in captions when the main and ultimate posts are happening so target audience don’t appear to be at a loss for words or impulsively left throughout the lurch, wondering if there may be additional content material subject material forthcoming.

7. Analyze the effects.

As quickly because the takeover is over, it’s time to analyze its potency. Use the potency wisdom from the takeover to make a decision how (or if) you’ll be capable to do your next takeover differently. Listed below are some questions to ask to your post-takeover analysis:

  • Did we succeed in our objective? Did you earn additional Instagram enthusiasts, succeed in best levels of engagement, or get visitors to enroll in your offer?
  • Did we succeed in secondary targets? Did the takeover result in other internet benefits to your emblem and your business?
  • Was once the takeover successful? Did it save you effort and time growing your individual content material subject material, or did it create further art work? Did it power a push of website online guests and engagement, or did numbers keep maximum frequently the identical?

Despite the fact that the takeover does now not power laborious numbers for your business’s bottom line, takeovers are unique and precise. As well as they provide an within check out an aspect of your emblem or group enthusiasts don’t generally see.

And just because a takeover didn’t succeed in your desired results on the first free up it doesn’t recommend you will have to now not give it each different take a look at later. For this reason you want to track its enlargement and results with the intention to do upper next time.

Social media is ready being social, so consider of qualitative feedback, too. If commenters answer without a doubt to the takeover, take their feedback and use it for ideating long term Instagram campaigns.

Instagram Takeover Examples

Listed below are examples of a couple of excellent Instagram takeovers:

1. Broadway Plus

To promote it its emblem to Broadway enthusiasts, Broadways Plus had Hadestown actress Kimberly Marable takeover the company’s Instagram stories. The takeover was once promoted the day previous than by way of sharing a clip of Kimberly and the rest of the cast singing right through an NPR Tiny Desk stay efficiency.

All over the takeover, Marable shared distinctive behind-the-scenes footage of the Hadestown tour and gave enthusiasts of the account a glimpse into the day throughout the life of a Broadway performer. This worked in Marable’s need as smartly on account of doing so promoted the Hadestown tour to additional Broadway enthusiasts.

What I Like About This Instagram Takeover

This takeover provided smartly timed and comparable content material subject material to enthusiasts of Broadway by way of having a exceptional celebrity give an distinctive look proper into a gift tour. Marable was once able to percentage content material subject material that perfect she would have get right of entry to to, making the takeover that much more valuable.

2. Fenty Good looks

Celebrity makeup artist Nina Ubhi took over cosmetics emblem Fenty Excellent seems’s Instagram account stories in 2020. The aim was once to show how makeup enthusiasts can use emblem’s products to reach the perfect spring look.

All over the takeover, Ubhi gave rapid makeup tutorials the usage of Fenty Excellent seems products while moreover showcasing her skills as a makeup artist.

What I Like About This Instagram Takeover

This takeover brings worth to every provide and conceivable Fenty Excellent seems customers. No longer perfect did Ubhi promote the brand’s products, alternatively enthusiasts of the account found out the easiest way to look at the makeup and create new turns out.

3. Billboard

As we mentioned previous than, an Instagram takeover can also be merely as really helpful for the customer because it’s for the host. For instance, the boy band Why Don’t We promoted their music and tour by way of taking on Billboard mag’s Instagram account. All over the takeover, the band shared behind-the-scenes tour footage and live-streamed portions of their stay displays.

What I Like About This Instagram Takeover

The takeover was once a handle for standard music enthusiasts along with enthusiasts of the band because of the original content material subject material and stay efficiency performances. The live-streamed stay displays from the band’s performances in particular created an immersive revel in for Billboard enthusiasts.

4. MS Association of The united states

To raise awareness for multiple sclerosis, the MS Association of The united states had actress Selma Blair take over the association’s Instagram to percentage her revel in with the sickness. All the way through the takeover, Blair be informed an excerpt from her autobiography “Indicate Kid: A Memoir of Emerging Up” that details how MS has impacted her life.

What I Like About This Instagram Takeover

Having a celeb residing with MS be the customer for the takeover was once a great way to spice up awareness of the sickness. The flicks of Blair learning excerpts from her e guide gave a personal touch that provided belief and stirred emotions from enthusiasts.


Online clothing store ASOS teamed up with Neom Organics by way of having the herbal good looks line company takeover the ASOS Instagram account. This showed ASOS customers that Neom is available at the online retailer and it introduced Neom Organics to a brand spanking new target audience.

What I Like About This Takeover

This is each different great example of mutually really helpful takeover for every the customer and host. ASOS showed its range as a internet primarily based retailer alternatively showing that it sells additional than just clothes and accessories — customers can also turn to the company for skincare needs as smartly.

At the identical time, Neom Organics used the danger to promote it its products, succeed in new conceivable leads, and provide wisdom at the position its products can also be found out — at ASOS.

And there you’ve got it — an invaluable checklist to free up a a good fortune Instagram takeover and 5 examples to inspire you. For added ideas on the easiest way to power results to your emblem, observe us on Instagram, and procure our knowledge to Instagram for trade proper right here.

Has your emblem ever hosted an Instagram takeover? Share with us throughout the comments beneath.

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