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Few plugins add as many choices to WordPress as WooCommerce does. With one tool, you’ll be capable to take this Content material subject material Keep an eye on Machine (CMS) and add all of the capacity you want to set up an online store. However, that’s most efficient imaginable if you know the way to configure WooCommerce settings effectively.

In this article, we’ll walk you via all of the settings WooCommerce provides, and speak about how you can configure them.

Let’s get correct to it!

WooCommerce Customary Settings

On every occasion you install and activate WooCommerce, you’ll be capable to navigate to WooCommerce > Settings. You’ll land on the plugin’s Customary settings show:

Configuring general WooCommerce location settings

The principle settings you want to configure include your store’s location. If you want to ship products or offer receipts, you’ll wish to come along with your store’s physically take care of. That suggests the city and country where it’s located, a whole take care of, and a ZIP code.

Afterwards, you’ll wish to decide which global places your store will advertise to. For those who occur to’re delivery physically products, you need to specify where you’ll be capable to ship to. That way, consumers outside of your store’s “range” received’t be able to make purchases.

After all, Default purchaser location tells WooCommerce what location to use since the default for new consumers. This can also be your store’s location, otherwise you’ll be capable to allow geolocation for additonal proper results.

The next section throughout the Customary settings show gives with taxes and coupons. WooCommerce doesn’t calculate product sales taxes via default. However, you’ll be ready to choose to allow that chance if you wish to have the plugin to calculate taxes during checkout (you get to configure the costs).

WooCommerce moreover comprises a full-featured coupon system that lets you create cut price codes that you just’ll be capable to percentage with consumers. The coupon device is changed into on via default, and also you’ll be capable to moreover allow consumers to be able to upload a few codes for a single achieve. You’ll be capable to even set discounted fees when consumers practice a few coupons:

Configuring coupon settings in WooCommerce

The final section lets in you to choose the default foreign exchange to your store and change the site for that foreign exchange’s sign (correct or left):

Configuring currency settings in WooCommerce

Ultimate on the other hand not least, you’ll be capable to moreover regulate the separator characters that WooCommerce uses for prices. However, the default alternatives should artwork for lots of consumers.

WooCommerce Product Settings

WooCommerce’s Product settings internet web page comprises 3 sub-sections. Let’s get began with the Products > Customary settings.

Customary Product Settings

We’ll get started via taking a look at all of the alternatives this settings internet web page comprises:

Configuring general product settings in WooCommerce

Proper right here’s what each setting can do:

  1. Retailer internet web page. This menu lets in you to choose which internet web page WooCommerce will use for the main retailer. By means of default, the plugin will create a brand spanking new Retailer internet web page to your internet website.
  2. Add to basket behavior. This setting determines what happens when a purchaser supplies a product to their cart. You’ll be capable to redirect them straight away to their cart, or use an AJAX button that allows them to keep purchasing groceries.
  3. Placeholder image. This selection permits you to set an image as a placeholder for products that don’t have screenshots or pictures.
  4. Weight and dimensions unit. With this option, you’ll be capable to configure the measurement units your store will use for weight and dimensions.
  5. Permit opinions. You’ll be capable to allow product opinions, show which opinions are from consumers who in truth made a purchase order order, and decide whether or not or now not most efficient those buyers should be able to move away opinions.
  6. Product rankings. You’ll be capable to use this setting to be able to upload a star rating device (from one to five) to each product. There’s moreover an chance for making product rankings required when consumers move away opinions.

We recommend that you simply use the AJAX chance when consumers add products to their carts. That way, you’ll be capable to encourage consumers to stick together with products instead of jumping straight away to the checkout internet web page.

Product Inventory Settings

The Products > Inventory settings show helps you prepare stock to your store:

The products inventory settings for WooCommerce

Let’s take a look at what each setting does:

  1. Prepare stock. Turning off this option disables all stock-related settings. You’ll have to most efficient disable this must you deal utterly with digital products.
  2. Take hold of stock (minutes). Once a purchaser supplies a product to their cart, this setting comes to a decision how long the store “holds” it for, in case somebody else wishes it.
  3. Notifications and notification recipients. The ones settings configure when WooCommerce sends notifications and to which email correspondence take care of(es).
  4. Low stock threshold settings. You’ll be capable to decide what collection of units constitute “low” stock to your store, in order that you get a notification regarding the situation. The Out of stock threshold setting should at all times keep at 0.
  5. Out of stock visibility. This setting permits you to decide whether or not or to not flip products within the match that they’re out of stock.
  6. Stock display structure. You’ll be capable to configure WooCommerce to show precisely what collection of products you’ve were given in stock, to only show low stock notices, or to not show stock quantities the least bit.
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We recommend that you simply configure WooCommerce to hold stock for patrons for a cheap period of time, paying homage to one or two hours. Out of doors of that window, they’re unlikely to finish the purchase, so it’s perfect to free up the stock for various buyers.

Whether or not or to not display stock quantities is up to you. However, most shops don’t display exact stock numbers, and opt for low-stock warnings instead. In a whole lot of cases, showing consumers that you just’ve low stock final would possibly instructed them to finish their purchases straight away.

Downloadable Products Settings

The WooCommerce Products > Downloadable products settings show governs the configuration for digital items. For those who occur to most efficient advertise physically pieces, you’ll be capable to skip this internet web page:

Configuring downloadable file settings for WooCommerce

Let’s spoil down what each setting does and how you can configure it:

  1. Report download means. By means of default, WooCommerce “forces” downloads. Downloads gets began robotically, and the internet website will cover the files’ URLs. You’ll be capable to moreover make a decision to use two kinds of redirects in case direct downloads don’t artwork.
  2. Allow using redirect mode. This setting permits you to allow redirect downloads if the “power” means fails.
  3. Get right to use restriction. You’ll be capable to decide whether or not or now not customer visitors can download files or wish to check in previous than gaining get right of entry to. By means of default, WooCommerce will grant get right of entry to to downloads after price while the order continues to be “processing”.
  4. Filename. This setting lets in WooCommerce to be able to upload unique strings to each filename for protection purposes.

Most often, we suggest using the default Energy downloads means with the redirect backup chance enabled.  Additionally, likelihood is that you’ll wish to allow guests to make purchases and procure files. However, prompting consumers to check in instead will enable you to save their wisdom for promoting purposes.

WooCommerce Supply Settings

WooCommerce comprises 3 different delivery configuration pages to your store. Let’s get began via talking about delivery “zones”.

Supply Zones

When configuring WooCommerce settings, you’ll be capable to add quite a lot of delivery zones. The ones are the areas where you offer shipping. You’ll be capable to configure unique delivery fees and strategies for each zone:

Configuring shipping zones in WooCommerce

If you select the selection to be able to upload a delivery zone, WooCommerce will ask you to set a name for it. You’ll be capable to moreover select what spaces the zone will include:

Adding a new shipping zone in WooCommerce

You’ll be capable to add as many spaces as you wish to have inside of a single zone. It steadily makes sense to staff spaces in close proximity.

On every occasion you configure the zone spaces, click on on on Add delivery means. There you’ll be ready to make a choice from flat price and loose delivery, or local pickups:

Choosing a shipping method in WooCommerce

A specific zone can have a couple of delivery means available, and also you’ll be capable to configure the settings for each separately. For example, listed below are the decisions for the Flat price delivery means:

Flat rate shipping WooCommerce settings

WooCommerce permits you to regulate the identify of the delivery means and unravel whether or not or now not it’s taxable. For flat price delivery, you’ll be capable to set a specific value that may practice to each achieve.

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Other delivery methods, such since the loose or local pickup alternatives, don’t require you to prepare any costs. Instead, you merely wish to unravel when each chance will transform available:

Configuring free shipping options

On every occasion you configure the zones you wish to have to artwork with, it’s time to discuss the additional not unusual delivery alternatives.

Supply Possible choices

Managing shipments involves further than just deciding to which zones you’ll be capable to send products to. You moreover wish to believe how you can show consumers delivery costs, and which addresses WooCommerce should default to for new orders. Those are the settings that the Supply > Supply alternatives tab covers:

Configuring WooCommerce shipping options

Let’s walk via what each of those settings does:

  1. Calculations. For those who occur to allow this option, consumers will see delivery costs once they get right of entry to their purchasing groceries carts
  2. Supply holiday spot. This setting permits you to decide whether or not or now not the plugin should default to the delivery or billing take care of that registered consumers have entered in the past.
  3. Debug mode. Enabling debug mode will prevent WooCommerce from caching delivery zone wisdom. That suggests the plugin will calculate delivery costs every time consumers load their purchasing groceries carts.

Enabling a delivery costs calculator can improve the individual experience. For those who occur to don’t show delivery costs until the customer reaches the associated fee stage, they’ll downside at the final price and decide to cancel their achieve.

In a similar fashion, defaulting delivery places to the customer’s billing take care of assist you to prevent fraud to your store. If somebody makes an try to employ a credit card that’s not theirs and enters a singular delivery take care of, that setting will power them to use the card’s billing take care of instead (thus fighting the purchase).

Supply Classes

WooCommerce permits you to prepare delivery “classes” for grouping an identical products, in order that they’re delivered using specific methods. For example, you’ll be capable to have products which could be most efficient available for local pickup or for flat-rate delivery:

WooCommerce shipping class settings

To create a delivery zone, click on on on Add delivery class. WooCommerce will ask you to set a name, slug, and description:

Configuring new shipping class in WooCommerce

Click on on on Save delivery class, and that’s it. While you create or edit a product in WooCommerce, any delivery classes you create will appear beneath that product’s Supply settings.

WooCommerce Expenses Settings

The WooCommerce Expenses tab permits you to configure which price alternatives are available to your store. By means of default, WooCommerce provides a few alternatives, at the side of PayPal, cash on provide, and monetary establishment transfers.

You’ll be ready to choose and select which payment gateways to allow using the Permit column, and edit their settings via clicking on Prepare next to each one:

WooCommerce payment settings

If a price processor is already enabled, the Prepare button will instead be informed Prepare. Each and every price chance comes with its non-public unique settings. To be informed further about each of them, we suggest checking out WooCommerce’s documentation for its core payment options. You’ll be capable to moreover add more payment gateways to WooCommerce using extensions.

WooCommerce Accounts & Privacy Settings

The Accounts & Privacy settings let you make a decision whether or not or now not consumers can create Purchaser accounts, what control they have over their wisdom, and whether or not or to not allow customer checkout:

Guest checkout and personal data settings in WooCommerce

Let’s transfer over the main set of alternatives on this internet web page:

  1. Customer checkout. Proper right here you’ll be capable to allow consumers to pay without registering, and to log into their accounts all over the checkout process.
  2. Account introduction. You’ll be capable to allow consumers to create an account all over the checkout process or from the My Account internet web page (which WooCommerce devices up for you). WooCommerce moreover permits you to robotically generate usernames and passwords for new accounts.
  3. Account erasure requests. To stay in line with privacy laws, we suggest enabling consumers to erase their wisdom from your database upon request.
  4. Non-public wisdom getting rid of. With this option, consumers will be able to remove their earlier order wisdom without your input.

Most often, it’s perfect to let consumers select their own usernames and passwords. This implies provides a further user-friendly experience.

The second a part of the WooCommerce Accounts & Privacy settings enable you to prepare registration and privacy policies to your internet website:

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WooCommerce privacy policy settings

You’ll be capable to moreover unravel how long your internet website will store individual wisdom for previous than deleting it from the database.

WooCommerce Emails Settings

WooCommerce robotically devices up over a dozen different computerized emails that it sends when consumers check in, make a purchase order order, refund an order, and so on. Proper right here’s a handy guide a rough take a look on the WooCommerce Emails settings show:

The WooCommerce Emails settings

For those who occur to click on on on the Prepare chance next to any email correspondence, you’ll be able to edit the message consumers will download. That accommodates its subject, content material subject material, and structure:

Editing an automated WooCommerce message

WooCommerce permits you to use quite a lot of placeholders when customizing emails. Those include:

  • {site_title}
  • {site_address}
  • {site_url}
  • {order_date}
  • {order_number}

On every occasion you’re happy with the contents of each email correspondence, click on on on Save changes.

This show moreover permits you to configure the “sender” for campaigns and change your email correspondence types:

Configuring email settings in WooCommerce

Customizing email correspondence types is inconspicuous. WooCommerce permits you to set a header image, regulate the footer text integrated with each message, and change the default colors. You’ll be capable to moreover turn on the Permit email correspondence insights solution to download “tutorial” emails from WooCommerce, in case you wish to have additional guidance.

WooCommerce Advanced Settings

The Advanced settings show options a big range of additional configuration alternatives. This show comprises six sub-sections, so let’s get began with the Internet web page setup alternatives.

Internet web page Setup

The Internet web page setup show permits you to set the website for important pages in WooCommerce, such since the checkout and My account pages:

WooCommerce page setup settings

WooCommerce automatically sets up pages for the ones key functions. You’ll be capable to moreover designate unique URLs for Checkout and Account endpoints. The only requirement for endpoints is that each slug must be unique.

Recreational API and Webhooks

The Advanced settings tab moreover permits you to create an API key or a brand spanking new webhook to your store. Proper right here’s a handy guide a rough take a look on the Webhooks show:

Creating a new webhook in WooCommerce

Rising webhooks and API keys is an intricate process, and it’s most efficient necessary if you want to need to grant outside apps get right of entry to to WooCommerce wisdom. You’ll be capable to be informed further about how to create WooCommerce APIs and generating webhooks throughout the plugin’s documentation.


The WooCommerce.com settings show permits you to allow WooCommerce.com to assemble information about your store, which it’s going to then use for construction purposes:

WooCommerce tracking settings

You’ll be capable to moreover disable the Show Concepts setting. This may occasionally once in a while stop WooCommerce from showing you extension tips as you configure the plugin’s other settings.


Ultimate on the other hand not least, the WooCommerce Choices settings show lets in you to try new choices which could be nevertheless in construction. Exactly what’s available proper this is made up our minds wherein fashion of WooCommerce you’re using:

WooCommerce developmental features

Remember the fact that checking out choices which could be nevertheless in construction would possibly lead to bugs or errors inside of your internet website. So it’s perfect to take a look at them out on a staging site first.


Configuring WooCommerce settings can also be intimidating, given that plugin provides this sort of massive range of alternatives. However, WooCommerce moreover will give you quite a lot of guidance, making it a reasonably simple process to set your store up excellent.

For a brand spanking new retailer, you’ll wish to configure product and delivery settings, along with the associated fee processors you’ll use. On every occasion you deal with those fundamentals you’ll be capable to switch without delay to the additional complicated settings, paying homage to privacy alternatives and email correspondence notifications. After that, you’ll be capable to get correct to artwork selling products through your online store.

Do you’ve were given any questions about configuring WooCommerce settings? Let’s speak about them throughout the comments section beneath!

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