100+ Choice Seek Engines You Must Know

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On each and every instance you wish to have to seek for something online, you do a handy guide a rough Google seek. Even supposing it’s is basically essentially the most well known search engine, alternatively there are many other engines like google that have different scope and set of choices for patrons.

This put up lists more than a few selection engines like google you’ll have to know about. From privacy-centric and kid-friendly engines like google to platforms to seek for humans, books, or loose pictures the tick list has such a lot to offer. Take and notice if there’s one that piques your interest.

In this article:

We’re skipping the more than a few engines like google that everyone knows about, in order that you gained’t be seeing Google, Yahoo, or Bing in this tick list.

  • Aol — Aol supplies search results mixed with content material subject matter from AOL. It lets in looking for web pages, photos & motion pictures, data, apparatus, and additional, and also supplies clear out possible choices.
  • Yandex — Yandex is a Russian supplier provider offering search engine, mail, maps and additional. Its search supplier lets in looking for photos, motion pictures, and additional.
  • ScrubTheWeb — ScrubTheWeb send herbal search results and lets in looking for web pages available in their member’s tick list most efficient.
  • Ecosia — Ecosia is a web search engine, which donates 80% of its surplus income to plant trees. It lets you search for web, photos, data, motion pictures, and additional.
  • ecosiaecosia
  • MyWebSearch — MyWebSearch is search engine that shows results from Google. It lets you search for web, photos & motion pictures, data, purchasing groceries products, maps and additional.
  • Teoma — Teoma is an Internet search engine with its private link popularity algorithm. It shall we people search for web, photos & motion pictures, data, recipes and additional.
  • InfoSpace — InfoSpace supplies white-label search and monetization solutions. Its mixed search engine lets you to search out web pages, photos & motion pictures and knowledge.
  • Giga Blast — Giga Blast indexes billions of pages and provides speedy, latest wisdom. It lets you search only for web pages, alternatively with filters for enhanced search results.
  • Boardreader — Search engine for forums and message boards.
  • Infinity Seek — Search for internet pages, photos along with other things like books, pdf data, foods and additional.
  • Wiki.org — As its identify recommend, this search engine pulls wisdom from Wikipedia
  • Web Archive — Internet archive gives you a journey down the memory lane and offers hundreds of thousands of archived books, motion pictures, observe, internet pages, and other content material subject matter. Plus, it has the WayBack Tool search serve as that lets you look up from over 745 billion archived web pages.
  • Concentrate Notes — Pay attention Notes is a search engine to hunt out podcasts. There are different categories of podcasts that you just search search by the use of keywords. Plus you’ll be capable of submit your individual podcasts as smartly.
  • SideReel — SideReel is a search engine for movement photos, web series, and TV shows. It catalogs over 22000 shows in top quality up for viewing form any software.
  • Google E book Seek — Search any information by the use of its creator, ISBN, keywords, or phrases by the use of Google Books. You’ll clear out your search by the use of other parts as smartly in conjunction with language, creator, subject, or date.
  • Guide Searcher — Search any book on the web by the use of this search platform. The ebooks are free and appropriate with Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook and quite a few others that use ePUB format.
  • EBook Seek Engine — A easy book search engine. You’ll to search out any book by the use of its identify or keyword and the search results may also be given from trusted belongings.
  • Truth Test Explorer — A reality checker instrument from Google that lets you search about any reality you’ll be capable of call to mind.
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  • Iconfinder — A repository and search engine totally free and most sensible fee icons.
  • Symbol Seek — Find pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Zooomr, MySpace, Photobucket, Corbis and additional.
  • TinEye — A reverse image search engine that allows people to search around photos the usage of photos.
  • TinEyeTinEye
  • Openverse — Search for Ingenious Now not ordinary photos and audio data.
  • Unsplash — Unsplash is a great platform for taking a look prime quality visuals and photographs. There are millions of photos on the internet web page and also you’ll be capable of use the images in any deepest or commercial project totally free, even though attribution would possibly or is probably not required.
  • GIPHY — A search engine for GIFs about the remainder and the whole thing. Apart form commonplace and trending GIFs, you’ll be capable of find a cool GIF at the relaxation by the use of suitable keyword.
  • Flickr — Flicker lets you search prime quality pictures and artwork from everywhere the sector. You’ll moreover search for artists or groups by the use of this platform.
  • Pinterest — Pinterest is a social media platform plus a search engine brimming with eye-catching photos. There are lots of pin boards/categories that you simply’ll be capable of like and posts photos in.
  • Flaticon — Flaticon is an excellent helpful useful resource that hosts 1000’s of high-end icons in numerous sorts. You an download any icon or decal totally free and use in your tasks.
  • Kiddle — Safe visual search engine for kids.
  • kiddle.jpgkiddle.jpg
  • Kidtopia — Kidtopia lend a hand a search engine designed for kids and more youthful adults. There are different eye-catching categories and sub categories to search around from. Plus there are video video games and films on this platform as smartly.
  • Truth Monster — Fact Monster helps you with checking main points and information. very good for kids, it hosts many child-friendly finding out video video games and quizzes as smartly.
  • KidzSearch — KidzSearch a kid-friendly platform to search for wisdom, cool main points, observe, photos, motion pictures and video video games. With simple interface children may have numerous fun looking for wisdom.
  • Ask — Ask is a question-answer staff cum search engine that allows looking for web, photos, motion pictures and knowledge. You’ll moreover ask questions for getting speedy answers.
  • eHow — eHow is without doubt one of the oldest question & answer internet pages that allows people to search around about just about any topic – from space decor to foods and from finance to legal.
  • ehowehow
  • Solutions — Answers is a question-answer engine and staff that shall we people search for answers. You’ll immediately ask questions and the internet sites answers them as it should be.
  • Wolfram Alpha — Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge and search engine that searches for answers for factual questions, finds photos, solves calculations and does much more.
  • Quora — A ask and answer internet web page to hunt out advice and insights thru authentic people about real-life tales.
  • SlideShare — SlidShare has its private search engine that lets you search for presentations, infographics, bureaucracy, or motion pictures on just about any topic. There are 40 content material subject matter categories and hundreds of thousands of usual uploads on the internet web page.
  • Crunchbase — Cruchbase lets you to search out the proper companies and possible customers for your business. You’ll search for contacts, events, buyers, schools, and quite a few others by the use of this platform.
  • BuiltWith — Find out which platform, technology, or parts that any web page has used by the use of Built With. You’ll know which internet pages are the usage of purchasing groceries carts, analytic apparatus, web website hosting services to create leads for your business.
  • Dogpile — Fetches from Google, Yandex and Yahoo
  • Fagan Finder — A search engine checklist instrument
  • ZapMeta — Search engine that searches from a few belongings to genereate optimal results.
  • Digg — A data aggregator and curator
  • YouGotTheNews — A search engine for US data and articles
  • NewsLookup — Search for latest and trending international data
  • Elephind — A search engine for finding historical data.
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  • Spokeo — aggregates wisdom from online and offline belongings and lets in taking a look the usage of a name, e-mail, phone amount, username or deal with.
  • PeekYou — indexes people from fairly numerous social networks thru identify, e-mail, phone, deal with, location.
  • PeekYouPeekYou
15 Other people Seek Engines to In finding Previous Pals

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15 Other folks Search Engines to Find Earlier Friends

At the moment, just about everyone has some kind of presence on the web; direct or indirect. So it’s actually easy… Be informed further

  • DuckDuckGo — DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes on protecting searchers’ privacy and lets in looking for web, photos & motion pictures, definitions and stocks.
  • Qwant — Qwant is a France-based anonymous web search engine. It claims not to track its shoppers while providing search for web, data, photos & motion pictures and additional.
  • Startpage — Startpage is a Google-powered however secure and privacy-respecting search engine. It shall we people search for web pages, photos & motion pictures and additional.
  • startpagestartpage
  • Saerch Encrypt — However another privacy-based search engine.
  • Gibiru — An unbiased search engine that promises not to log your searches and IP deal with.
  • Disconnect Seek — Anonymous search engine that doesn’t track your search period of time.
  • Swisscows — Anonymouse search, does now not use cookies and other tracking technologies.
  • Lukol — Search results are derived from Google, alternatively taking out your tracks.
  • MetaGer — Keeps taking a look anonymous thru running them by the use of their proxies.
  • Oscobo — Non-public search engine with its private browser.
  • OneSearch — Privacy-based search engine thru Verizon Media.
  • Courageous Seek — Brave is an independent and private search engine. It upholds a sticks no tracking privacy protection and operates from an independent search index.
  • Neeva — Certainly not supplies a engines like google that is free from tracking or index bias. All the wisdom on this platform comes from trusted belongings.
  • Baidu — Baidu is China’s search engine for taking a look internet pages, data, maps, photos and audio & video data. It moreover shows definitions and lets in doing searches the usage of photos.
  • Yam — Taiwanese search engine for info, travel-related and magazines.
  • Youdao — Created thru NetEase, this engines like google lets in searches for web pages, imaegs, observe, and additional.
  • Sogou — Created thru Tencent, this is without doubt one of the most most often used search engine in China.
  • Naver — Naver is the South Korea’s first web portal that allows looking for web, definitions, photos, data, articles, motion pictures and additional except for providing other web services.
  • Daum — A Korean web portal and search engine. It moreover supplies free e-mail.
  • Goo — Goo is an Internet search engine and web portal of Japan, which crawls mainly Eastern web sites and lets in looking for web, photos, blogs, maps and even definitions.
  • Rambler — Rambler is a Russian web portal offering services like search engine, e-mail, data portal, finance portal, and so on. It shall we shoppers search for web and pictures and offers clear out possible choices.
  • Seznam — Seznam is a web portal and search engine of Czech Republic. It lets in somebody to seek for web pages, maps, pictures & motion pictures, definitions, products, and additional.
  • SAPO — Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses is a Portuguese supplier provider. It supplies a search engine that allows looking for web, photos & motion pictures, data, and blogs.
  • Virgilio — Virgilio is an Italian web portal and search engine that shall we somebody search for web pages, photos & motion pictures, companies and maps.
  • Walla — Walla is an Israeli web portal, providing data, search and e-mail services. It lets in looking for web, pictures, jobs, purchasing groceries products, and additional.
  • Seek — Search is a search engine and web portal of Switzerland providing local weather, maps, cinema and additional services. It most efficient lets in looking for web pages.
  • Najdi — Najdi is a search engine built for Republic of Macedonia. Now not like most engines like google, it does now not transfer slowly the internet sites for their content material subject matter and instead uses RSS or other XML belongings.
  • NajdiNajdi
  • Das Oertliche — Das Oertliche is a German web portal and local record, which allows its shoppers to search for public puts the usage of phone numbers, names or streets.
10+ Personal Seek Engines That Don’t Observe You

10+ Non-public Search Engines That Don’t Practice You

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  • Inflact — Search Instagram profiles with filters.
  • Social Searcher — Search for public wisdom from networks like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and additional.
  • Social SearcherSocial Searcher
  • Pixnet — A internet founded cell {photograph} sharing and networking supplier. Provides search for publicly available wisdom in conjunction with web posts, photos and additional.
  • Twipho — A search engine for Twitter pictures
  • Lookedon — Find pictures by means of Twitter username.

Additional Search Engines

  • Weblog Seek — Search results within blogs.
  • SimilarSiteSearch — SimilarSiteSearch helps you in finding identical, related or selection internet pages.
  • Shodan — Shodan is a search engine that shall we shoppers to search out devices (laptop programs, routers, servers, and so on.) hooked as much as the Internet. It collects wisdom maximum usually from public web servers.
  • Blackle — Blackle is powered thru Google Custom designed Search and targets to avoid wasting a variety of energy thru displaying a black background. It lets in shoppers to search for web pages and pictures.
  • Blinkx — Blinkx is a web media platform with an index of over 35 million hours of flicks. It lets in people to browse motion pictures the usage of sections and search for motion pictures.
  • SearchCode — SearchCode is a provide code and documentation search engine, providing programmers the ability to search for functions or code snippets.
  • Open HUB Code Seek — Open HUB Code Search is a search engine for coders, allowing programming enthusiasts to search for linked open provide code, functions and additional.
  • Yummly — Yummly is a repository and search engine for foodies. It shall we people search and uncover foods recipes – available in fairly numerous categories (even seasonal).
  • Pronto — Pronto is a value comparison and product finding supplier that allows somebody search for products during large range of retailers and shops.
  • Discounto — Discounto lets in its shoppers to search around and acquire discounts and offers from fairly numerous stores and local shopkeepers. It moreover informs of new and awaited supplies for commonplace items.
  • AZLyrics — AZLyrics is a lyrics portal and search engine, which searches for lyrics the usage of any phrase or music or album identify and shows the lyrics of your favorite music.
  • AnooX — AnooX is a social search engine that allows looking for web pages. Now not like many alternative SEs, it claims to use people’s rating for checklist its search results.
  • OneLook — OneLook is a search engine for words and phrases. It lets you search for words or meanings in 1000+ dictionaries and is even able to creating reverse lookups.
  • GoodSearch — GoodSearch is a internet founded purchasing groceries internet web page with a search engine this is serving to you in finding gives and coupons in number one stores. It donates part of the purchase worth of items you in finding and buy on GoodSearch.
  • goodsearchgoodsearch
  • GiveWater — GiveWater is a search engine that no most efficient helps you search the internet, it moreover helps you contribute for communities in need. A portion of its income transfer to charities that artwork on proving clean water and sanitation.
  • Ekoru — With every ad clicked on Ekoru search engine, a portion of income goes to the organisations cleaning our oceans. It’s additionally privacy mindful search engine and eco-friendly with servers powered thru hydro electric power.

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