Obtain a FREE Header & Footer for Divi’s House Baker Structure Pack

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Hello there Divi Nation! Thanks for changing into a member people for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each and every week, we give away brand new freebies. We now not too way back shared a brand new House Baker Structure Pack. To help you get your web page up and working as soon as conceivable, we’re sharing a global header & footer template that matches this construction pack totally as well! Hope you revel in it.

divi layout

Check out Out The Area Baker
Global Header & Footer Template Beneath

Get it without cost nowadays!

Header Design

Divi Home Baker Header Design for Desktop

Tablet and mobile header design for the Divi Home Baker Layout Pack

Footer Design

Divi Home Baker footer layout for desktop

Tablet and mobile footer layout for the Divi Home Baker Layout

Download The Global Header & Footer Template For The Area Baker Construction Pack

To position your palms on the free world header & footer template, you’ll first need to download it the use of the button underneath. To appreciate get right of entry to to the download you will need to subscribe to our Divi Daily piece of email list by the use of the use of the form underneath. As a brand spanking new subscriber, you’ll download a lot more Divi goodness and a free Divi Construction pack each Monday! For many who’re already on the list, simply enter your piece of email take care of underneath and click on on download. You’ll not be “resubscribed” or download further emails.

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Download For Free

Download For Unfastened

Join the Divi Publication and we will piece of email you a replica of the ultimate Divi Landing Internet web page Construction Pack, plus lots of other superb and free Divi resources, tips and pointers. Follow along and you’ll be a Divi clutch in no time. If you happen to’re already subscribed simply type to your piece of email take care of underneath and click on on download to get right of entry to the construction pack.

Upload The Template

Transfer to Divi Theme Builder

So as to add the template, navigate to the Divi Theme Builder inside the backend of your WordPress web page.

Opening the Divi Theme Builder to Import the Divi Conference Category Layout

Upload Global Default Internet website online Template

Then, inside the top correct corner, you’ll see an icon with two arrows. Click on on on the icon.

Importing the Header and Footer Layout into the Divi Theme Buidler

Navigate to the import tab, upload the JSON file which you could have been able to procure in this publish, and click on on on ‘Import Divi Theme Builder Templates’.

Import settings for the header and footer layout pack

Save Divi Theme Builder Changes

If you happen to’ve uploaded the file, you’ll understand a brand spanking new world header and footer to your default web page template. Save the Divi Theme Builder changes as soon as you wish to have the template to be activated.

Keep an eye on The Template

Parts of the Divi Area Baker Header Template

The Divi Area Baker Header Template has a few Divi modules. You’ll be capable of edit mentioned modules to test your branding, trade and the desires of your web page. We’ll take a look at the six elements that make up the header template underneath:

Divi Home Baker Header Layout breakdown

To start with, the header has a primary segment and a secondary segment. The primary menu incorporates the menu, logo and a button. The secondary menu incorporates two text call-to-actions and a set of social media icons.

Primary Section Modules

  1. Logo (Menu Module): The brand is populate by means of the menu module. You’ll be capable of use the dynamic fields serve as of the Divi builder to pull to your sitewide logo, or, you’ll be capable of upload your logo straight away into the menu
  2. Menu (Menu Module): You’ll be capable of choose a menu from your web site to populate into this module.
  3. Button (Button Module): The button module acts as a call-to-action

Secondary Section Modules

  1. CTA #1 (Text Module): This text module nowadays has the hours of operation, then again, we can edit it to be the remainder that we’d like
  2. Social Media Links (Social Media Follow Module): Edit this module in an effort to upload and link your decided on social networks of variety
  3. CTA #2 (Text Module): Every other text module that we can use as a place to hold your slogan, or some other announcement
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Open Header Template

To switch the global header template’s elements, get began by the use of opening the template.

Editing the global header within the Divi Theme Builder

Make a choice Your Menu

Select a menu of your variety inside the Menu Module.

Select a menu within the Menu Module to use within the Divi Home Baker primary menu area

Upload Logo of Variety

Throughout the identical Menu Module, make a selection or upload your logo of variety

Select a logo for use within the Menu Module

Exchange Button Holiday spot

This header has a button on the top correct of the main menu. Open the settings of the button and change the link URL to the holiday spot of your variety. You’ll be capable of moreover use the identical settings modal to edit the text on the button.

Update primary menu button link destion

Allow/Disable Search and Cart Icons

Thru default, the menu module within this header has the quest and cart icons activated. While you’ve were given WooCommerce installed and vigorous, the cart icon will robotically show on the frontend. Alternatively, for individuals who’d like to hide the ones icons, you’ll want to have the selection of doing so all through the menu settings.

Editing additional elements required during setting up the primary menu

Together with Content material subject matter to CTA #1 and CTA #2

At the right kind and left hand aspect of the secondary header house are text modules that can be edited with content material subject matter as you see are compatible. Throughout the template, we use the left hand text module to sing their own praises the bakery hours. At the right kind hand aspect, we use the text module to percentage the company slogan, with a lovable emoji 🥰. As a result of the height of the secondary header segment, it may be more straightforward to edit the modules with that segment by the use of the use of the Wireframe View of the Divi Theme Builder.

Using wireframe view to edit the secondary section of the Divi Home Baker Header Layout

Add Your Social Media Networks and Links

Open the Social Media Follow Module to edit, add or delete the social media networks that you simply need to sing their own praises within your header. Don’t disregard in an effort to upload the fitting links to your quite a lot of social media accounts as well!

Editing the Social Media Follow Module within the Divi Home Baker Header Layout

Open Footer Template

Continue by the use of opening the global footer inside the default web page template.

Editing the footer template within the Divi Theme Builder

Parts of the Divi Area Baker Footer Template

Now not just like the Divi Area Baker Header Template, the footer template is made up of four sections. Alternatively don’t fear! The primary segment has two columns, and the remainder 3 sections have only one module each and every within them. Another time, we can use of the Wireframe View may be very really helpful, in particular when bettering the entire 3 sections.

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Divi Home Baker Footer Breakdown

Breakdown of Footer Sections and Modules

  1. Email correspondence Optin Module: Edit the determine, body text and make sure that you connect your piece of email promoting and advertising platform of solution to the module
  2. Text Module: Alternate the determine as you see are compatible to your needs
  3. Blurb Modules: We’ve 3 blurb modules proper right here which could be used to sing their own praises your contact information.
  4. Social Media Follow Module: As with the module inside the header, this can be used to link out to your social media accounts
  5. Menu Module: Make a choice your footer menu proper right here.
  6. Text Module: In the end, be mindful to edit the after text within this text module to go into your personal copyright information

Connect Your Email correspondence Promoting Resolution

To start with, connect your piece of email promoting and advertising solution of solution to the Email correspondence Module.

Connect your email marketing platform of choice

Add Your Contact Wisdom

During the three blurb modules, you’ll be capable of edit the icons and text. Browse all the way through the icon libraries included with Divi and add your content material subject matter.

Edit the blurbs with your contact infmration

Link Your Social Media Accounts

Add links to your social media accounts all through the Social Media Follow Module.

Updaing the links and social networks within the Social Media Follow Module

Select Your Footer Menu

Make a choice your footer menu.

Select footer menu for the Divi Home Baker Footer Template

Amend Copyright Content material subject matter

To edit the copyright segment, we’ll be going into the Dynamic Field serve as all through the text module.

Editing the copyright information using Dynamic Content in the Divi Theme Builder

Click on on on the apparatus underneath the Body determine. During the modal box that pops up, you’ll wish to edit the content material subject matter all through the After textbox.

Using the Dynamic Content feature to update copyright text

New Freebies Each and every Week!

We hope you’ve cherished the Area Baker Construction Pack and the Header & Footer freebie this is going along with it. We take a seat up for taking note of your evaluations inside the observation segment underneath. Be certain to try once more next week for additonal freebies!

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