Most sensible 7 Benefits of Opting for Google Cloud Web hosting (2022)

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Choosing a web host should be your height priority if you want to have a business website. Your choice of web website hosting provider will directly influence the quality and success of your website.

A web web website hosting provider doesn’t most simple serve your website information to visitors. It controls how your website works, how fast it a lot, its availability all the way through outages, and its protection — all of which immediately impact your purchaser’s particular person enjoy and the good fortune of your website as a product sales instrument.

You get the aim — having a great web host is necessary!

In recent times, Google’s cloud web website hosting solution has risen to prominence and established itself as a primary provider for hundreds of thousands of consumers. For those who occur to’re taking into account Google as an selection, we’ve compiled the best advantages of choosing Google Cloud web website hosting that will help you make your selection — along with why we predict it’s at the moment the most efficient solution to be had available on the market.

1. Outstanding Availability and Uptime

A basic factor throughout the good fortune of your website is its availability. You’ll have the most efficient content material subject matter or product available on the market, alternatively none of that may topic if visitors can’t get entry to your website.

The last thing you need is dropping visitors and income as a result of website downtime. That’s the time when attainable lovers and customers will most likely hunt down your pageant.

Commonplace periods of website downtime isn’t going to most simple impact your bottom line alternatively can also negatively affect your search engine rankings. Google and Bing spiders ceaselessly consult with your website to transport slowly your internet web page, check out content material subject matter, internet web page speed, and availability. Commonplace or lengthy outages will impact your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Your web website hosting provider has an instantaneous impact for your website uptime. There’s very little you’ll have the ability to do to increase uptime on your own. Previous keeping off errors for your code, you’re utterly reliant for your web website hosting provider.

Attaining 99.99% Uptime

A huge benefit in choosing Google Cloud web website hosting solutions is their willpower to reaching uptime upwards of 99.99%. This is reflected in their Compute Engine Service Level Agreement (SLA), where any dip beneath a per 30 days uptime of 99.99% will result in financial credit score ranking.

Proper right here at Kinsta, moving our infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) we could in us to take a seat down on the shoulders of giants. We reach get entry to to one of the vital necessary greatest networks on the earth, which is resistant to downtime by means of a large number of failover scenarios for device and server outages. We then immediately pass the ones benefits to our customers, offering a height fee WordPress web website hosting solution with monthly uptime approaching 100%.

Other primary cloud providers, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, have infrastructure rivaling Google Cloud’s uptime availability. Alternatively, after necessary research, there doesn’t appear to be a definitive or revered know about crowning necessarily probably the most loyal cloud platform (however).

2. Reside Migration of Virtual Machines

Any other large advantage of Google Cloud web website hosting, specifically proper right here at Kinsta, is the keep migration of virtual machines (VMs). This allows us as a WordPress web website hosting provider to take care of the supply of your website — without a noticeable degradation in capability — when live-migrating VMs between host machines.

Patching, repairing, and updating tool and {{hardware}} is a must in delivering a state of the art provider. Reside migration with Google assists in keeping your instances and website available all the way through:

  • Commonplace infrastructure and maintenance upgrades
  • Neighborhood and power grid maintenance throughout the data amenities
  • {{Hardware}} failure along with CPU, memory, disks, group interface, power, and further (although this isn’t always possible; in instances where {{hardware}} prevents keep migration or fails, the VM will crash and restart automatically)
  • Host operating device (OS) and BIOS upgrades
  • Best importance security-related updates
  • Software configuration changes

This involves many portions and is a really sophisticated process. To raised acknowledge the transferring parts involved, check out this illustration of the high-level steps:

Live VM migration on Google Cloud.
Reside VM migration on Google Cloud. (Image Provide: Google Cloud)

Even though to start with a unique offering from Google Cloud, pageant have begun to see the benefits: Reside migration is a provider that Microsoft Azure has subsequently replicated.

3. Loose Uptime Monitoring

Allowing for the possible impacts of downtime, monitoring your infrastructure and website availability is the most important follow.

Imposing a option to perform uptime tests means that you can automatically track the supply of your web website hosting setup and be alerted throughout the match of any outages. This allows you swiftly respond to any issues within your regulate and reduce downtime while moreover tracking whether or not or no longer your provider meets their SLA.

Any other advantage of Google cloud web website hosting is the operations suite, which helps you to monitor the capability of your platform and applications. Creating uptime tests and alerting insurance coverage insurance policies is a simple process. It’s moreover totally free to watch your Google infrastructure (although monitoring era outdoor Google Cloud will value additional).

The platform means that you can create uptime tests across the following helpful useful resource varieties:

  • URL
  • Kubernetes LoadBalancer Service
  • VM instance
  • App Engine provider
  • AWS load balancer
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4. Primary World Infrastructure

One of the crucial necessary largest problems atmosphere Google Cloud web website hosting except for other avid avid gamers is their world group. It’s merely one of the vital necessary largest on the earth, rivaling the global infrastructure of each and every Microsoft and Amazon.

Comparing the global infrastructure of the best 3 cloud providers isn’t any easy procedure. They each use different terminology to give an explanation for their world group, and most probably data problems aren’t publicly available.

Even though we will distinguish no clear winner, you’ll have the ability to see from the guidelines we’ve amassed throughout the table beneath that Google Cloud supplies a primary world group:

ZonesEdge LocationsCountries

Spaces Zones Edge Puts Countries
Amazon Web Services and products and merchandise 25 81 265 245
Google Cloud 28 85 146 200+
Microsoft Azure 60 N/A 170 140

The existence of a world group will play a pivotal serve as for your particular person enjoy. Geographical proximity plays a key role throughout the speed at which your shoppers can get entry to your website and resources.

A larger and further geographically allocated group means that you can offer local get entry to to further other folks. This means further of your end shoppers will revel in a sooner and better particular person enjoy when visiting your website.

Google Cloud supplies numerous web website hosting advantages inside of in their primary world infrastructure, which we’ll component beneath.

5. Unrivalled Throughput

Throughput is the speed at which data processes and transfers between two puts. In networking, it’s used to measure the capability — that suggests speed — of VMs and hard drives along with internet and group connections.

Neighborhood throughput measures what selection of packets of data successfully arrive at their holiday spot in a set timeframe. Packet loss creates sluggish and poor-performing networks. This, in turn, will create sluggish speed for your applications and impact your shoppers.

In short, your website will take longer to load, specifically in height web page guests situations.

An important advantage of choosing Google Cloud web website hosting is the platform’s unrivaled group throughput. A modern comparison of the top 3 cloud providers showed Google Cloud VMs have near to 3x the group throughput of their AWS and Azure counterparts. Google’s bottom-performing group throughput device performed 65% and 105% upper than AWS’ and Azure’s top-performing machines.

The a success VM type for group throughput capability was once Google’s new Compute-Optimized VMs (C2). Proper right here at Kinsta, we’ve made the ones new GCP machines available for everyone the usage of our WordPress web website hosting solutions.

It’s the ones C2 machines that have helped make Kinsta customers like Hardbacon and Enventys Partners aware of decreases in internet web page load time — 63% and 50%, respectively — while moreover making capability dips as a result of web page guests spikes an element of the former.

6. Potency Optimization With Neighborhood Service Tiers

A key benefit of Google cloud web website hosting is the danger to optimize your group for capability or worth by means of a choice of Network Service Tiers.

Having created a big group of real-world infrastructure, the Google Cloud Platform can support just about all the journey from the individual to your resources. Customers reach get entry to to their state of the art group, bypassing congested public internet routing and minimizing the selection of traceroute hops for sooner capability.

Let’s check out how the Google Cloud Platform Neighborhood Service Tiers break down.

Best magnificence Tier

The Best magnificence tier, the more expensive of the two alternatives, is designed for high-performance routing. Web page guests is carried out by means of Google’s world private fiber group with more than 100 problems with presence (POPs).

The Best magnificence tier is built for speed. The individual is picked up from the internet provider provider (ISP) at the nearest PoP. They then move from side to side throughout the Google Neighborhood the usage of cold-potato routing, an means that limits the gap and the selection of traceroute hops for sooner and further safe supply.

Diagram of how Google's Premium Network Service Tier operates.
Diagram of the way in which Google’s Best magnificence Neighborhood Service Tier operates. (Image Provide: Google)

You moreover get the additional advantage of global load balancing. One huge load balancer splits your web page guests among servers into different spaces as a substitute of a couple of load balancers for each space. This lets you use a single anycast IP care for for your whole group, which is most simple possible when you’ve got total regulate over the underlying {{hardware}}.

You’re protected with a World Service Level Agreement (SLA) in this setup. This binds Google by means of a contract to send a certain level of provider, where you’d be compensated within the tournament that they fail to reach those levels.

Standard Tier

The Standard tier is able optimizing your group for value at the expense of height capability. Alternatively, you will however get entry to capability levels which may also be competitive with other cloud providers.

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Most of your web page guests travels the existing internet provider provider’s (ISP) networks with standard routing. Web page guests is handled with a hot-potato means where it’s passed by means of many networks, self enough ways, and ISPs faster than attaining its final holiday spot. Tempo is compromised when there are further hops faster than data reaches the shoppers.

Diagram of how Google's Standard Network Service Tier operates.
Diagram of the way in which Google’s Standard Neighborhood Service Tier operates. (Image Provide: Google)

There is also further complexity throughout the Standard tier, as you will most simple have get entry to to regional cloud load balancing services. This means further “footwork” for you as the consumer, whilst you may have world load balancing on your setup throughout the Best magnificence tier.

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The Standard tier moreover doesn’t come with the World SLA presented by means of the Best magnificence tier. So, throughout the unusual match of capability necessities not being met, you received’t be compensated for lack of provider.

Competition to Google Cloud Neighborhood Tiers

The Google Cloud Platform was once the principle primary public cloud provider to offer a tiered cloud group. Like each and every new and unique product presented throughout the cloud area, it wasn’t long until the other necessary avid avid gamers joined the celebration.

At the end of 2018, Amazon quietly introduced AWS Global Accelerator. Then, midway by means of 2020, Microsoft completed the holy trinity with Azure routing need.

Each and every providers offer a an equivalent option to the GCP Neighborhood Service Tiers. Web page guests is accepted relating to the individual by means of one amongst their many PoPs. It’s then routed over their world networks.

Each supplies a cold-potato strategy to trail the web page guests by means of as few hops as possible to spice up up capability and ensure low latency. Identical to the GCP, both Azure and AWS solutions come with additional data transfer costs.

7. Persevered Self-discipline to Neighborhood Expansion

Without reference to already offering planet-scale infrastructure, Google remains devoted to emerging and bettering its world group. They focus on expanding into new spaces and world places to offer further group edge puts.

This growth construction will, in turn, give a boost to your talent to send an excellent particular person enjoy to customers visiting your website. You’ll be capable to offer ever-lowering latency and ever-heightening capability by means of further puts internationally.

As of November 2021, Google has presented the hole of five new spaces. The ones include Warsaw (Poland), Delhi (India), Melbourne (Australia), and Toronto (Canada).

However it no doubt doesn’t prevent there. In conjunction with plans for a new region in Israel, the following are coming briefly to Google Cloud:

  • Doha (Qatar)
  • Paris (France)
  • Milan (Italy)
  • Santiago (Chile)
  • Madrid (Spain
  • Turin (Italy)
  • Columbus (US)
  • Berlin (Germany)
A world map of Google Cloud regions.
A global map of Google Cloud spaces. (Image Provide: Google Cloud)

It’s not merely new spaces worth mentioning, however moreover Google’s willpower to higher connecting their infrastructure with subsea cables. The ones new connections spice up up data provide as they devise our digital lifeblood from one side of the globe to the other.

In 2021 alone, Google has presented the plans for six new subsea cables that may connect Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the US:

Turbocharge your website and revel in 24/7 support from our veteran WordPress workforce. Our Google Cloud-powered infrastructure specializes in scalability, capability, and protection. Check out our plans

  • Apricot: A brand spanking new subsea cable that may connect Singapore, Japan, Guam, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia — planned for arrival in 2024.
  • Blue: A collaboration with Sparkle and others, connecting Italy, France, Greece, and Israel.
  • Dunant: A submarine cable device crossing the Atlantic and connecting Virginia Seaside in the US to Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez on the French Atlantic coast.
  • Echo: A subsea cable from the USA to Asia, connecting California to Singapore, with a stopover in Guam.
  • Firmina: An open subsea cable connecting the East Coast of the US to Las Toninas, Argentina, with additional landings in Praia Grande, Brazil, and Punta del Este, Uruguay.
  • Raman: Any other collaboration with Sparkle and others, connecting Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Oman, and India.
A world map of the Google Cloud network.
A global map of the Google Cloud group. (Image Provide: Google Cloud)

8. Ease of Setup

Setting up the infrastructure is typically a frightening prospect when getting started with building a website, blog, or software. A sequence of challenging scenarios and choices can in brief stack up, similar to:

A height advantage of Google Cloud web website hosting is the good thing about deploying a brand spanking new web web website hosting solution. The provider lets in you to make a choice from over 100 click-to-deploy web web website hosting solutions, very a lot simplifying the setup and unencumber process.

The ones click-to-deploy solutions offer a preconfigured setup that usually accommodates a virtual device server, operating device, storage disk, content material subject matter keep an eye on device, and database. They’re available at an affordable worth without expending the time and effort required to offer what you need to get started.

All Google Cloud’s click-to-deploy web website hosting solutions are customizable. So, when you’re up and dealing your day-one deployment, you’ll have the ability to come once more at a later time to control and extra optimize the solution.

For those who occur to’re taking into account launching your first blog or website, the Google Click to Deploy solution for WordPress is undoubtedly worth a look. This solution supplies an out-of-the-box setup of WordPress on the Compute Engine platform, available with a variety of web website hosting alternatives at various worth problems.

When comparing the best 3 cloud providers, Google Cloud seems to be the manager in easy setup. AWS supplies competitive out-of-the-box web web website hosting solutions by means of Amazon Lightsail, alternatively the process feels further involved; further configuration and thought are required to get started.

Azure is a little bit of of an enigma proper right here. It moreover supplies web web website hosting services, although it’s not immediately obtrusive. It’s contained inside of in their Web Apps service, and it’s beautiful easy to cross over since their internet web page talks about web applications and not internet pages.

9. Excellent Beef up Service

A serious take into consideration choosing a web web website hosting provider is the usual of support you’ll receive. Along the easiest way, you’re much more likely to come back throughout issues along with your website web website hosting setup. When this happens, you’ll want a rapid, simple, and entire support option to troubleshoot whatever problems you’ve run into.

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The support available from Google is undoubtedly one of the vital necessary number one advantages of Google Cloud web website hosting. That is to be had in 3 forms, which we’ve detailed beneath.

Entire Paid Beef up

Choosing one amongst Google’s paid Purchaser Care plans unlocks sophisticated support for the full range of their cloud technologies. There are 3 paid support plans available — Standard, Enhanced, and Best magnificence support.

As you move upwards throughout the paid support plans, you unlock additional support formats, accelerated response circumstances, further verbal change channels, higher availability, and escalation choices for added fast issues.

With height fee support, you get confident response circumstances in 15 minutes and 24/7 support 300 and sixty 5 days of the year for critical-impact issues. It moreover comes with a faithful Technical Account Manager to help optimize your Google Cloud Platform usage. You’ll completely customize and tailor your support all through each product and service, even having access to hands-on training.

Alternatively, with support prices that can scale previous $150,000 a year, it’s not for everyone.

Team Beef up

Even though you don’t make a selection a paid support plan, you reach free get entry to to an infinite staff of enthusiasts and pros who may give support as a Google Cloud purchaser.

The Google Cloud Community is area to 20,000 contributors. Proper right here, you’ll have the ability to meet {{industry}} pals, ask questions, and collaborate to go looking out answers for the Google products you’ll use each day. You’ll moreover head over to Google Groups, where you’ll find a range of forums to talk about Google Cloud.

Extensive Beef up Documentation

The Google Cloud Platform has one of the vital an important entire collections of support documentation available in the market. Whilst you’ve were given a ideas for era and prefer a DIY means, you’ll find the whole thing you need in that documentation to troubleshoot your web web website hosting issues.

The platform supplies guides, code samples, architectural diagrams, highest practices, tutorials, API references, and further, all in an effort to find out about and troubleshoot each aspect of your Google Cloud setup. Easiest of all, it’s totally free.

10. State-of-the-Art work Protection

Protection is a primary fear for any business. When choosing the Google Cloud Platform, you could have the good thing about a security type developed over 15 years of constant construction by means of innovation. The equivalent device secures their height products, along with Gmail and Google Search.

You’ll moreover recreational easy knowing that Google’s workforce of industry-leading protection and privacy pros is dedicated to bettering the platform’s state-of-the-art protection.

Beneath is numerous the best security features you’ll have the good thing about when choosing the Google Cloud platform:

  • Encryption of your data each and every in transit and at recreational, ensuring your subtle information is protected by means of industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption, irrespective of whether or not or no longer your data is stored on a Google persistent disk or traveling between you and their data amenities.
  • A workforce of vulnerability keep an eye on pros dedicated to frequently scanning, understanding, and patching vulnerabilities throughout the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Its non-public established world group and robust relationships with the sphere’s primary ISPs, bettering the security of your data in transit with fewer hops across the public internet.
  • Persevered impartial verification of their protection, privacy, and compliance controls.
  • Attaining industry-leading certifications along with ISO/IEC 27001/27017/27018/27701, PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA, and providing peace of ideas that the platform is safe while moreover helping to further your compliance efforts by means of proxy.

Proper right here at Kinsta, we don’t merely rely on the protection of Google. We make certain that 24/7 secure WordPress hosting by means of development on their present platform and concepts.

Our means secures and isolates each account and each separate WordPress internet web page. We do so the usage of Linux packing containers (LXC), and LXD to orchestrate them, on height of the Google Cloud Platform.

In conjunction with this, we leverage Google Cloud’s enterprise-level firewall to filter out malicious traffic faster than it enters our group of servers.


As you’ll have the ability to see, there are a lot of advantages in choosing Google Cloud web website hosting and the usage of the Google Cloud Platform on your website.

As a result of the platform’s simplicity and click-to-deploy web website hosting configurations, getting started is unassuming. Once web website hosting is up, your website will load at lightning speed and nearly always keep available as a result of one of the vital necessary world’s primary cloud networks. You’ll even make a selection group provider tiers, supplying you having the ability to beef up capability at a price.

You and your customers may have the good thing about the peace of mind of knowing that subtle data is protected by means of state-of-the-art protection and a workforce of execs. When you need support, you’ll have the ability to turn to an extensive repository of self-service apparatus, otherwise you’ll have the ability to achieve out to Google’s skilled support pros, who’re available 24/7.

In spite of everything of this, the only question left is: What are you taking a look ahead to?

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