14 YouTube Description Templates That Have Helped Our Movies Move Viral

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For the reason that second-largest search engine, with over 2 billion customers per 30 days, YouTube is an undeniably powerful channel on your promoting efforts. Irrespective of its recognition, many trade startup householders select to use Facebook over YouTube as their channel, specifically for uploading video content material subject material.

This is a mistake. YouTube is an outstanding search engine that can be in agreement what you are promoting reach additional people. Its method depends on optimizing motion pictures to build up the possibilities of discoverability.

One of the vital vital tactics for optimizing your YouTube channel is to create horny YouTube descriptions.

→ Download Now: 7 YouTube Video Description Templates [Free Prompts]

youtube channel description example

A YouTube channel description is similar to the About Internet web page of a website. It appears under the “About” tab of your channel’s YouTube internet web page.

The YouTube channel description conveys to possible target audience what your content material subject material will cover, at the side of the issues you are taking on and the communities you serve. The aim is to turn a one-time viewer proper right into a subscriber and consumer of your content material subject material. You’ll be able to add this when putting in place your YouTube channel.

As a YouTube creator, your primary objective is to attract target audience and turn them into subscribers, steadily using your channel description. With that right through ideas, make sure to use keywords that your intended target audience would use to search for your content material subject material.

YouTube Video Descriptions

Each and every YouTube video includes a description that can be found out under the viewport of the video.

Additionally, each video needs a unique description to increase the opportunity of your video being found out when anyone is on the lookout for a decided on subject.

A YouTube content material subject material creator’s video description draws and converts an target market. Because of this reality, it’s the most important that you just optimize your video descriptions for search engine marketing.

In case you aren’t positive learn how to get began crafting compelling YouTube descriptions, keep learning. We can uncover various tactics you’ll employ and provide templates to be sure to have the entire thing you wish to have to excel on YouTube.

1. Use YouTube description templates. [Free Prompts]

HubSpot compiled seven YouTube video description templates to be in agreement what you are promoting provide context for your target audience, rank upper in search, get ready your staff, and link to comparable web pages in your internet web page.

HubSpot's 7 YouTube Video Description TemplatesObtain Those Templates for Unfastened

2. Provide an explanation for your content material subject material.

To find the best tactics for writing YouTube descriptions, I spoke with Eric Peters, a Senior Growth Product Manager on HubSpot’s Academy staff. He discussed, “[YouTube descriptions] are some of the a very powerful primary tactics YouTube is conscious about what your video is about. Include links, additional belongings, links to other motion pictures and playlists, and so forth. Be sure that the description box is simple to be informed.”

Peters outlined that your YouTube video description and closed captioning should incorporate keywords into your description. It moreover helps with accessibility for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Subsequently, together with closed captioning for your motion pictures is an absolute will have to for accessibility.

As an example, take a look at one in every of HubSpot Academy’s YouTube video descriptions:

Transcript for a YouTube Video Description

A YouTube description differs from a internet web page meta description. In a YouTube description, content material subject material creators provide an explanation for what your entire video is about and even link to external belongings.

Peters knowledgeable me, “You get 5,000 characters basic, so make use of it. YouTube creators use asterisks or all-caps to tell apart titles from body copy because of it’s all simple text. Consider writing up a text type of the necessary factor problems from the video, or even copying the transcription of the video and paste it into the description.”

3. Include a call-to-action (CTA).

Your YouTube description is a fantastic selection to ask target audience to continue to have interaction in conjunction with your channel or to search out additional belongings that can be in agreement them be informed additional about a topic of interest.

As an example, let’s consider you create a brief “How you can Add Filters to Instagram” YouTube video, on the other hand you also have an in-depth “How you can Use Instagram for Promoting” blog submit. Why no longer link it inside the description? In all probability, anyone having a look at your Instagram video on YouTube might be in a similar way grateful for the danger to learn additional by way of a blog submit.

Possibly you simply need to ask target audience to subscribe, turn on notifications, or proportion your content material subject material with their networks. The ones are all acceptable CTA’s on your description.

You will have to format your description to be sure to put the most important information first. Peters advises, “The main 200 characters are above the ‘additional’ fold on the description box, so if you want to have your CTA/link to be seen by way of most people, keep it during the primary 200 characters.”

Collapsed YouTube Video Description With Show More Box Highlighted

After the principle 200 characters, your text might be bring to an end, and target audience will need to click on on “Show additional” to appear the remaining. Because of this reality, you will have to make your first 200 characters depend.

4. Add your persona.

A YouTube description should be fun and disclose your emblem’s persona with a unique voice. Against this to standard varieties of selling, it is a likelihood as a way to instill creativity and humor into your content material subject material.

Brian Dean’s YouTube channel is a great example of this. His YouTube descriptions steadily replicate one of the simplest ways he speaks. The descriptions are candid and casual, and he makes it actually really feel like he’s writing to a pal.

Brian Dean YouTube Video Description

To learn additional about using YouTube for promoting purposes, believe checking out HubSpot Academy’s whole YouTube Advertising route.

5. Use timestamps to make motion pictures scannable.

At the side of timestamps for your video description may make your video additional user-friendly and lend a hand your content material rank neatly on search engines like google.

YouTube video timestamps appear inside search results, improving user retention by way of directing shoppers to actually probably the most comparable portions of films from SERPs.

Consumers can search for keywords that appear for your video’s description and click on on on a thumbnail on the SERP to view the portion of your video that answers their search query.

youtube description examples: timestamps

Symbol Supply

YouTube Channel Descriptions

Each and every YouTube channel description should allude to a decided on house of hobby or central theme. You want to tell your target audience what they’ll be informed from your channel. This may occasionally most probably give them a the reason why to song in for your channel, subscribe to it, and proceed to be informed from you and your motion pictures. Additionally, when you add your house of hobby for your YouTube description, your target audience can additional merely to search out you in a sea of no doubt an identical creators.

YouTube Channel Description Examples

1. Wes McDowell

youtube channel description example: wes mcdowell

Symbol Supply

Wes McDowell’s YouTube channel targets target audience inside the digital promoting house of hobby. The channel description mentions the channel’s venture: teaching small corporations householders digital promoting strategies they can use to increase their corporations. The description moreover lists topics the channel will serve as in its motion pictures, invites target audience to subscribe, and describes the benefits of subscribing to the channel.

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Why We Love It

This YouTube channel description is obvious and direct. It details what target audience will get when they come to the channel. This description moreover describes the promoting strategies and strategies target audience can be advised. Clarity goes a chronic method to make a channel merely searchable and rankable on YouTube.

2. Yoga With Adriene

youtube channel description example: yoga adriene

Symbol Supply

Yoga With Adriene’s YouTube channel description highlights some of the a very powerful channel’s number one values: inclusion. The channel description mentions that everyone is invited to participate and be informed additional about yoga by way of her motion pictures, irrespective of their skill stage. The description moreover recommends motion pictures that green individuals can watch to transform familiar with the content material subject material.

Why We Love It

This channel description is an excellent example of how a company’s venture can also be useful for video content material subject material. The description provides subscribers a glimpse into Yoga with Adriene’s values, creating a connection with the viewer. This standpoint is really useful for rating on YouTube because it’s aligned with morals and values that subscribers can merely resolve with.

3. Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

youtube channel description example: wild wonderful off-grid

Symbol Supply

Wild Glorious Off-Grid’s YouTube channel description positions the channel inside a niche by way of using the important thing words “off-grid,” “self-reliant,” and “development our personal place of dwelling” to attraction to target audience who’re excited about residing off-the-grid. The description moreover invites target audience to talk about with their online store and social media profiles.

Why We Love It

This YouTube channel description establishes a niche, describes the channel’s content material subject material, provides background information about the creators, and encourages subscribers and target audience to participate further in their emblem. The description moreover directs their target audience to other sides of their trade, comparable to their store and social media platforms, which fosters value for their subscribers.

4. The Pals

youtube channel description example: the pals

Symbol Supply

The Friends’ YouTube channel description introduces the channel’s creators, lists the video video video games the channel will highlight, and gives each creator’s non-public YouTube channel and Roblox username.

Why We Love It

This YouTube channel description makes a speciality of the recreational the channel provides. The description targets subscribers in search of gaming knowledge and mentions the creators’ non-public journeys to set the channel except for others within the an identical house of hobby and magnificence.

5. Florian Gadsby

youtube channel description example: florian gadsby

Symbol Supply

Florian Gadsby’s YouTube channel description introduces the channel’s creator and lists the topics that target audience may also be anticipating to appear when they subscribe. It moreover links to the creator’s social media and newsletter, and gives information about the creator’s online store, at the side of its restocking time table.

Why We Love It

This YouTube channel description takes a non-public strategy to the channel’s subject material. The description provides visitors clarity regarding the channel’s content material subject material and artistic focus. It moreover encourages target audience to interact with the creator on their social media platforms to learn additional about them and take into consideration additional of their content material subject material.

6. SciShow

youtube channel description example: scishow

Symbol Supply

SciShow’s YouTube channel description introduces the channel’s creators and hints at the topics that target audience may also be anticipating to appear each week. The description moreover outlines the channel’s posting time table and mentions other YouTube channels associated with the emblem.

Why We Love It

This YouTube channel description tells its target audience when they’ll see uploads. This is a good method to ensure shoppers consult with the channel right kind at the time when they’re expecting to appear new content material subject material. If views transfer up on a internet web page, the YouTube algorithm is a lot more most probably to boost your channel to a much wider target audience.

7. Unbox Treatment

youtube channel description example: unbox therapy

Symbol Supply

Unbox Remedy’s YouTube channel description states the channel’s tagline, provides an outline of the channel’s content material subject material, and gives a slightly piece of email for trade inquiries.

Why We Love It

This simple channel description piques target audience’ interest with an interesting tagline and an easy explanation of the channel’s content material subject material. It moreover contains an piece of email that allows target audience to the touch the creators to inquire regarding the trade and ask professional questions regarding the channel.

YouTube Channel Description Templates

Now that we’ve were given covered the basics, take a look at a few templates you’ll use to craft a compelling YouTube description.

1. Be clear and concise.

It’s imaginable you’ll create a playful, easy-going channel ‘About Me’ description, like this one:

Hi, I’m [Name]. This is my channel about increasing your product sales, effectively targeted for your target audience, and emerging an piece of email file that you simply’ll use to increase what you are promoting.

If you’re a marketer who wants to learn promoting how to get [result, i.e., more traffic to your site], subscribe to my channel.

My channel publishes motion pictures that target storytelling content material subject material that connects X, displays you learn how to infuse your authenticity for your emblem, and offers you a marketing strategy that feels herbal. If that sounds love it could be helpful for you, please join me!

2. Connect with subscribers.

Alternatively, you’ll craft a YouTube description that describes what your company does from a third-person perspective, like this one:

[Company] is the worldwide leader in X, Y, and Z. Since [year], [Company] has been on a venture to [insert company vision or purpose here].

To learn additional about [Company], its values, and its [company offering], subscribe to our channel to stay a professional.

3. Create a niche.

While you write your YouTube channel description, you’ll need to use keywords that define and represent your channel’s house of hobby. Incorporating house of hobby keywords for your channel description helps target audience resolve your house of hobby and what content material subject material you produce.

[Name] and [Name] have nuanced discussions about dating, their way of living, and relationships. They discuss provide topics that have an effect on stylish dating and learn how to move courting patterns. You’ll achieve [Name] and [Name]’s [product] to learn additional about improving your knowledge of relationships.

4. Show your journey.

Chances are you’ll need to create a channel description that asks target audience to sign up for you on a journey that you just file in your YouTube channel. As an example, if your YouTube channel makes a speciality of streaming on-line recreation content material subject material, it’s imaginable you’ll invite your subscribers to have a look at you as you attempt to win the game. Because of this reality, mentioning a objective on your channel will let you reach new subscribers prepared to go back along for the revel in as you pursue a objective.

This channel provides the entire thing you wish to have to know about gaming, at the side of the newest equipment critiques, new sport critiques, and once-a-week are living streams. Watch as I, [name], try to beat my high ranking in the newest free up of [insert game name here].

5. Be additional non-public.

An effective channel uses a large number of non-public touches with its target audience to succeed in subscribers given that content material subject material is unique and offers emotional attraction. This kind of description means that you want to create some way of group in conjunction with your channel.

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This is a non-public journey of how I was a painter. Know about what paints I purchase, the apparatus I benefit from, and the ways I found out all through school. Art work is my interest, and I specific my love for [insert passion] by way of it.

6. Create anticipation for new content material subject material.

A content material subject material creator should assemble excitement for the next video — some way of urgency and anticipation for their target audience. A YouTuber can create giveaways, habits polls, and invite explicit guests to participate inside the motion pictures to care for the channel’s success.

This channel provides pop culture observation by way of a [political ideology] political lens. We make observation on books and provide events. We moreover upload a brand spanking new video each Wednesday and Friday.

YouTube Video Descriptions

An invaluable video description can spike your target audience’s interest and result in longer watch events, upper view counts, and even new subscribers. Plus, it would be in agreement with YouTube search engine optimization, allowing YouTube’s set of rules to take hold of your content material subject material and suggest it to new shoppers, further boosting your YouTube metrics.

YouTube Video Description Examples

1. “5 Absolute best imaginable Coding Languages for Freshmen 2021” by way of nicole . more youthful

youtube video description example:  nicole young

Symbol Supply

The description of nicole . more youthful’s YouTube video, “5 Best possible Coding Languages for Rookies 2021,” hooks the viewer by way of posing a question that might be responded inside the video. The video description moreover includes a receive advantages that the viewer will reach from having a look on the video.

Why We Love It

In this video description, the creator summarizes the video’s determine and specifies the target target audience. The text will be in agreement audiences (and YouTube) understand the video’s content material subject material. This creator understands that the channel description is vital precise assets for contact information, social media handles, and calls to movement, persuading target audience to stick spherical.

“How you can Write Counterpoint – Monitor Composition” by way of Monitor Problems

youtube video description example:  music matters

Symbol Supply

The description of Monitor Problems’s YouTube video, “How one can Write Counterpoint – Track Composition,” uses keywords comparable to “writing counterpoint,” “observe composition lesson,” and “figuring out counterpoint” to attraction to audiences which could be excited about learning the observe composition technique. The description moreover contains timestamps that target audience can use to skip to the portion of the video that addresses the appropriate subject they need to know about.

Why We Love It

This YouTube video description uses keywords to attraction to a niche target audience. The specificity makes it merely searchable on YouTube. The usage of keywords to make each video search-friendly will energy website guests for your video’s specific content material subject material.

“How you can Create a 90 Day Plan on your Business (+ Loose Workbook)” by way of Anna Clark

youtube video description example:  anna clark

Symbol Supply

The description of Anna Clark’s YouTube video, “How one can Create a 90 Day Plan in your Industry (+ Unfastened Workbook),” contains links to the creator’s website, categories, newsletter, and social media accounts, and a workbook that target audience can download and full as they watch the video.

Why We Love It

It’s good to comprise your target audience in numerous sides of what you are promoting. The interaction and engagement you earn will assist you to rank towards other full of life channels. Directing your target audience to other belongings for what you are promoting will also be in agreement your YouTube channel energy website guests for your website, increasing your authority in what you are promoting house of hobby.

“How To Create An E-mail Product sales Funnel” by way of Wishpond

youtube video description example:  wishpond

Symbol Supply

The description of Wishpond’s YouTube video, “How To Create An E mail Gross sales Funnel,” hooks the viewer by way of stating that the video is the fourth installment in a series and linking to the previous video. The video description moreover contains an incentive for target audience to learn additional regarding the company.

Why We Love It

This description segments the video as a little of a larger assortment. If subscribers be informed that you just provide an identical content material subject material in your channel, they’ll be additional inclined to have a look at your other motion pictures. The description moreover lets target audience know there’s a unfastened demo of the supplier. Will have to you advertise other products or services in what you are promoting, make sure to link them inside the description.

“How you can Outline Your Novel – Phase 2” by way of Writing with Jenna Moreci

youtube video description example:  jenna moreci

Symbol Supply

The description of Writing with Jenna Moreci’s YouTube video, “How one can Define Your Novel – Section 2,” hooks the viewer by way of stating that the video is the second installment in a series and linking to the previous video. The video description moreover contains an incentive for target audience to learn additional regarding the creator’s products.

Why We Love It

This video description is excellent because it lets target audience know what’s coming next. Putting a “new segment” for your YouTube assortment we could in target audience to stay up for your next video.

“Microgreens Emerging: Materials and Amateur’s Knowledge” by way of Epic Gardening

youtube video description example:  epic gardening

Symbol Supply

The description of Epic Gardening’s YouTube video, “Microgreens Rising: Fabrics and Novice’s Information,” invites beginner gardeners to learn about emerging microgreens. The video description tells target audience regarding the creator’s earlier revel in with microgreens, lists the supplies that the creator mentions inside the video, and lists techniques through which target audience can support the creator previous having a look at their video.

Why We Love It

The creator provides an inventory of products used inside the video. The target audience can habits further research into the products or achieve them in an instant during the links.

“Budgeting for Freshmen – How you can Make a Budget From Scratch 2021” by way of Debt Loose Millennials

youtube video description example:  debt free millenials

Symbol Supply

Debt Loose Millennials’ YouTube video, “Budgeting for Rookies – How one can Make a Finances From Scratch 2021,” teaches target audience to create the inexpensive. The description provides target audience an outline of the topics covered inside the video and invites them to sign up for products and services and merchandise by way of affiliated links. It moreover contains links to the creator’s Instagram, Facebook body of workers, and website so that target audience can connect with the creator by way of different social platforms.

Why We Love It

The creator has created some way of group and togetherness. Will have to you return along with your social media links for your YouTube video description, subscribers will practice you on multiple platforms to stick engaged in conjunction with your content material subject material. The content material subject material creator invites them to return for new motion pictures and proportion their own reviews on social media.

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YouTube Video Description Templates

A YouTube video description is descriptive text that contains on the other hand isn’t limited to keywords, topic issues, and explicit concepts/guests that the content material subject material creator wants their target audience to take hold of. The YouTube video description will build up visibility by way of search engine marketing, views, and subscriptions. In each video description, the content material subject material creator will encourage their target audience to “Like,” “Share,” and “Subscribe” to their content material subject material. An effective video description might be persuasive and informative, and instructed the objective marketplace to song in regularly.

1. Make it search-friendly.

We now have now all completed it: Having parts of an idea and hoping Google will fill inside the blanks by way of completing the hunt with the rest of our thought. As a content material subject material creator, you wish to have to own each of the video’s an identical tags, at the side of misspellings, to be in agreement refine the content material subject material under your channel. The YouTube motion pictures need to be targeted spherical keywords, maximizing your search engine marketing for Google and YouTube searches.

Be aware of how our CEO explains the difference between X and Y, and be informed best possible practices for imposing your own method.

Be informed additional about X and Y in our course: [course link].

2. Lead target audience to other belongings.

You’ll use a YouTube channel description like this one to be in agreement new target audience connect with you in your other channels and social media platforms:

Hi there! New to [name of channel]? If this is the case, here’s what you wish to have to take hold of: I like [interests related to channel] a LOT, so I benefit from this channel to find X, Y, and Z, to help you [desired result for viewer].

Where else you’ll to search out me:

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/[accountname]

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/[accountname]

LIFESTYLE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/[accountname]

Join our emerging group for new motion pictures each Tuesday and Friday!


Please contact [PR representative] at [email or phone number].

3. Incorporate keywords.

YouTube will build up visibility inside keyword searches and comparable content material subject material. Because of this, motion pictures should have buzzwords in video and channel descriptions.

If you want to craft an overview that explains what your video is about and contains a keyword description, do that:

Hi there! This lesson is part of a unfastened online course. Take all of the course proper right here: www.company.com/course1.

Some people aren’t positive what X is — at its simplest, X is [brief definition of keyword]. In this video, you’ll be capable to learn how to X, Y, and Z, to be sure to’re in a position to increase your emblem online.

In addition to, we’re going to provide an explanation for the way you’ll steer clear of doing A. On occasion, A is all it takes to lose a purchaser.

4. Tease a brand spanking new initiative.

A brand spanking new video is upcoming, and you wish to have to send a teaser for your target audience that can create buzz major up to the release of the new content material subject material. A video teaser can also be uploaded to YouTube Shorts to increase anticipation.

Join the “musical nerds” on a venture to give a boost to our musical figuring out. We upload each Wednesday and Thursday. We will have Q & A classes to respond to all your beginner questions on Wednesdays, starting next week.

5. Be transparent.

Authenticity sells. Target market know when you aren’t being transparent with them. YouTubers should be prepared to build imagine and interact during the group.

What’s up, guys? In this video, we’ll talk about an regularly makeup look you’ll do in 10 minutes. I’m no longer an early riser, on the other hand similar to anyone, I nevertheless need to look good for the day. I’ll file the products I used in this video.

Please subscribe in the event you’re feeling my vibe. I submit content material subject material weekly, and also you’ll at all times to search out me on Insta! I’ll drop my social media handles below.

**All critiques are my own. This video isn’t sponsored. I’m sent products for my consideration, and I earn a small share from product sales by way of affiliated links. Clicking on affiliated links doesn’t value you anything.**

6. Handle engagement.

A video description contains keywords and time stamps for content material subject material created. It’s going to be in agreement care for engagement and show the chronological order of things, specifically if target audience are in search of a decided on video for a decided on date. A formidable YouTube description avoids clickbait to reel in shoppers.

Hi, everyone! We’re the Science Kidz! In recent years we’re experimenting to resolve which popcorn emblem leaves in the back of the least collection of kernels. Will it’s Orville Redenbacher’s or Act II?

Each and every week, we do a brand spanking new experiment as part of our initiative to concentrate on STEM careers in Savannah, Georgia. If if you have an experiment you want to appear The Science Kidz take a look at, leave a observation below. You on no account know — lets choose yours!

Practice me on Instagram for added experiment ideas, and tag us in some of the necessary experiments you do with your pals!

7. Lend a hand viewership with paid sponsorships.

Content material subject material creators with paid sponsorships, or paid product placements in their motion pictures, will impact producers and generate income for themselves. If “#ad” turns out for your video description, you’ll bet mentioning the product or emblem will instructed the objective marketplace to check out it. Offering it at a discount value might also incentivize possible customers.

Hi, y’all! In recent years, we’ll be rebuilding a 454 Chevy Huge Block motor. We’ll be together with 200 horses to hold the motor up to 680 horsepower. I’m hoping y’all are able to dive into trade with Motor Boyz.

This episode is sponsored by way of Husky apparatus, and we’ll be using their latest impact and driver apparatus to rebuild the 454. We need to thank Anderson Auto for donating the 1972 C10 to be our frame as quickly because the motor is rebuilt and completed.

Download the ones YouTube description templates, and be in agreement your video transfer viral.

The ones must-have YouTube video and channel description templates will let you reduce the time it takes so as to add and optimize your YouTube motion pictures, getting them out for your target audience in brief and with a lot much less effort. Make sure you customize the text to toughen the learning revel in because of you want to be as helpful as possible on your target audience.

Editor’s practice: This submit was to start with revealed in March 2019 and has been up-to-the-minute for comprehensiveness.

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