WordPress vs Laravel PHP Framework

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Comparing WordPress vs Laravel is hard on account of every “platforms” have little in common besides the use of PHP. Alternatively, working out the variations between every alternatives is essential to unravel simple assemble your next project.

In this article, we will be able to talk about who should use WordPress and Laravel. We’ll talk about customization alternatives, ease of use, protection, and additional. Let’s get to it!

WordPress vs Laravel PHP Framework: Who Are They For?

It’s crucial to understand that WordPress and Laravel are two very more than a few varieties of tool. Alternatively, they’re every “solutions” that you just’ll use to build web websites and online applications.


WordPress is a Content material Control Device (CMS) that permits you to assemble internet sites the usage of visual equipment. You get get admission to to a Block Editor that works in a similar way to internet web page builder tool and a dashboard with alternatives to create and arrange content material subject material, individual accounts, and additional:

WordPress homepage

On paper, WordPress is a working a weblog platform. Alternatively, the CMS is terribly versatile, the sort of lot so that 43% of all current internet sites use it. Because of this truth, it’s suitable for the whole lot from eCommerce stores to personal blogs.

Should you use the open-source style of WordPress, you’re no longer even limited to a decided on internet host. You’ll organize the CMS on any server that you want.


Laravel isn’t a CMS then again a “framework” for the PHP programming language. That’s the identical language that’s at the core of WordPress. Alternatively, Laravel doesn’t provide visual equipment or dashboards that will help you create a internet web page:

Laravel homepage

With Laravel, you get a library of pre-programmed choices to “put together” a internet web page. That process takes place from a Command Line Interface (CLI) referred to as Artisan.

To use Laravel, you’ll wish to know your way spherical PHP despite the fact that you have got interplay with the framework the usage of a scripting language. Although that process may sound tricky, the usage of Laravel will also be remarkably easy if you’ve a construction background.

Laravel isn’t a “platform” that you just’ll pick up without programming knowledge. If you probably have 0 background in web construction, WordPress is certainly preferable.

Alternatively, that’s not to say WordPress is a platform for beginners most efficient. The CMS is terribly customizable, and also you’ll use it to extend web websites with extraordinarily complex capacity.

WordPress vs Laravel PHP Framework: Ease of Use

Although WordPress and Laravel offer such different studies, we can read about how easy they’re to use. Let’s get began with WordPress.


WordPress is unassuming to be informed despite the fact that you haven’t any web construction enjoy. It is going to take a little time to transport from 0 to having a ready-to-go internet web page. Alternatively, you’ve a really perfect wealth of assets and tutorials for the CMS. Combine those assets with an intuitive dashboard, and WordPress is a beginner-friendly risk:

WordPress dashboard

After you have some enjoy beneath your belt the usage of WordPress, you’ll have to be capable to create new pages and whole web websites quite briefly. You’ll observe the usage of the Block Editor, know which plugins to use in particular eventualities, and get an idea of which topic issues to use for more than a few internet sites.


Should you don’t have a background in web construction or enjoy the usage of the command line, Laravel could be overwhelming. Alternatively, you don’t wish to be a snatch programmer to use Laravel.

Fundamental knowledge of PHP and CLI capacity should be more than enough to liberate the potential of Laravel:

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Installing Laravel using the command line

Laravel provides extensive documentation that will help you get started. For the most productive imaginable enjoy, we advise testing the Laracasts library. The library incorporates in-depth video tutorials for purchasing started with Laravel. You’ll moreover learn how to use one of the many “systems” or pre-built choices the framework provides.

If you want an “easy” setup, Laravel provides some “starter kits” that package deal deal a variety of choices, along with scaffolding (the elemental development for any Laravel app that you just create). You’ll use starter kits paying homage to Laravel Jetstream for faster application deployment:

Laravel Jetstream

Arguably, the training curve for Laravel is larger than with WordPress. Alternatively, once all over again, we’re talking about two alternatives for web tasks with utterly different approaches. Should you’re pleased with the command line, you’ll organize a Laravel project for your server and get began publishing pages in minutes.

WordPress vs Laravel PHP Framework: Customization

Each and every Laravel and WordPress offer a wealth of customization alternatives for regardless of project you’re running on. Proper right here’s how both of them read about.


Most people customize WordPress the usage of plugins and topic issues. Plugins are add-ons that can add new capacity to the CMS. Fortunately, there are literally thousands of plugins available to use, and numerous them are loose:

Installing plugins in WordPress

Plugins no longer most efficient add new choices to WordPress however moreover display you how one can industry core aspects of how the CMS works. For example, while you don’t identical to the default Block Editor, you’ll replace it with a internet web page builder plugin, paying homage to Divi. With WordPress, you’ll build up just about any kind of online project that you can imagine.

If you probably have web construction enjoy, you’ll moreover edit the WordPress code and create new plugins and topic issues. In short, every aspect of WordPress is up for customization.


With Laravel, you get began every project from scratch, choosing which dependencies and systems you want to use. That implies any internet web page built the usage of Laravel most efficient incorporates choices which may also be manually added:

Some of Laravel's packages

The Laravel type means that every project has a unique set of choices. With Laravel, you’ll add or remove any package deal deal given that framework uses a modular tool.

Although some systems can add a visual interface for your Laravel internet web page, you’ll have to expect to make most edits by the use of the command line. That implies you’ll wish to understand the Laravel syntax and be relaxed managing a web project by the use of directions.

WordPress vs Laravel PHP Framework: Problems and Templates

Many platforms provide topic issues and templates to customize your internet web page’s style. Problems display you how one can briefly check out new designs and overhaul your internet web page’s glance without coding. Listed below are the variations in how WordPress and Laravel maintain theming.


As you may know, WordPress provides a large number of subject matters, every loose and best price. You’ll seek for and arrange topic issues without leaving the dashboard and change alternatives just about in an instant:

The WordPress.org theme repository

Plus, while you look previous loose alternatives, many best price topic issues add new capacity to WordPress, paying homage to internet web page builder topic issues (like Divi). The biggest drawback with topic issues tends to be deciding on an risk on account of there are such a lot of of them.

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You’ll completely customize any aspect of the subjects that you just use. Moreover, WordPress permits you to edit internet web page templates the usage of the Block Editor.


Laravel uses the Blade templating engine by the use of default. It permits you to produce layouts manually, which is further atmosphere pleasant than growing pages from scratch. Alternatively, you’ll nevertheless wish to code every phase and a part of your Blade templates.

Alternatively, you’ll wish to use CCS pre-processors and frontend toolkits. One of the vital an important standard alternatives among Laravel shoppers is Bootstrap:

The Bootstrap homepage

Toolkits paying homage to Bootstrap do give a boost to and offer topic issues. Alternatively, the ones don’t appear to be specific to Laravel itself, then again to the pre-processor you’re the usage of.

Although the lack of theming systems could be a con for some, the open-ended method that Laravel provides is rather attention-grabbing. Since you’re running with a framework, you’re loose to use any frontend toolkit. Because of this truth, you’ll choose from quite a bit or 1000’s of templates when you’re taking the time to set problems up.

Should you seek for Laravel templates, you will find some alternatives for admin dashboards. Keep in mind that Laravel doesn’t come with an admin panel or dashboard. Alternatively, you’ll assemble one and use Laravel templates to customize its style:

Examples of Laravel templates

The ones templates will maximum frequently require dependencies and frontend toolkits to artwork. Additionally, you’ll nevertheless wish to configure Laravel to artwork with the template and display data via it (some systems can do this).

WordPress vs Laravel PHP Framework: Publishing Apparatus

Although Laravel isn’t a “publishing” platform in step with se, it will most likely fulfill that place with the correct method. Let’s talk about how WordPress and Laravel read about with publishing equipment.


Publishing posts and pages is at the core of the WordPress enjoy. The CMS makes a speciality of providing equipment to create pages and weblog posts very easily. The Block Editor shows that with its visual option to internet web page creation:

The Block Editor

WordPress moreover provides capacity for managing posts. You’ll edit, substitute, and delete posts at any time. Although you’ve a huge library of content material subject material, WordPress makes it easy to keep watch over it.


Laravel doesn’t offer built-in publishing equipment. Alternatively, you’ll merely industry that the usage of the correct systems. Some Laravel systems focal point on together with working a weblog and publishing capacity to the framework.

One such example is Laravel Weblog. This package deal deal supplies a dashboard that looks like WordPress and a antique text editor to publish new posts and pages:

The Laravel Blog dashboard

The opposite is to code and publish pages manually. That’s a valid method, then again while you plan on running a blog that publishes content material subject material perpetually, you’ll wish to use systems to maintain the workload further effectively.

WordPress vs Laravel PHP Framework: Protection

Protecting your internet web page from attacks and securing individual data is very important to any stylish internet web page. Proper right here’s how Laravel and WordPress read about on the subject of protection.


One of the vital an important main advantages of the usage of WordPress is that the platform gets commonplace updates and protection patches. Should you keep WordPress itself, plus the subjects and plugins you utilize, up to the moment, your internet web page should be maximum repeatedly protected.

Having mentioned that, there are lots of additional steps that you just’ll take to protect your web site even further. Some plugins allow you to put in force choices paying homage to Two Issue Authentication (2FA). Additionally, you’ll whitelist IP addresses, use internet hosts that supply sophisticated protection capacity, and additional.

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Laravel provides many pre-programmed safety features that you just’ll put in force for your tasks. The ones choices don’t appear to be “enabled” by the use of default, this means that you need so that you can upload them manually on a project-by-project basis. They arrive with:

  • An individual authentication tool
  • Protection in opposition to XSS attacks and SQL injections
  • Electronic mail verification
  • Password hashing and reset capacity

On perfect of its pre-programmed capacity, Laravel incorporates systems to improve protection. Arguably, Laravel is much more protected than most other PHP frameworks. Alternatively, there’s always further that you just’ll do to protect your web site, so it’s crucial to be proactive about it.

WordPress vs Laravel PHP Framework: Ecommerce

Working an online store is without doubt one of the best ways to generate income online. This phase will help you decide which platform is further suitable.


WordPress is an excessively user-friendly CMS for running an eCommerce store. The use of the loose WooCommerce plugin, you’ll create a storefront, upload products, process expenses and delivery, and additional:

WooCommerce plugin

Additionally, you’ll use WooCommerce extensions so that you can upload additional capacity for your store, paying homage to product filters and purchaser reviews. Since you keep an eye on your retailer visually, it’s actually simple to prepare and advertise your products.

Plus, you’ll choose from other loose and paid eCommerce plugins, paying homage to Simple Virtual Downloads. Basic, WordPress eCommerce is also very in the market.


As we previously outlined, Laravel works with systems. Some Laravel systems can add complex capacity for your tasks, paying homage to publishing equipment and eCommerce systems.

Ecommerce systems like Aimeos and GetCandy allow you to organize complex online stores:


The ones eCommerce systems get a hold of arguably further freedom than WooCommerce because you’ll design further complex product, purchasing groceries cart, and purchaser parameters. You’ll moreover typically get get admission to to an admin hub to keep watch over all of your product sales. Alternatively, as with most Laravel choices, you’ll need developer enjoy to get one of the vital out of eCommerce systems.


Laravel and WordPress offer very distinct approaches to creating a internet web page. With WordPress, you get a CMS that systems visual equipment that will help you assemble and arrange every aspect of your web site. In contrast, Laravel is a PHP framework that calls so that you can place together tasks from scratch the usage of pre-built choices and systems.

There isn’t a definitively more sensible choice for construction a internet web page. Should you’re an professional programmer, you’ll nearly surely acknowledge Laravel for what it provides – a shockingly scalable and customizable framework that can adapt for your needs. However, WordPress simply works correct out of the sector, which can simplify and boost up some tasks.

Do you’ve any questions about the usage of WordPress vs Laravel? Let’s talk about them throughout the comments phase below!

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