Omnisend vs. Klaviyo: The Complete Comparability

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Getting one of the crucial out of your e mail promoting means you need to go looking out the most efficient e-mail advertising software for your ecommerce store. By the use of now, you’ve nearly certainly came upon that two of the easiest eCommerce-specific e mail promoting platforms are Omnisend and Klaviyo.

Then again of the ones two possible choices, which has the easier choices, pricing, and enhance?

At the moment, we’ll transfer over the in-depth Omnisend vs Klaviyo comparison so that you’ll find out which e mail promoting tool is best for you.

No fear: there’s no “it’s dependent” clause in this article, which tends to leave the whole thing up to you. For each and every section, there’s a clear winner, and we provide the common winner at the end. Not most straightforward will you know which e mail provider is the most efficient, alternatively we’ll give you the in-depth the reason why it’s so.

Omnisend & Klaviyo’s E-mail Builders

At the heart of each and every e mail promoting platform is emails, and the easiest way to create and customize emails is with the tool’s e mail builder. If it’s easy to use and customize, has quite a few ecommerce-specific choices, and provides hints and templates that can assist you create high-converting emails.

But if your e mail promoting platform fails in this basic function, then you definately definately’re no longer going to have a very easy time with the other choices. Thankfully, each and every Ominsend and Klaviyo have the by way of now standard drag-and-drop e mail builders that makes it beautiful easy and clean to create emails.

Klaviyo’s e mail builder allows you to add basic customizable text, columns, buttons, footage and tables. It moreover allows you to add products directly from your store into the email builder.

klaviyo email builderklaviyo email builder

Alternatively, there are some ecommerce-specific problems that Klaviyo misses, and likewise you’ll need to do those manually. This accommodates growing unique bargain codes which could be different for each and every recipient (so that the codes aren’t shareable).

Then again, Omnisend’s builder has a lot more customization possible choices. Besides offering the equivalent basic functions that we listed above, you’ll moreover use the Product Tick list tool to be able to upload products directly into your e mail.

omnisend email builderomnisend email builder

Alternatively, proper right here’s where Omnisend’s e mail builder really separates itself from Klaviyo’s builder, showcasing additional chocolates like unique bargain codes, provide boxes and scratch taking part in playing cards to raised engage and activate customers.

Winner: Omnisend

Proper right here’s a to hand information a coarse summary of each and every platforms’ e mail builder choices:

E-mail Builder Choices Klaviyo Omnisend
Drag and Drop Builder Positive Positive
E-mail templates Positive Positive
Mobile responsive Positive Positive
A/B Checking out Positive Positive
Saveable content material subject matter blocks Positive Positive
Product tips Needless to say categories Positive
Discount codes Positive Positive
Gamification No Positive

Tick list-building

Will have to you assemble your e mail file, you’ll private it for as long as those other people will want to pay attention from you. Having your own e mail file provides probably the most necessary absolute best ROIs, specifically at a time when digital ad acquisition costs are skyrocketing.

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Which e mail promoting platform, Omnisend or Klaviyo, has the easier e mail list-building choices?

Another time, each and every platforms cover the basics, alternatively one takes it so much further. Each and every Omnisend and Klaviyo help you create highly-targeted popups that can appear when and on which pages (or for which audiences) you want it to.

Alternatively, that’s more or less where Klaviyo stops. With Omnisend, you get much more, along with landing pages that have been confirmed to turn out to be upper than popups. There’s moreover the gamified Wheel of Fortune signup form that makes it fun for visitors to sign up and spin to win a bargain, loose supply, or other specific offer you choose.

When compared to the ones choices, Klaviyo doesn’t come close.

Winner: Omnisend

Summary of each and every platforms’ list-building choices:

E-mail list-building Choices Klaviyo Omnisend
Popups (fast, exit-intent, on specific URL, announcements) Positive Positive
Landing Pages No Positive
Gamified Popups No Positive
Signup Bars Positive Positive
Embedded Bureaucracy Positive Positive

Interested in and segmentation

Segmentation is essential as it’s an attractive bad follow to send exactly the equivalent message to all your file. People who bought different products, or signed up from different forms, or changed into costumes all over different promotions might want more than a few issues.

And that’s where segmentation comes into play. How do Klaviyo and Omnisend fare proper right here?

Superb issue: they each and every offer some beautiful tough segmentation purposes. Each platform allows you to slice and dice, and later purpose, your e mail and SMS file using shopper conduct, demographic data, or advertising and marketing marketing campaign job.

Each platform moreover allows you to sync up a segmented file (or all your file if you want to have) with Facebook to create lookalike audiences for your Facebook ads. So, must you wanted Facebook to go looking out the most efficient audiences for your new fall shoe line, you’ll create a section of shoppers that love your shoes and ask Facebook to create a lookalike target audience using that section.

Although Klaviyo most straightforward has Facebook Custom designed Audiences sync, while Omnisend moreover provides Google Ads sync, we think this is almost about a tie.

Winner: it’s a tie

Segmentation Choices Klaviyo Omnisend
Profile data Positive Positive
Advertising and marketing marketing campaign job Positive Positive
Purchasing groceries conduct Positive Positive
Custom designed Properties (Tags) Positive Positive
Facebook Audiences Positive Positive
Google Retargeting Ads Positive (alternatively with third-party tools) Positive


That’s the position it’s all been heading. Whilst you’ve were given a formidable e mail promoting program, then its bread and butter most likely is automation. Omnisend statistics showed that while automated emails most straightforward make up about 2% of emails sent, they communicate in almost about 30% of all income.

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Automation workflows in reality help you put your emails on autopilot, letting you’re making product sales when you sleep. And that’s why it’s so crucial to any e mail promoting platform. How do Omnisend and Klaviyo review?

Each and every platforms have function parity in the case of automation workflow purposes. Alternatively, the most obvious difference is how they can help you assemble those workflows.

Klaviyo has a powerful alternatively easy-to-use automation float builder, and also you’ll merely use various triggers and splits to make clean or complicated automation workflows.

klaviyo automationklaviyo automation

With Omnisend, you’ll do in a similar way tricky problems, alternatively that’s the position Omnisend pulls transparent of Klaviyo. They help you add a couple of channels to their automation workflows, like SMS and even push notifications. With the ones channels, you’ve higher freedom and flexibility to reach your customers any place they’re.

omnisend automationomnisend automation

Each different huge difference is in the best way during which that Omnisend and Klaviyo track abandoned carts. For Shopify retail outlets, Omnisend uses cookie-based tracking, which helps you to identify shoppers earlier on in their abandonment when they add products to cart.

Klaviyo is most straightforward in a position to catch them later on, at checkout. As a result of this lengthen, you’ll catch fewer cart abandons since fewer other people get to checkout compared to those that add products to their carts.

For those two reasons, Omnisend bests Klaviyo all over again.

Winner: Omnisend

Purchaser enhance

There’s no need to beat around the bush proper right here: Omnisend beats Klaviyo in the case of purchaser enhance. Klaviyo is widely recognized to be lacking in its enhance purposes.

To begin with, Klaviyo provides very limited enhance to loose shoppers. All Klaviyo customers have limited get right of entry to to enhance all over weekends and big product sales holidays (like Black Friday), since they artwork 6am-10pm on weekdays, and most straightforward 10am-4pm EST on weekends. 2nd, they’ve had whole weeks where they shut down their live chat as a result of various upgrades.

Then again, Omnisend’s purchaser enhance is 24/7, regardless of the day or season, with almost about 4,000 5-star critiques on Shopify. Omnisend provides trustworthy Purchaser Success Managers (CSMs) for customers paying at least $400/month, while Klaviyo’s threshold is some distance higher at $2,000/month.

Winner: Omnisend


That is among the maximum essential side of any e mail promoting tool, after you’ve confirmed that it has all the choices you need.

So we gained’t tease you: Omnisend beats Klaviyo proper right here on pricing.

Each and every have 3 tiers for their plans: loose, an extraordinary (referred to as “E-mail” on Klaviyo) and a best fee (“Skilled” on Omnisend and “E-mail and SMS” on Klaviyo). For each and every platforms, the standard plan is for customers that want to point of interest on e mail, while the highest fee is for customers who want to use each and every e mail and SMS.

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While each and every Omnisend and Klaviyo have an identical price possible choices, it’s essential to note that Omnisend provides international SMS, so that you’ll text customers in any country. Klaviyo limits its SMS to the USA, UK, Canada and Australia

To see why Omnisend bests Klaviyo on pricing, let’s check out the prices for each and every platform in accordance with different file contact sizes:

(So as to keep problems consistent, we stored each and every the email contacts and per month SMS the equivalent for each and every platforms’ best fee plans)

Contact measurement Klaviyo E-mail Omnisend Standard Klaviyo E-mail and SMS Omnisend Skilled
1,000 $45
15,000 emails
150 loose SMS
12,000 emails
60 loose SMS
15,000 emails
1,250 SMS
Countless e mail
3,900 SMS
10,000 $175
105,000 emails
150 loose SMS
120,000 emails
60 loose SMS
105,000 emails
10,000 SMS
Countless e mail
10,000 SMS
50,000 $790
550,000 emails
150 loose SMS
600,000 emails
60 loose SMS
550,000 emails
40,000 SMS
Countless e mail
43,000 SMS
100,000 $1,440
1,050,000 emails
150 loose SMS
1,200,000 emails
60 loose SMS
1,050,000 emails
75,000 SMS
Countless e mail
76,000 SMS

Normal, Omnisend is constantly more economical than Klaviyo. Because of Omnisend’s Skilled plan has countless e mail, it’ll always be more economical than Klaviyo. Moreover, the additional contacts you’ve, the bigger the difference is – with 100,000 contacts, for instance, you’re paying almost about double for Klaviyo.

It’s moreover essential to note that Klaviyo introduced that it will be expanding costs in later 2022. This table presentations pricing previous than Klaviyo’s price hike, which can see some plans going up by way of 15-50%.

Final concepts

By the use of now, the Omnisend vs Klaviyo has an attractive clear winner: Omnisend.

Feature-for-feature, they’re almost about on identical standing, with Omnisend beating Klaviyo inside the number of further choices it has in each and every magnificence. With enhance (which is crucial for buying started or overcoming some drawback), Klaviyo has a less-than-stellar recognition, while Omnisend’s is award-winning.

And, in any case, on pricing, Omnisend is constantly more economical than Klaviyo, even though taking into account that you just’re in reality getting additional.

The choice seems beautiful clear. Then again must you’re nevertheless not sure, take into account that both a kind of platforms offer loose plans (and Omnisend will provide you with whole function get right of entry to, even on loose), so that you’ll check out them out previous than you decide on one.

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