Press This: Don’t Be Scared, It’s Simply Headless WordPress with Fran Agulto

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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress crew podcast from WMR. Every episode choices guests from around the crew and discussions of an important issues coping with WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the unique recording.

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Report Pop: You’re taking note of Press This, a WordPress crew podcast on WMR. Every week, we spotlight members of the WordPress crew. I’m your host, Report Pop, I toughen the WordPress crew through my serve as at WP Engine and my contributions over on You’ll subscribe to Press This on Purple Circle, iTunes, Spotify, otherwise you’ll have the ability to download episodes without delay at

Headless WordPress is a large topic inside the WordPress scene nowadays. On the other hand many folks like myself would perhaps nevertheless be just a bit scared off when we concentrate the time frame headless. And not just because it’s just about Halloween and we get creeped out for that. I consider it’s time to get well from this worry. So I’ve asked Fran Agulto, a Developer Counsel at WP Engine to have the same opinion me understand the pros and cons of headless. Fran, how’re you doing nowadays?

Fran Agulto: Oh Report, thanks for having me. And certain, you’re right kind it’s Halloween then again we can not be scared given that Headless Horseman is true right here. Certain, I’m doing merely top of the range nowadays. Thank you.

DP: Awesome. You realize, I’m gonna get began off when you must merely tell us what’s your WordPress beginning position story? How did you get into this area?

FA: Great question. In truth, my WordPress beginning position story funnels through WP Engine. After I first started looking for a job in tech, I had no coding revel in. I in fact highest had touched one WordPress web site once in my life and that used to be as soon as once more at school. And I was merely making a shift in search of to get into tech. 

Well, WP Engine used to be as soon as hiring for product sales representatives. So I got on board with WP Engine on the product sales side of things with WordPress not on the technical side starting. 

So that’s my beginning position story. I got through WP engine on the product sales side of things and through their training proper right here at WP Engine, must you’re additional on the product sales and promoting and advertising and marketing side, they give you the entire kind of spiel on what WordPress is as a CMS and as a keep watch over system, when you’re going to.

DP: Yeah. And in order that you and I’ve been talking at WordCamp US in San Diego, and I know that headless is a large issue for you. What’s your provide serve as at WP Engine and the way in which does that kind of tie in with headless WordPress?

FA: Yeah, so that’s a very good question. My provide serve as right here’s Developer Counsel, Stage Two, on the headless developer family members body of workers proper right here at WP Engine, and it ties into headless WordPress. With the developer family members body of workers at WP Engine, there are two sides of the house, Report. 

There’s the traditional WordPress side of the house which the general public that use WordPress are familiar with, if not all. And then there’s the headless side of the house, which I’m advocating for on my end. And that’s what I do. I essentially merely write blog put up technical articles and YouTube motion pictures on coding and the way in which to not be scared off, when you’re going to, as you have got been saying in your intro of adapting the program.

DP: Well, , we’re talking about being scared and we’re going to check out to stick this, , truthful and be in contact in regards to the execs and cons of headless. I suppose let’s get began off with merely the pros of headless by means of WordPress. What comes to ideas whilst you call to mind those?

FA: Yeah, so there’s in fact 3 number one positives or execs when you’re going to, Report, on why people, organizations, small to medium corporations, companies, move and adapt headless WordPress. The first thing is tempo. Correct? Because of from an individual revel in standpoint, everyone seems to be conscious about in web construction that when you’ve got a gentle web site, wager what it’s going to bounce, your shoppers. Bye, bye. So , you want those super fast, speedy web sites that essentially give a really perfect individual revel in and up those Google Core Internet Vitals

That’s one of the execs of headless WordPress, is as an alternative of a monolithic, standard WordPress server side rendering mechanism that’s what WordPress does is on upon every request. Whilst you’re an individual visiting a web site, it takes a round commute. It’s going to the server, the PHP runs the code and then sends the HTML once more to the browser as a way to devour. Now, over again, you’ll have the ability to boost up standard WordPress, then again at its core on the headless side out of the sector, whilst you decouple WordPress and easily devour it as an API layer and have static files on a CDN knowledge already pre built, it’s fast. 

That’s the at first skilled, Report, and then the second one is protection. And the reason for that is whilst you decouple any web software or internet web page it doesn’t must be headless WordPress, your once more end is hidden. Correct? Most of the people which could be savvy with tech, and could possibly decipher if you’re using WordPress received’t even know must you’re using WordPress with the exception of you’re exposing your setting variables in your repository. 

And then the second issue, why it’s maximum protected given that flooring area of attack is that so much a lot much less, essentially, because of whilst you decouple, you’re on a front end framework that’s responsible now as an alternative of the PHP of rendering the HTML inside the browser, and it’s just a lower flooring area of attack because of there’s this kind of lot nefariousness you’ll have the ability to do in a browser. 

And then the third and supreme one, essentially is the long term proofing of your tech stack. What I suggest via that is with headless WordPress whilst you decouple your tech stack, you’re taking what’s referred to as the API driven construction way or manner. And that implies, love it’s much more straight forward to not highest have your shoppers get right of entry to your internet web page or web software through a desktop browser, then again a kiosk, a visual display unit in a Tesla, a cell app, it’s merely much more straight forward to devour that WordPress knowledge and then throw it on to any extent further or much less like, node that your individual is going to use. So that’s the pros of it.

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DP: Adequate, yeah, that’s attention-grabbing. Now there’s a couple that come to mind for me and I don’t have a headless web site, I haven’t experimented with headless, I do use WordPress. You’ll let me know if this is right kind. Well first off content material subject material keep watch over must you’re using WordPress and in addition you’re using a headless you’ll have the ability to degree it to , regardless of web app or regardless of you want to do. That content material subject material keep watch over side being pre built, with WordPress is got to be super blank. Anybody regardless of their knowledge of ways you’ll be able to use a internet web page or how you’ll be able to assemble a internet web page they could very merely move in. The identical advantages merely WordPress principally. They are able to move in and write their blog put up and kind of post it super easy, right kind?

FA: That’s in fact 100% right kind. Certain. You’ve nailed you’ve nailed that. Yep. In a summary, Report, you nailed it. Yep. 

DP: And then I suppose other problems that come to mind that you simply didn’t indicate, it used to be as soon as kind of like checking to seem, it seems like must you’re development headless WordPress, I might be unsuitable on this then again it seems like you’re gonna have numerous tools because of all the plugins that folks have made available, that you simply’ll be able to mix, with the exception of there’s some the reason why you’ll have the ability to’t do that with headless. On the other hand it form of seems such as you must most likely get like numerous SEO plugins or regardless of. And very quickly, all the WordPress ecosystem is at your fingertips, even supposing you’re development headless does that sound right?

FA: Probably the most actual cons of headless WordPress is on the WordPress side of things, Report. Specifically plugins, obviously, that can render or manipulate or industry your front end. You’ll forget that. That received’t art work in a headless taste. And, if truth be told, I’d say most WordPress plugins don’t art work in a headless sense. 

What you’re going to have to use to have a parody or comparison, what a plugin is to the traditional WordPress developer inside the front end ecosystem of Node JS and frameworks like React, Vue Angular, you should have NPM packages, which stands for node package manager. And must you’re a WordPress developer, those are what plugins are on the front end ecosystem that you simply’re going to wish to get aware of and use. 

DP: You realize, I consider that’s an excellent spot to stop for a minute. We’re going to take a quick spoil and when we come once more, we’re talking with Fran Agulto in regards to the execs, and we’ll get once more and we’ll be in contact in regards to the cons of headless WordPress. You’re taking note of Press This.

DP: You’re taking note of Press This a WordPress crew podcast on WMR. This week we’re speaking to Fran Agulto, a Developer Counsel at WP Engine. We’re talking in regards to the execs and cons of headless and why you should or shouldn’t be frightened of headless WordPress. 

So far, we’ve covered the pros which simply are quicker loading. You’re saying that headless WordPress is just super snappy. Protection, not making it clear what the web site is built on? You’re not getting hackers, any of that wisdom, it’s kind of merely front coping with. 

Longer term proofing. I mentioned content material subject material keep watch over, and then we got into cons and in addition you have got been merely saying most plugins don’t art work. Statistically speaking, you’re merely kind of saying you feel that the majority WordPress plugins are most likely not going to art work with headless and I’m guessing that’s because of most of those plugins are most likely designed with like front end kind of changes.

FA: Yeah, that’s 100% right kind. Certain. The truth of the topic is, if any plugin inside the standard WordPress sense is made to make some kind of alteration to the doorway end, it’s not going to art work given that entire concept is you’ve decoupled the doorway end so that breaks. That’ll spoil in standard WordPress, or in headless WordPress, excuse me. 

Then again, Report, proper right here’s the thing, any WordPress plugin that highest does something on the backend. Correct? Like, Report, I’m certain you’re familiar with Complicated Customized Fields, which helps you create custom designed content material subject material types. And there’s Yoast search engine marketing for WPGraphQL which is a headless WordPress plugin. Those problems art work because of people have written PHP code to extend those plugins in an effort to be integrated with a headless way, if this is smart.

DP: Yeah. So let’s talk about each different cons of doing headless WordPress. 

FA: Oh, yeah, there’s many. [laugher] 

DP: Oh well, adequate. [Laughter] Well we got like seven minutes. What kind of comes to ideas, what’s the perhaps an important con that anybody’s fascinated by going headless they received’t wish to in fact do it because of this con? 

FA: Yeah, proper right here’s the thing, man, I let you know. I was at WordCamp US, if truth be told, I met you over there, Report, and I was speaking to numerous people who merely were given right here up and randomly asked me this question. The truth of the topic is, at its core, and why it used to be as soon as invented, WordPress is very easy, it’s WYSIWYG, “What you notice is what you get.” Correct? And I gotta let you know, my mom, and my own sister, they know how to use WordPress. My mom isn’t technical the least bit. On the other hand she is conscious about how you’ll be able to get into WP admin and easily write some content material subject material in a block. And he or she goes, “Oh, look, it’s live on a URL.” 

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The principle issue or con, when you’re going to, is the learning curve and barrier of get entry to to this fashion, in truth. Because of number one, you’re going to must be savvy and fluent in JavaScript. That’s number one. Adequate, that requires coding. 

DP: Ooh. My center’s beating. [laughter]

FA: Report, trust me when I first enrolled in my JavaScript boot camp, my center used to be as soon as beating out of my chest. So that’s the first thing. That’s the at first issue that’s the con of this issue is is that there’s not only a technical debt that you simply’re going to accrue because of must you don’t realize it, you’re gonna wish to pay a JavaScript developer now to take care of your WordPress blog must you move headless, right kind. Whilst you’re using WooCommerce as a business and you want to transport headless on it, you’re gonna wish to consider purchasing a body of workers now, who can code in JavaScript when you’ll have the ability to’t, that’s the principle issue. That’s the principle issue. 

The second issue, an important con of it, is the space or the bridge between, and I consider a few of these issues we’re in fact solving at WP Engine, which is awesome. And I’m not merely saying this. I love WP Engine, I art work proper right here then again I can make a choice where I wish to art work. We’re solving the issue of the fact that when you have a promoting and advertising and marketing body of workers or a content material subject material editor in your crew, or regardless of it’s you’re using WordPress for, they’re used to going into WordPress, inside the block editor, writing down content material subject material, typing content material subject material in, hitting each that preview button so that it’s going to see what it’s going to seem to be live on the URL, or just hitting post and seeing it live. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case in headless WordPress. You moreover wish to configure and manipulate problems which WP Engine is solving for out of the sector. To be sure that that bridge, when you’re going to, Report, to art work. So that content material subject material editors will probably be additional familiar with the workflow. Because of it is a decoupled headless, when you’re going to, workflow whilst you move disattached like that. So those are the two number one number one cons of it. Is the complexity, and then you definately definately essentially have to hire coders. And then wager what, what you’re used to on the WYSIWYG should be configured and there’s problems that it’s necessary to twine up now so that you could replicate that.

DP: So I consider what I’m paying attention to is that when I move to my WordPress web site and I make a transformation, I hit refresh, or regardless of, I’m going to the internet web page, hit refresh, and that fluctuate is there. And with headless traditionally, you’re going to wish to do a few additional steps than just hitting refresh. Is that what you’re saying?

FA: 100% Yep, that is 100% right kind. Yeah. Yep.

DP: And likewise you’re citing what you’re running with WP Engine. I’m assuming that’s Atlas?

FA: Certain, that is Atlas. Correct. That’s the shameless plug, everybody. On the other hand that’s what I was relating to is how WP Engine is solving for this. We’ve essentially taken the developer toil, I need to identify it, of the pain steak of having to twine all that up that I merely recommended you about, Report. 

So now if I’m a developer and my company or my body of workers or I’m in an corporate and the corporate goes, “Fran, it’s necessary to code this web site. The owner of the web site needs to use WordPress as their CMS then again they wish to move headless for the pros of it.” 

With the Atlas platform, Report, within two or 3 clicks, you’re configured and it lets in that content material subject material editor to be like, “Oh man, wow. I can hit preview or post. And it’s essentially the identical art work flows as I was using in an ordinary WordPress sense. On the other hand now it’s headless. And I don’t even wish to know about it.” Because it’s essentially a parody. It’s the identical glide. That’s what WP Engine has solved for.

DP: And so let’s merely recap the pros and cons but over again. So we’ve discussed the pros are quicker loading protection, longer term proofing, content material subject material keep watch over’s going to be more straightforward. 

The cons, it sounds as if like most plugins will most likely not art work in order that you received’t have necessarily the entire ecosystem then again you’re going to have parts of it. And as well, merely in a large sense, must you’re development a headless WordPress web site, then chances are high that you’re gonna must clutch JavaScript, you’re gonna must clutch kind of how you’ll be able to, every time you’ve created that content material subject material, how you’ll be able to kind of like push that so it’s going live. It’s not just a one click on on process and that’s kind of live. 

FA: 100% Yeah, you essentially have to go into a command line, a terminal, it’s necessary to maintain repositories and trying out branches. Yeah. So there’s a fancy studying curve.

DP: Well, I consider that’s a very good place to take a spoil. And when we come once more, we will be able to talk about how you’ll be able to get well from those fears, when you’ve got them. Whilst you do wish to be doing headless WordPress, how you’ll be able to kind of get well from them. And , it’s kind of wrapping up on this episode, so stay tuned for additonal with Fran Agulto.

DP: You’re taking note of Press This, a WordPress crew podcast on WMR. Every week we spotlight members of the WordPress crew and this week we’re speaking to Fran Agulto, a Developer Counsel at WP Engine about headless WordPress, which sounds great because it’s kind of the time of the year to be scared. And , previous to the show, Fran, you and I’ve been talking about rock hiking. And I’m merely kind of curious, like with rock hiking, were you frightened of heights whilst you first started? 

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FA: Oh, I suggest, positive I was. I no doubt had a  more than healthy worry of heights, Report, let’s merely say.

DP: A healthy worry, yeah. And I’m merely kind of wondering if there’s any lessons there. Most likely it is a stretch. Is there to any extent further or much less lessons there to kind of the way in which you felt and the way in which you overcame it with how every other other people might be frightened. They most likely have an software that shall be , they most likely should be doing headless WordPress, then again they’re merely frightened about making that leap. What crossovers do you should have from like, your hiking days that you simply must ship over. 

FA: yeah, that’s in fact a very good analogy, when you’re going to. Proper right here’s the thing, right kind. At the end of the day, most worry I consider, Report, and it pertains to web construction, to rock hiking, which is why it is a very good analogy or even like, being married or having kids, regardless of you’re doing in life. Worry is maximum repeatedly because of unknown and unfamiliarity. Other folks worry problems which could be unfamiliar. 

On the other hand wager what? That worry gets lessened, the additional you’re used to 1 factor, so let’s take a step once more proper right here. WordPress. Report, you’ve been inside the WordPress recreation longer than I’ve. I suggest, I’ve been dealing with WordPress for 4 years now. How long have you ever ever been inside the WordPress recreation? 

DP: Like 4 years in a month. [laughter]

FA: Oh 4 years and a month. So we’re even. 

DP: No, I’m a month ahead! [Laughter} No, it’s like 12 years I believe operating with WordPress corporations and stuff like that. 

FA: Ok.

DP: So yeah, it’s some time. 

FA: So right here’s the object. The explanation why it’s essentially the most cherished CMS and it’s like, I don’t know 35-40% of the web. I didn’t keep for Matt Mullenweg’s State of WordPress at WordCamp, I were given busy. However WordPress is massive. And there’s a explanation why for that. It got here out early and won familiarity with its ease of use. Ok, so persons are simply ok with it. 

The parody I need to make with rock mountaineering is, I used to be in concern of it as a result of clearly heights are heights. But when you recognize the security that you’ve got as you’re rock mountaineering, it lessens that concern since you’re used to a undeniable go with the flow. And that’s precisely how I were given into and stayed in, advocating for headless WordPress, and passing that JavaScript boot camp to be fair with as a result of each day was once worried. I’m like, Is my code gonna destroy as of late? And what am I even doing with this? However that’s the object, proper? 

Is that from an adaption viewpoint, and that’s why WP Engine is so invested in it’s because on the finish of the day with internet building and the web, the long run is decoupled API pushed building. And we don’t need WordPress to be an age previous era that no one makes use of anymore. We need to deliver it at the side of the so-called jamstack, if you’re going to, which is a tech buzzword, but it surely stands for JavaScript API markup. On the finish of the day. It simply method whats up, you could have an API endpoint, which is on this case, WordPress. After which we’re going to eat that information out of WordPress onto no matter entrance finish you wish to have to make use of. 

Now, from a go with the flow point of view, I believe, Document, truthfully particularly with what WP Engine is doing and the way persons are simply adapting this. As soon as it beneficial properties traction, and, our Developer Family members Crew are serving to reduce the barrier of access and get other people extra enabled in this, and perceive what precisely they’re entering. And, once more, it’s now not for everyone, however for your level, if it’s one thing that’s wanted, if it’s like, oh my god, analysis smart, your website online must be a headless WordPress website online. Yeah, there’s indisputably a normality that you want to have to minimize that concern.

DP: Completely. Smartly, we’ve been speaking with Fran Agulto, Developer Suggest at WP Engine as of late about headless and this was once a perfect dialog. When you’d love to observe up and be informed extra about what Fran is operating on, you’ll be able to observe him on Twitter, @fran_the_dev

Upcoming episodes of Press This we’re going to be chatting with Nev Harris subsequent week to discuss how you can recession evidence your WordPress company. Thank you for being attentive to Press This WordPress group podcast on WMR. You’ll observe my adventures with Torque mag over on Twitter @thetorquemag or you’ll be able to pass to the place we give a contribution tutorials and movies and interviews like this each day. So test out or observe us on Twitter. You’ll subscribe to Press This on Purple Circle, iTunes, Spotify, or you’ll be able to obtain it at once at every week. I’m your host Physician Well-liked I beef up the WordPress group thru my function at WP Engine. And I like to highlight contributors of the group every week on Press This.

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