10 YouTube Chrome Extensions for Higher Gazing Revel in

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YouTube is an innovation, and also you’ll be informed so much from YouTube movies at no cost. But if you’ll now not control the enjoy, you’ll be merely distracted by the use of its recommendation.

In this article, I will introduce the great 10 Chrome extensions for YouTube that building up your productiveness. The entire extensions offered in this article are free to use! Don’t fear about paying fees for an extension and forgetting to unsubscribe from the subscription. Let’s dive into the details.

video watchingvideo watching
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1. Glasp

 TLDR – Captures video transcripts, summarize video content material subject matter. 


Glasp is an extension allowing shoppers to grasp YouTube video transcripts and summarize video content material subject matter. With this extension, you’ll build up productivity while researching for and finding out from YouTube video content material subject matter.

The main function is that Glasp signifies that you’ll highlight and grasp the transcripts of YouTube, so that you’ll get sentences of films, restart taking part in the video at any 2nd you prefer, and notice all the very important parts of the video to your profile internet web page.

The second function is a summary of the video. Even previous than taking a look on the video, Glasp takes the transcripts of the video and summarizes it with ChatGPT.

Consequently, you’ll glimpse the video content material subject matter and unravel whether or not or now not you want to continue taking a look at it. It saves time dramatically.

Glasp is the very best extension for enthusiasts of research and writing. It’s used mainly by the use of writers, note-takers, faculty students, product managers, founders, and so on. You’ll be capable to arrange the Glasp extension on browsers harking back to Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi.

Obtain Glasp for YouTube

2. Magic Movements

 TLDR – Provides upper Youtube-watching enjoy. 

Magic ActionsMagic Actions

Magic Actions for YouTube is available for someone who watches YouTube content material subject matter. It’s serving to to customize YouTube motion pictures by the use of automatically choosing the answer for motion pictures and predetermining the color subjects. Actually, you’ll adjust the settings to your taste, which could be saved as default for the following motion pictures you play.

Moreover, you’ll disguise the player controls and video annotators, adjust video amount by the use of simply moving the mouse, delete your streaming history, and preview the rating of identical motion pictures.

Additional so, it allows you to adjust lighting effects to day or night viewing mode, watch a video in cinema mode, take screenshots, and report very important parts of the video with a single click on on. It seems that, Magic Actions prevents comments and equivalent motion pictures from popping up on the show.

Obtain YYMagic ActionsYY for YouTube

3. Enhancer

 TLDR – Get additional control of the video you could be taking a look at. 

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Enhancer for YouTube makes YouTube shoppers control their adventures like execs with its keyboard shortcuts. It controls playback tempo and the volume level with the mouse wheel. Moreover, shoppers can automate repetitive tasks harking back to deciding at the becoming playback top of the range and configuring many keyboard shortcuts. In addition to, you’ll use the choices offline whilst you download YouTube content material subject matter.

Enhancer allows shoppers to block commercials confirmed previous than and in between contents which could be being worried and explanation why a loss of point of interest on the content material subject matter.

Additionally, this Chrome extension has a built-in automatic playback software that allows you to create various repetitive tasks. Consumers can construction motion pictures and arrange tempo the easiest way they would love. There are also subjects and filters to spice up motion pictures to an individual’s taste. However, it does not show captions in its popups.

Obtain Enhancer for YouTube

4. Freshview

 TLDR – Hide already-watched motion pictures, discover new motion pictures. 


This extension is a user-friendly and must-have for any YouTube individual because of its ability to hide all previous YouTube content material subject matter you’ve watched and discover fresh equivalent content material subject matter. With this extension, you’ll control the collection of events you’ll view a video.

You’ll, however, need software permission to revel in a couple of of its choices. The main permission is to seek out the link to a YouTube internet web page. The second permission is to get entry to knowledge or change knowledge for content material subject matter modification.

For many who’d like to rewatch motion pictures, you’ll categorize those who the extension gained’t disguise. Another specific issue regarding the extension is that it displays the view expansion of already-watched motion pictures.

Obtain Freshview for YouTube

5. Bookmark It

 TLDR – Create bookmarks for YouTube motion pictures. 


For the reason that determine implies, the Bookmark It Chrome extension is mainly known as a bookmark creator. It creates bookmarks on YouTube motion pictures, and in addition you’re certain to stick all moments in your eye-catching YouTube motion pictures. You press b while taking a look at any YouTube video to get it bookmarked.

The bookmarked motion pictures are merely accessed since they’re all saved in a folder. It’s going to be absolute best whilst you return to a video you bookmarked or want to use the built-in popup to search for your bookmarks on YouTube.

In addition to, when you bookmark YouTube with the extension, you’ll get entry to it to your other gadgets and a mobile software simply by synchronizing.

For many who don’t like the color combinations of the extension, it allows you to change the color result of the video you could be taking a look at to suit your tastes. With this extension, you’ll save time by the use of bookmarking very important motion pictures and returning to them at your leisure.

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Obtain Bookmark It for YouTube

6. PocketTube

 TLDR – Arrange your YouTube subscriptions. 


PocketTube is a subscription manager for YouTube that allows shoppers to create collections and groups for YouTube motion pictures based on topics and search intent. It actually works on desktop browser extensions (In conjunction with; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera) where it lets in custom designed icons during which shoppers can upload their motion pictures, show without equal watch, and play all the motion pictures using the playlist.

This extension works effectively on the recent fashion of YouTube in that it allows shoppers to filter out motion pictures by the use of subjects, duration, and date on feed mode, subscription internet web page, and channel internet web page. It’s designed with a built-in Deck mode that allows you to view a couple of motion pictures at the same time as.

Moreover, it hides your ‘watched motion pictures’ and auto-syncs your collections on Android, iOS, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox with integration into the main internet web page of YouTube. In addition to, it lets shoppers get ready their own YouTube feed. Consumers can also body of workers their YouTube motion pictures based on watchlists or favorites.

Bear in mind: After setting up the PocketTube extension, reloading all the YouTube tables is wanted.

Obtain PocketTube for YouTube

7. Simple Video Downloader

 TLDR – Download YouTube Films. 

easy videoeasy video

For the reason that determine implies, Easy Video Downloader helps you quickly download motion pictures, pictures, and music used on the web internet web page. It works with inside and external browser download managers and helps uncover and save files from web pages.

Additionally, it’s available for researchers, students, writers, video editors, and graphic designers. It is a browser extension that works on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

It’s noteworthy to remember the fact that the Easy Video Downloader can’t download YouTube motion pictures embedded on other web pages harking back to blogs on account of Google, YouTube, and Chrome store insurance coverage insurance policies and restrictions.

However, Easy Video Downloader searches the prevailing webpage for media links and gives you the option to download them during the individual’s browser’s default download manager or a neighborhood program harking back to Internet Download Manager (IDMan) or GNU Wget. Moreover, you’ll save you the built-in download manager and send the files to an external program as an alternative to acquire them.

Obtain YYYY for YouTube

8. DF Tube

 TLDR – Remove commercials and other distractions when taking a look at motion pictures. 

DF TubeDF Tube

This extension disables distractions harking back to autoplay, hides the flicks recommendation sidebar, and removes the grid of films appearing to your homepage so that you could point of interest on the video content material subject matter. It actually works with each and every Chrome and Firefox.

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It seems that, the extension settings are configurable, and also you’ll add comments and disable the playlist sitewide. In addition to, the DF tube needs two permission for movement, which include:

  1. Storage: Required to your storage need and to make a choice the storage path
  2. Tab permission: Required to load the DF extension script on each YouTube

Obtain Simple Video Downloader for YouTube

9. Video Blocker

 TLDR – Disable YouTune autoplaying. 

video blockervideo blocker

Video Blocker prevents YouTube from automatically taking part in on web pages. It moreover allows you to whitelist specific web pages and domains so that you could see some YouTube motion pictures automatically.

In addition to, while it blocks motion pictures autoplay all through all pages, it allows you to play your desired video on any internet web page with a single click on on on the video

This extension works on Chrome and Firefox. It’s going to build up shoppers’ productivity by the use of fighting automatic video taking part in. Moreover, it’s available in loads of languages.

Obtain Video Blocker for YouTube

10. AdBlocker

 TLDR – Block YouTube commercials. 


Adblocker blocks video commercials which include; pre-roll video commercials, texts, and banners providing a whole show. By way of choosing “Block All” underneath possible choices/settings, the video and image commercials on YouTube are blocked automatically.

Bear in mind, the toolbar for all the other useful choices will fade away whilst you do NOT mouse over the taskbar in whole show or theater mode.

Additionally, it improves browser tempo and allows a handy guide a rough load of images and flicks with no configuration or messy lists to keep watch over. Moreso, it decreases memory usage and bandwidth by the use of taking away transcripts for music and video. In addition to, it might in truth moreover block all commercials on YouTube by the use of manually shielding the icon.

Once installed, reload all YouTube tabs for the extension to take have an effect on.

Obtain AdBlocker for YouTube


You’ll be capable to conclude that all the YouTube extensions fit their serve as. However, they’ve different attributes along with other technological purposes. The above YouTube extensions enlighten shoppers to place in a single or two extensions which are suitable their usage targets.

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