Tips on how to Create Freeze Body in LumaFusion

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Freeze frame is a elementary alternatively crowd pleasing video bettering manner that involves a decided on frame that lasts for a longer duration, technically freezing a certain scene or part.

It has many use cases; as an example, when it’s carried out to the very ultimate frame in a movie to make it last longer or when a narrator pauses the video to emphasize or talk about a scene.

Most video bettering apps and tool offer simple techniques to create a freeze frame. Then again, there isn’t one available in LumaFusion. So I came upon a workaround to get it to art work. Let’s take a look on the stairs as follows.

LumaFusion in a Nutshell

LumaFusion, complicated thru LumaTouch, is an authorized video bettering app for iOS (and iPadOS). Its range of sturdy choices and intuitive storytelling environment make it probably the most an important usual mobile video bettering tools for iOS shoppers.

The app features a magnetic timeline, switching between duties, multiple presets and effects, color correction, audio enhancing and plugins, and rising your final decrease in prime quality and different formats suitable for sharing.

Additionally, the app supplies in-app tutorials and a reference data for patrons, and also you’ll export your problem to a desktop and continue bettering in several desktop video bettering tools like Final Scale back Skilled.

LumaFusion isn’t a unfastened video enhancing app ( with a one-time value of $29.99), alternatively allowing for all the choices it in recent years ships and what content material subject material creators can reach with it, it certain seems affordable compared to Final Scale back Skilled (one-time value of $$299.99) and Adobe Premier (US$20.99/month).

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Creating a Freeze Frame in LumaFusion

Unlock the LumaFusion app, import the video clip to freeze frame, and follow the steps beneath.

Step 1

Pass to exactly the frame you need to freeze.

go to target framego to target frame
Step 2

Zoom in until you see the gray vertical line to get the best frame if sought after.

zoom to exact framezoom to exact frame
Step 3

Tap the Proportion/Export button at the bottom and make a choice Snapshot. This will take a snapshot of the frame and reserve it to your Pictures app.

share export buttonshare export button
Step 4

Tap the Scissors icon and decrease right kind into the video clip where you need to insert your freeze frame.

tap to cuttap to cut
Step 5

Pass to Pictures, and drag your snapshot right kind in between the two clips.

import from Photosimport from Photos
Step 6

The inserted snapshot is a static image that also serves as a freeze frame in between the two video clips.

freeze frame between videosfreeze frame between videos

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