Matomo vs Google Analytics: Exploring and Evaluating Each Platforms

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You’ve put a lot of labor into your web site and need to understand how consumers interact with it.

That’s why knowledge analytics are so very important to the good fortune of a modern web-based business. One of the crucial necessary establish in cyber web web page analytics presently is Google Analytics, but it surely without a doubt’s a ways from the only establish in town. There are a variety of Google Analytics possible choices, like Matomo.

Both a type of services and products are extensively adopted and easy to use. Moreover they mix merely with WordPress, the international’s most well liked CMS. Alternatively which supplier is absolute best, Google Analytics or Matomo? There are for sure arguments for each and every. The ones are prime quality services and products which may well be usual for a the explanation why.

We’re now not proper right here to allow you to know which supplier is absolute best between the two because of upper is subjective in this scenario. Different corporations produce other needs, and while Google Analytics could be additional fascinating to one company, Matomo’s choices would most likely fit in totally with every other.

Instead, we’re going to be aware of comparing the ones two services and products with the intention to make an informed choice.

In this article, we’ll uncover Matomo and Google Analytics, comparing them in a lot of key areas to lend a hand you decide which is the easier analytics platform for your needs.

What Is Matomo?

Matomo is a knowledge superhighway analytics platform that was once as soon as prior to now known as Piwik Analytics. Piwik started once more in 2007 then again rebranded to Matomo in 2018.

The homepage for Matomo, a Google Analytics alternative

One the explanation why for Matomo’s reputation is that it’s an open-source analytics platform. That means it’s maintained and up-to-the-minute by the use of the patron staff. This promises that Matomo is always on the lowering edge of the industry.

A few million cyber web websites are lately the usage of Matomo’s supplier in more than 190 countries. You’ll leverage this platform to succeed in knowledge on cyber web web page visitors and insights into your various advertising and marketing campaigns.

Matomo moreover makes it easier to optimize the customer revel in and gauge the effectiveness of your content material subject material.

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Benefits of Matomo

Matomo is a platform with many impressive benefits. That’s why it has won one of these lot reputation since rebranding just a few transient years previously.

This private machine provides whole keep an eye on over knowledge to its consumers. It has each and every a free on-premise selection and a paid cloud subscription to choose between. Additionally, because of the open-source nature of Matomo, you’ll customize it into the platform of your targets.

If the web page you’re analyzing is small, Matomo has some unique benefits. Any blog with beneath 10,000 per thirty days visits uses just a small amount of server consumption. The ones server expenditures are also more economical because of the unrestricted storage you get at the side of your Matomo plan.

Matomo Standout Choices

Matomo is a platform that provides detailed critiques on cyber web web page visitors, allowing you to gauge how many people are coming for your web page, where they’re from, and the way in which they found out you. It moreover displays consumers the opposite serps and keywords that people used to succeed in on your cyber web web page.

Matomo even presentations the language spoken by the use of the patron to come up with a better figuring out of the way individuals are consuming your content material subject material.

When taking a look into how other folks use your web page, Matomo excels with some memorable choices. For starters, it provides knowledge on the pages every particular person client visited. This let you get to the bottom of where most of your guests is going and which pages are flopping with the target target market.

You’ll moreover track the computer screen resolution of your cyber web web page visitors, along with any links they clicked and knowledge they’ll have downloaded.

A Matomo heatmap
A heatmap featured on Matomo

Heatmaps are every other superb function of Matomo, which may well be available with a best elegance subscription. The ones maps show where consumers click on on one of the most on your cyber web web page. It let you view the effectiveness of your structure and even resolve circumstances of rage clicking, which might most likely show you that each the web page is just too sluggish or a function is malfunctioning.

Session recording is also available with the paid supplier. You’ll use this feature to look at a replay of the way other folks interact at the side of your pages. You’ll even track client IP addresses for upper demographic research.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free cyber web web page analytic supplier run by the use of Google. It comes with that antique Google logo establish which is surely trusted by the use of the general public.

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The homepage of Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been spherical since 2005 when Google bought Urchin Software Corporate and adopted its analytics instrument.

This is a much more extensively adopted supplier than Matomo, with more than 50 million cyber web websites global the usage of it for detailed analytic research. That makes Google Analytics the most well liked analytics instrument on the earth.

You’ll use Google Analytics to acquire segmented and grouped knowledge with regards to your web page’s consumers. It moreover provides detailed critiques on client habits, which may also be actually useful when planning your promoting and advertising and marketing outreach.

Benefits of Google Analytics

You don’t transform the sector’s number one analytics platform without some key benefits. Google Analytics has many really useful choices that have glad cyber web web page householders for years.

With Google Analytics, you’ll monitor the tips of customers who consult with your web site, at the side of their browsing behaviors, geographic location, search beginning position, and additional.

This free supplier comes with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to make a choice up in short. Many equipment you employ daily, like a CRM or advertising and marketing device, may also be integrated into Google by the use of specialized APIs.

One of the key benefits of this supplier is that it’s so extensively used. As a result of that, there’s a lot of knowledge available in the market, at the side of tutorials and tips that can assist you get one of the most from your revel in.

Google Analytics Standout Choices

One of the best possible choices of Google Analytics is its real-time reporting. This permits you to uncover insights into the habits of consumers minute by the use of minute.

It moreover will provide you with soar fee analysis, giving you belief into how many people are navigating away from your web page straight away. Thru examining this, you’ll resolve any sophisticated or off-putting choices of your web page that could be repelling conceivable customers.

The dashboard for Google Analytics
Google Analytics dashboard

Your Google Analytics views may also be custom designed the usage of filters, which may well be part of its customizable dashboards. The goal-setting function of the supplier is also handy when setting up new campaigns to energy cyber web web page guests. You’ll be capable to measure the analytics to procure by the use of Google Analytics in opposition to these benchmarks to get to the bottom of your good fortune or failure.

There’s moreover ecommerce monitoring, which permits online retail outlets to stick a closer eye on their customers and the way in which they retailer. Belief into the ecommerce phase of a cyber web web page can show such a lot about cart abandonment and the effectiveness of your checkout process.

You’ll moreover use Google Analytics for custom designed metric tracking, making the platform completely yours in a novel manner.

Similarities and Diversifications in Matomo vs Google Analytics

When deciding between services and products like Matomo and Google Analytics, it’s serving to to take a look at how the ones products are alike and the way in which they’re different. Perhaps a key function of Google Analytics fits your needs, then again Matomo doesn’t have an an similar.

That’s why we’re going to look in-depth at the ones services and products, working out how they’re alike and different.

Similarities Between Matomo and Google Analytics

Matomo and Google Analytics have a lot of choices in now not atypical. Every function customizable dashboards, allowing you to personalize your views.

Moreover they’ve target monitoring, on account of this you’ll measure the tips to procure against the targets you set on your self. The ones services and products each and every allow for real-time knowledge monitoring and location monitoring of the various consumers who make their manner onto your web page.

Google Analytics and Motomo are available in the market by the use of mobile devices, because of apps for each and every iOS and Android. You’ll moreover use APIs along with the ones platforms to connect to the various software equipment you employ for the rest of your small business.

With Matomo and Google Analytics, you’ll interact in advertising and marketing marketing campaign and ecommerce tracking. You’ll moreover use each and every tactics to generate automatic e-mail reviews.

Diversifications Between Matomo and Google Analytics

One key difference between Matomo and Google Analytics is that Matomo supplies its consumers video analytics, while Google Analytics does now not. Matomo moreover supplies heatmaps showing how consumers interact with various pages by the use of color-coded splotches. This is every other function you don’t have get right of entry to to when the usage of Google Analytics.

An artist’s rendering of an open source platform
An artist’s rendering of an open-source platform (Provide: O’Reilly Media)

Google Analytics is also now not an open-source platform like Matomo. That means while Matomo is up-to-the-minute and maintained by the use of the developer staff, Google Analytics is controlled handiest by the use of Google. Matomo moreover doesn’t use cookies, that implies you private all your knowledge.

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When the usage of Matomo, you’re getting additional advanced privacy controls. Alternatively a lot of the ones enhanced choices liked by the use of Matomo consumers boil down to one key difference between the two services and products.

Google is 100% free, while Matomo comes at a price.

Matomo vs Google Analytics: Head-to-Head Comparison

Now let’s assessment the ones two services and products head to head, examining their arrange processes, ease of use, knowledge tracking talents, and cost-effectiveness.


For the sake of this article, we’ll keep our arrange comparison taking into account WordPress cyber web websites. Let’s get began with Matomo.

Matomo Arrange

There are two different permutations of Matomo offered to consumers. You will have Matomo Cloud, which is hosted on the cloud for a best elegance subscription worth. Then you could have Matomo On-Premise, which is self-hosted, open-source, and free to use.

When the usage of Matomo, the first thing it’s necessary to do is sign up for an account. To take a look at this, you’ll need to provide your electronic mail take care of, web site URL, and analytics subdomain.

The download page to install Matomo on-premise
The download cyber web web page to position in Matomo on-premise

You’ll then download a confirmation electronic mail with your whole login details and a Matomo subdomain. Take the tracking code supplied by the use of Matomo and apply it to your WordPress header.

Matomo On-Premise will have to be installed. That means you’ll want to host Matomo software on your servers. You’ll moreover need to have an expert developer readily to be had for the arrange. Once entire, you’ll download the tracking code to insert into your WordPress header.

Google Analytics Arrange

When setting up Google Analytics, you’ll first want to create a free Google Analytics account. This moreover calls so that you can have a Google account (which is also free).

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While you’ve signed up, the machine offers you a JavaScript tracking code. You then surely have in an effort to upload that code for your cyber web web page header. If truth be told, there are also plugins to be had and not using a coding required.

Ease of Use

When comparing Matomo to Google Analytics, you’ll to search out that Google is some distance easier to use. Matomo On-Premise requires expert-level coding for the lengthy arrange process, and while Matomo Cloud is some distance easier to position in, it moreover comes at a price. Google Analytics is always free.

When signing into the services and products, Google has a very user-friendly static login cyber web web page, then again Matomo calls so that you can move into your Matomo subdomain to get into your account each and every time.

Google Analytics is a user-friendly platform, atmosphere aside your critiques into 5 areas. They’re:

  1. Precise-time
  2. Audience
  3. Acquisition
  4. Habits
  5. Conversions

The Matomo dashboard is also easy to seize. It displays you visits in real-time, includes a sidebar menu for added usability, and even has a buyer map.


Both a type of prime quality services and products include elementary tracking. This incorporates tracking puts, devices, touchdown pages, move out pages, real-time consumers, and additional.

However, Matomo Cloud limits your tracking as in keeping with the choices of your paid plan. The Cloud plans come with 30 staff people, 150 targets, 100 segments, and 30 movement custom designed dimensions. A lot of the ones are countless when the usage of the On-Premise plan.

Google shall we in countless consumers, segments, targets, and custom designed dimensions, all without charge. It moreover integrates with Google equipment and platforms like Google Commercials. This means you’ll optimize your website online for Google’s core information superhighway vitals and spot how consumers interact with the ads you’re operating.

Matomo moreover shall we in automatic form tracking, while Google Analytics requires fit tracking to be organize one after the other.


Google Analytics is a fully free supplier. That obviously method you don’t want to pay to use it. While you imagine that the supplier comes with countless consumers, targets, segments, and dimensions, you take into account that it’s extraordinarily cost-effective. You’re getting such a lot for in fact now not anything else.

So while the struggle for cost-effectiveness is a solid win for the free Google Analytics, we moreover need to destroy down Matomo’s paid plans.

Matomo On-Premise is always a free supplier without reference to your web page’s guests. However, as we mentioned quicker than, it requires a lot of artwork and an expert-level developer to position in it on your servers as it should be. While you imagine the cost of hiring a developer to position in Matomo, it’s now not if truth be told free at the moment.

A lot of choices are built-in in Matomo Cloud that can be applied to Matomo On-Premise for an additional price. The ones include, then again don’t appear to be limited to:

  • Job logs ($29 in keeping with twelve months)
  • Woocommerce Analytics ($39 in keeping with twelve months)
  • Funnels ($199 in keeping with twelve months)
  • Heatmaps and session recordings ($229 in keeping with twelve months)
  • search engine marketing knowledge superhighway vitals ($89 in keeping with twelve months)
  • And quite a lot of additional
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Matomo Cloud is a best elegance paid supplier that varies in fee depending on your per thirty days guests. The ground tier is for web sites with up to 50,000 per thirty days hits. That is going the entire manner up to 100 million hits.

The pricing page for the highest tier of Matomo
The pricing cyber web web page for the very best tier of Matomo

Let’s destroy every of the ones pricing alternatives down one after the other.

  • 50,000 Hits – $23/month
  • 100,000 Hits – $39/month
  • 300,000 Hits – $79/month
  • 600,000 Hits – $129/month
  • 1 Million Hits – $189/month
  • 2 Million Hits – $369/month
  • 5 Million Hits – $929/month
  • 10 Million Hits – $1,790/month
  • 25 Million Hits – $4,390/month
  • 50 Million Hits – $8,590/month
  • 100 Million Hits – $16,900/month

As you’ll see, the pricing for Matomo varies reasonably reasonably. While the machine has many advanced choices and may also be extraordinarily moderately priced for smaller cyber web websites, the associated fee will increase exponentially as your numbers increase. Due to this fact, you wish to have to be sure to’ll come up with the money for to scale your Matomo subscription as your corporation grows.

Can Matomo and Google Analytics Be Used Together?

Analytics services and products like Matomo and Google Analytics can be used similtaneously. This will likely every so often imply you’ll be able to get insights from each and every platforms and assessment the similarities and permutations between them. With Google Analytics being a free supplier, you could smartly be capable of soar headfirst into this concept, then again we recommend taking a 2nd to imagine what it contains.

When you’ve got been to have Matomo and Google Analytics operating on your web page similtaneously, you’d have two different JavaScript codes operating at the similar time. This is in a position to toss a large monkey wrench into your operations by the use of negatively impacting web page load speeds.

When having a look to give a boost to your cyber web web page’s client revel in, web page tempo is without doubt one of the most very important portions to imagine. A staggering 47% of consumers will move away a cyber web web page if it takes more than two seconds to load.

A chart showing how long it takes for someone to leave a slow website
How long it takes for someone to depart a steady cyber web web page (Provide: On-line Asset Companions)

Additionally, web page tempo is something Google checks for when assigning your search engine marketing rank. That means someone taking a look to develop their search engine marketing ranking will have to make certain that their web page runs at an optimal tempo. We suggest the usage of a free instrument like KinstaAPM to get to the bottom of what will have to be fastened. This is essential for construction a positioning technique on your emblem, as you need other folks to associate your logo with capacity and efficiency.

So while it’s conceivable to run Matomo and Google Analytics on your cyber web web page at the similar time, it’s now not actually helpful.

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Matomo and Google Analytics are two superb analytics equipment that can come up with an excellent window into the habits and behaviors of your target market. You’ll use the ones platforms to observe your search engine marketing expansion, understand your target demographic upper, and measure the good fortune or failure of your promoting and advertising and marketing campaigns to get to the bottom of which actions you wish to have to take next.

Alternatively as as as to whether Google Analytics or Matomo is the easier selection, it all boils down for your specific needs as a business. It’ll be surely well worth the investment for those who’ll come up with the money for Matomo and think that services and products like heat mapping are very important for your persevered good fortune.

However, if you’re a small web page with a small get advantages margin and you wish to have a prime quality free instrument, then Google Analytics is a safe and super wager. While you’re now not pleased with either one of the ones alternatives, we can moreover recommend MyKinsta Analytics, our private cyber web web page analytics platform.

Regardless of which analytics instrument you decide on, you’ll need prime quality controlled WordPress website hosting to get your web page out quicker than the masses. Contact Kinsta this present day and time table a demo.

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