Introducing Wizardia: A Play-to-Earn Delusion NFT Recreation

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A modern Play-to-Earn (P2E) recreation with a unique metaverse, Wizardia is an online fable role-playing recreation with specific NFTs. Its addictive gameplay and fantastic graphics surpass quite a lot of the blockchain-based video video games.

Wizardia is an unbelievable turn-based struggle recreation wherein you play as wizards in line with your NFT. You’ll degree up by way of upgrading your NFT as you reinforce axies in Axie Infinity.

Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn NFT GameWizardia is a Play-to-Earn NFT Game

What’s additional crowd pleasing is, Wizardia offers a play-to-earn financial machine where early backers and patrons can earn passive income — fairly similar to alternatively much better than blockchain gaming guilds like Merit Circle and Yield Guild Video video games. Being an early investor of its Arena Genesis NFTs, you’ll be capable of non-public the struggle space in Wizardia and gain fees on all fights happening on your battlefields.

Moreover, you’ll be capable of acquire and advertise Wizard NFTs on the Wizardia NFT Marketplace. As with an identical metaverse video video games, Wizardia lets you degree up your wizards to boost their preventing powers. Then, you’ll be capable of each advertise, industry, or rent your upgraded Wizard NFT to make more cash by means of Wizardia.

You’ll watch its trailer underneath to get a glimpse of its fable graphics and gameplay.

What are Metaverses and NFTs?

Metaverse is the partiality identify given to an in-game digital global powered by way of the blockchain. If you have watched Unfastened Man or Able Participant One, metaverse as the ones movies show a digital global that can be compared to supply metaverses. It’s getting so same old now that Facebook changed its company identify to “Meta” to show its determination to building its metaverse.

Despite the fact that video video games available in as early as 2003 — like 2nd Lifestyles — had digital worlds, “metaverse” is a name coined for a modern recreation’s digital global that is powered by way of the blockchain technology and is helping NFTs. The ones NFTs will also be digital avatars as in Wizardia or digital lands as in Decentraland that can be upgraded and/or transferred between shoppers inside or outside the metaverse.

Inside the Wizardia Metaverse, there are fairly numerous sorts of NFTs. First, there are land NFTs known as Arena Genesis NFTs, which allow you to non-public struggle space areas inside the recreation. 2d, there are avatar and products NFTs: Wizards, Protospells, and Realm Wonders. The principle is avatar NFTs while the latter two are spell recipes and specific buildings. For instance, you need a Wizard NFT to play the game.

Explore Wizardia NFTs and TokensExplore Wizardia NFTs and Tokens

Wizardia vs. Other P2E Video video games

After the popularity of Axie Infinity during 2020-2021, we’ve noticed many Defi (decentralized finance) and GameFi duties with a point of interest on earning possible for the gamer group inside the crypto-universe. On the other hand, a lot of the ones duties fail to triumph over the shortcoming of over the top inflation in their tokens with time.

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Axie Infinity’s SLP token is the most important example: its circulating supply grew from 45 million in late-2020 to 5.38 billion in mid-2022 — a whopping 12,000% build up! This made its price range from $0.0435 in late-2020 to $0.889 in mid-2021 to later fall to 0.00385 in mid-2022 (consistent with Messari). In any case, {the marketplace} ups and downs are also accountable proper right here, alternatively SLP will have performed much better on its price charts with a lesser circulating supply.

Moreover, the promise of earning possible isn’t enough to entice avid players ultimately — in particular hard-core avid players who’ve been playing high-end video video games for years. After all, they’re going to get bored and cross away the metaverse recreation nevertheless of their earning possible choices. Stylish avid players enjoy complicated storylines that assemble recreation characters and setting, come with a history and mission, and phone for an area. Don’t you imagine me?

How is Wizardia Unique?

Wizardia hits the ball by way of focusing on the game first and the earning possible later. It objectives to build an enchanting recreation that can stand the test of time and attracts avid players without reference to the monetary incentive. Wizardia introduces the countless expanse of the Fog, where secure havens have advanced on the few pieces of land which may well be secure from the wrath of the unknown and nevertheless viable.

Avid gamers can have interaction with the equivalent the use of a big map of continents where they’re going to uncover natural assets and assemble defenses and strategies for ruling plenty of of the continents. Wizardia takes it even further by way of hanging a big point of interest on high quality paintings and graphics, which further enhances its gameplay. This promises passionate avid players enjoy Wizardia up to a couple different same old recreation.

Wizardia focuses on high-quality artWizardia focuses on high-quality art

Wizardia’s Problem Targets

Wizardia objectives to liberate its recreation in conjunction with AR integration and mobile app by way of the fourth quarter of 2022. They plan to build a marketplace and checklist their token in a tier-1 centralized exchange by way of the third quarter of 2022. I’m somewhat impressed to appear their expansion as they’ve been in a position to meet most of their roadmap objectives on time, which is tricky to appear in most crypto duties.

It appears, they’ve been consistently emerging their group, which is super an important in building a a good fortune, vibrant metaverse financial machine. In simple words, it seems that the staff at the back of Wizardia has cracked the code.

Wizardia RoadmapWizardia Roadmap

Problem’s Technical Details


WZRD is the native token of Wizardia with an entire supply of 300 million. It’s dispensed as confirmed inside the screenshot underneath. The challenge employs cliff and vesting length mechanisms to free up its token slowly. At the time of writing, $WZRD’s circulating supply was once as soon as 7.74 million consistent with CoinMarketCap.

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Wizardia's $WZRD Token AllocationWizardia's $WZRD Token Allocation

Moreover, Wizardia is selling its tokens in multiple rounds for all types of patrons. That means, its token supply is going to free up calmly till mid-2023, because of tokens from seed, personal, group, play-to-earn, staking, and promoting and listings allocations. Then, its supply will slowly build up till 2023-end as a result of tokens from play-to-earn and staking, staff and advisors, and promoting and listings. So, we will see a steady unlock till 2023.

Wizardia's $WZRD Token SaleWizardia's $WZRD Token Sale
Token Sale

Wizardia token sale was once as soon as planned in levels, giving each possible investor — seed, personal, or group investor — a good chance of investing inside the dream and good fortune of Wizardia. Its staff planned a good unlock of tokens.

As I’ve detailed above, all tokens come with a vesting length of 5 months to 19 months, depending on the token allocation and the token sale round. This shows the arrogance and determination of the staff at the back of Wizardia in making this recreation a big good fortune! Moreover, they ask for a similar degree of self trust and determination from their seed and private round patrons, which further strengthens the tokenomics of its token $WZRD for the as regards to long term.

Token Uses

The price of any commodity or protection on this planet, at the side of cryptocurrencies, is printed by way of its name for and supply. That is, the cost goes as over the top since the friction between over the top name for and low supply. The equivalent is true for $WZRD.

That discussed, $WZRD’s price will also be over the top if its name for is over the top. Fortunately, the staff at the back of Wizardia has created a lot of use of their token. First, it’s used to buy or mint assets, at the side of Artifacts and NFTs, play bets on PvP battles, and plenty of others. 2d, it’s used as an entrance value to participate inside the tournaments.

Earning Doable

Wizardia’s first earning selection comes from its Genesis Arena NFTs, which are land NFTs in its metaverse recreation. There are an entire of 28,000 Genesis Arena NFTs that were presented in 7 rounds. That means, the ones aren’t inflationary in nature, no longer like earning possible choices in several an identical metaverse video video games.

The second earning selection is you get compensated for your time, effort, and talents inside the recreation inside the kind of $WZRD tokens and in-game NFTs. Then, there are additional earning possible choices in Wizardia: you’ll be capable of earn $WZRD by means of staking, fees on your Realm Wonders, selling in-game NFTs, completing quests, making a bet on PvP battles, and successful tournaments. Sounds crowd pleasing, correct?

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Earn with Wizardia Genesis Arena NFTsEarn with Wizardia Genesis Arena NFTs

Backers and Partners

Wizardia is backed by way of a loyal {and professional} staff who has experience running on widely recognized video video games like Identify of Accountability Black Ops: Cold Combat and Need for Speed 2015. Its CEO, Mindaugas Markevicius, has a couple of years of experience in entrepreneurship, control, along with challenge regulate.

Its COO, Tomas Kacevicius, has 13 years of experience inside the digital promoting space. Its CTO, Marius Podvoiskis, has years of experience inside the tech industry, at the side of at Shopify.

You’ll be informed additional regarding the Wizardia’s staff right here.

Wizardia has advisors from Mars4, Illuviam, and Launchpad. Moreover, it’s backed by way of a large number of patrons at the side of same old names like AU21 Capital, CRT Capital, and Magnus Capital, among fairly numerous others. Moreover, it has partnered with many launchpads like Enjinstarter, Lithium, and Trustpad.


If you have been inside the crypto space for long enough, you could know that crypto duties will have to survive cases like go through markets to offer a forged return on your investment. Wizardia seems all in a position to perform neatly.

Wizardia is a type of duties that has all the foundation for becoming a good fortune: a good product in conjunction with a loyal staff and a vibrant group. One amongst their roadmap objectives is to increase their group by way of 200 thousand other people each quarter — a objective they’ve been completing on time!

Moreover, Wizardia is up and standing along with emerging in the course of the ongoing go through market. It has gained the attraction of patrons along with the gamer group during the fourth go through market of the crypto industry. This will also be enough to say that people inside the crypto industry are making a bet on Wizardia.

Disclaimer: This content material subject material isn’t financial advice. It’s provided for educational and informational purposes most straightforward. Please search the recommendation of a financial advertising and marketing guide in case you’re in search of financial advice. And at all times do your personal research previous to investing.

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