Methods to Spotlight a Row in Google Sheets In keeping with a Checkbox

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Have you ever ever ever regarded as the use of Google Sheets to perform the following movement: clicking on a checkbox causes all of the row to grow to be highlighted in a color of your variety? This may also be extremely useful for marking specific tasks as completed.

Right here’s a step-by-step knowledge on how to achieve this.

Step 1

First, you’ll need to have checkboxes on your sheet. If not, you’ll have the ability to add them via clicking the cell where you wish to have a checkbox, then going to “Insert” inside the most efficient menu and settling on “Checkbox.”

insert checkboxinsert checkbox
Step 2

Upon getting your checkboxes prepare, you’ll have the ability to create a brand spanking new conditional formatting rule. To try this, click on on on “Construction” inside the most efficient menu, then choose “Conditional formatting.

Conditional formattingConditional formatting
Step 3

Inside the conditional formatting panel that opens at the correct facet, beneath the “Construction cells if” drop-down, choose “Custom designed parts is.

custom formula is...custom formula is...
Step 4

Inside the field underneath, enter a parts that references the cell with the checkbox. If your checkbox is in column A and you wish to have to make use of this to all of the sheet, you might be able to write =$A1=True. The dollar sign ($) forward of A makes the column absolute, so it gained’t shift when applied to all of the row, and 1 should be the main row selection of your knowledge range.

Step 5

After entering the parts, choose the formatting style you wish to have to make use of when the checkbox is checked. You’ll set the background color, text color, and further. In this case, we will trade the background color to green, as an finished task is most often associated with the fairway color.

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set color and styleset color and style
Step 6

Finally, beneath “Observe to change“, enter the range where you wish to have this rule to make use of.

apply to rangeapply to range

If you wish to have it to make use of to all of the row, merely click on on on the row amount on the left and all of the row it is going to be determined on.

row selectedrow selected
Step 7

Click on on “Achieved” to make use of the rule of thumb of thumb. Proper right here’s what it kind of feels like when you click on on on the checkbox.

checkbox clickedcheckbox clicked

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