Press This: Is Your Web site In a position for Cyber Week with Josh Dailey

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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress community podcast from WMR. Each episode choices guests from around the community and discussions of the largest issues going thru WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the authentic recording.

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Record Pop: You’re taking note of Press This, a WordPress community podcast on WMR. Each week, we spotlight folks of the WordPress community. I’m your host, Record Pop, I improve the WordPress community via my serve as at WP Engine and my contributions over on You’ll subscribe to Press This on Pink Circle, iTunes, Spotify, otherwise you’ll download episodes immediately at

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up and I’m wondering will have to you’re ready. In this episode, we’re sitting down with Josh Dailey, a product promoting manager from WP Engine to discuss final minute pointers and techniques to make sure your eCommerce web site is ready for an important product sales weekend of the three hundred and sixty five days. Josh, how are you doing these days?

Josh Dailey: I’m doing incredible. All the time a excitement to talk to you Record.

DP: Totally. And it was great seeing you at WordCamp US, and we’re going to discuss eCommerce and about Cyber Weekend. Is that what it’s referred to as?

JD: Yeah, Black Friday, Cyber Weekend correct after that. Certain.

DP: Right kind. So previous than we get into that, I wish to concentrate somewhat of bit, I know you’ve been throughout the WordPress recreation for a minute, why don’t you tell us somewhat of bit about how you got into WordPress? 

JD: I in reality got started once more in 2012-ish I wish to say. I was content material subject material creating, doing a lot of video content material subject material these days. And the patrons that I had have been soliciting for find out how to distribute that content material subject material. So we started looking at website online possible choices. And I’m more or less a kind of guys that may get began tinkering at the rest and say, “oh, you want to do that? I assume I’ll figure out a solution to get that completed.” 

And so I merely pressed in on WordPress and came upon a solution to get it onto my own server with .org and then the rest is kind of history from there. 

On the other hand, I will bear in mind that one amongst my first internet website hosting providers was WP Engine and so that you can be on their staff now after this time frame, it’s been awesome, because of I was an early adopter with them as a result of the farm hacks and that more or less stuff happening these days, they normally’ve provided a solution where I would possibly go in and be creative however and not using a wish to agonize about my web site’s backend and hacks and that more or less stuff. So that’s how I got started.

DP: And now that you simply’re at WP Engine. Are you running on the rest more or less eCommerce-related for WP Engine shoppers?

JD: Yeah, no doubt. So, my whole serve as and function is throughout the eCommerce house. After I got into the website online development aspect then I started getting requests for eCommerce internet sites and I started working with WooCommerce. So it’s more or less a natural construction to then be the product promoting manager of the eCommerce solution proper right here at WP Engine.

DP: Neatly, let’s get into it. You realize, I really like eCommerce, I really like to shop for online. And you know, we’re coming up, as of recording, I think when that is going up we’ll be with regards to Cyber Weekend. And product sales are already more or less starting to pop up, or a minimum of hints of product sales. Is it too late for web site house owners to worry at this degree? Will have to they just lock in or should they continue being keen on having their web site ready for Cyber Weekend?

JD: I indicate, extra incessantly than no longer of thumb, folks say, will have to you’re planning your sale for a large fit like that, you’ll have to in reality get began occupied with it the three hundred and sixty five days ahead. In order that you actually wish to be pressing into it, in particular will have to you’re talking about what servers should I be on? Do I’ve the whole thing configured accurately? 

At this degree, you’ll have to actually be occupied with the marketing plan. On the other hand there are some little problems that you just’ll however be doing around the checking out aspect of things that you simply should be occupied with, to make sure all of the stuff you’re about to send out, you know; electronic mail blasts or social campaigns. You want to make sure the web site is performing at its very best. And you want to make certain that the Add to Cart button is working or that the checkout drift is working and that they’re going to have a good enjoy all through all of the buyer journey.

DP: I think we’re going to discuss tips about how to try and we’re gonna talk about load checking out in a minute. On the other hand previous than we do, you more or less presented up some problems previous even website online optimization. You’re citing things like; is your charge solution ready. I’m merely more or less curious, is there any checking out folks should be doing now to make sure Visa and PayPal are going to be running all through that weekend?

JD: Yeah, I indicate, essentially, despite the fact that you keep in touch to companies, most of them are using guide checking out processes. Merely entering into and showing as a purchaser is normally a big win for you. You’ll uncover a lot of stuff. Will have to you don’t always act as the owner of the web site or the developer of the web site, it’s every now and then a good follow with the intention to merely go in and act like, “good day, I’m a brand spanking new individual, first-time individual.” Move all through the buyer enjoy, and also you’ll uncover all kinds of things that suggests.

DP: What you’re talking about, I imagine, is WooCommerce, which is maximum indisputably what most WordPress web websites are using for their eCommerce internet sites. WooCommerce would have some type of check out chance? Or are you talking about in reality signing up as a purchaser and running a real credit card?

JD: I indicate, you’ll do every. There are sandbox ways to do stuff, alternatively as you know, even in using local development and that more or less stuff, when you push reside, the game’s different. And so it’s a good idea to run a transaction with your personal credit card and then you’ll refund yourself if you wish to do that. 

On the other hand I may say do every. Do the sandbox checking out alternatively at this degree, like we have been talking about, if your web site is reside, there’s very little you’ll have to be changing, because you don’t wish to break something throughout the process when you’re this with regards to a big fit. So at this degree you’ll have to be actually enthusiastic about, is the UX running one of the best ways that it’ll must? Is the whole thing running as a result of it’ll must? Reasonably than making massive changes to the infrastructure.

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DP: Totally. So I can must not be AB checking out for web site optimization at the moment. My fundamentals artwork. And let’s keep in touch in regards to the checking out that we do wish to do, which is stress checking out, correct?

JD: Certain, you’ll do stress checking out. But if we’re talking in regards to the massive fit itself, I may well be further concerned along side your internet website hosting provider, your server, your developers, whoever that is, and making sure they’ve completed what they’re supposed to do to make these things artwork. 

The stuff that you just’ll be checking out, you know, as a marketer, will have to you’re A/B checking out something that actually should merely be your CTAs, your campaigns, and that more or less stuff. On a stress checking out aspect, you want to make sure at the base stage, you’re ready to go back on your internet website hosting provider and be like, “Good day, is my web site ready to care for this influx of website online guests that I’m about to have?”

DP: Now might be this load checking out something that your provider would have, like a button you’ll click on on on the dashboard. Or is this an extra device that you just’d use?

JD: It actually is decided by way of the developer that you simply’re running with. Will have to you’re a developer, when you’ve got your personal devices of drugs. And then there’s variations of open provide tools that you just’ll use to check out this. Or, a lot of cases, folks will write their own checking out. And then there’s obviously best magnificence tools that you just’ll use, but it surely’s not built into your internet website hosting provider. 

The other issue you’re going to wish to do is will have to you’re getting numerous bots to ping your web site, you’re going to wish to let your host know, so that they don’t block the check out from happening, or freeze it up. In order that you’re going to wish to let your internet website hosting provider know, “Good day, I’m about to check out this load checking out and likewise you’re gonna see a lot more website online guests than same old.” To make certain that they’re not going to block you because of they consider it’s an attack on you or something.

DP: Totally. Let’s take a break proper right here, and when we come once more, we’re going to talk just a little bit further about load checking out and what to do with what you learn from your load checking out. So stay tuned. 

DP: You’re taking note of Press This, a WordPress community podcast on WMR. I’m your host Record Pop. We’re talking about eCommerce and getting ready for Cyber Weekend and making sure your web site is in a position to care for the massive website online guests that you simply’re going to be receiving. I’m chatting with Josh Dailey proper right here, and Josh, previous than the break, we have been talking about load checking out. Did you are going to have further you wanted to say about load checking out itself?

JD: Yeah, I merely think that on an overarching scale, load checking out is something that’s actually important, in particular will have to you’re using WooCommerce, which the main audience to this podcast may also be using. On account of one of the best ways that WordPress and WooCommerce handles transactions, things like cart fragments would possibly purpose a force. aAnd then, as a result of the fact that a lot of cases there’s folks on value vary internet website hosting, or the ones different ways of coping with this all the way through the three hundred and sixty five days, in all probability you don’t have the identical stage of website online guests,There’s quite a lot of issues that you wish to have to take into consideration when you’re about to have an fit. 

You’re going to have spikes in website online guests. And likewise you’ve got to think that’s going to have a definite impact on your web site. In order that you’re occupied with bandwidth and likewise you’re occupied with how WooCommerce handles that. 

Another massive issue to take into consideration when you’re considering of load checking out, is that you just’ll’t do just the standard, in all probability homepage. You want to be checking different pages on your web site. And you want to check with items throughout the cart and with items outdoor of the cart. So there’s a few variations of one of the best ways that the web site functions. And it’ll depend at the ones problems, whether or not or no longer caching is enabled or different things like that, that may help with potency at different problems. And so those can all have an impact on whether or not or no longer the web site can care for the level of website online guests or not. So that you should produce other variations of checking out that you simply’re doing to actually get a be informed on whether or not or no longer it’ll perhaps care for the website online guests. 

DP: You mentioned cart fragmentation and I’m going to raise my hand and say I don’t know what that is. I’m going to fake that I don’t know. [Laughter] No I don’t. 

JD: Yeah, yeah. 

DP: Possibly walk me via that.

JD: Certain. So cart fragments are what WooCommerce uses to stick the cart notifications and the tally of what’s throughout the cart up-to-the-minute, in exact time, without refreshing the internet web page every time you utilize the Add to Cart function. Now, this is a excellent factor because you’re a dynamic website online and folks wish to know in exact time—I indicate, it contributes to cart abandonment when this information isn’t staying up-to-the-minute. On the other hand essentially, that Ajax script that’s used is used on every internet web page across the web site. And it’s used even on pages where the cart isn’t enabled. And it keeps checking in and is pinging that, anytime WooCommerce is installed. And so, cart fragments has a excellent, from the aspect of dynamic usability, but it surely moreover has a antagonistic on potency, in particular for folks interacting with the cart. 

And so there’s some methods that individuals counsel like, merely disable cart fragments, alternatively that creates a trade off, correct? Now the ping isn’t happening, alternatively I’m no longer in a position to use the dynamic cart capacity that tells me what choice of items are throughout the cart. There’s other things like, WP Engine no longer too way back introduced a product referred to as Are living Cart that permits you to continue using that dynamic cart capacity by the use of optimizing one of the best ways that cash is used across the store. And it in reality allows for added concurrent customers to be on the web site at the similar time, the use of the cart without shedding connections. So further balance, upper potency of the cart, sooner load cases without shedding connections are actually important problems. 

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In order that you actually wish to know,, will have to you’re going to have you know 25, 30, 40 customers purchasing groceries at the similar time because you sent out an electronic mail blast, this is when WooCommerce, at the reasonable host, you’ll get began feeling the force from that and likewise you’ll get began shedding connections as a result of that.

DP: You’re in reality citing something more or less rather then I expected. We’re talking about disabling cart fragmentations or not, caching enhancements, alternatively I feel like you’re talking about them as regardless that the ones are problems that you simply’re going to more or less wish to do otherwise all through Cyber Weekend than it is advisable the rest of the three hundred and sixty five days. Am I imagining that, or are we talking about, these things that should always be taking place for max potency.

JD: In order that you’d wish to do it three hundred and sixty five days round for maximizing potency, because you on no account know when there’s going to be an influx of website online guests. On the other hand the time that you simply’re going to truly really feel it with things like, let’s say one of the best ways that cache is enabled. WooCommerce has cache ideas, for instance, they normally make the ones ideas, and if anyone comes on your web site they normally’re visiting your web site for the main time, cache is cache and it’s merely going to artwork. On the other hand after the cart is used is when cache stops being performed because of they do a cache exclusion that tells the web site to stop. 

Now there’s reasons for that. And among the ones reasons are because of a type throughout the dynamic capacity of the cart should continue to artwork. And will have to you don’t cache accurately or have cache configured accurately, those problems will save you functioning, correct? Neatly, with something like EverCache, it’ll cache 90% further of your pages without breaking the dynamic capacity of the web site. The advantage of that is anyone using the cart on your web site is going so to continue navigating the web site, have upper potency all the way through all of the buyer journey. They normally’re simplest going to truly really feel that vary even if, if items have been added to the cart or removed from the cart. 

So most of the time, like, will have to you run a Google PageSpeed check out, for instance, and likewise you’re like, “neatly this is how I’m going to test whether or not or no longer my web site is showing neatly or not.” Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, the ones other internet web page pace assessments simplest check out one internet web page at a time, it’s not checking all of the web site. So if they’re pronouncing, “neatly I’ve  load tested my web site by the use of running a internet web page pace check out from Google,” what they’re in reality doing is simplest checking the potency of that internet web page, they normally’re not checking it after items have been added or removed from the cart. 

And WooCommerce feels necessarily essentially the most force, necessarily essentially the most weight after the carts have been carried out. So will have to you’re running a big fit, then it starts making further sense that those problems become further useful at that 2d, alternatively they’re problems that you simply should be running always. Upper caching is something you want to run on your web site, without reference to if it’s a big fit or not. On the other hand all through the large fit is when you’re going to truly really feel the benefits necessarily essentially the most. 

DP: You mentioned upper caching. I merely want to provide an explanation for, you’re not talking about  a plugin referred to as Upper Caching.

JD: No, merely upper caching usually, like, we’re always running to optimize how cache works, in particular for a store. On account of, yet again, similar to the cart fragments capacity, a lot of cases what folks will do after they’re on a dynamic web site, whether or not or no longer that’s WooCommerce or an LMS or regardless of, where you’re creating the ones customized research. If when you have cache configured mistaken, what in spite of everything finally ends up happening is without doubt one of the important wisdom gets saved, and will also be confirmed.Let’s say you’re filling out a type, and you place in your name and credit card wisdom and that stuff, and the cache is configured accurately. It’s going to save lots of that and it’ll show it the next time anyone tries to enter wisdom throughout the form. So now you’re exposing your wisdom publicly to the next shopper visiting that form, some other purchaser’s wisdom. 

That’s not a good issue. And so how you are going to have your cache configured is a real science.iIt’s an art work form to just be sure you’re ready to continue serving pages two cases sooner—because of that’s the good thing about cache—alternatively not caching pages which may also be going to in spite of everything finally end up exposing wisdom or breaking some more or less web site capacity because it sought after the dynamic ability and it couldn’t merely serve the content material subject material as static. 

So that’s actually where things like cache are a potency benefit always. You gotta be looking at the rather numerous kinds of caching and making sure that those are configured accurately. And it’s in particular important for eCommerce internet sites.

DP: Totally. Yeah, I’m struggling to imagine a “Cache Rules Everything Spherical Me” shaggy canine tale proper right here. [Laughter] Do you are going to have  a “Web Caching Rules Everything Spherical Me” like on a neon sign throughout the background of your office? I will utterly see that.

JD: Oh, I can have to do that even if. I don’t at the moment. On the other hand I would possibly get an old school Gobo and easily  shine it up on the wall next time we keep in touch.

DP: Let me merely remind you it’s a podcast, so. 

JD: I’ll merely misinform you and say it’s, it’s shining at the back of me at the moment.

DP: Boy is it. [Laughter] We’re gonna take some other rapid break proper right here. And when we come once more, we’re going to talk with Josh Dailey on our final pointers for bettering eCommerce in preparation for Cyber Weekend, and tips about easy methods to leverage PageSpeed Insights to improve your core web vitals, so stay tuned. 

DP: You’re taking note of Press This, a WordPress community podcast on WMR. I’m your host, Record Pop, talking with Josh Dailey about how to make sure your web site is ready for the busiest product sales weekend of the three hundred and sixty five days. Cyber Wednesday is— Cyber Wednesday, that will likely be an ideal one [Laughter]. Cyber Weekend is coming up. Neatly. We’ve got Cyber Monday. 

JD: Giving Tuesday. 

DP: That’s correct, Giving Tuesday. 

JD: We’ll add Cyber Wednesday, correct after Giving Tuesday.

DP: So we’ve talked such a lot. We’re talking maximum repeatedly about optimization and more or less surprisingly, I feel like in previous years, or a minimum of in every other website online conversation, you wouldn’t indicate optimization without citing JPEGs or WebP or image optimization. Is {{that a}} issue that eCommerce web site house owners don’t wish to worry about, making sure their footage are optimized, or is that something that you simply’re assuming they maximum indisputably have that came upon?

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JD: Yeah, you know, I may say that is where a store should be focusing their efforts this with regards to the holiday— more or less the problems that we put out of your mind, in all probability for the rest of the three hundred and sixty five days, which may also be merely those more or less same old maintenance and very best practices, problems that we can be looking at. Possibly it’s time to start out out looking at the Easiest Of posts that you just’ve were given and updating that content material subject material. Making sure your SEO is actually on degree. Making sure your evergreen content material subject material is in reality evergreen. 

And then, when you discussed footage and that more or less stuff, checking your product pages. Proper right here’s an interesting stat for you about footage and video content material subject material, 25% of returns on an eCommerce store are given that product didn’t seem to be what the description was or what the image gave the look of after they got it in exact lifestyles. So if you want to lower those return fees and then moreover improve on your cart abandonment, you wish to have to be actually occupied with how do I highlight my products with good product footage, with good video content material subject material, to actually blow their own horns the ones products. So that after they get them I’m not going to also be inundated with numerous returns because it didn’t look the rest like what the product had promised. 

DP: While however protecting in ideas loading and making sure you’re not going too heavy on footage.

JD: Exactly, yeah. Oh, keep in mind that. On account of like you had mentioned, different construction types. I indicate, will have to you’re using animated GIFs however as one of the best ways that you simply’re demonstrating your products, that’s a big drawback, correct? You want to move to further fashionable  compression methods, like WebM, in your video and you know mp4 is a backup. And also you’ll check out WebP in your footage. On the other hand then, have good backups in place as neatly, so that for browsers that don’t improve those further fashionable types or for people who are lagging at the back of the curve in all probability on adoption.

DP: Yeah, I truly like GIFs to lack of lifestyles. I’ve been a GIF artist for a very long time. And certain, utterly don’t belong on my web site anymore. I wish to switch over. You realize, I truly like them. On the other hand yeah, their time has come. You realize, you mentioned previous than the break PageSpeed Insights. Can you keep in touch to us about what that is and what folks wish to do with PageSpeed Insights?

JD: Yeah, keep in mind that. A very powerful issue that I may say, using a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights, it’s open to everybody to use. You’re ready to run the ones potency assessments, and they’ve scores that give your web site, with choices for construction. And now keep in mind that when you’re using a tool like that, actually those numbers that they provide, whether or not or no longer it’s an 80 or 100, or a 95, or regardless of. Those don’t appear to be percentages. Regardless of amount they’re giving you isn’t a percentage. It’s further of a metric with the intention to check out how do you assessment to other internet sites that have an similar problems taking place? 

So what you wish to have to do will have to you’re using a tool like that, is just just be sure you’re using it as a metric with the intention to continue to improve, continuing to watch the potency of your web site. And then protecting in ideas, like I discussed earlier, that when you run those assessments, you’re simplest checking out the internet web page that you simply’re on. So don’t think will have to you check out your homepage, that you simply’re moreover checking your product pages, or will have to you’re checking your product internet web page you’re not moreover checking your store internet web page with all the products on it. 

And likewise you’re going to want to choose numerous different pages that you simply’re using to check. Your number one selling product or will have to you simplest have a few products on your web site, I may check out the entire ones and check out every a kind of pages to continue to use it as a technique of getting upper at your optimization. And care for it like otherwise that you simply’re improving SEO on your web site. A an similar method to that, you’re getting into into and likewise you’re always checking these items and likewise you’re running on improving that always. You want to do the identical issue along side your potency. Keep checking it. It’s not a set it and overlook it more or less issue. You want to stick checking out. 

On the other hand just be sure you’re checking out from the identical place always. Noting that  will have to you’re doing the check out internally with the plugin, a lot of cases it’s pinging from the identical location and likewise you don’t have regulate over where it’s pinging from—what tower or what server area it’s pinging from., and so that’s going to have an impact on the results that come once more to you. Location. How with regards to the data center are you? So those are some things that I take into consideration when using PageSpeed Insights.

DP: Josh, I actually admire your time these days. And I hope that everybody who’s listening who’s getting ready for Cyber Weekend is going to have a simple and pleasant Cyber Weekend. Possibly the most efficient eHoliday of the three hundred and sixty five days for you. Will have to you’d like to be told further about what Josh Dailey is up to you’ll discuss with him on Twitter @joshdailey. And that’s it for this episode of Press This.

Thanks for taking note of Press This WordPress community podcast on WMR. You’ll follow my adventures on Twitter @thetorquemag otherwise you’ll go to where we contribute tutorials and films and interviews like this every day. So check out out or follow us on Twitter. You’ll subscribe to Press This on Pink Circle, iTunes, Spotify, otherwise you’ll download it immediately at I’m your host Doctor In style, I improve the WordPress community via my serve as at WP Engine, and I truly like to concentrate on folks of the community every week on Press This. Thanks for listening.

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