Twenty Twenty-3: A New Default WordPress Theme From the Neighborhood

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Twenty Twenty-3 is the brand new default WordPress theme being presented with WordPress 6.1.

It is a minimalist theme without a photos or additional capacity. It supplies its easiest as a starter theme to build templates and elegance permutations and as well as check out all the choices offered with the newest diversifications of WordPress. The theme could be spotted as a real development and checking out environment, even if the minimalist style, responsiveness, and lightness make it a good selection for rising blogs and websites suitable for a wide variety of purposes.

In his introduction to Twenty Twenty-Two theme, Kjell Reigstad wrote about the way forward for default subject matters:

Innovations like theme.json, block templates, and block patterns are making theme development an extended far more efficient, and are providing new ways for purchasers to customize their internet sites. There’s the reason why to consider that the group can leverage all this to build additional common and quite a lot of theme and customization solutions for our consumers throughout the coming years.

And Channing Ritter made the following proposal:

What if, instead of emphasizing the theme itself, we highlighted an opinionated set of fashion permutations designed by the use of individuals of the group? We could use Twenty Twenty-Two as the basis for a brand spanking new theme that’s stripped once more and minimal — a blank canvas to let a quite a lot of range of fashion permutations shine.

And that’s what’s taking place with the new Twenty Twenty-3 default theme. The group has been known as to actively participate in designing the default WordPress theme, and we love that because it makes the new theme the result of undoubtedly participatory artwork.

Twenty Twenty-Three preview
Twenty Twenty-3 preview

Light-weight, versatile and with a collection of surprising taste diversifications from the neighborhood 👩‍🎨 Meet Twenty Twenty-3, the brand new default WordPress theme touchdown with WordPress 6.1 🛬Click on to Tweet

Then again faster than uncovering the best way permutations coming in bundle handle the new WordPress default theme, let’s find out the basic choices of Twenty Twenty-3 and what it can be fit for.

Internet web page Layouts and Sorts

As mentioned above, Twenty Twenty-3 is a stripped-down style of Twenty Twenty-Two. What’s hanging regarding the new default theme is its simplicity and lightness. Twenty Twenty-3 is flexible and entirely suited to Gutenberg’s latest internet web page bettering choices, very similar to template bettering, International Kinds permutations, Fluid Typography, and block patterns.

So, it’s going to be no surprise that throughout the screenshots confirmed in this article, you’ll see minimal pages without any bells and whistles on the other hand totally suited to customization and checking out.

To give you an example of that, the image underneath shows single post pages with and without featured photos.

Single post preview with and without featured image in Twenty Twenty-Three
Single post preview with and without featured image in Twenty Twenty-3

The following image compares the home internet web page with an archive internet web page.

Home page compared to archive page in Twenty Twenty-Three
Space internet web page compared to archive internet web page in Twenty Twenty-3

Despite the fact that the new theme is a simplified style of Twenty Twenty-Two, compared to the previous default theme, Twenty Twenty-3 pieces some key diversifications.

First, the size of the headings has been diminished and the default serif font has been modified by the use of a formulation sans serif font.

Heading sizes in Twenty Twenty-Three
Heading sizes in Twenty Twenty-3

Moreover, a different color palette has been applied. You’ll see the new Twenty Twenty-3 palette definition throughout the following code from the theme.json:

	"settings": {
		"appearanceTools": true,
		"color": {
			"palette": [
					"color": "#ffffff",
					"name": "Base",
					"slug": "base"
					"color": "#000000",
					"name": "Contrast",
					"slug": "contrast"
					"color": "#9DFF20",
					"name": "Primary",
					"slug": "primary"
					"color": "#345C00",
					"name": "Secondary",
					"slug": "secondary"
					"color": "#F6F6F6",
					"name": "Tertiary",
					"slug": "tertiary"
Twenty Twenty-Three default colors
Twenty Twenty-3 default colors

Then again the principle feature of the new default theme is its set of fashion permutations. Twenty Twenty-3 comes with ten global style permutations, each of which showcases a different combination of colors, font relatives, and font sizes.

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Twenty Twenty-Three Global Styles
Twenty Twenty-3 World Sorts

You’ll find the corresponding JSON knowledge throughout the Twenty Twenty-3 sorts folder.

Whole previews of internet web page templates, sorts, and Style Permutations of Twenty Twenty-3 are to be had on Figma.

Twenty Twenty-Three Style Variations preview on Figma
Twenty Twenty-3 Style Permutations preview on Figma

Twenty Twenty-3 Typography

In a minimal theme like Twenty-3, typography plays a key serve as in making the text readable, the internet web page fascinating, and in the end provides visitors with a rewarding browsing enjoy, regardless of instrument and show size.

For this serve as, Twenty Twenty-3 comes with a brand spanking new set of font families and uses Fluid Typography offered with WordPress 6.1.


Twenty Twenty-3 features a new set of typefaces which can be used in style permutations and characterized by the use of simplicity and variety:

  • Software Fontvar(--wp--preset--font-family--system-font)
  • IBM Plex Monovar(--wp--preset--font-family--ibm-plex-mono)
  • Intervar(--wp--preset--font-family--inter)
  • Provide Serif Skilledvar(--wp--preset--font-family--source-serif-pro)
  • DM Sansvar(--wp--preset--font-family--dm-sans)

IBM Plex Mono is part of the IBM Plex font set, the new corporate IBM typeface introduced underneath SIL Open Font License (OFL). You’ll see a preview of it on Adobe Fonts and IBM internet pages.

IBM Plex Mono gallery
IBM Plex Mono gallery on

Inter is a loose and open supply font relatives crafted and designed for computer shows by the use of Rasmus Andersson. You’ll preview and acquire the font relatives on Rasmus Andersson’s website online or Google Fonts.

Inter typeface
Inter typeface preview on Rasmus Andersson’s website online

Provide Serif Skilled is a typeface from Adobe Originals and also you’ll use it for free with an Adobe Fonts account (be informed additional about Adobe font licensing).

Source Serif Pro preview
Provide Serif Skilled preview on

DM Sans is each different typeface approved underneath the SIL Open Font License (OFL), which was once commissioned by means of Google from Colophon Foundry, and designed by the use of Colophon Foundry, Jonny Pinhorn, and Indian Type Foundry.

DM Sans preview
DM Sans preview on Google Fonts

Fluid Typography and Spacing

Twenty Twenty-3 uses Fluid Typography and Spacing Presets presented with WordPress 6.1.

The new default WordPress theme provides a really perfect example of fluid typography implementation inside of WordPress topic issues and also you’ll use it as a template for together with beef up for this feature in your topic issues.

The following code shows settings.typography.fluid and settings.typography.fontSizes[] property definitions throughout the theme.json:

"settings": {
	"typography": {
		"fluid": true,
		"fontSizes": [
				"fluid": {
					"min": "0.875rem",
					"max": "1rem"
				"size": "1rem",
				"slug": "small"
				"fluid": {
					"min": "1rem",
					"max": "1.125rem"
				"size": "1.125rem",
				"slug": "medium"
				"size": "1.75rem",
				"slug": "large",
				"fluid": false
				"size": "2.25rem",
				"slug": "x-large",
				"fluid": false
				"size": "10rem",
				"slug": "xx-large",
				"fluid": {
					"min": "4rem",
					"max": "20rem"

The typography.fluid environment supplies beef up for fluid typography while typography.fontSizes[].fluid gadgets the minimum and maximum font size worth.

In conjunction with Fluid Typography, Twenty-3 moreover is helping fluid spacing.

Forward of WordPress 6.1, it was once most simple conceivable to set custom designed spacing values throughout the editor. Which means that that faster than WordPress 6.1 theme authors weren’t in a position to specify fixed values for padding, margin, and hollow. This resulted in several hindrances. As an example, it was once not conceivable to easily transfer spacing settings between different topic issues or to take care of spacing values when copying and pasting content material subject material and block patterns between different internet sites.

Problems can declare Fluid Spacing beef up using the new spacing.spacingScale e spacing.spacingSizes settings (be informed additional in Theme.json: Upload spacing measurement presets). In Twenty Twenty-3 this is accomplished with the following settings:

"settings": {
	"spacing": {
		"spacingScale": {
			"steps": 0
		"spacingSizes": [
				"size": "clamp(1.5rem, 5vw, 2rem)",
				"slug": "30",
				"name": "30"
				"size": "clamp(1.8rem, 1.8rem + ((1vw - 0.48rem) * 2.885), 3rem)",
				"slug": "40",
				"name": "40"
				"size": "clamp(2.5rem, 8vw, 6.5rem)",
				"slug": "50",
				"name": "50"
				"size": "clamp(3.75rem, 10vw, 7rem)",
				"slug": "60",
				"name": "60"
				"size": "clamp(5rem, 5.25rem + ((1vw - 0.48rem) * 9.096), 8rem)",
				"slug": "70",
				"name": "70"
				"size": "clamp(7rem, 14vw, 11rem)",
				"slug": "80",
				"name": "80"
		"gadgets": [

The video underneath shows Fluid Typography in movement in Twenty Twenty-3.

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You’ll check typography and spacing presets in Design Specification.

Templates and Template Parts

With Twenty Twenty-3, you’ll see in movement all the choices and internet web page bettering improvements coming with WordPress 6.1.

That’s particularly true with templates and template parts.

Twenty Twenty-Three Templates
Twenty Twenty-3 Templates

When you liberate the Internet web page Editor with Twenty Twenty-3 running on your web site, you’ll see a listing of eleven templates and four template parts.

The image underneath shows the 404 template throughout the internet web page editor.

Twenty Twenty-Three 404 page template
Twenty Twenty-3 404 internet web page template

You’ll find the corresponding HTML knowledge in Twenty Twenty-3’s templates and parts folders.

Twenty Twenty-Three Template parts
Twenty Twenty-3 Template parts

The image underneath displays the Comments template section in bettering mode:

Editing the Comments template part
Editing the Comments template section

You’ll find custom designed templates and template parts defined throughout the theme.json.

Custom designed Templates

In conjunction with default templates, Twenty Twenty-3 provides the following custom designed templates:

  • Blank
  • Blog (Selection)
  • 404
  • With Featured Image
  • With Duvet Block

The ones templates are defined throughout the theme.json as follows:

	"customTemplates": [
			"name": "blank",
			"postTypes": [
			"identify": "Blank"
			"establish": "blog-alternative",
			"postTypes": [
			"identify": "Blog (Selection)"
			"establish": "404",
			"postTypes": [
			"identify": "404"
			"establish": "with-featured-image",
			"postTypes": [
			"identify": "With Featured Image"
			"establish": "with-cover-block",
			"postTypes": [
			"identify": "With Duvet Block"

Template Parts

Template parts are defined as follows.

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	"templateParts": [
			"area": "header",
			"name": "header",
			"title": "Header"
			"area": "footer",
			"name": "footer",
			"title": "Footer"
			"area": "uncategorized",
			"name": "comments",
			"title": "Comments"
			"area": "uncategorized",
			"name": "post-meta",
			"title": "Post Meta"

World Sorts and Style Permutations

As mentioned above, beginning with WordPress 6.0, theme authors can bundle deal a couple of units of kinds with their topic issues, enabling consumers to switch between style permutations without changing their theme.

This great WordPress feature is the principle serve as of the new default theme, as Twenty Twenty-3 provides ten pre-built style combinations to choose between.

Twenty Twenty-Three Global Styles
Twenty Twenty-3 World Sorts

You’ll browse the ones sorts throughout the World Style interface of your Internet web page Editor. Proper right here you’ll

  • Switch global style from the Browse sorts panel.
  • Customize typography settings – text, links, headings, and buttons
  • Edit default colors or trade the color of specific parts
  • Customize the construction of the principle content material subject material area
  • Customize the appearance of specific parts
Customizing text, colors, and layout in Twenty Twenty-Three
Customizing text, colors, and construction in Twenty Twenty-3

It’s worth noting another time that throughout the introduction of such a large amount of style permutations, group involvement was once a very powerful. After the Twenty Twenty-3 challenge kickoff, 38 submissions had been gained from 19 individuals spanning 8 different world places (you’ll uncover all duties on GitHub).

Out of 38, 10 taste diversifications had been decided on:

  • Pitch is a depressing style of the default style that uses Inter font kin by the use of Rasmus Andersson.
Pitch is a dark variation of Twenty Twenty-Three
Pitch is a depressing variation of Twenty Twenty-3
  • Canary uses a single type size and a slender column width. It moreover uses a fascinating border-radius have an effect on.
Canary uses a single type size and a narrow column width
Canary uses a single type size and a slender column width
  • Electrical uses a bold color for all the typography across the internet web page.
  • Pilgrimage is a colored dark style of the ground theme.
  • Marigold is a comfy and pleasant variation of the basic style.
  • Block-Out features a duotone have an effect on on photos.
  • Whisper showcases some custom designed parts, similar to the border around the edge of the internet web page, button sorts, and unique link underlines.
  • Sherbet has a singular glossy and vibrant look
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Sherbet has a unique colorful look
Sherbet has a singular vibrant look
  • Grapes was once made up our minds on for its stress-free combination of color palette and font type.

The most efficient issue about style permutations is that you just don’t necessarily want to be a front-end developer to create your sorts.

If you happen to’re feeling pleased with coding, you’ll select one of the vital .json knowledge found out throughout the Twenty Twenty-3 sorts folder and use it as a template to build your style variation.

Then again if coding isn’t your factor, you’ll use the official Create Block Theme plugin, which you’ll download for free from the plugin list.

First, arrange and switch at the plugin, then navigate to the best way editor. Once proper right here, customize colors, typography, and construction consistent with your own tastes and save your changes.

Customizing styles in the Global Styles interface
Customizing sorts throughout the World Sorts interface

Each time you’re happy at the side of your changes, find Create Block Theme underneath Glance throughout the WordPress admin menu.

Create Block Theme menu item
Create Block Theme menu products

Take a look at the general factor down throughout the list: Create one way variation. You’ll be asked to assign a name in your style variation. Enter the establish and click on on on Create Theme. This will more and more create a brand spanking new .json report throughout the theme’s sorts folder.

Create a style variation
Create one way variation

Now you’ll further customize your style and even export it to other WordPress installations.

The Create Block Theme plugin is a treasured software for taking entire advantage of the theme and template introduction choices available with the newest diversifications of WordPress. While you’re at it, it’s possible you’ll take a look at all the other alternatives:

  • Export Twenty Twenty-3
  • Create child of Twenty Twenty-3
  • Clone Twenty Twenty-3
  • Overwrite Twenty Twenty-3
  • Create blank theme
  • Create one way variation
A custom style variation appears in the style browser
A custom designed style variation turns out throughout the style browser


While first of all glance the new default WordPress theme would possibly seem to be a type of featureless empty box, on closer inspection, it’s much more than that, as it means that you can benefit from the newest WordPress internet web page bettering choices.

In Twenty Twenty-3, you’ll see many templates and template parts to customize, a selection of 10 style permutations to use as the basis for rising unique internet pages, and beef up for all the new choices available in WordPress 6.1, starting with Fluid Typography and Stepped ahead Template Software.

With Twenty Twenty-3, the feeling is that the difference between internet web page glance and capacity is now stark. The only function of the theme is to keep watch over the appearance of the internet web page, leaving the addition of capacity to the plugins. And from this standpoint, Twenty Twenty-3 does a really perfect procedure, offering WordPress consumers all the latest Gutenberg internet web page bettering choices. Customizing the look of a web site hasn’t ever been easier.

Up to you presently. Have you ever ever already used the new theme in a take a look at atmosphere? Have you ever ever tried rising custom designed style permutations however? Proportion your concepts with us throughout the comments underneath.

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