Symfony vs Laravel: Struggle of the PHP Frameworks

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PHP frameworks are all the time a popular variety when it comes to web development.

While there are many PHP frameworks, Symfony and Laravel are known as two of the best. Every frameworks are rapid, safe, and at hand equipment to create web techniques in short.

Whilst you’re taking into consideration either one of the ones frameworks for your next project, you’ll have to know the advantages and drawbacks of each and every Symfony and Laravel quicker than making your final decision.

In case you are development a posh app with customized answers, then move with Symfony. However if you are in search of an easy-to-use platform with integrated options, Laravel is learn how to move! 😉 Learn on to be informed extra! 🤓Click on to Tweet

In this article, we’ll supply a very good comparison of two of one of the crucial robust PHP frameworks available in the market: Symfony vs Laravel.

What Is Symfony?

The Symfony logo with the word in black and the initials "sf" in white atop a black circle.
The Symfony emblem.

The Symfony framework consists of various PHP portions that function together: a web application framework, an concept, and an area.

With its reusable PHP portions and dependence on the MVC construction, Symfony is appropriate for tough endeavor duties because it’s an established and constant platform. It’s serving to developers save time while decreasing code errors.

Content material subject material keep an eye on techniques, microservices, blogs, tales, bots, eCommerce platforms, and accounting techniques are the most typical use cases of the Symfony framework. The principle goal of this framework is to allow shoppers to easily assemble software that matches their needs. Framework portions are completely available for high-end installations.

Main Choices of Symphony

Symfony provides some crowd pleasing choices which can be fairly treasured in getting a business application up and working. The following are some best choices of Symfony.

MVC Design Construction

Symfony uses the Taste-view-controller (MVC) construction, which is best for scalable and organized internet web page development tasks. This construction promises that tasks are advanced with an organized record system. It expedites and simplifies the development process by the use of maintaining the separation between the business and presentation layers. As a result of this, shoppers can add new functionalities and contours without additional time and effort.

Flexible URI Routing

The Symfony Routing Phase is surely a popular routing section adapted by the use of many frameworks. It’s serving to you increase routes on your PHP application and offers so much versatility. It’s price making an attempt this Routing Phase should you occur to’ve constructed a bespoke PHP application and are searching for a feature-rich routing library. You’ll use this software to stipulate routes for your application in YAML.

Twig Template Engine

The usage of templates is without doubt one of the very best techniques to control and render HTML within your application if you wish to generate HTML from a controller or create electronic mail content material subject material. Symfony uses Twig, a versatile, rapid, and safe template engine, to construct templates. Twig templating language means that you can write clear, legible templates which can be additional user-friendly for web designers and more potent than PHP templates in some ways.

One of the vital the explanation why twig is user-friendly are:

  • Twig’s syntax is terribly concise, which improves the readability of templates.
  • Twig provides shortcuts for popular patterns, identical to showing a default text when iterating over an empty array.
  • The syntax is discreet to take hold of and has been enhanced so that web designers would possibly complete their art work in short without encountering any hindrances.
  • The syntax is admittedly unit-tested and documented.

Session Keep watch over

There’s an impressive and adaptable session subsystem built into the Symfony HttpFoundation section. It goals to permit session keep an eye on via a smooth object-oriented interface the usage of plenty of session storage drivers. Cookies provide client-side wisdom storage, even though they can handle very little wisdom. One cookie is maximum incessantly 2KB consistent with space and varies consistent with browser. The server-side wisdom storage offered by the use of categories is helping massive amounts of data.

Error Logging

Symfony uses Monolog, a third-party PHP logging framework that can be used to jot down down and store logs in various ways. It’s used to handle logging in to Symfony. Symfony logs are frequently saved inside the var/log/dev.log and var/log/prod.log subdirectories of the project checklist in step with the environment. However, you’ll modify the ones settings inside the Monolog package configuration record, which may also be came upon at config/techniques/monolog.php.

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Symphony Use Cases

The following are some techniques advanced with Symphony.

  • Trivago
  • Drupal
  • Wikimedia
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Dailymotion
  • Spotify
  • NatGeo
  • OpenSky
  • Doctrine
  • BlablaCar
  • Pattern France
  • Record planner

While the ones are the typical popular techniques built with Symphony, you’ll use Symfony to build just about any commonplace application. For example, you’ll use it to build learning keep an eye on techniques. Financial wen techniques. SaaS techniques and so forth.

What Is Laravel?

The Laravel logo with the word in black and the logo in red on top of the Laravel word.
The Laravel Brand.

Laravel is an open-source PHP internet utility framework with ingenious and trendy syntax. It follows the MVC construction. Laravel could be very renowned for its easy and rapid writing style and requires the least amount of configuration. It uses the most recent parts of many frameworks to build a web application. Laravel is an easy-to-learn framework if you are aware of PHP.

Laravel reduces development time as a result of its simplicity. It accommodates a Laravel dependency manager and a modular packaging mechanism. Laravel is appropriate for all types of organizations as a result of its exceptional choices, dependable potency, verification categories, and adaptivity. SaaS-based techniques, multilingual CMS platforms, on-demand online streaming apps, and self-hosted surveillance techniques are a few exceptional use cases of Laravel.

Main Choices of Laravel

Laravel provides fantastic choices like localization, views, session coping with, request routing to a selected controller, and built-in authentication support. A couple of of its choices are outlined beneath.

MVC Design Construction

A diagram of how each component of model-view-controller (MVC) architecture interact with each other.
MVC construction diagram.

Laravel is helping the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern, which promises the separation of the presentation and business commonplace sense layers. The MVC design of Laravel accommodates loads of built-in choices, enhances app potency, and boosts protection and scalability.

Built in Authentication

The Auth and Session facades are many times used to get right of entry to the integrated authentication and session services and products and merchandise of Laravel. The ones functionalities lend a hand authenticate web browser-based requests the usage of cookies. They supply ways that can help you take a look at an individual and try their credentials. Additionally, the ones services and products and merchandise will in an instant provide the session cookies of the individual and store the authentication wisdom inside the session.

Blade Template Engine

The Laravel framework accommodates a potent templating engine referred to as Blade. It simplifies writing syntax and lets in the usage of the templating engine merely. Conditional statements and sequences are probably the most constructions that the blade template engine provides. Simply create a brand spanking new view record and save it with the.blade.php extension as an alternative of the .php extension to generate a blade template. The ‘/property/view’ subdirectory houses the blade templates. The ability to build the take hold of template, which may be expanded by the use of additional information, is the elemental advantage of the usage of blade templates.

Artisan Built-In Command Line Instrument

The Artisan command-line device that accommodates the Laravel framework helps automate exhausting and recurrent programming processes. You’ll moreover assemble the database development and skeleton code the usage of the artisan software. It is also useful for managing migration tasks, allowing blank keep an eye on of more than a few database techniques.

Additionally, this CLI software can interact with those property and their configurations by the use of rising distinctive MVC information by means of the command line. Artisan even helps developers to create and use directions. One can write custom designed codes to make techniques more practical. Then again, Artisan’s effectiveness does not prevent there. Developers can create migrations, post package assets, and do quite a lot of other identical operations. Artisan comes with a ton of built-in directions which is the developer’s dream. Many people make a choice the built-in directions, even though they’ve to art work with custom designed ones each so incessantly.

Unique Fortify for Unit Trying out

Laravel is one of the crucial extensively used PHP framework for rising techniques. It is also renowned for being an excellent testing standpoint, as a result of its innovative testing choices. There are two ways to test your project in Laravel: serve as testing and unit testing. While serve as testing means that you can test your code base, unit testing means that you can create your classes, controllers, models, and so forth.

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Laravel Use Cases

Laravel has an improbable and expressive syntax, and the process of making web apps is easy and pleasant. Therefore many use cases may also be came upon in step with Laravel as a result of its easiness. Let’s now uncover the techniques built with Laravel.

  • Pfizer
  • BBC
  • About you
  • Ratio
  • TourRadar
  • Crowdcube
  • 9GAG
  • Fingent
  • Invoice Ninja
  • Cheesecake Labs
  • Belitsoft
  • Innowise Workforce

Symfony vs Laravel: Head-to-Head Comparison

It may be tough to make a choice from the ones two; every has advantages and drawbacks that you simply can have to concentrate on quicker than choosing Laravel or Symfony for your project. With the intention to lend a hand you decide which of the ones frameworks will art work best for you, we now have now able a brief comparison between them.


Since each and every the ones frameworks are in step with PHP, it’s not a surprise that they have similarities. So, the following are a few similarities between Symfony and Laravel.

  • Every use PHP as their programming language
  • Every the ones frameworks are cross-platform.
  • Every are multi-user and support multi-language content material subject material.
  • They give you the making use of’s framework, interface design patterns, and text search support.
  • Fortify for MVC design and object-relational mapping
  • CLI equipment for no longer abnormal tasks and testing equipment are readily available.
  • Comprises the entire stack and runs on various platforms
  • Characteristics built-in to internationalization and extensible
  • Developer support from a huge community

Popularity and Process Market

In keeping with statistics, 11,654 internet pages use Symfony, whilst 135,974 internet pages use Laravel. When comparing {the marketplace} shares of the ones frameworks, Laravel comes on best among web sites with 10k, 100k, and 1 million visitors. In terms of GitHub stats, Symfony has 25.4k stars, whilst Laravel has 65.8k stars. The number of individuals to the respective communities of the framework is another essential fact to believe: Symfony has 2394 individuals, while Laravel has 2576. The ones numbers clearly indicate that the method market for Laravel is higher than for Symfony.

Learning Curve

Symfony is more challenging to learn than Laravel. Although the documentation is fairly helpful, you don’t have as many tutorials and community assist as with Laravel. Laravel has an excessively lenient learning curve. Developers may also be taught the whole thing about this framework from its tutorials, films, and documentation.


Laravel outperformed Symfony in earlier iterations. Then again, the advantages of Laravel have just about totally vanished as a result of tendencies in Symfony 4+. The efficiency enhancements that Laravel in the beginning bragged about won’t exist. Potency is a coin flip as long as you employ the most recent iteration of every PHP framework.

Modularity and Scalability

The way how an application is scalable is shown by using a simple man logo and increasing the number of man logos in a single line to the rightwards.
What’s Scalability?

Reusable portions in Symfony offer higher modularity. Higher and additional refined tasks very a lot benefit from its more effective code staff. Thus, many seasoned PHP developers make a choice Symfony over Laravel.

Laravel is just used in MVC-based apps. Laravel can’t have the same opinion you should you occur to start to deviate from the MVC paradigm.

Then again, It’s in point of fact smooth to get started and building up and run your application as a result of the pre-built dependencies of Laravel. Then again, you’ll have to relatively make a selection your dependencies and plugins when you building up large-scale techniques. The reason for that is scaling your application becomes tough when you use a lot of plugins as they want to be scaled too in line with the growth of your application.


While Symfony has an impressive protection system, it can be tough to organize. It is helping quite a lot of authentication methods and a fairly granular permission scheme. Although Laravel has a more straightforward option to protection, the elemental choices are in most cases more than sufficient.


Symfony uses object-relational mapping (ORM) to get right of entry to wisdom via Doctrine. The following databases are supported by the use of Symfony SQLite, SQLServer, SAP Sybase SQL Anyplace, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. Eloquent is used by Laravel to retrieve wisdom the usage of object-relational mapping (ORM). Laravel is helping MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer databases.

Database Migration

Symphony automates database migrations. The fields of the model very best require easy definitions. While it indubitably turns out like a at hand information a coarse victory, database migrations in Laravel are information when looking further. Then again, they don’t identify for field definitions. Proper right here, each and every frameworks have their own advantages.

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Although Symfony doesn’t offer a smooth out-of-the-box selection for in short creating a REST API, it provides two excellent third-party bundles: FOSRestBundle and JMSSerializerBundle. You’re the usage of Symfony’s FosRestBundle, which has errors encapsulated in JSON. You must raise it out on your own in Laravel. The render function inside the Exception handler should be up to the moment to offer JSON errors for soliciting for JSON. As you’ll see, Laravel is considerably more straightforward to use than Symfony with a normal REST API.

Fortify and Community

Although Symfony has excellent documentation, it’s refined. Laravel has loads of training, categories, and online support property as a result of its popularity. Moreover, Laravel provides education and information all over the Laracasts discussion board, Treehouse, Codebright, and Sitepoint. It is more challenging to learn Symfony than Laravel. While there’s documentation, there don’t appear to be as many tutorials or community lend a hand as with Laravel.

Symfony vs Laravel: Which Should You Choose?

The Symfony logo with the initials "sf" in white atop a black circle to the left with the black background and the Laravel logo on a red background to the right.
Laravel vs Symfony: Which one should you choose?

There’s no evident winner between Laravel and Symfony, because the entirety is in step with your ultimate objective.

Symfony is your only option if:

  • You’re developing a sophisticated endeavor application because it’s well-structured, extensible, and maintained.
  • Since Symfony has clear release dates for the next six years, it’s so much a lot much less imaginable that there might be any surprises designing the conversion of an important long-term project.

Laravel is a preferable variety if:

  • The framework is new to you, however it indubitably’s easy to learn and offers superior learning property with a simplified syntax.
  • You’re making a startup product and testing your concept since Laravel developers are smooth to look out, and it’s fantastic for fast application development.

Regardless of which one you choose, even supposing, you’re going to need someplace to host your framework. Kinsta’s Software and Database Internet hosting answers are perfect for tasks of all shapes and sizes, from tiny proof-of-concept apps to very large interactive techniques with a few integrated databases.

Kinsta’s Instrument Web web hosting platform is designed to can help you focus to your code while our staff of seasoned execs handles the heavy server-side lifting. Your app will run on Google’s probably the greatest Top rate Tier Community C2 machines, and our Cloudflare integration will lend you even higher tempo and enhanced protection. There’s no limit on builds; in fact, you’ll even motive concurrent builds should you occur to so choose. What’s additional, you’ll seamlessly connect your entire Kinsta-hosted databases to your apps.

App deployment on Kinsta is as simple as may also be. All it’s vital to do is attach for your GitHub repository, resolution a few turns on about your preferred settings, and voilá: Your app is up and working! Plus, should you occur to join any plan now, you’ll even get $20 off your first month.


Symfony vs Laravel is a worthy debate referring to these two feature-rich frameworks.

Symfony vs Laravel? 🤔 The age-old debate between two of probably the most feature-rich frameworks isn’t new – however just one fits your wishes best possible. To find out right here 🤝Click on to Tweet

Then again which should you choose? All of it’ll rely at the issues you’re taking a look to treatment and the technology that may do it very best imaginable.

Symfony is most suitable for complicated web techniques or long-term development tasks that decision for novel development ways. Then again, we’d suggest Laravel if you want to create a easy web application with little expense in a shorter length.

What’s going on your variety be for your next PHP project? Share your concepts inside the comments section beneath.

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