Otter AI Evaluation 2023 (Transcription Options, Pricing, Professionals & Cons)

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Transcription services and products have transform a necessity in at the moment’s fast moving, information-driven world. Quite a few the quite a lot of alternatives available, stands out with its AI-powered voice-to-text transcription options. Then again is it the most productive variety for you? This entire assessment will uncover the whole thing you need to learn about Otter AI, from its choices and pricing to its absolute best use instances.

What’s Otter AI?

Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel is an AI-powered transcription service that uses complicated machine finding out algorithms to turn into spoken language into written text. By contrast to AI voice turbines and text-to-speech equipment (TTS), Otter does the opposite by the use of taking spoken voice in meetings and writing it down for high quality meeting notes and summaries. Otter’s options are to be had online and by way of Android or iOS apps and a Chrome browser extension.

Otter AI Logo Mark

What’s Otter AI Used For?

Otter is in point of fact useful in quite a lot of eventualities, very similar to recording notes for online lectures, industry meetings, brainstorming categories, and transcribing pre-recorded video/audio content material subject matter. This can be a to hand software for jotting down notes right through meetings and interviews, capturing concepts while walking or the use of, and transcribing gift recordings and podcasts. Otter shines in any situation where you’ll be multi-tasking however need pristine text notes in your self or your workforce.

By the use of connecting along side your calendars (for finding events and meeting links), Otter is conscious about each meeting you are going to have and can join along. You’ll in no way will have to forgo an appointment and not using a trusty scribe following you spherical. Home User Dashboard

If Otter seems like a niche software, wait to look all of the probabilities which may well be unlocked with all its choices.

Otter AI Choices Breakdown comes stuffed with quite a lot of choices designed to make audio transcription easy and surroundings pleasant in any digital surroundings.

Are living Meeting and Media Transcription can transcribe meetings in real-time. This is its primary function and feature, on the other hand the additional you use it, the additional you depend on it. It’s going to perhaps transcribe audio from Zoom meetings, Google Meets, and other recorded audio and video news. Since Otter is taking notes for you, there is no need to assign a workforce member or volunteer to take meeting notes for many who ignored the meeting. Otter transcribes with high accuracy and even supplies a few additional choices.

It has a speaker id serve as that robotically identifies different audio machine in a recording and labels them accordingly. This prevents forms from covering topic notes without citing who mentioned what. Each and every block of transcribed text moreover comes with timestamps to in short reference what happened and when.

Automated Summary with Playback and Transcription

Otter moreover lets you upload audio and video news in quite a lot of formats and have it transcribe them. This feature is very best for transcribing pre-recorded content material subject matter. can transcribe up to 4 hours of a meeting or other audio provide, making it preferably suited to long meetings or interviews. And on best of transcribing each and every meeting, Otter knowledge each meeting as well and lets shoppers come once more to the discussion and play it once more. So if meeting notes aren’t going to cut it, entire meetings are stored with Otter too. Meeting notes, transcriptions, and playback can be shared right through your corporate while you use Otter AI as part of your workforce.

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Otter Assistant

The Otter Assistant serve as is a game-changer for those instances while you’ll’t attend a meeting as a result of sudden instances very similar to illness or scheduling conflicts. With Otter’s talent to get entry to your calendars, it would deploy the Otter Assistant to attend meetings on your behalf. Showing as a standalone assistant, Otter Assistant diligently transcribes the categories you’re no longer ready to participate in, ensuring you don’t fail to notice any a very powerful information.

In essence, Otter Assistant acts as your personal note-taker, ensuring you’re all the time inside the loop, even supposing you’ll’t be physically praise. It’s something that devices apart inside the realm of transcription services and products.

Custom designed Vocabulary and Establish Popularity can recognize and learn custom designed vocabulary, at the side of names, jargon, and acronyms. Just because it’s AI doesn’t suggest it robotically understands your industry or insider jargon. Establish pronunciations can be tough as well. For many who run into standard transcription issues, Otter has a bit of for together with custom designed vocabulary and names with which it will in a different way have bother. It’s going to make your notes further readable, inclusive, and right kind.

Add Custom Vocab and Names for Transcription

Outline Summary and Otter Assistant

One in every of’s maximum really useful choices is the Outline panel, which curates a meeting summary in an to be had and visual format. Outlines can be robotically (or manually) shared with others with email correspondence summaries. Meeting Summary Email Notes

With quite a lot of file permissions, Otter meeting transcriptions and notes are searchable, so earlier meeting content material subject matter can be indexed and in short found out.

Document Synchronization has integrations that robotically sync news from Dropbox and Zoom Cloud, keeping up your transcriptions organized and up-to-date without requiring manual transfers.

Connect Calendar Apps and File Sharing Services

Integration works each and every tactics, allowing news to go back into Otter and allows for saving transcriptions in Dropbox (if that is preferable).

Otter Mobile App + Chrome Extension is helping Android and iOS apps with a clean, professional, and classy interface, allowing you to use the service on your phone or tablet. This brings Otter in all places and each and every way you do meetings.

The Chrome extension moreover supplies further capacity around the web. As an example, Otter’s Chrome extension supplies “Add Otter meeting notes” to Google Calendar events with Meet or Zoom meetings attached. Chrome Extension - Google Calendar invite

Otter AI Pricing and Plans Analysis

Otter AI offers numerous pricing alternatives to suit different needs and budgets. Best possible of all, it has a loose plan, so that you’ll dip your toes in and try out the service forward of completely committing.


Otter Pricing Page - June 2023

Annual pricing is confirmed correct right here. Per month pricing is situated beneath.

The Elementary Plan is loose and gives shoppers with 300 minutes of transcription monthly, with a limit of 30 minutes in keeping with conversation. Shoppers can also import and transcribe up to 3 audio or video news.

The Skilled Plan costs $16.99 monthly. The Skilled plan offers the whole thing inside the Elementary plan plus additional choices. Shoppers get 1,200 minutes of transcription monthly, with a limit of 90 minutes in keeping with conversation. They are able to moreover import and transcribe ten audio or video news monthly.

The Business Plan costs $30 monthly. It contains the whole thing inside the Skilled plan plus workforce and admin choices. Shoppers get 6,000 common minutes of transcription monthly, with a limit of 4 hours in keeping with conversation. They are able to moreover import and transcribe endless audio or video news.

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For enormous organizations that need additional protection, keep an eye on, and improve, offers the Enterprise Plan. This plan contains the whole thing inside the Business plan plus complicated choices like Single Sign-On (SSO), organization-wide deployment, space grasp, and sophisticated protection and compliance controls. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is available upon contacting’s product sales workforce.

Learn the way to Use Otter to Arrange Meetings

Otter brings collaboration and time-management apparatus into one unified platform, starting with the dashboard. With workforce folks and attached calendars, the dashboard comes alive with insights and tasks according to previous and upcoming meetings.

By the use of being added to “Groups,” shoppers will also be notified when there’s a brand new meeting summary to look over when a group-shared meeting transcription is tagged with contemporary procedure. A couple of of those items will make it into the center of the dashboard beneath priority items. Otter AI transcription can merely be toggled On/Off for meetings with the most productive sidebar, showing you all your meetings for a decided on day. Otter moreover makes it easy to transcribe rapid concepts or upload video/audio content material subject matter that you need to have transcribed for you or your workforce (with summaries provided).

How to use Otter AI Dashboard

Shoppers may just make Otter’s transcription come alive when inside an vigorous meeting. Make a selection transcribed text, highlight it, add additional notes (text/footage), and jot down takeaways/movement items to make meetings productive. Other folks may well be @ tagged, so specific takeaways are sent to the shopper even supposing they weren’t praise inside the meeting.

Otter AI Transcription Takeaways and Custom Notes

Otter revolutionizes the applying of meetings. Even by the use of recording your personal concepts and having Otter transcribe, summarize, and proportion with workforce folks, Otter can scale back the choice of meetings your workforce has. Inside meetings and out of doors of them, Otter is helping you transform further surroundings pleasant.

The most efficient part of the usage of Otter is that it centralizes all meetings and meeting notes so that they’re searchable. Even supposing any individual wasn’t at a very powerful meeting, they can to find what they would like and get once more not off course briefly order. Its collaboration apparatus suggest no longer extra knowledge silos or gaps right through an organization on account of who’s invited to meetings. Otter shares further news and reduces the time it takes to go looking out it.

Pros and Cons of Otter AI

Choosing device on your podcast or industry is a very powerful process. It’s important to look what others have professional so that you’ll benefit from an expert solution possible. Underneath is an aggregated Pros and Cons document of customer feedback (right through assessment platforms) for in 2023.

Pros of Using Otter AI

  • Very good improve for Calendar Integrations
  • Has prime quality transcription that’s on par with other services and products, even without custom designed vocabulary get right of entry to
  • Allows shoppers to be further present-minded at meetings
  • Easy to use right through devices

Cons of Using Otter AI

  • Downgrading from Business to Skilled turns sub-accounts into separate, standalone accounts
  • Doesn’t remove filler words like “umm”
  • No Are living Chat improve, on the other hand thorough documentation
  • In line with-user pricing for Business and Enterprise plans are high compared to other AI industry apparatus
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Is Otter AI Worth It? is a powerful software offering numerous choices designed to make transcription easy for running teams and people. Its pricing plans cater to quite a lot of needs and budgets so that nobody is priced out of the usage of it. All of this and its unique combination of apparatus make Otter well worth your consideration.

AI equipment are finding usefulness in each and every nook and cranny. They’re lowering time spent on repetitive artwork and serving to teams discover deeper insights and additional surroundings pleasant tactics to collaborate. Otter AI isn’t every other.

Have you ever ever tried Otter or some other meeting AI assistant? How have they changed one of the best ways your enterprise does meetings?

Regularly Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Is Otter ai First rate?

Certain, is a legitimate company based totally utterly in the united states. It has a large shopper base, at the side of people, firms, and educational institutions. The company uses complicated artificial intelligence and machine finding out technologies to provide right kind and surroundings pleasant transcription services and products. It’s known for its forefront strategy to speech-to-text transcription and has received sure shopper opinions.

Can I Use Otter AI for Free?

Certain! offers a Elementary plan that is loose to use. This plan provides shoppers with 300 minutes of transcription monthly and allows for importing and transcribing 3 audio or video news inside the loose account’s lifetime. This is a excellent risk for many who need transcription services and products on a smaller scale or want to take a look at the device forward of committing to a paid plan.

Is Otter AI upper than Zoom transcription?

Many purchasers have reported that they prefer’s transcription services and products over Zoom’s built-in transcription serve as. is praised for its accuracy, user-friendly interface, and additional choices very similar to speaker id and custom designed vocabulary.

It is usually worth noting that can be integrated with Zoom, bearing in mind automatic transcription of Zoom meetings. Shoppers serious about comparing the two can sign up for’s loose plan and try it out for themselves.

Does keep recordings?

Certain, shops earlier meetings at the side of their transcripts and notes. This feature lets shoppers merely playback important meetings and keep them in a centralized location. This is a valuable software for reviewing earlier discussions, studying subject material, or referencing earlier meetings. The recordings are stored securely where shoppers can get entry to them anytime through their account.

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