What Is Servant Management?

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Leadership seems different for everyone.

Some select to use a democratic style, where they make final picks after you have input from crew individuals. Some are individualists, concerned about private development and building, while others act as a instructor that works to help employees make bigger their skills and assemble robust teams.

Even if different in apply, most control varieties have in no longer abnormal that the executive is a pressure of authority at their business — completely different from servant control, where authority is purposely left by means of the wayside.

In this submit, find out about servant control, its number one characteristics, and how it can receive advantages your corporate.

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What’s servant control?

Servant control is the concept that a pacesetter’s primary goal is to serve their employees and gives them the fortify they need to make bigger their skills and achieve success at their jobs. This differs from standard control in {{that a}} leader doesn’t put into effect their authority or take care of others as subordinates.

Robert Good enough. Greenleaf first coined the time frame servant leader in his 1970 essay The Servant as Leader. Throughout the essay, he says that the servant leader “Focuses mainly on the growth and well-being of other people and the communities to which they belong” and that they “Put the needs of others first and help other people make bigger and perform as extraordinarily as conceivable.”

Essentially, the executive (a md, CEO, or any type of executive at a business) exists to serve the parents that art work for the company. In turn, employees supported by means of a pacesetter with their easiest hobby at heart are additional motivated, empowered, high-performing, and able to offer shoppers with the most efficient conceivable experience.  

Servant Control Characteristics

In his essay, Greenleaf outlines ten elementary laws of servant control, which we’ll discuss beneath.

servant leadership characteristics

1. Listening

Servant leaders will have to be excellent listeners. It’s serving to them get to know the parents that art work for the business and what they’re all about.

With listening, servant leaders will discover belief about employees that can help them easiest fortify their needs, whether or not or no longer it’s understanding areas for personal development or simply learning how employees truly really feel at art work and if the rest should be completed to fortify their experience.

2. Empathy

Servant leaders need to be empathetic because it is among the an important easiest tactics to help employees grow to be the most efficient they may be able to be.

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For example, an employee would perhaps express a wish to make bigger a particular talent, they usually wish to truly really feel as even though you’re taking note of them and understanding their needs. Empathy helps with this, as you’ll be capable to relate to their hobby and ask further questions that permit you to help them switch forward.

Empathy could also be important in servant control in terms of correcting behaviors. For example, say that an employee might simply not meet a goal at the end of the quarter. With standard control, chances are high that you’ll tell the employee that they will have to perform upper without giving actionable advice that can help them achieve this.

Instead, a servant leader may also be empathetic in opposition to the location and wish to understand the roadblocks that ended in them to battle. In reality, you’d however like to make sure that it wouldn’t happen all over again, on the other hand you’d art work alongside the employee to verify they’ve the equipment to perform upper and meet their goals next quarter.

3. Healing

Greenleaf says that servant leaders will have to understand the importance of healing as other people aren’t at all times used to working in scenarios where their leader doesn’t pressure their authority and require compliance.

A servant leader should bear in mind that they will need to art work with employees to prove to feel good about the process and create a working environment that builds trust and helps them be comfy in conjunction with your control style.

4. Self-awareness

Servant leaders will have to be self-aware because of they need to understand their position and trust inside of in their crew. For example, for those who occur to’re enforcing your authority, you’re not a servant leader, and likewise you’re perhaps pushing employees away. Because of this reality, it’s crucial to be aware of the gap you’re taking on inside your crew on a daily basis.

Self-awareness moreover helps servant leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses when serving to employees to be the most efficient they may be able to be. For example, for those who occur to procure feedback that you just’re not the most efficient at talking, you should decide your vulnerable spot and art work to fortify, as employees can’t achieve success within the tournament that they don’t understand you.

5. Persuasion

Servant leaders use persuasion as an alternative of power and authority to influence their teams and get everyone on the equivalent internet web page. You should convince others and get buy-in without forcing compliance or telling those that they just should do something because you mentioned they’ve to.

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6. Conceptualization

Conceptualization means that servant leaders can make bigger a path for their teams that can ship company just right fortune.

This key function immediately relates to other skills on this document. For example, suppose a servant leader conceptualizes a goal for workforce. If this is the case, they should be capable to persuade without forcing compliance and provide employees with the entire thing they need to help actualize the aim and be there for them right through the process.

7. Foresight

The Oxford Language Dictionary defines foresight as the power to predict or the movement of predicting what’s going to happen or be sought after in the future. With servant control, this means the use of historic potency and gift objectives to predict longer term effects and what employees will need to help them achieve success.

For example, if your teams have historically struggled with a particular process and that process is had to fulfill an upcoming goal, your foresight should can help you know that you just’d wish to be reward to lend a hand when employees are undertaking that process, and possibly provide additional assets to make sure other people don’t get stuck.

8. Stewardship

Stewardship is synonymous with duty in servant control. The executive can take duty for their actions and understand how their fortify for their employees contributes to all the potency of their teams.

9. Determination to the Growth of Other people

Servant leaders want employees to be provided with the equipment and assets they need to achieve success and truly really feel motivated to help the company achieve success. As such, servant leaders will have to be devoted to the growth and development of other people.

In apply, this may increasingly seem to be ensuring employees have the proper training for their required duties, planning development possible choices, or even checking in with employees to snatch their occupation goals and understanding how you can help them get there.

10. Construction crew

Administrative center communities foster some way of trust and togetherness, which helps other people truly really feel like they’re working together to meet a no longer abnormal goal. As a servant leader, you’d wish to make sure that your office seems like a bunch by means of building relationships with others and provoking other people to build relationships with their coworkers.

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As mentioned above, servant control is significantly different from standard control varieties. The executive isn’t an authoritative pressure on the other hand additional of a collaborator that works alongside employees to help them achieve success. It may be helpful to have some examples of what servant control can seem to be in movement, so we’ll discuss some beneath.

Servant Control Examples

Major by means of Example

A servant leader is eager to do the rest that they ask their employees to do.

So, let’s say that employees are rushing to meet quotas for the month. Moderately than teaching employees to easily art work harder, a servant leader will sit down down down with them and help them get there. Most likely they take on some tasks, encourage employees, and provide actionable advice this is serving to them meet their goals.


A servant leader sits down with employees and asks them to proportion feedback about business processes and whether they help them perform their duties. The servant leader actively listens to feedback, learns from what they’ve heard, and works to make very important changes to help employees seamlessly do their art work.


A servant leader cares about their employees as other people. If someone comes to them and allows them to know that they’re going by way of something, the servant leader doesn’t tell them to check their feelings at the door or inform them that they upper not fall short of expectations.

Instead, they art work with the employee to make bigger a plan that can allow them to achieve success irrespective of what they’re going by way of.

Servant Control Can Have the same opinion Companies Be triumphant

Even if different from standard varieties, servant leaders can assemble motivated and capable teams that reach business.

If you’re a pacesetter looking to check out their hand at this control style, just remember to understand who your employees are as other people, provide them with the equipment and fortify they need to achieve success, and act as an ever-present helpful useful resource, it doesn’t topic what they would like.

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