101 Weblog Publish Concepts to Refresh Your Content material Advertising and marketing Technique

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When you’ve got an full of life web page, continuously arising with blog ideas is normally an issue. So, what do you do when it feels like you’ve written about the entire thing underneath the sun?

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Even one of the vital seasoned marketers might use an occasional brainstorming boost. If you wish to have inspiration, listed here are 101 of the most efficient blog publish ideas on your content material subject material marketing strategy.

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Blog Post Ideas

Multimedia Blog Post Ideas

Multimedia blog posts focus on the use of a piece of media — whether or not or now not that’s a video, a podcast, or a graphic — to tell a story or proportion wisdom.

The necessary factor to excellent fortune with this type of blog publish is to make it shareable. Whichever multimedia section you choose to include, be certain that it’s unique and branded so that when it’s going to get shared, people will connect it once more to your company.

1. Write a listicle blog publish the use of GIFs that your readers can relate to.

2. Create an interactive quiz, paying homage to “Which type of marketer are you?” or “How smartly do you know [insert topic]?”

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3. Recap your latest company event with pictures and/or films.

4. Share a video product demo.

5. Create a branded graphic that demonstrates your process or method.

6. Make a video that highlights your online business and write a publish about it.

best blog ideas, HubSpot marketing post about SEO featuring a video.

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7. Get began a podcast and transcribe each and every episode into blog posts.

8. Report an interview with a purchaser and conduct a corresponding write-up.

9. Upload {a photograph} diary of the best way your company celebrates custom.

10. Create an infographic about trade perfectly suited practices or characteristics.

blog ideas, HubSpot sales blog revenue infographic

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Knowledge-Driven Blog Post Ideas

Knowledge-driven blog posts rely on knowledge and trade insights to make a point. While this information can be sourced from other producers or trade tales, the use of unique knowledge to showcase your company’s serve as inside the space may end up in further unique blog posts.

11. “We Asked X Experts About [insert topic]; Proper right here Are Their Highest Guidelines.”

12. Survey trade execs to gather knowledge on their tough scenarios/processes/apparatus/perfectly suited practices, and proportion the results in a blog publish.

blog ideas, HubSpot’s state of marketing report

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13. Make an infographic about your analytics and damage down the pros and cons of each and every.

14. Research crucial statistics to your online business and compile a whole tick list.

15. Injury down your blog web page guests and give an explanation for the best way you generated it for each and every channel.

16. Share the most efficient apps your staff uses to get art work completed.

17. Make a list of the most efficient apparatus to your online business.

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18. Explain your company’s knowledge base and why it problems.

19. Do an in-depth case find out about about your customers and skim concerning the results.

20. Research your customers’ favorite products and proportion the consequences.

21. “Proper right here Are X Stats Each and every [Role] Must Know.”

Staff Engagement Blog Post Ideas

For those who’re part of a niche or space other folks, then the ones blog ideas are for you. Staff engagement topics are a approach to spotlight key players doing excellent issues to be able to boost company custom, emblem loyalty, or employee morale.

22. Spotlight local leaders or companies in your field.

23. Interview a space business owner.

24. Create a survey about your home’s business ecosystem and proportion the necessary factor findings.

25. Highlight user-generated content material subject material.

26. Spotlight a consumer and proportion a story about their business.

27. Share real-life examples of your product use circumstances.

28. Spotlight employee stories to inspire your target audience.

blog ideas, interview with Figma developer Gavin McFarland

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29. Ask for customer posts from community participants.

30. Run a product or service giveaway for readers.

31. Throw a community-based event and recap it on the blog.

blog ideas, Pokemon Go community event

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Tutorial (Guides and How-to) Blog Post Ideas

A common blog publish magnificence for B2B and B2C companies that wish to strengthen their search engine optimization is how-to posts. These kind of blog posts give an explanation for one of the best ways to do something or solution a question readers are on the lookout for.

To get further belief into what questions or topics your customers are on the lookout for online, look up a search phrase similar to your blog and try the “People Moreover Ask” phase of the search results. You’ll be capable to then use the ones questions to lend a hand knowledge your blog method.

The “People Also Ask” search results for the term “Instagram Reels” on Google.

32. An inventory of “musts” for a occupation in your field.

33. Interview an trade heavy-hitter about their tips for firms.

34. Post a series on one of the best ways to land a task in [your industry].

unique blog ideas, TechTarget article on how to get a job in cybersecurity

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35. Write a roundup about “X Problems I Need I Knew When I First Started.”

36. The proper method to reach the most efficient ability set to advance in your occupation.

37. The hardest part of your job — and the best way you’re taking on that.

38. Tips to deal with burnout.

39. Write an ultimate knowledge.

40. Create pillar pages, or topic pages that link to moderately a couple of other articles on the identical topic.

41. Bust common myths about your field.

42. Demo one of the best ways to make use of a selected social media channel.

unique blog ideas, HubSpot post on how to use Tiktok

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43. Write about one of the best ways to appropriately research and procure knowledge for tales.

44. Suggest the most efficient apparatus for completing day-to-day tasks similar to your product or trade.

45. Share the benefits of a gift trend your company has mastered.

46. Resolution the top questions people have about your online business.

47. Injury down one of the best ways to put in writing a blog publish the use of your individual blog for instance.

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Multichannel Integration Blog Post Ideas

Your company’s blog is just one channel on your marketing strategy. For blog ideas that focus on multichannel integration, the name of the game’s to proportion the marketing methods you use to your other channels like electronic mail and social media.

48. Speak about peak social media characteristics.

blog ideas, HubSpot post on top social media trends

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49. Explain how your most recent Instagram Reside session engaged your target audience.

50. Rank the top-performing social media channels on your emblem.

51. Dive proper right into a social network’s latest exchange.

52. Explain how you use Instagram Reels to broaden your engagement.

53. Spotlight an emblem killing it among a couple of social channels.

54. Share the most efficient Twitter threads you’ve spotted about your online business.

55. Share a breakdown of your best-performing electronic mail advertising marketing campaign and why it worked.

56. Speak about how your emblem uses LinkedIn to connect with your community.

57. Share your peak social media analytics services and give an explanation for why they’re great.

58. Injury down crucial electronic mail promoting and advertising metrics the use of examples from your individual electronic mail campaigns.

59. Explain how video channels like YouTube or TikTok can be an asset to your online business.

blog ideas, Hootsuite post on YouTube tactics

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60. Take a stance on a up to the moment blog publish from your favorite news-sharing web site.

61. Round up fresh knowledge on your online business.

62. Share snippets from your company’s e guide in a roundup.

Thought Control Blog Post Ideas

Thought control content material subject material is used to showcase your company’s revel in in a undeniable topic or trade. These kind of blog posts must decide credibility and position your emblem as a trusted helpful useful resource with a novel point of view.

63. Describe what your undertaking observation way to you.

64. Dive into how a company boosted its blog web page guests exponentially.

65. Injury down what a super company custom would appear to be.

66. Write about tactics your company is focusing on selection and inclusion.

Blog ideas, diversity and inclusion report form Adobe

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67. Based on characteristics from the former Three hundred and sixty five days, what are your predictions for the trade’s long run?

68. Come up with a list of company outings for a ways flung teams/staff.

69. Describe how your staff combats burnout and provide helpful tips to avoid it.

70. Create a list of commercial characteristics to regulate.

71. Review and difference different topics about promoting and advertising, business, or your online business, paying homage to various kinds of selling.

72. Post a recap of breaking trade knowledge.

blog ideas, Loadsmart’s bi-weekly news recap

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Content material subject material Promoting and advertising Blog Post Ideas

While just about the entire thing to your blog is thought of as content material subject material promoting and advertising, the ones particular kinds of blog posts lend a hand market your company thru giving readers a glimpse into your product, processes, and staff.

73. Amplify a blog publish series faithful to your company’s FAQs.

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74. Invite an trade leader to contribute their revel in as a customer blogger.

75. Curate an administrative center playlist and proportion the tracklist.

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76. Profile a staff member to sing their own praises the company custom.

77. Interview a purchaser and proportion their results.

78. Repurpose a case find out about proper right into a blog publish.

79. Repurpose a white paper or knowledge proper right into a blog publish series.

80. Write about your day-to-day workflow.

81. Have your staff proportion their favorite tactics to use your product.

82. Share key takeaways from a up to the moment trade conference you or your staff attended.

83. Explain the tactics content material subject material promoting and advertising has helped your company meet its business targets.

84. Post a “Three hundred and sixty five days-in-Analysis” about categories learned all through the Three hundred and sixty five days and one of the best ways to observe them to the Three hundred and sixty five days ahead.

85. A roundup of your most popular blog posts.

blog ideas, Common Places most popular blog posts of 2021

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86. A roundup of ways your staff conducts successful content material subject material promoting and advertising.

Miscellaneous/A laugh Blog Post Ideas

Who says your blog should be buttoned up at all times? Show off your emblem’s personality with the ones fun blog publish ideas.

87. Share pictures or films from your staff’s fresh travels.

88. Curate a list of quotes.

89. Give an administrative center tour.

90. Report of books that inspire execs on your online business.

Blog ideas, HubSpot book recommendations for marketers

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91. “What has changed about our workflow habits over the years?”

92. Deliver in combination a list of weekly/per 30 days aspirations.

93. Injury down your favorite historic 2nd on your online business.

94. Come with stylish holidays and make a themed publish about them.

95. Explain common acronyms in your office or trade.

96. Get began a series where a ways flung staff participants proportion their day-to-day art work routines.

blog ideas, CEO shares her work-from-home routine

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97. Give a temporary history of your company.

98. A peer-curated tick list of hobbies outside of work.

99. Share highlights from a up to the moment trade conference you or your staff attended.

100. Examine a up to the moment movie trailer and the best way its promoting and advertising must be well-known.

101. Come up with a staff bonding event and recap how it went.

It’s easy to get wrapped up inside the day-to-day of your online business, on account of this it’s moreover easy to run into the identical kinds of blog posts. Blogs are essential for search engine optimization and lead generation, so settling on the “correct” topics is a crucial step in promoting and advertising planning.

Editor’s phrase: This publish was once as soon as at the start published prior to 2017 and has been up to the moment for comprehensiveness.

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