15 TikTok Content material Concepts for Companies

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leaked TikTok for Trade deckmentioned that the standard client spends 89 minutes consistent with day on the platform.

80-nine minutes is, inarguably, a long time to spend on an tool. However, eighty-nine minutes means that corporations have profitable possible choices to grab audience attention and generate pastime.

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If you happen to occur to’re hoping to get in on the movement, be told on to search out prime quality ideas for content material subject material to place up on TikTok.

What’s TikTok?

As a refresher, TikTok is a social media platform where consumers can report, edit, and percentage video content material subject material. The ones motion pictures will also be anyplace between 15 seconds to a couple of minutes long, rising substantial choice for all sorts of content material subject material to take heart stage.

What to Submit on TikTok

Let’s transfer over some prime quality ideas and examples of content material subject material you’ll be capable of submit on TikTok.

1. Day by day routine motion pictures.

Day-to-day routine motion pictures give target audience belief into how artwork happens at what you are promoting.

It shares the processes that elevate your product or services to life, and it can be a amusing technique to assemble a connection by the use of a behind-the-scenes look. If you happen to occur to leverage this tip, it’s a best possible observe to create a day-to-day routine video that comes with regularly tasks most related to what you are promoting.

Glass Part Complete is a small business in Louisiana that diverts glass products from landfills thru accumulating used glassware and recycling it into sand and glass cullet. It uses TikTok to generate awareness and fervour in its business, and the video underneath demonstrates what a day of glass collection and recycling turns out like.


It was once as soon as a busy busy day recycling glass 😅

♬ Pennies From Heaven – Remastered – Louis Prima

2. Share content material subject material that presentations your emblem values.

Content material subject material that presentations a symbol or business’ values plays highest on social media and has the 3rd perfect ROI of any content material subject material sort. Consumers moreover care now, more than ever, regarding the causes that their favorite corporations stand for and use them as a component in their purchasing picks.

As such, sharing your emblem values on TikTok is a valuable means to connect with your audience. Those who stand for the same causes as you’ll take notice, and also you’ve were given the imaginable to draw them in as a purchaser.

Make sure that you’re original with this tradition, even if, as consumers see corporations that make false claims as exploitative and opportunistic.

3. Spotlight your employees.

Spotlighting employees puts a face for your emblem and shows audiences the people behind the products and services and merchandise they love. It moreover humanizes what you are promoting and shares an exciting and distinctive peek into your operation.

4. Educate your audience on comparable topics.

You’ll percentage wisdom at the side of your audience on TikTok that can teach them on problems equivalent for your industry or house of pastime. If you happen to occur to’re devoted to at all times educating and helping, you’ll assemble authority, and folks will return to you as a provide of fact to continue to learn additional.  

Jeeves is a dry cleaning provider that shares helpful, tutorial content material subject material with its audience. Inside the video underneath, an employee explains the importance of environment aside delicate and dark colors when doing laundry.


This is why washing your delicate and darks clothes one at a time is a good idea. It’ll keep darks darker and lighting fixtures brighter #laundry #garments #defined #chores #stain #cleansing

♬ unique sound – clear freakz

5. Create product campaigns and tease new launches.

Running product campaigns or teasing upcoming launches on TikTok permit you to generate excitement. Target audience know that they may be able to expect a big give away to your internet web page, they normally’ll be in a position on the edge of their seats and returning for your profile to appear whilst you’ve introduced more information.

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A qualified tip is to combine a product advertising and marketing marketing campaign or unencumber with a equivalent and comparable sound or hashtag to get additional visibility from consumers scrolling by the use of provide inclinations.

6. Share a unique business story.

Sharing a tale story about what you are promoting is an interesting means to connect with your audience, as the ones motion pictures represent something that they may be able to very best find in what you are promoting. For example, purchaser spotlights or good fortune stories, explaining the lifecycle of your products or services, or an exciting story about equivalent industry knowledge all uniquely relate to what you are promoting and what you offer.

One of the vital excellent stuff about TikTok is that audiences don’t expect high-production-value from motion pictures, so that you’ll be capable of simply generate an idea and turn on the camera and get began filming.

7. Solution audience questions.

Answering questions is a great way to connect with your audience and assemble relationships. TikTokers regularly ask questions without being precipitated, so that you’ll be capable of browse your comments and create video replies to questions or leverage TikTok’s local Q&A characteristic.

A bonus is that answering questions offers you belief into consumers’ troubles with what you are promoting. If you happen to occur to peer the equivalent asks again and again, likelihood is that you’ll learn that you want to exchange your FAQ internet web page or provide additional information about particular topics for your internet web site.

Inside the TikTok underneath, Franziska, founder of Glass Section Entire, answers a commentary in a video resolution regarding the business’ practices in the case of throwing products away.


Reply to @sparkingshadow we try to reuse and recycle the whole thing that comes to our facility !

♬ unique sound – FRANZISKA ♻️

8. Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations have the same opinion your audience discover ways to use your products in a digestible means. As a substitute of learning an instruction guide and deciphering footage or being walked throughout the process over the phone, they may be able to actually watch anyone take the steps and apply along.

9. Partner with comparable influencers.

Influencers have audiences that trust them and their values, so partnering with one equivalent for your house of pastime is a valuable tool for generating emblem awareness and building your following on TikTok. The ones partnerships are also a valuable form of social evidence for target audience, which is a huge imagine purchasing picks.

You’ll leverage this tip and submit influencer content material subject material for your profile, alternatively you’ll be capable of also have influencers percentage content material subject material on their profiles to turn you to a brand spanking new audience group.

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Small Industry TikTok Ideas

As a small business, you are going to be wondering if it’s successful to create every other social media profile on every other app.

Bearing in mind that 92% of worldwide TikTok consumers take movement after having a look at a video and are 1.5x a lot more prone to in an instant transfer out and buy something they discovered on the platform, you’ve gotten the danger to in fact assemble your emblem whilst you use the app.

The ideas mentioned above are valuable for large and small corporations alike, and also you’ll be capable of leverage numerous them without a large price range. However, there are particular content material subject material ideas which may well be comparable for small corporations, and we’ll speak about them underneath.

1. Share your beginning position story.

Sharing what you are promoting’ unique beginning position story humanizes what you are promoting and helps you connect at the side of your audience. They’ll clearly see the best way you were given right here to be and why you care about what you offer, and your video can also be a provide of inspiration for your fanatics starting their own business endeavors.

As mentioned previous than, TikTok target audience don’t name for over the top production value, so that you’ll be capable of tell your story alternatively you realize fit.

Inside the TikTok underneath, Pierce Woodward explains how his jewelry business, Brand Pierre, began its journey and grew into what it’s this present day.

@pierce_woodward Its been excatly 300 and sixty 5 days and each and every week since the first drop 💍🤯
♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

2. Highlight your production process.

Showing target audience what goes into rising what you offer is exciting on account of they’ll see how the problems they care about come to be. It moreover shows the onerous artwork, strength of will, and care this is going into rising what you offer, demonstrating your determination to giving value for your consumers.

Victoria Adrian is a textile artist who creates custom designed rugs and embroidery duties. She ceaselessly shares her production process on TikTok, appearing the care and thought this is going into rising her products.

3. Use trending sounds and hashtags.

The usage of trending sounds and hashtags helps you assemble emblem awareness for what you are promoting as your motion pictures are visible to an enormous audience. Other people browsing throughout the sound or hashtag will see the entire different motion pictures that have been uploaded and have the imaginable to land for your video, click on on for your profile, and learn additional about what you offer.

4. Duet and stitch motion pictures.

Duets and Stitches are ways to build on present TikTok motion pictures. With Duets, you add without delay to every other client’s present video, and with Stitch, you clip particular scenes from every other client’s video in an effort to upload for your video.

As a small business, the usage of the ones native TikTok choices allows you to interact with present equivalent content material subject material and incite conversation at the side of your audience. You’ll Stitch and Duet motion pictures from somebody on the platform with the feature enabled, so that you’ll be capable of even get started conversations with consumers that received’t know you exist.

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Jeeves expertly uses the stitch feature to reply to audience questions. The video underneath is a stitch from a video where anyone asks tips on how to handle an products of garments.


#sew with @taramariagonzalez tricky one. Then again color matching and spraying would possibly have the same opinion. Lemme know if you want to have a hand Tara!

♬ Cariño – The Marías

5. Partner with comparable content material subject material creators.

Partnering with content material subject material creators or influencers helps you succeed in exposure to a brand spanking new audience associated with what what you are promoting supplies. Via running with a content material subject material author, you’re moreover profiting from the trust they’ve built with their audience that the products, services, and firms they artwork with and use are trustworthy and worth doing business with.

about time coffee in New York The town partnered with a host of sisters, sister snacking, who’re influencers throughout the New York Foods scene. The business posted the video to its profile, and so did sistersnacking, that comes with one of the most store’s products to their audience of 147.6K fanatics.


Obsessive concerning the entirety they’re serving, alternatively the ones recent fruit spritz’s are so best possible for summer time. The cheese pocket pastry was once as soon as moreover a 10/10 #coffeeshop #nyccoffee #nyccoffeeshop #nyc #abouttimecoffee @about time [partnership]

♬ Island In The Solar – Weezer

6. Sing their own praises what makes what you are promoting shine.

A good way to get folks thinking about what what you are promoting supplies is to blow their own horns how well you do what you do. This shows target audience exactly what they may be able to expect from you, generating excitement and possibly helping folks make a decision to artwork with you in keeping with your revel in.

The Pool Guy, Miles Laflin, is a swimming pool engineer in the UK who regularly posts motion pictures of the pool cleaning process and the effectiveness of his artwork. He shows a previous than and after symbol that clearly demonstrates how he brings swimming swimming pools from green and swampy to clear and ready for swimming. He shows that he’s very good at his job, alerting potential consumers he can elevate their pool once more to life.

Over To You

TikTok was once as soon as as quickly because the app to watch in 2019.

Now, 52% of social media marketers who leverage the app plan to increase their investments in 2022. If you happen to occur to’re hoping to get in on the channel for the main time or fortify your presence, the business examples on this tick list are an excellent provide of inspiration as a way to get started.

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