The right way to Set up WordPress on a Separate Subdomain Website online (No Multisite Required)

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In this post, you’ll learn to organize a WordPress internet website on its own separate subdomain without using Multisite.

Phrase: This article is supposed for WPMU DEV people, as it uses choices of WPMU DEV hosting. Will have to you don’t appear to be a member however, consider changing into a member of with our no-risk free trial.

Think you run a web corporate (e.g. https://webagency.internet website) and likewise you need to make use of your main website strictly for promotional or promoting and advertising purposes on the other hand you moreover want to run an absolutely separate WordPress arrange on a subdomain underneath the an identical brand as your main internet website (i.e. using the an identical house).

For instance:

  • a Learning Regulate Device (LMS) section at https://lms.webagency.internet website,
  • an eCommerce store (e.g. https://store.webagency.internet website),
  • run events and ticket product sales on https://fit.webagency.internet website,
  • or simply show your consumers a pre-launched internet website you’re building as part of your white label service (e.g. https://client1.webagency.internet website).

To do this, you perhaps can most often should set up a WordPress multisite installation, specify subdomains (as an alternative of subdirectories) in your setup, and then add a brand spanking new WordPress internet website in your Multisite group.

Then again, what if you want to organize and run an absolutely separate WordPress internet website on a subdomain with out a wish to transfer through a Multisite environment?

As this article is going to show you, you’ll be capable of merely do this by way of growing an additional WPMU DEV hosted internet website.

In this instructional, we’ll cover the following:

Benefits and Drawbacks of Putting in place WordPress on a Subdomain Without Multisite

Let’s get began with the benefits of setting up and maintaining a single subdomain internet website using the method we’ll show you further beneath:

  • It’s more uncomplicated than setting up, setting up, and maintaining an entire Multisite arrange. We can effectively use The Hub as despite the fact that it have been the group internet website on an multisite setup.
  • You’ll organize, build up and unencumber WordPress subdomain web pages without affecting the original main internet website.
  • No wish to business the main web webhosting bundle deal dimension, merely create a brand spanking new web webhosting bundle deal. Moreover, since the internet website may well be hosted on a separate server account, you’ll be capable of keep watch over your web webhosting (e.g. reinforce or downgrade your plan) without touching your main internet website’s web webhosting.
  • All plugins similar in conjunction with your subdomain internet website (e.g. LMS, events, and/or WooCommerce, and lots of others.) are saved grow to be unbiased from the main internet website causing a lot much less server force.
  • If your main internet website is further static (i.e. most simple has company knowledge pages) and your subdomain internet website should be dynamic (e.g. an ecommerce internet website), having each and every web pages hosted on separate accounts permits you to keep your main internet website somewhat further sturdy, in particular in terms of plugin updates. This may moreover have an effect on caching on the further static vs dynamic internet website (i.e. main internet website stories longer/upper caching).
  • There are a lot much less chances of experiencing plugin conflicts, as you’ll most simple arrange what you require on each internet website.
  • Can password-protect using HTTP Authentication most simple.
  • It’s extraordinarily now not going that each and every web pages would fail at the an identical time if there are any server issues.
  • You’ll run separate backups for each internet website.
  • Staging can be used on each server, making adjustments much more easy.
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Now that we have looked at the benefits, let’s examine one of the most a very powerful drawbacks of setting up WordPress on a subdomain without using multisite:

  • Your theme changes gained’t stay ‘in sync’ mechanically as they may in a multisite arrange. Updates will sync the theme type most simple. (Phrase: most topic issues allow manual import/exporting of settings. For instance, web pages built using Elementor allow the export of Website Apparatus, which can include all the internet website’s theme settings).
  • You need to take care of two web pages price of plugins (then again, this is easy with The Hub, as you’ll be capable of change a couple of web pages similtaneously and change the ones mechanically using our Automate supplier.)
  • Multisite means that you can keep all internet website settings in sync (yet again, with Hub Configs, this is actually easy).
  • There is also some additional costs compared to setting up web pages on a single multisite arrange (depending on what programs and parts you require). For instance, some topic issues and plugins would perhaps require two gadgets of licences.
  • You gained’t have the ability to share ‘live knowledge’ during your web pages (e.g. a WooCommerce cart can’t be displayed on a definite internet website).

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits and disadvantages, let’s take you through learn the way to prepare a separate WordPress subdomain internet website without setting up WordPress Multisite.

The way to Arrange and Set Up a WordPress Subdomain Website Separately from Your Main Website

As stated in our documentation, the configuration confirmed beneath most simple works if each and every web pages are hosted by way of WPMU DEV and likewise you place up the DNS of the top-level house in your Hub’s DNS Manager.

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Let’s go all the way through the stairs.

First, add a brand spanking new internet website in The Hub.

Phrase: Cloning your main internet website most often is a pleasant position to start out when growing your subdomain internet website. So, for this instructional, we’ll get began by way of cloning our main internet website.

Hub - Clone site
Let’s add a brand spanking new subdomain internet website by way of cloning our main internet website.

Excluding you’re growing a brand new internet website from scratch, choose the website that you simply’d like to clone.

The Hub - Clone Website
Make a choice your main internet website as your cloning provide.

Next, choose a web webhosting plan in your new internet website. After settling on a plan, you’ll then be asked to create a temporary URL in your new internet website. Click on on continue when performed.

Hub - Create A Temporary URL
Enter a temporary URL in your subdomain internet website.

Make a choice a server location in your new internet website and click on at the button. Your new internet website may well be created in just a few minutes.

Hub - Clone site creation display.
You’re going to new internet website may well be created in minutes.

Now that you simply’ve were given created your internet website, let’s organize our subdomain.

In this example, we’ll organize a separate WordPress internet website underneath the subdomain store.webagency.internet website.

The name of the game to meaking this artwork is so to upload an A file for the subdomain to the main internet website’s DNS file. This is completely outlined in our documentation sections on using subdomains and how to use a subdomain as your primary domain.

Right here’s a summary of the steps:

First, go to The Hub, choose the Internet webhosting section of the internet website where you need so to upload your subdomain, click on on on Domains and duplicate the internet website’s IP take care of.

The Hub - Hosting - Domains
Make a choice your subdomain internet website’s IP take care of.

Next, add a brand spanking new DNS file in your main house’s DNS section.

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Enter the following wisdom, then click on at the Add button:

  • File kind – Make a choice ‘A’ File.
  • Hostname – Enter most simple the subdomain establish as you need it to look throughout the URL. In this example, we’re creating a file with the hostname store on the house webagency.internet website to create the URL store.webagency.internet website.
  • IPv4 Take care of – In this field, paste the A File you copied from your previous step.
  • TTL – Enter a worth proper right here or leave the default.
Add a subdomain A record to your main site's DNS.
Add a subdomain A file in your main internet website’s DNS.

Return to the Domains tab of the internet website where you copied the IP take care of earlier, click on at the Add House button, enter the total URL of your subdomain (no http:// or https:// and don’t check out the Add www or Add DNS knowledge possible choices), then click on on Add House when performed.

Add a domain
Add your subdomain as confirmed above, ignoring all other possible choices.

In the end, after the DNS and SSL status are confirmed as running appropriately, set your subdomain as your new internet website’s primary house.

Set subdomain as primary.
Set your subdomain as primary.

That’s it! You’ll now arrange your newly added WordPress subdomain internet website one by one from your main internet website in The Hub.

The Hub - New Subdomain Site
Your new subdomain internet website.

You should definitely check out your new internet website, check out our documentation section for a complete step-by-step walkthrough of using subdomains as confirmed above, and speak to our an expert give a boost to workforce if you want to have have the same opinion or have any questions.

PS: You’ll moreover use the above way to migrate a multisite subsite to a single WordPress install and run the internet website on its own separate subdomain.

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