The Quickest Rising Social Media Platforms of 2023 [New Data]

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Are people nevertheless using Facebook? Is BeReal the next large issue? And is TikTok nevertheless just for Gen Z?

Must you’re in search of answers to those questions, we’ve got ‘em.

We asked 600+ U.S. adults regarding the social media platforms they use in Would possibly 2022 and over again in January 2023 to decide which apps are emerging and which are slowing down. Proper right here’s what we found out:

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Social Media Usage in 2022 vs. 2023

While 84% of US adults unsurprisingly use social media, where are they going once they use it? 

usage of social media platforms by us adults infographic comparing 2022 and 2023 data

Listed here are a few rapid main points with regard to the most productive platforms US consumers use in 2023, maintaining in ideas that this record might be different in numerous world places.

  • Facebook (69%), YouTube (57%), Instagram (45%), TikTok (33%), and Twitter (30%) are the most well liked social media apps.
  • BeReal (313%), Twitch (29%), LinkedIn (20%), and TikTok (16%) spotted one of the expansion since ultimate Would possibly.
  • Reddit (-11%), Pinterest (-9%), and YouTube (-4%) are the only platforms that spotted a decline in usage.
  • While Facebook is the most well liked social media platform for people over the age of 25, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are the most well liked among ages 18-24.

With that, let’s take a deeper dive into the fastest-growing platforms.

The Fastest Emerging Social Media Platforms

1. BeReal

BeReal has spotted 313% expansion in usage from consumers we polled, which was most certainly fueled via hype. Alternatively — as we marvel with all emerging social media platforms — will it ultimate?

The more youthful platform, which supplies customers one alternative to put up an image of themselves anywhere they’re and now not the usage of a filter all over the place a few timeslots — designated in the course of the app each day, went from being used by kind of 0.7% of the population to 2.8%, emerging the plenty of the social platforms we analyzed. Alternatively, the actual story is how it is taken off with Gen Z. Usage from merely this age workforce jumped from 1% to 13% (a whopping 1,200% build up).

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BeReal does benefit from being the newest social platform we asked about in the ones surveys, so it had one of the room to increase. Then again, with other competition looking to replica its platform, it risks being every other fashionable social media platform that can get forgotten or out of place inside the shuffle.

As a result of BeReal’s structure, it moreover will not be one of the welcoming channel or community for producers, as people join to see the “precise” diversifications of their friends and purpose to use the platform to amplify authenticity and human connection. 

2. Twitch

Whether or not or now not you’re looking at Keke Palmer get started a circle of relatives with The Sims, or enthralled via someone’s live coverage of a cool event, it’s clear that streamed content material subject matter is true right here to stay. And while social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have enabled and tested live choices, Twitch nevertheless reigns very good since the place to go for long-form live video. 

Example of a Twitch homepage.

While it’s going to not seem to be an obvious social platform as many people pass there to view motion pictures slightly than document or have interaction in them, it’s nevertheless continuing to compete with other social channels that have presented their own live-video copycats. 

Since our first survey, Twitch usage grew via 29%, because of Gen Z and Boomers with the percentage of common consumers using it emerging from kind of 7% to 9%.

Gen Z drove this build up, with their Twitch usage jumping from 13% to 17%.

Boomers are also shifting into on the movement. In Would possibly 2022 merely 0.3% used the platform while closer to a few% use it in recent times. While this seems like a small proportion, it nevertheless might simply equate to 1000’s of additional consumers. 

3. LinkedIn

Between Would possibly and January LinkedIn grew 20% amongst consumers we surveyed, boosted via Boomers. Alternatively, the platform is starting to see declines with other age groups.

While LinkedIn usage declined mildly for each and every other technology, LinkedIn usage among Boomers grew from 11% to 20%, an 85% build up.

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All-in-all, we aren’t too apprehensive regarding the slight declines as LinkedIn continues to be a mix of social media and instrument that procedure hunters and recruiters will need, and use to buffer their portfolios, for years yet to come.

So, if you’re a marketer who leverages the platform, while you should keep demographic shifts in ideas — you most certainly don’t wish to pivot your method there merely however.

Check out the video beneath for some recommendations on get started or enhance on your provide LinkedIn method: 

4. TikTok

Regardless of TikTok’s ongoing regulatory considerations, people who loved the platform once more in Would possibly seem to be sticking spherical, while others are beginning to benefit from the channel for the very first time.

Between Would possibly and January, TikTok usage among our surveyed consumers grew via 16%. Usage moreover grew right through all generations — in particular with Boomers.

When looking at the generational build up, the collection of Boomers who’d used TikTok grew via 164%, showing over again that they’re catching immediately to many viral Gen Z inclinations and apps.

From our learn about, we estimate that one in 3 American adults now use TikTok.

Must you don’t seem to be on TikTok however, you’ll have to keep it on your radar and take a little time to consider if the app is sensible on your brand. Merely keep in mind that it’ll require some video-related time and assets, along with user-research into all of the inclinations taking place there, to build a a luck method. You’ll be informed further about TikTok advertising right here. 

5. Twitter

Regardless of fluctuations in control, Elon Musk’s arguable takeover, and office-wide changes at the company, Twitter’s social media platform remains to be keeping up an impressive shopper base and grew 7% among our consumer audience.

While our trend shows that Twitter pulled in kind of 12% further Gen X consumers and 27% further boomers, this must be desirous about a grain of salt as 9% fewer people of Gen Z survey-takers said they use Twitter in January compared to Would possibly.

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While it’s nevertheless hard to be expecting how Twitter will continue to grow and perform, in particular for marketers, sooner or later — here is a useful information on assemble and retain audiences and lovers that would possibly energy ROI on your brand. 

6. Instagram

It’s no shocker that Instagram is likely one of the favorites among a few generations. Between Would possibly and January, usage via consumers we surveyed grew 6%. While the channel continues to win over Gen Z and procure attention from Boomers, it might be dropping a couple of of its Millennial audience. Beneath are just a few rapid main points.

  • Spherical 45% of U.S. adults use Instagram, up 6% from ultimate Would possibly.
  • Instagram grew 11% with Gen Z and 53% among Boomers (from 18% to 27%).
  • Millennial usage of Instagram went from 65% to 54%, a 17% drop.

Now that we’ve covered one of the most essential fastest-growing social media platforms, listed below are the ones slowing down in 2023.

Which Platforms are Losing Steam?

While plenty of the large platforms that spotted slowed expansion from our consumer pool don’t seem to be going anyplace, the data hints to a few consumer shits marketers might want to find out about or keep on their radar.

Click on right here to be informed why Reddit, Pinterest, and YouTube could be shedding steam compared to their competition.

Further Social Media Insights

Want further social media insights? Check out the ones helpful assets:

Want to download a file with everything you need to grasp? Check out our Social Media Inclinations Document without spending a dime beneath.

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