Obtain a FREE Header & Footer for Divi’s Jewellery Dressmaker Format Pack

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Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for changing into a member people for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new freebies. We now not too way back shared a brand new Jewellery Dressmaker Format Pack. To help you get your web site up and working as soon as imaginable, we’re sharing an international header & footer template that matches this construction pack utterly as smartly! Hope you enjoy it.

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Check Out The Jewelry Designer
Global Header & Footer Template Below

Get it totally free nowadays!

Header Design

Desktop View

Divi Jewelry Header Design for Desktop

Tablet and Mobile View

Divi Jewelry Header Design for Tablet and Mobile

Footer Design

Desktop View

Divi Jewelry footer design for desktop

Tablet and Mobile View

Divi Jewelry footer design for tablet and mobile

Download The Global Header & Footer Template For The Jewelry Designer Layout Pack

To position your hands on the unfastened global header & footer template, you’ll first want to download it the usage of the button beneath. To reach get admission to to the download it is important to subscribe to our e-newsletter via the usage of the form beneath. As a brand spanking new subscriber, you’ll download a lot more Divi goodness and a unfastened Divi Layout pack each and every Monday! For those who occur to’re already on the list, simply enter your email correspondence take care of beneath and click on on download. You’re going to not be “resubscribed” or download additional emails.

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You must have successfully subscribed. Please check out your email correspondence take care of to ensure your subscription and get get admission to to unfastened weekly Divi construction packs!

Learn the way to Upload The Jewelry Designer Layout Template

Cross to Divi Theme Builder

So as to add the template, navigate to the Divi Theme Builder inside the backend of your WordPress web site.

Getting started with the Divi Conference Layout Pack

Upload Global Default Internet web site Template

Then, inside the top right kind corner, you’ll see an icon with two arrows. Click on on on the icon.

Importing the Header and Footer Layout into the Divi Theme Buidler

Navigate to the import tab, upload the JSON file which you’ve gotten been in a position to procure in this submit, and click on on on ‘Import Divi Theme Builder Templates’.

Import settings for the header and footer layout pack

Save Divi Theme Builder Changes

Whilst you’ve uploaded the file, you’ll notice a brand spanking new global header and footer on your default web site template. Save the Divi Theme Builder changes as soon as you want the template to be activated.

Save global header theme builder

Learn the way to Modify The Template

Open Jewelry Designer Layout Header Template

To switch the global header template’s parts, get began via opening the template.

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Editing the global header within the Divi Theme Builder

Make a selection Menu of Variety for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Make a selection a menu of your variety inside the Menu Module.

Selecting your menu for desktop

We use two menu modules: one for desktop, and one for tablet/mobile. Ensure that the menus for each and every are the identical as to not confuse your web site shoppers.

Select your menu for use on tablet and mobile

Change Logo with Menus

It is important to upload your personal emblem into the Menu Modules inside of this header. Logos which may well be horizontal/landscape art work absolute best.

Update header logo within the header Menu Module

Change Text Identify-to-Actions

This header has 3 text areas that can be used as call-to-actions. Edit the text to test your brand. You’ll even transfer as far as to be able to upload links to them whilst you’d like, get creative!

Update the text CTAs to match your brand and business goals

Open Footer Template

Continue via opening the global footer all over the default web site template.

Editing the footer template within the Divi Theme Builder

Make a selection Menu of Variety for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Similar to the Header Template, it is important to add your menu to the footer menu.

Select menu for footer menu module

This will likely every now and then want to be finished for each and every desktop and tablet/mobile view.

Select menu for footer Menu Module for use in tablet and mobile

Change Footer Menu Logo

Very similar to the header’s Menu Module, it is important to exchange the logo built-in with our template with your personal emblem.

Update footer Menu Module's logo

Connect Your Electronic message Promoting Solution

Our footer has an Electronic message Optin Module that will have to be activated. Connect your email correspondence promoting and advertising solution of approach to the module in an effort to gather email correspondence addresses for your business.

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Connect your email marketing solution

Change Static Footer Content material subject matter

It is important to go through and exchange the static content material subject matter of the footer. This will likely include together with your personal text, updating link URLs, and connecting your social media networks. Don’t forget in regards to the copyright text at the bottom of the footer as smartly.

Update static footer modules

New Freebies Each Week!

We hope you’ve cherished the Jewelry Designer Layout Pack and the Header & Footer freebie this is going at the side of it. We look forward to being attentive to your evaluations inside the commentary segment beneath. You’ll need to check out once more next week for additonal freebies!

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