11 Home windows 11 (22H2) Pointers You Must Know

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House home windows 11 got up-to-the-minute in recent times! After the developer release of House home windows 11 22H2 got published in early 2022, Microsoft introduced a number of latest choices interested in its user crew. That is, House home windows 11 22H2 packs in a whole document of choices, fixes, and improvements everyone was taking a look ahead to — along with me.

Windows 11 got updated!Windows 11 got updated!

Unusually, there’s a proliferation of choices targeted towards space shoppers like us. You’ll be capable of get admission to a couple of of those choices by way of House home windows Settings, then again some choices require additional systems or configuration.

I’ve compiled this put as much as proportion with you some hidden gems – trips, guidelines, and hacks – to help you profit from out of House home windows 11 enjoy. So, let’s get on.

Table of content material subject matter:

  1. Putting in Home windows 11 with out Microsoft account.
  2. Find out how to create an area account.
  3. Make the most of ‘Do No longer Disturb’.
  4. Configuring DND and Center of attention in Home windows 11.
  5. Configuring the Get started menu in Home windows 11.
  6. Find out how to disable the Widgets panel in Home windows 11.
  7. Enabling Voice Get entry to in Home windows 11.
  8. Enabling Are living Captions in Home windows 11.
  9. Enabling the sport optimizations in Home windows 11.
  10. Allow Potency mode for apps.
  11. Take away bloatware or undesirable apps in Home windows 11.

1. Skip the usage of a Microsoft account

Microsoft has joined the club with Apple and Google to push online accounts on its operating system. That means you will have to create and log in with a Microsoft account to use House home windows 11, and Microsoft is slowly curbing the entire hacks it’s crucial to have carried out to avoid the internet account requirement until now.

Thankfully, Neowin reported a simple hack that involves you the usage of a blacklisted e-mail take care of like no@thankyou.com to test in for the internet account. House home windows Setup provides an error and skips growing an web account as an extra bonus.

Use a blacklisted email to skip creating an online accountUse a blacklisted email to skip creating an online account

If the above hack fails, otherwise you may well be putting in place House home windows 11 22H2, Rufus is any other hack you’ll check out. Create a bootable energy the usage of Rufus, and it’s conceivable so that you can to place in House home windows 11 22H2 without creating a Microsoft account. As simple as that!

2. Create a space account

If the above hacks get curbed via Microsoft one day, there’s any other bypass trick for you. You’ll be capable of create an web brief account the usage of a transient e mail supplier. After logging in with the brief online account in House home windows 11, you’ll create a space administrator account via following the ones steps:

  1. Open Settings and move to Accounts > Other shoppers.
  2. Add an account in Windows 11Add an account in Windows 11
  3. Click on on Add account > I don’t have this shopper’s sign-in wisdom.
  4. Create a local account in Windows 11Create a local account in Windows 11
  5. Click on on Add an individual with no Microsoft account and observe instructions.
  6. Click on at the logo new user underneath Other shoppers and click on on Industry account type.
  7. Change account type in Windows 11Change account type in Windows 11
  8. Make a selection Administrator underneath Account type and click on on OK.
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In the end, log in to the new account and delete the former one via going to Settings > Accounts > Other shoppers, expanding the former user, and clicking Remove.

Remove a user in Windows 11Remove a user in Windows 11

3. Take advantage of ‘Do Now not Disturb’

Do Now not Disturb and Focal point (up to now known as “Focal point Mode”) got stepped ahead in House home windows 11. You’ll be capable of prepare laws to auto-enable the ‘Don’t Disturb’ mode. For example, you’ll permit it all the way through art work hours to higher focal point for your art work.

Moreover, you’ll configure priority notifications to permit explicit apps, calls, and reminders to avoid don’t disturb mode and send you notifications, like Android and iOS. You’ll be capable of get admission to each and every upon clicking the clock icon inside the Taskbar.

DND and Focus options in Windows 11DND and Focus options in Windows 11

4. Configure DND and Focal point

Proper right here’s the way you’ll configure Do Now not Disturb, priority notifications, and Focal point:

  1. Open Settings and move to System > Notifications.
  2. On this show, you’ll click on on on explicit user possible choices to configure them:
  3. Configure notifications in Windows 11Configure notifications in Windows 11
  4. Make larger Turn on don’t disturb robotically and configure possible choices to auto-enable DND.
  5. Auto-enable DND in Windows 11Auto-enable DND in Windows 11
  6. Click on on Set priority notifications and configure possible choices for priority notifications.
  7. Set priority notifications in Windows 11Set priority notifications in Windows 11
  8. Click on on Focal point and configure possible choices for Focal point (aka Focal point Mode).
  9. Configure Focus options in Windows 11Configure Focus options in Windows 11

5. Configure the Get began menu

Microsoft is trying exhausting at bringing an intuitive Get began menu, then again, with no lot excellent fortune. Most of the people, along with me, have a love-hate courting with the Get began menu (and the Get began show) starting from Home windows 8.

Then again, House home windows does offer some customization possible choices for the Get began menu, that have been given upper with House home windows 11 22H2. Proper right here’s discover ways to tweak it:

  1. Open Settings and move to Personalization > Get began.
  2. Configure its structure and the apps and items visible inside the Get began menu.
  3. Configure the Start menu in Windows 11Configure the Start menu in Windows 11
  4. Click on on Folders on this show to customize the folders confirmed alongside the Power button inside the bottom-right corner of the Get began menu.
  5. Configure the Start menu folders in Windows 11Configure the Start menu folders in Windows 11

For instance, I’ve the Default structure and default settings along with a number of folders enabled, so the Get began menu on my check out system looks like underneath:

Start menu with folders in Windows 11Start menu with folders in Windows 11

6. Disable the Widgets panel

House home windows 11 introduced Widgets panel that displays web-based widgets an identical to local weather, stock market updates, sports activities actions knowledge, and so on. However, it most simple works if are you logged in to a Microsoft account on House home windows 11. As I instructed above, Microsoft is trying its easiest to push you to use an web account, and that’s one evidence.

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Widgets panel works with a Microsoft accountWidgets panel works with a Microsoft account

If you’re curious about the usage of a space account in House home windows as a result of any reasons why, you’re going to no longer be happy with the Widgets. For instance, I don’t have or use an web account benefits on my system though I’d have cherished Widgets. That mentioned, I disabled the Widgets panel as disabling it minimized memory usage on my system.

Regardless of be the rationale, you’ll disable the Widgets panel the usage of the ones steps:

  1. Press Win + R to look the Run dialog box.
  2. Sort gpedit.msc, and press Enter to open the Workforce Protection Editor.
  3. Beneath Computer Configuration, move to Administrative Templates > House home windows Parts > Widgets to check insurance coverage insurance policies for Widgets.
  4. Double-click Allow widgets on the suitable, click on on Disable, then click on on OK.
  5. Disable the Widgets panel in Windows 11Disable the Widgets panel in Windows 11

7. Permit Voice Get admission to

Voice Get admission to is a in point of fact easiest at hand serve as — like Microsoft Cortana — that permits you to keep watch over your House home windows PC the usage of your voice. You’ll be capable of open and switch between apps, dictate emails, browse the Internet, and so on. Voice Get admission to “leverages fashionable, on-device speech reputation to recognize speech accurately and is supported without an internet connection,” in line with Microsoft.

That means Voice Get admission to uses offline gadget finding out. Proper right here’s discover ways to use it:

  1. Open Settings and move to Accessibility > Speech.
  2. Toggle on the risk named Voice get admission to. If you’re planning to use this feature forever, click on on Get began voice get admission to after you test in to your PC.
  3. Enable Voice Access in Windows 11Enable Voice Access in Windows 11
  4. Observe the instructions on the Organize your mic for voice get admission to show.
  5. Enable Voice Access in Windows 11Enable Voice Access in Windows 11

8. Permit Live Captions

Live Captions is an accessibility serve as inspired from a same-named serve as in Android OS for Google Pixels. Captions are auto-generated from all
audio content material subject matter
along with the incoming audio from your microphone, interestingly.

This remaining serve as can lend a hand all the way through in-person conversations or meetings. However, Live Captions is most simple supported for content material subject matter in English (U.S.) for the immediate.

Beneath are the steps to permit Live Captions. You want to procure its language files, in order that you will have to continue when asked to procure them via House home windows 11.

  1. Open Settings and move to Accessibility > Captions.
  2. Toggle on the risk named Live captions.
  3. Enable Live Captions in Windows 11Enable Live Captions in Windows 11
  4. Thereafter, you’ll click on on Win + Ctrl + L to use Live Captions.

9. Permit the game optimizations

House home windows 11 22H2 introduced some under-the-hood optimizations for video video games. This option improves latency and unlocks other gaming choices like Auto Most sensible Dynamic Range (HDR) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). Proper right here’s discover ways to permit it:

  1. Open Settings and move to Display > Graphics > Default graphics settings.
  2. Toggle on the risk named Optimizations for windowed video video games.
  3. Default graphics settings in Windows 11Default graphics settings in Windows 11

10. Permit Efficiency mode for apps

Microsoft redesigned the Process Manager and enhanced a couple of of its less-known then again at hand choices, making it further helpful than ever. This type of choices is Efficiency mode (up to now known as “Eco mode”) that allows you to prohibit an app’s belongings for those who occur to to seek out or now not it’s consuming more than average or necessary belongings.

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Proper right here’s the way you’ll put an app into the Efficiency mode on House home windows 11:

  1. Press Win + X and choose Process Manager from the context menu.
  2. Make a selection Processes risk from the left menu to look the working processes.
  3. Right kind-click any process and click on on Efficiency mode to put it into the an identical.
  4. Put an app into the Efficiency modePut an app into the Efficiency mode

11. Remove bloatware or unwanted apps

Final then again crucial, it’s conceivable you’ll want to remove bloatware or unwanted apps from your system. The reason being Microsoft has been pushing further default apps (aka bloatware) with House home windows starting with House home windows 8 than ever quicker than inside the history of House home windows OSs. Thankfully, O&O AppBuster can remove them.

Observe the ones steps to remove apps like House home windows Clock, House home windows Maps, and so on.:

  1. Go to https://www.oo-software.com/en/ooappbuster in a web browser.
  2. Click on on Download with reference to right-top corner of the internet web page and open the document.
  3. Remove bloatware using O&O AppBusterRemove bloatware using O&O AppBuster
  4. Make a selection apps you wish to have to remove and click on on Remove with reference to top-right corner. For example, I determined on 3D Viewer and Groove Track in this screenshot.
  5. Remove bloatware using O&O AppBusterRemove bloatware using O&O AppBuster

Even if House home windows 11 is reasonably new, Microsoft is already introducing fairly a couple of ground-breaking changes along with the desired use of online accounts in House home windows 11. Even if it’s good for cell devices like smartphones and tablets, many people however make a choice a space account on their space pc methods.

Then again, House home windows 11 brings many exciting choices. Necessarily probably the most notable is the new design system dubbed “Fluent Design” though there are new apps and additional choices as well. And I’m hoping the guidelines and guidelines in this knowledge will can help you make most out of the whole thing in House home windows 11 22H2. How is your enjoy?

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