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WordPress and HighLevel are every great alternatives for building internet pages, on the other hand, there are some variations. WordPress is a content material subject material keep watch over instrument (CMS) while HighLevel is an all-in-one platform that includes a web page builder. HighLevel lets in consumers to build feature-rich internet pages merely on their all-in-one platform, then again they don’t all the time provide the similar alternatives or flexibility as an open provide CMS like WordPress. In this post, we’ll check out WordPress vs HighLevel to get to the bottom of the differences between the two. Additionally, we’ll communicate in regards to the choices of every platforms so as to come to a decision which is perfect for your corporation.

WordPress vs HighLevel: Who’re They For?

Each and every WordPress and HighLevel are very different with regards to built-in choices and available add-ons.

WordPress CMS

WordPress got its get began as a working a weblog platform throughout the early 2000’s. Over time, WordPress has advanced proper right into a the hottest CMS, housing some of the largest corporate internet pages. For instance, Sony Tune, Time Magazine, CNN, and the White Space are all built on WordPress. WordPress is open provide and free, then again will include additional price to get a WordPress site up and runner. Consumers should consider the cost of web webhosting, best price subjects, and plugins. Those problems can pressure the price to lots of bucks. Alternatively, those add-ons add capacity and allow for unique internet pages. On account of this, WordPress is perfect utilized by any individual who needs a web page — small or massive.

WordPress vs HighLevel

Top Stage is an all-in-one promoting and advertising platform geared further against the corporate professional. Like HubSpot, HighLevel is a SaaS platform, on account of this it is a completely capable Purchaser Relationship Regulate (CRM) instrument for industry professionals who need an all-in-one platform. Problems similar to scheduling appointments, 2-Approach SMS, landing pages, value solutions, product sales funnels, and analytics are all built in. Similar platforms similar to HubSpot offer the ones choices, then again as an add-on. With HighLevel, you’ll get the entire thing you want to make your web page a fully useful industry web page and promoting and advertising answer for a fraction of the cost of the competition.

WordPress vs HighLevel Ease of Use

Some of the essential essential aspects of any CMS or web page builder is how easy it’s to use. Each and every WordPress and HighLevel have a learning curve. Let’s discuss each platform to get to the bottom of which has the convenience.

WordPress Ease of Use

WordPress is typically a simple platform to learn. This is especially true if you’re most efficient short of to build a small information web page. It may be able to transform a little of additional cumbersome when short of to mix other device or functionalities to make it what you want for your corporation.

WordPress dashboard

Rookies may also be inundated with content material subject material across the web to lend a hand them get started. There are dozens of internet pages totally dedicated to learning the in’s and out’s of WordPress. For instance, our Chic Subject matters weblog is packed stuffed with tutorials and belongings to assist WordPress consumers of any skill stage. Additionally, doable WordPress consumers received’t have any trouble finding helpful motion pictures. That’s some of the perfect problems about WordPress — the wealth of available information.

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HighLevel Ease of Use

HighLevel has a similar learning curve. If a brand spanking new individual should assemble a web page and/or organize their CRM, they can merely do so in an hour or a lot much less — at least that’s what their web page says. One of the crucial problems that HighLevel prides themselves on is how easy it’s to get started. They’ve a superb knowledge base to assist new consumers, and provide 24/7 purchaser fortify to assist when problems stand up. We found out the training curve to be a little of steeper than that, in particular when being used to different platforms.

The dashboard is reasonably easy to navigate. Scheduled appointments, messages, calendars, contacts, expenses, automation and websites are all clearly marked and reasonably easy to organize. That being discussed, companies who plan to use HighLevel should profit from their 14 day trial length to familiarize themselves with the platform. Depending on how a large number of it you have the desire to make use of, it would take fairly a little of of time to get the grasp of.

HighLevel Dashboard

WordPress vs HighLevel: Customization

WordPress and HighLevel have many customization alternatives. Alternatively, WordPress has necessarily essentially the most customizations available to consumers.

WordPress Customization

WordPress is the clear winner throughout the customization department. With loads of plugins and the power with the intention to upload custom designed code, building a singular web page isn’t laborious. In conjunction with the free plugin alternatives, you’ll arrange top rate ones from third party vendors. WordPress moreover integrates seamlessly with internet web page builders like Divi to give you whole keep an eye on over the web design process with a visible builder.

WordPress vs HighLevel plugins

WordPress uses its proprietary Gutenberg editor. Consumers can add columns and portions similar to icons, text, motion pictures, social media, and further to customize their internet web page merely.

Gutenberg editor

HighLevel Customization

HighLevel doesn’t require any plugins. It in reality works great out of the sector. The internet web page builder comes with lots of portions to use along side text modules, galleries, video, and further.

HighLevel page editor

Consumers can merely interact with their customers in HighLevel. For instance, portions similar to calendars, surveys, and paperwork are same old with a HighLevel account.

WordPress vs HighLevel page editor

WordPress vs HighLevel: Matter issues and Templates

Each and every WordPress and HighLevel profit from templates to change the look and feel of your web page. Alternatively, one platform stands out on account of the number of choices available.

WordPress Matter issues and Templates

WordPress is king with regards to subjects. There are thousands of free subjects available on the WordPress repository by myself. That being discussed, a variety of the free subjects don’t allow for a ways customization. That’s just right sufficient in case you merely need a small cookie-cutter web page and don’t ideas your internet web page looking similar to others out there. Listed here are some of the easiest loose WordPress topics available.

In conjunction with the freebies, there are literally thousands of best price subjects in the stores. Listed here are some of the easiest topics for bloggers. Some subjects, similar to the Divi Theme, transfer well beyond the standard choices of WordPress to provide consumers necessarily essentially the most customizable web page conceivable, along side lots of premade format packs.

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HighLevel Matter issues and Templates

Like WordPress, HighLevel supplies free funnel templates. HighLevel doesn’t have loads of templates to make a choice from, then again there are some helpful alternatives. This is in particular useful for those who don’t have the time or enjoy to build a internet web page or internet web page(s) on their own. Templates may also be loaded instantly right through the HighLevel platform merely. Additionally, a marketplace with best price templates is available.

HighLevel Funnel Templates

{{The marketplace}} supplies various categories to make a choice from along side industry, services, technology, and further. Additionally, there are third party vendors who offer templates for HighLevel internet pages and product sales funnels. Prices for best price subjects vary. Consumers may also be anticipating to pay at least $99.

HighLevel premium templates

WordPress vs HighLevel: Ecommerce

Each and every WordPress and HighLevel have eCommerce alternatives. Let’s take a look at each platform to get a better considered techniques selling products artwork on each answer.

WordPress Ecommerce

WordPress doesn’t come with eCommerce natively. Alternatively, together with a plugin similar to WooCommerce shall we in for an easy setup. WooCommerce is free, and integrates with WordPress seamlessly. Putting in place a shop, together with products, and connecting a value gateway are completed in a snap.

WooCommerce plugin

That being discussed, choices are limited with the free selection. As a way to in reality customize your purchaser’s enjoy, you’ll need to add capacity that can in short escalate costs.

HighLevel Ecommerce

HighLevel ships with the ability to add products and take expenses out of the sector. Consumers can add products, organize a value gateway, and get started taking orders in short. HighLevel is an all-in-one answer, so no plugins or further subscriptions are sought after. Moreover, single value purchases and subscription primarily based completely products are possible. For those who occur to plot to provide memberships or online classes, HighLevel has you coated there, too. Account consumers can send emails and 2-way SMS messages to streamline the ordering process and increase purchaser engagement.

HighLevel eCommerce

WordPress vs HighLevel: Publishing Apparatus

Each and every WordPress and Highlevel make it possible to create a blog. Alternatively, one needs a bit of bit further lend a hand.


WordPress is the primary device used by bloggers in this day and age. It mainly started as a working a weblog device and has complex into a lot more over time. That being discussed, its working a weblog roots run deep. Creating a post may also be finished in two ways. The principle selection is the use of the antique editor. The antique editor functions very similar to a word processor, so those unfamiliar with WordPress shouldn’t have any problems the use of it.

Classic editor

The second is the Gutenberg editor. Beginning in 2018, WordPress began the use of Gutenberg to change its antique editor. It uses blocks, which gives consumers the power with the intention to upload columns, and portions similar to video, html, image galleries and further. Additionally, WordPress consumers can create layouts for blog posts to lend a hand send their message in a further unique approach.

Gutenberg blocks


Publishing blogs and posts is the only space where HighLevel falls fast. They don’t natively offer a standard blog enjoy. Consumers can create pages as posts, then again they don’t offer a Blog phase to bring in posts dynamically like a CMS. As a way to create a blog on HighLevel, consumers will need to profit from a third party broker similar to Drop In Weblog. While this might not be a deal breaker, it’s an additional expense that are meant to be thought to be when comparing WordPress vs HighLevel.

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WordPress vs HighLevel: Protection

Protection is fairly most likely the one most essential function of a CMS or web page builder. Between ransomware, Denial of Provider (DoS) attacks, malware, and bots, there are many problems that can take a web page or server down — costing your corporation income.

WordPress Protection

WordPress is a popular platform, so it’s a very powerful to have security measures in place. Thankfully, there are excellent safety plugins that can lend a hand keep your web page secure. WordFence, Sucuri, and Jetpack are a few extraordinarily rated examples. In conjunction with plugins, internet hosting suppliers play a a very powerful serve as in web page protection. Cloudways, Flywheel (or WPEngine), Pressable, and SiteGround all offer excellent protection. Choices similar to SSL certificates, Malware protection, TLS 1.2 and 1.3, bot protection, and backup capability are same old.

HighLevel Protection

As a cloud primarily based completely provider, HighLevel adheres to GDPR compliance. All wisdom transferred to and from the HighLevel platform is secure. They use end-to-end encryption on their servers, along with TLS 1.3 to ensure secure wisdom transfer. Additionally, they run backups and scan for malware and other cyber threats every day. Each and every internet web page hosted on HighLevel comes same old with an SSL certificate with each plan.

WordPress vs HighLevel: The Bottom Line

After an in-depth comparison of WordPress vs HighLevel, it’s evident that they’re every superb alternatives for any corporate looking to expand their income. Each and every offer the choices needed to keep in touch with shoppers, advertise products, and get their message out to the so much. Choosing between the two comes proper all the way down to a few problems. Value, choices, and enjoy.

For those who’re an individual, freelancer, or corporate wanting to build a industry that has whole keep an eye on over settings, customizations and integrations, WordPress is in all probability the suitable variety. The likelihood is that never-ending with WordPress on account of the extraordinarily customizable nature of the platform. Additionally, with all of the plugins and subjects available, consumers will haven’t any trouble making their internet web page look exactly the best way through which they would love.

On the other hand, if your corporation will require not unusual interaction with shoppers, full-automation promoting and advertising solutions, and reporting, HighLevel should be thought to be. And no longer the use of a plugins or explicit integrations sought after, HighLevel most often is a superb answer for those looking to save some time and money on rising a custom designed way to serve their needs.

Do you use HighLevel or WordPress? Let us know by way of leaving a commentary beneath.

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