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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress community podcast from WMR. Each and every episode choices guests from around the community and discussions of crucial issues coping with WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the unique recording.

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Record Pop: You’re paying attention to Press This, a WordPress Community Podcast on WMR. Each and every week we spotlight members of the WordPress community. I’m your host, Record Pop. I fortify the WordPress community via my serve as at WP Engine, and my contributions over on TorqueMag.Io where I get to do podcasts and draw cartoons and educational films. Check out that out.

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While you observe tech, then you definately surely are aware of it’s been an exciting time for AI. Ultimate year we spotted a enlargement in text to image synthesis by way of apparatus like Dall-e and Midjourney. This year, that excitement seems to have pivoted to apparatus like ChatGPT. In contemporary weeks, we’ve spotted ChatGPT used for the whole thing from writing high school essays to creating new WordPress plugins and no longer the use of a external coding.

On this episode of Press This, we’re joined by the use of Ellis LaMay, a podcaster and WordPress Practice Director at to talk to us about how AI apparatus like ChatGPT can change the WordPress ecosystem. Ellis, how are you doing in recent times? 

Ellis LaMay: I’m doing great. I’m excited to be proper right here. Thanks for having me on the show.

DP: I wish to pay attention in your WordPress beginning position story previous to we dive in deep into Large Language Models.

EL: Certain. Yeah. Sounds great. I was eager about how you’ll be able to tell this story and I consider like a lot of those that I’ve met over my years running with WordPress, I more or less fell into it basically accidentally. Emerging up I was always fascinated about technology and as a kid I may take laptop techniques apart and put ’em once more together merely to check out to more or less figure out how they art work.

Then in the long run that led to making an attempt to resolve how you’ll be able to get them to art work in ways they weren’t meant to art work in. And , I was lucky enough to have a dad who worked for a space college and so he would elevate space junk laptop techniques from their IT department and that’s how a type of a not at all completing provide of materials to art work with.

As I more or less got just a bit bit older, I started to get additional inside the device facet of things. Started to check out to get laptop techniques and House home windows to do problems that it wasn’t meant to do basically. On the other hand, uh, in the long run I went off to college, consider it or not, and didn’t find out about laptop techniques in college.

All the time emerging up I was moreover running in bike shops. So at a certain stage, the bike shops that I was running for, they sought after internet websites. They sought after technological have the same opinion. And so I was more or less like that internal employee who might simply always do those problems. And one day it form of merely handed off to me that there’s a need for a classified bike web page that at the time didn’t exist.

And I more or less got this idea from all the customers we’d have that may ask us if we knew of this sort of issue or if we knew of places that presented used bikes. And so I set about in the hunt for to create this by myself, merely more or less according to my tech background and my gentle coding experience. And that was how I basically found out WordPress subjects.

In order that you’re talking about maximum surely once more in, let’s see, that may’ve been maximum surely 2015ish, 2014 most likely, spherical there. When I got my arms on WordPress subjects, more or less my youth passion of like taking problems apart and understanding how they art work merely were given right here dashing right kind once more in because of that’s how I spotted theming and plugin building was via basically reverse engineering them.

DP: And as part of your provide procedure, you find out about technology dispositions and likewise you’ve always kinda stored your eye on WordPress stuff, alternatively lately you’re moreover if truth be told diving into the possibility of AI, at the side of apparatus like ChatGPT, which I mentioned over and over again at the start of the show.

Can you tell us just a bit bit about ChatGPT and how it works?

EL: Yeah, I suggest, I consider there’s more or less the layman’s rationalization and then there’s in spite of everything deeper explanations regarding the technology that’s powering it. On the other hand on the ground degree, it’s if truth be told grabbing a lot of other folks’s attention, at the side of people who aren’t technologists or most likely don’t consider themselves to be. On account of essentially what it’s, is a piece of device put out by the use of OpenAI where you’ll be ready to check out a chat-like interface, a box where you sort in your input except for you’re speaking to a computer that has learned off of language models.

It’s going to most certainly then engage with you as although it’s a person. So it might do attention-grabbing things like understand context that other search interfaces and things like that that most people are used to can’t do. So, that’s essentially it more or less on the ground degree. I consider beneath that there’s maximum surely some if truth be told intense algorithms that art work via combing via data and massive language models and big data structures for it to take in that knowledge.

DP: Previous than the show you and I were more or less bringing up how one of the vital essential problems unique to ChatGPT is the chat-like interface where you’ll be capable of more or less have a discussion with the computer and it’ll spit out something very optimistically. It’s going to or is probably not correct. On the other hand that’s more or less the interface that’s happening, and that’s a fantastic leading edge issue. Can you tell us how a tool like ChatGPT, or something else out there love it, how can those toughen studies for WordPress visitors? Visitors to my WordPress site?

EL: Yeah, that’s a if truth be told excellent question. I consider that one of the vital possible that apparatus like this, and ChatGPT in particular, can have one day for bettering particular person studies, most likely from the implementer facet. And in all probability I’m biased function I’m a person who builds internet websites all day every day. On the other hand something I more or less pictured that I thought may well be if truth be told fascinating is, I get fascinated by all kinds of UX analysis where essentially what we’re doing is taking the feedback from dozens and dozens of shoppers of a web page or an application and getting their qualitative feedback on what their particular person experience was like.

I imagined a situation where you scaled that out to probably plenty or masses of other folks and then used a tool like ChatGPT to do the analysis at the ones huge volumes of qualitative feedback. Merely to distill it down into some takeaways, some literal actionable, tasks or steps you wish to have to take at the side of your interface based off of analyzing masses of particular person feedback categories. And that’s something that people might do just, alternatively it would merely take a chronic, very very long time.

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DP: I consider that sounds pretty cool if I needless to say correctly. It form of feels such as you’re describing running a check out or just more or less looking at the manner shoppers seek advice from your site and then you need to have this huge data and having something like ChatGPT to have the same opinion more or less spoil that data down so that you don’t should know how to look via all that data. You’ll be capable of have something more or less keep in touch to you and get a hold of pointers. Is that what you’re saying?

EL: Yeah, as regards to. Consider you give a survey to say 1000 other folks, where you ask them to give an explanation for their experience the usage of a piece of device. And likewise you merely go away it open-ended like that because you’re looking for their qualitative feedback. At the end of that survey, somebody’s gotta go through all that feedback and distill it down into some more or less takeaway.

What does it suggest? What does it tell us? What can we be told? That’s a very huge task for a human being to transport via, right kind? Finding out masses of feedback surveys and more or less tracking the input and form of pulling it together in a cohesive message. On the other hand for those who’ve got something like ChatGPT that can understand context, alternatively because it’s in the end a computer power via those tasks so much faster. You’ll be capable of get so much larger takeaways from huge data. Like if truth be told fast.

DP: We’re already more or less talking about how web developers can use this for bettering internet sites. We’ve got things like Copilot from GitHub, which allows developers to more or less have problems auto completed, I suppose. Roughly like having a computer permit you to write code and not write the code for you.

Is this something that you simply suppose WordPressers are gonna see or are already the usage of, most likely Copilot to code WordPress?

EL: I consider that’d be if truth be told cool. I’ve spotted, I don’t know within the match that they’re ChatGPT affiliated in step with se, alternatively I’ve spotted the emergence of a couple AI apparatus out there that file to write down WordPress code. Right kind? So this could be something like building out the development for a Custom designed Put up Kind with some custom designed meta fields where what you’re hanging into this device is just the layman’s description of what you want.

And then the AI will if truth be told translate that into code and building your content material subject matter sorts and Custom designed Fields. So I’ve spotted stuff like that out there inside the wild. I consider the actual issue I’m occupied with is how unswerving the ones technologies are, in particular at this stage of the game. Maximum frequently because of my experience with rising internet websites, particularly WordPress, is that the context of various plugins and other site functionalities problems carefully.

So I don’t know if AI can account for that merely however, alternatively I’d imagine that’s coming briefly inside the with regards to long term.

DP: I consider that’s an excellent spot for us to take a to hand information a coarse spoil, and when we come once more, we’re gonna continue our conversation with Ellis LaMay about the possibility of the usage of AI apparatus with WordPress. Stay tuned.

DP: You’re paying attention to Press This, a WordPress Community podcast. I’m your host, Doctor In taste, and joined this week by the use of Ellis LaMay, a podcaster and WordPress Practice Director at And Ellis has been studying the possibility of AI apparatus like ChatGPT and more or less eager about how they could be used by WordPress developers and easily web page developers, not merely WordPress.

And we’ve talked to this point about Copilot and the way in which ChatGPT might simply probably have the same opinion other folks create internet sites. I’m more or less curious, have you ever ever spotted any of your research, have you ever ever spotted any cool examples of ChatGPT being used on a web page somehow that you just weren’t expecting?

EL: I’m making an attempt to imagine unique examples. I’m just a bit exhausting pressed to come up with some unique ones, alternatively I’ve without a doubt spotted it being used in ways that you simply’d more or less guess. Right kind. And I consider one of the vital essential topics that a lot of persons are aware of by the use of now’s how a lot of the ones technologies are being used to generate content material subject matter if truth be told in short.

A big part of getting your determine out there, promoting a brand and mountain climbing up Search Engine results is a matter of hanging out excellent content material subject matter regularly. And so I consider that’s where some of the fast fit is gonna be for things like this. And I’ve spotted while of this week, there’s two plugins out there that help you arrange a plugin into WordPress, connect an API key to get ChatGPT running within that plugin, and then get began generating blog content material subject matter based off of a couple of keywords or topics you give it. And the one I was collaborating in with earlier in recent times, if truth be told, even writes that content material subject matter with structured headings and the proper semantic markups.

So, I consider for marketers at the moment, it’s more or less the Wild West because of they are able to use apparatus like that to in short, form of prototype and ideate blog content material subject matter and then in all probability tweak it from there.

DP: Talking about Gutenberg blocks and their possible for something like this. I wanna indicate that we’ve were given talked to the creators of Imajinn, which is an AI art work generator. And it takes place as a WordPress block. So you place within the plugin and then you definately surely merely add a block during your post and also you’ll be capable of sort in your instructed.

And I’ve been the usage of it every so often to create featured pictures for posts, right kind? Like that’s always a hard issue when you’ve got the whole thing more or less able and you want to have a featured image, you merely don’t wanna grab a stock {photograph}, and likewise you don’t if truth be told have time to create {a photograph} of your individual.

So there’s techniques during which I’ve already been more or less integrating AI into my workflow for generating content material subject matter. And then what you’re talking about, it sounds form of like a plugin installed and then a block and also you’ll be capable of more or less, within your dashboard, create content material subject matter spherical maximum surely a instructed.

That sounds pretty cool. There’s this keep in touch that the generated content material subject matter might get began overwhelming Google search and more or less overwhelming the web, right kind?

It’s in point of fact simple and there’s a lot of possible, a lot of incentive for other folks to create content material subject matter and if they are able to do it without hiring somebody, if they are able to merely more or less generate it via a ChatGPT, there’s gonna be a lot more of it. And so there’s been this idea that most likely Google could have a way of detecting AI text and most likely try to punish it or the remainder.

Have you ever ever heard the remainder about Google cracking down on AI generated content material subject matter?

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EL: I haven’t heard any explicit details about Google doing this, nevertheless it no doubt’s if truth be told easy to imagine that they could want to, right kind? On account of a few weeks up to now, after I first started to hear about ChatGPT and uncover it, all you had to do was get on YouTube and within a subject of, like section a minute, you’d get began seeing headlines for films about how ChatGPT is gonna end Google as we are aware of it.

I gotta imagine Google’s not keen on paying attention to messaging like that. So from that viewpoint, in spite of everything they’d maximum surely wanna more or less control this just a bit bit. On the other hand , the other issue too is, as a developer, I’ve always been tracking Google as regards to since day one because of the whole thing you assemble has to play neatly with it from a building viewpoint. However moreover for digital promoting and advertising purposes, score and promotion.

,what I’m curious to look is, as I’ve understood it, one in every of Google’s core missions is to more or less democratize the web. Their function is to basically get the best content material subject matter, some of the comparable content material subject matter into the arms of people who are looking for it. And in order that you more or less have to ask the question of, if everybody appears to be the usage of AI to generate content material subject matter, is content material subject matter form of across the board going down in top quality? Because you no longer have the a very powerful brooding about and concept control of other folks behind it, alternatively a couple of of it’s being generated by the use of a computer, ?

And for those who imagine the entire changes to the Google algorithm over the years and the way in which they’ve basically made huge strides to weed out things like keyword stuffing, and things like that, you gotta suppose that they’re gonna start to put an emphasis on staying transparent of computer generated content material subject matter because it merely gained’t be observed as distinctive as human generated content material subject matter.

DP: Yeah, I mentioned earlier, the answers ChatGPT supplies are very confident, whether or not or no longer it’s writing code or whether or not or no longer it’s giving you a e-book file. And it’s without a doubt a better writer than I consider I’m. I’ve to admit, that’s not my powerful stage. On the other hand just because it’s a better writer, I’m personally just a bit anxious that it could start to building higher on Google with not necessarily the proper answers. 

And I don’t know if Google has a restore for detecting AI, however moreover for detecting accuracy. On the other hand then I suppose that’s a whole other thing that in recent times we haven’t anxious about. Google detecting how right kind is an element? We merely check out how long visitors stay inside the site, how does the site perform? And other parts of their algorithm. There’s gonna will have to be some tweaking for Google to however be comparable in a post-ChatGPT world, it seems.

EL: Yeah, it if truth be told will. And I just about wonder too, where that form of issue more or less collides then with the sphere of academia. Probably the most essential those that I’ve talked to about this over the previous few weeks are people who are teachers the least bit levels, and one of the vital essential first questions they’ve is just about this look of astonishment, where they check out me and move, “Oh my gosh, are my students already the usage of this to like cheat on papers and problems?”

And my original solution is, I don’t know, alternatively most likely. And in order that you gotta wonder too, you already have Google and search engines that if truth be told changed the landscape of the way students did their art work. On the other hand that was 20 years up to now, ? And so more or less what new form of risks is ChatGPT gonna invite into that scenario?

I consider it’ll be if truth be told attention-grabbing to look how that plays out.

DP: There could also be a lot of conversation too about how calculators were going to break students. Like students want to know how to do all this very sophisticated math, not frequently math, alternatively one of the vital additional sophisticated stuff. They want to know how to take a look at this, even though is it something they’re if truth be told gonna have to make use of.

I consider there’s maximum surely 20 years from now, there’s a chance that we’d be looking once more at the ones conversations within the an identical signifies that we’re looking once more at “How calculators ruined high school for college students.”

EL: Yeah, utterly. It is going to neatly be, and I consider with every technical building, there’s the possible that it’s used for excellent and then the possible that it’s used for not excellent. I’m more or less a self-taught particular person. A large number of the problems that I find out about building and which have been pivotal for me in my profession building have been problems I’ve self-taught myself.

It’s attention-grabbing rising your profession that implies because of for me it’s essentially a subject of piecing together a lot of vital resources and studying how to be informed along the way in which during which. On the other hand I’ve had occasions every so often of studying certain languages where you more or less get stuck and you want somebody to form of fill in a knowledge hollow for you.

And when you’re a self-learner, you’re more or less at the whim of what you’ll be capable of to find going via Google. I consider that ChatGPT might simply if truth be told be something this is serving to facilitate people who are self-learners because of it’ll have the same opinion show them resources that they gained’t know exist or just fill in knowledge gaps because it’s have been for the reason that context from those language studying models.

DP: On that point, there are apparatus, I consider we mentioned, or alluded to them earlier, apparatus like CodeWP, which is a web page where you’ll be capable of move and provide an explanation for what you want out of a plugin and AI will create it. I consider they’re the usage of ChatGPT, to create a plugin that may or gained’t art work, alternatively supposedly it’s professional on WordPress plugins as its knowledge base. So it’ll need to be very specialized for that. Do you suppose at the moment this is a excellent device for other folks to use within the match that they wanna steer clear of coding? Will have to they be the usage of apparatus like that?

EL: I consider at the moment I’d have to transport with more or less a cast No. The reason being is because of yet again, the context of the rest of your application problems. While you more or less push all that context to the facet, and likewise you write a plugin to do some explicit functions or something explicit, I consider there’s a first-rate likelihood that you simply’d arrange that plugin and then have conflicts with the rest of your ecosystem, or most likely come throughout conflicts shortly.

Right kind? As you introduce new variables and parts into your site construction, you’re writing additional functions, you’re building additional capacity. I merely suppose that it’s not like a slam dunk one and finished. I more or less check out ChatGPT and other apparatus love it, form of like each different device. 

The hammer doesn’t assemble the house. The person conserving the hammer builds the house and that particular should take into context a lot of other parts along the way in which during which all through that journey. And I merely see ChatGPT as if truth be told no different, no less than for now.

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DP: That’s each different excellent spot for us to take a to hand information a coarse spoil and when we come once more, we can keep in touch to Ellis LaMay about possible uses for ChatGPT that he sees for WordPress developers. So stay tuned for additonal. 

DP: Welcome once more to Press This a WordPress Community Podcast. I’m your host, Record Pop, and this week we’re talking about ChatGPT with Ellis LaMay, the WordPress Practice Director at 

Ellis, at the start of the show, you were saying you’re protective your eye towards this period, and likewise you moreover were saying you’re building internet websites every day.

I’m more or less wondering, have y’all had the conversation however about the usage of ChatGPT for some web design for some problem at

EL: Very, very calmly. And I consider one of the vital essential smart uses that we see for it all through building is filling in placeholder content material subject matter. I consider everyone who’s worked on a web page one day has lengthy long gone to a Lorem Ipsum web page to basically copy and paste tons of placeholder content material subject matter so that they could merely simply assemble out their layouts.

And when you’re presenting prototypes and concepts to clientele, It if truth be told does move a chronic way to have some comparable content material subject matter in your designs that no less than it isn’t Lorem Ipsum. And so for now, we’re merely more or less dipping our toe and starting to use it for rising blog titles and things like that.

Actually just for the purpose of demoing internet sites, we’re not if truth be told promoting it as a tool to interchange thoughtful content material subject matter writing, alternatively that’s one way we’re the usage of it. On the other hand we in truth have a pleasing program at American Eagle known as The Hatchery, where its sole goal is to build upon emerging technologies and try to come up with leading edge ideas to carry ’em forward.

And so, I will’t percentage any details however, alternatively there have been some ideas in point of fact helpful to The Hatchery for rising it further.

DP: The example you were merely bringing up about the usage of it to create dummy content material subject matter, I hadn’t even regarded as that. That’s such an obvious one, alternatively that’s this sort of recreation changer if you are building internet sites and likewise you wanna have the ability to show proper right here’s how it would look to a restaurant, or proper right here’s how this site would seek for something else.

And even perhaps have some localized text in there or regardless of. All with turns on. Man, that could be this kind of lot upper than Lorem Ipsum. That’d be like Lorem AI-ipsum it reads in my head, nevertheless it no doubt doesn’t sound excellent. On the other hand that’s a if truth be told cool usage. That’d be cool if we spotted something like that out there.

EL: All right kind. Well, most likely a listener will take that idea and push it forward.

DP: It may well be early days and I know that a lot of bugs are however getting worked out and we said, we maximum surely wouldn’t be the usage of this to code a web page however. On the other hand I consider early days, one of the vital essential problems I’m more or less most interested by is without a doubt the usage of it as part of my workflow.

If I make a video and I’m more or less struggling to go back up, Description of it that are meant to move inside the body of the text. I might move to ChatGPT and more or less tell it more or less what I’m looking for and it supplies me something. And I don’t suppose I’ve used that exactly however, nevertheless it no doubt’s helped me out such a lot.

And I’ve, even for art work, I’ve used Midjourney more or less have the same opinion get started with an art work idea and then I in the end finally end up redrawing it from scratch. So merely integrating it into my workflow, not necessarily converting my workflow with it’s been if truth be told nice for me. And it more or less seems like y’all are brooding about within the an identical manner.

EL: Yeah, I agree. , one simple signifies that I’ve used it throughout the remaining couple weeks is to get speedy references to the that implies of things while I’m on calls with clients and partners. It’s just about more or less embarrassing to admit, alternatively an example would be the other day I was on the phone with some control from an insurance plans company.

We were talking regarding the 2.0 style of their web page and there’s a lot of acronyms inside the insurance plans world, and it was if truth be told helpful to have ChatGPT up because of I might simply merely sort into it, “What does blah, blah, blah suggest relative to automobile insurance plans?” 

And even though I might do just the an identical issue via Google, you still have that form of guide facet to Google where it’s vital to just remember to know what you’re taking a look at is the proper result.

And also you’ll must more or less peruse via a couple of of Google’s interface to go looking out your literal solution. On the other hand with ChatGPT I merely get the answer. So that’s been pretty useful. And the oldsters that I’m speaking to on the phone if truth be told have no idea that I’ve have been for the reason that throughout my once more pocket. So I consider a lot of little uses like that may continue to embolden the business world.

DP: Well, that’s if truth be told attention-grabbing. I if truth be told appreciate your time in recent times speaking to me about ChatGPT. I consider I’m eager about it in so much different ways than I was previous to. Ellis, if other folks want to observe you online, what’s a good way to more or less keep up with the art work you’re doing?

EL: You’ll be capable of observe me on’s weblog. Along with on LinkedIn.

DP: Well, I if truth be told appreciate you changing into a member of me for this episode of Press This. Press This is a weekly podcast. Next week we’re gonna be speaking to Ryan Singel from Contextly about how you’ll be able to make your web page stickier the usage of apparatus like Contextly. Thanks for paying attention to Press This. I’m your host, Record Pop.

You’ll be capable of observe my adventures with Torque magazine over on Twitter @thetorquemag otherwise you’ll be capable of move to where we contribute tutorials and flicks and interviews like this every day. So take a look at out or observe us on Twitter. You’ll be capable of subscribe to Press This on Purple Circle, iTunes, Spotify, otherwise you’ll be capable of download it right away at each week. I’m your host Doctor In taste I fortify the WordPress community via my serve as at WP Engine. And I love to focus on members of the community each week on Press This.

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