Podcast search engine optimization 101: How you can Rank Upper

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40% of podcast listeners use an in-app search bar to seek out new podcasts. The rage is obvious: if you want additional reach, you want to optimize your podcast for search.

One option to get there’s with podcast search engine optimization. Recall to mind it as invisible levers you’ll pull to boost your score and force additional website guests on your podcast. 

In this post, we can quilt learn the way to optimize your podcast for Spotify, YouTube, and search — plus uncover learn the way to to seek out great topics in your next episode.

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Table of Contents

How you can Optimize a Podcast for Spotify

How you can Optimize a Podcast for YouTube

How you can Optimize a Podcast for Seek

How you can In finding Subjects for a Podcast

How you’ll Optimize a Podcast for Spotify

Change your show internet web page.

Each podcast on Spotify has a show internet web page. You’ll recall to mind it as a landing internet web page in your podcast.

Podcast SEO: Spotify show pageIn keeping with Spotify, the purpose of a show internet web page is to give listeners the whole thing they need to learn about your podcast, along side:

  • Its establish
  • Its quilt paintings
  • Its show description
  • A “Follow” button
  • A list of simply in recent years published episodes

The show internet web page isn’t something to speed by means of — or move away to collect dust. Ensure that each phase is up-to-date, proper, and as compelling as possible.

Include sub-topics in your show description.

Show descriptions are generally fast and concise, so you want to make every word rely. To get an SEO boost, incorporate phrases or sub-topics that are compatible what your imaginable target market is searching for. 

For instance, the smartly being and wellness podcast Repairs Section contains sub-topics like “smartly being fads,” “wellness scams,” and “vitamin advice” in its description. The ones are search teams that may lead any individual to the podcast. 
Podcast SEO: show description on Spotify

Front-load key information in your episode description.

Writing an episode description is otherwise to optimize your podcast, then again many skip it. This area offers keyword possible choices, that implies you’ll rank explicit particular person episodes in search.

Spotify recommends using the principle 20 words of your description to hook new listeners. Don’t repeat information in your episode establish or not unusual podcast description. Instead, jump right kind into the episode’s topic or customer.

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How you’ll Optimize a Podcast for YouTube

Add video chapters.

A few years up to now, Google began surfacing YouTube content material subject material in search results. For instance, a to hand information a coarse Google search of “How you’ll have a jump ahead” populates a list of similar films — along side a video chapter from the Tony Robbins Podcast:

Podcast SEO: adding video chapters to YouTube podcast video

To show up in search results, get began thru dividing your podcast into different sections, often referred to as video chapters. This creates a building for Google to understand your video.

It isn’t enough to be able to upload video chapters — you moreover need to optimize them. The key is together with related key phrases inside the establish of each chapter.

Throughout the video underneath, the principle keyword is “electronic mail promoting,” then again, thru leveraging video chapters, it moreover goals the important thing words electronic mail tick list and electronic mail segmentation.

Podcast SEO: targeting multiple keywords using YouTube video chapters

Besides the search benefits, video chapters moreover support particular person enjoy. For instance, have you ever ever ever skimmed an entire video to find a particular conversation or topic? Thru together with chapters on your podcast, target market have a roadmap to skip to the themes that the majority interest them.

Create playlists.

If your podcast covers a variety of topics, believe creating a playlist for each topic. Why? YouTube populates playlists in its search results, giving your content material subject material each different chance to be spotted.

Podcast SEO: playlists appearing in YouTube search results

Playlists can also prepare your podcast library and send target market down a content material subject material rabbit hole, encouraging them to spend additional time observing an identical films.

For example, the Jay Shetty Podcast has various playlists on its YouTube channel, along side smartly being guidelines, money conduct, and relationship advice. If you’re the sort of topics, you will have to spend hours taking note of a single playlist.

Podcast SEO: an example of a YouTube podcast channel using playlists to organize videos under different topics.

Add the target keyword on your video’s report name, establish, and description.

Faster than hitting “Publish” to your next YouTube video, make certain the following areas are optimized:

  • The report name. You’ll have to first indicate your primary keyword inside the video’s report name. That is why: YouTube can’t in truth “watch” your video to look how similar it’s, then again it’ll most certainly be informed your video’s report name, which is one (of many) context clues.
  • Video establish: When possible, naturally incorporate your objective keyword inside the video establish. On absolute best of that, keep your establish clear, compelling, and fast (objective for 60 characters or a lot much less).
  • Video description. Front-load your video description with necessarily essentially the most crucial information — paying homage to a keyword-rich summary, crucial links, or a CTA. Keep in mind that YouTube most simple displays the principle two or 3 sentences forward of target market wish to click on on “Show additional” to look the entire description.
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Now let’s take a look at learn the way to optimize your podcast for search.

How you’ll Optimize a Podcast for Search

Plan your episodes spherical explicit keywords.

Keywords are the name of the game with regards to podcast SEO. Finally, the number one manner other people discover new podcasts is by means of the search bar.

Thru planning your episodes spherical keywords, you’ll put your show (or explicit particular person episodes) in front of shoppers who’ve explicit intents.

For instance, in case you have an entrepreneurial podcast like The Aspect Hustle Display, likelihood is that you’ll objective keywords like “side hustle,” “print on name for,” and “internet online affiliate marketing on-line.”

Podcast SEO

Always include written content material subject material for Google to index.

Not at all skip out on writing a establish or description for each podcast episode. Certain, it’s time-consuming, however it supplies Google something to “be informed” and understand in more component. 

Moreover this is a just right advice to be able to upload a transcript on your podcast. While Google’s text-to-speech purposes are improving, it isn’t all the time proper.

Thru together with your personal transcript — each manually or routinely — Google can larger understand the content material subject material of your episodes. Plus, with the fitting topic, keywords, and keyword placement, you’ll boost your podcast’s discoverability and score.

Create a internet web page in your podcast.

While this isn’t vital — in particular when you find yourself simply beginning out — having a loyal internet web page in your podcast has SEO benefits. A internet web page offers additional exact assets for keywords and offers search engines like google and yahoo additional information about your podcast previous merely the establish and description.

You’ll moreover create blog content material subject material that compliments your podcast. This is a great option to cross-promote during a couple of channels and assemble a bigger following inside the process.

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How you’ll Find Topics for a Podcast

Whether or not or no longer you may well be simply beginning a podcast or had been inside the game for years, you need to to seek out excellent topics to speak about.

Podcasts quilt a variety of topic problems. Listed here are the three number one varieties:

  • Trending topics — the ones are topics that download higher-than-average attention and engagement on social media. 
  • Evergreen topics — the ones are topics with consistent search name for and past-time.
  • Interviews — the ones are topics that relate to an interviewee and/or their area of revel in.

How you’ll Find Trending Topics

One of the vital most simple techniques to go looking out trending topics is thru checking what words, phrases, or stories are trending on social media. Twitter is a brilliant place to start.

You’ll moreover leverage keyword research apparatus paying homage to Google Traits, Moz, and Semrush to spot trending keywords and gauge the popularity of positive topics.

How you’ll Find Evergreen Topics

Proper right here, the aim is to go looking out topics which might be tailored on your target market and reach a selected objective. For instance, you should be a real assets investor looking to offer advice to new execs inside the field. 

This requires doing a deep dive into your target market. What are their interests? Needs? Pain problems? The ones questions are key when finding evergreen content material subject material.

In addition to, use a key phrase analysis device (like the ones listed above) to go looking out topics in relation to your space of pastime, industry, or revel in. Always check to look if name for is continuous or fluctuates all through the 12 months.

Once more to You

As the popularity of podcasts continues to surge, so does the need to optimize them for max reach. Following the ideas above, you’ll make certain your podcast content material subject material is accurately optimized for search engines like google and yahoo. 

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